Did Diddy Admit to Diddling Usher?


Did Diddy Diddle Usher

“We Used To Wake Up…I Mean, Damn, Pause”

“Yo…What the fuck did Puff just say?! Nobody’s gonna acknowledge this but me, Puff just said ‘we used to wrestle over the Frosted Flakes!'” ~Kevin Hart, on Puffy’s admitted boy-bonding with Usher

HSK Exclusive – When taken in large doses, alcohol mixed with Molly, could act as a truth serum over Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. Add Usher to the mix, and you could have the recipe for cracking the secret Bad Boy code!

We’re talking about — let’s just say — boy-bonding. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kevin Hart, who fell witness to Puffy revealing his first physical contacts with a then 10-year-old ‘Confessions’ singer! It’s an admission which Puffy appeared to quickly catch himself mistakenly making, before looking to attempt to ramble on – in an apparent hope that no one would check him on it. Guess what? Puff was wrong!

Puff’s shocking – yet not really surprising – Usher admission was made a little over a year ago, following Diddy Dirty Money’s album release party for ‘Last Train To Paris’. Kevin Hart served as the host of the event – which was Ustreamed live. And, those cameras were rolling in the moments after the party — as Hart’s interview with Puffy quickly turned to a ‘physical love for Usher’ admission, after the ‘these are my confessions’ song man made a surprise entrance.

Here’s how the whole thing went down…

Puffy first thanks Kevin Hart for hosting the event:

“Come over here, don’t sit on the bed or nothing — no homo, just, don’t get close to the bed – don’t get close. Don’t get close, but it’s just like, we wanna thank you for hosting the thing, man. It’s been a pleasure, ya didn’t have to do it, and you did it.”

Kevin Hart responds to Puff, adamant about not joining the music mogul on the bed:

“No, I definitely didn’t have to do it…I definitely didn’t have to. Um…first and foremost, I’m not getting in the bed… Um shouts out to him, and what he did…”

All of a sudden, Usher Raymond makes a surprise entrance:

Kevin makes Usher’s introduction to Ustream watchers:

“Usher look like he fresh of a God damn plane…”

That’s when Puffy interjects, placing his arm around Usher keeping an apparent tight hold on the singer:

“That’s my brother right here, from day one we used to wake up, and — I mean, damn, pause. But, like check this out…”

Kevin Hart immediately breaks out in laughter, from apparent surprise…

This as Puff comes back from his pause, rambling about “wrestling” with Usher:

“I mean, I mean…back in the days, when he was like ten and I was a little bit older, his older brother…we used to fight over the Frosted Flakes. Ya know what I’m saying, before pause was invented.

“Ya know what I’m saying, this is my brother for real. We used to actually wrestle off of the, off of the, Frosted Flakes. Because he used to always get up earlier than me, and now he’s one of the richest stars in the world – and I love him.”

After seeming to take a moment to wrap his head around Puff’s statement, Kevin Hart expresses his apparent shock to the Ustream audience — while talking well over Usher’s attempted response to Puff:

“Yo…What the fuck did Puff just say?!? Nobody’s gonna acknowledge this me! Puff just said ‘we used to wrestle over the Frosted Flakes’ — and we’re streaming live! That was stupid! Listen…that was fucking stupid!”

That’s when Puffy placed Hart in a headlock, attempting to silence the comedian:

“Shut up!”

Okay…let’s say Puffy’s lips didn’t slip. Why is there not one woman to be seen in the room, a small room packed with several men? I don’t know, but take a look at the video clip and tell us what you think…


      • Please sex with a 10 year old of the same sex makes you a homo pedo, in other words, a sick, sick fuck.

        • To those who are like Usher & others need to exposed there molesters……Have y’all not been paying attention to the Raz-B situation? Beside the fact of the entire world calling him GAY for being raped as a child. The accuser & his raped band members are painting him as a bi-polar/drug-addict AND he was black balled/listed in the industry AND his life was threatened by his Molesters & his hired goons. Chris Stokes is referred to as “The Gay Suge Knight”. These men (Usher & all the rest) KNOW the penalty for defecting: Financial Ruin, Reputation ruined, Pegged as a Liar & drug addict , then mysterious death……How many brave mofos you know would go up against these beats/giants/moguls? Not too many beyond Raz. Oh the other members of IMX & that lil boy (now a man) named Quindon resisted the continual raping via Chris Stokes.Y’all see what happen to them right? They were X’d out of the industry. Chris Stokes ended their careers.

          • Look, any grown ass man who makes a decision to recruit minors into show biz of any kind is very likely a pedophile. And many of them prefer little girls, so I am not fixating just on the gay ones.

            I have first hand experience with the most repugnant lizard like fat hideous man God ever put on this earth: Lou Pearlman.
            He was the founding force behind N’Sync, The Backstreet Boys, LFO and O-Town.

            I can tell you that he has had sexual relations with each and every one of the boys in those groups. I’m not saying he had anal sex with each one…but there was oral or mutual masturbation at the least; and since it was his custom to move new groups into his Orlando mansion before their careers took off, there was a constant environment of grab-ass and debauchery in his home.
            When Lance Bass came out as gay, the public said, “Oh I figured one of them was probably gay”. HA! 3 members of those groups are truly with a woman these 15+ years later. I am not counting Justin Timberlake as one of them, because the biggest open secret in Hollywood that his marriage to major lez Jessica Beal is a marriage of convenience for their careers’ sake. His boyfriend Trace Ayala is and has been with him for 18 years.
            Lou Pearlman is bankrupt and doing hard time, but it is for tax evasion. The boys he molested dare not come forward because it would ruin their future showbiz lives.
            My guess is that is what keeps Usher quiet as well. And the cycle goes on and on…….


            • I agree – this is some bullsh!t….Nothing gay about this. People LOOOOOVVEEEEE reachin’ and creating’

    • I dont even need to FINISH reading this article or even watch that video….Puffy is a known closet homo and so is Usher. It has also already been established that Puff & Ush have been intimate. I peeped that shit along time ago. Most of these male artists we’re nothing but molested-rape-victims in the biz that grew up in it (i.e. IMX & B2K). The ones that we’re brought into the shit as adults (i.e. Lil Wayne, Samuel Jackson, Jamie Fox) had to do it to get opportunities & stay relevant BUT liked it and chose partake in GAY SEX for pleasure also. This shit isnt a secret anymore “THE GAY BOULE” people. Look it up! Search google & especially YouTube. There is a big gay orgy held in the ATL (downlow-brotha/gay capitol of the world!) every year. Downlow celebs & non-celebs (prestigious/wealthy/wel-2-do men) come from all over to this event to get their fill of DICK! There are also hired male prostitutes for this events too, and them nigga’s make a killin! Yeah that’s why I call it “Hollyweird”

    • Puff drinking straight out of the bottle and telling on himself he is so guilty. Usher just wants to disappear. Wish he didn’t have those shades on, would’ve like to have seen his entire face.

  1. kevin’s little ass was probably the only straight dude there besides the security. Look at Trey Songz appear at the end.. Trey, Usher and Diddy = gay, gay, gayest. That’s old news in the industry. Google trey songz gay, google usher and puffy. google puffy and andre harrell, la reid, etc..

    Diddy’s Freudian slips and the eye contact and look on all their faces/reactions tells you all you need to know.

    • Usher admitted that when he was young and lived with Puffy he was exposed to things he shouldnt have been. It’s no secret Usher was molested and passed around by men in the industry. It’s very Devilish and that’s the way they like it.

      • How was this done especially under his mother’s eyes? I had heard of this some time back. How do you give up your young boy for the industry? Did they tell her it was a mentorship to groom him for the industry? Puff is like 10yrs older and he was never on his label.

        • Puff didn’t have a label back then.. He wrote some songs on ushers first album and faith sung background

        • Yes @winter….This is no secret , any more. 99% of parents of child actors, singers, etc SELL there child’s sould to the devil. To name a few sold children aka “Monarch Assets”: Lil-Bow-Wow,Linsey Lohan & her sister, Usher, IMX members, B2K members, Willow & Jayden SMith, ALL of the Jackson’s, MaCaulay Culkin, Britney Spears….They are basically turned into MK-Ultra’d human sex-toys/ sex-slaves/human-urinals. These ole’ raped-up males are KNOWN for reapeting the process too (i.e. Marcus Houston former meber of IMX)…This shit is sad to…..REALLY sad. At age 14, Bow wow was stripped but asshole naked,thrown into the back of a limo & raped by his, then, body guard. The rapist ass nigga had the nerve to say it was consensual. There are pics of both IMX & B2K members floating around of them as MINOR boys in there underwear in a bed together. Photos taken by their molester CHRIS STOKES, and that nigga is STILL free. Who by the way is known as “The Gay SUge Knight” in Cali…..Y’all this sh**t is deep. Drop ANY of these topic in google/youtube and watch the search result overflow with info exposing “the industry”. Keep ya kids AWAY from the entertainment & music industries! Make they ass trash their dreams of being a famous actor, musician, rapper, singer…Fuck it

          • If you seriously think the Smith kid are being pimped out to get in the industry you are insane. 1. Their parents have enough money to buy their way into anything and being a celeb kid gets you half way through the door. 2. More importantly, the rumors of how Will got in the business have to around forever, you seriously think he would allow anything like that to happen to/around his kids? Or are all black male celebs sh*tty fathers on top of being illuminati, devil worshiping, drug addict, uncle tom, closeted, pedophiles?

  2. Yall talk about this like Usher and Puffy are equals. He just admitted Usher was like 10 years old…ever heard of child molestation? If it did happen, it’s not something to laugh about…smh. Where is the humanity?

    • thanku..so busy being negative and bitter not realizing that was a huge issue Usher should have NEVER been privy to let alone any other child

    • We’re was ushers parents pimping him out for fame and fourtune she knew what puffy was doing, he could have stayed with his mom?
      So lay the blame on her shoulders.
      As for this story it’s so old it’s growing green mould…

      What was wrong with this party puffy walking around talking bout gay all the time, I don’t no what party has all this shit talking, puffy then saying if your not dancing get out of the party?? It was dry period music was shit, the only thing funny was Kevin heart and the girls hair on fire…
      The party wernt moving, usher looked scard, and puffy looked gay…
      Is this how you guys party in the USA????

      • Yes the music is totally dead now. Nobody wants to party like they used to. People just get dressed up really nice, they don’t dance. Everybody stands around like mannequins and just look at each other.

        • ansd text and update there twitter and facebook timelines…i now prefer partying at home.small gatherings at home with close friends and families.we pop bottles at home and dance and hour wives can dance and dress as provocative as they like.

      • “The party wernt moving, usher looked scard, and puffy looked gay…
        Is this how you guys party in the USA????”

        Funny line, but all too sad and true!!

      • Usher and Puffy just shared a beach house in Malibu over the Summer. They both treat women like shit, they both have multiple ladies but can’t manage real solid relationships. I see now why Usher couldn’t manage marriage, it requires being transparent.

        Usher’s fat ass mother is at fault and Puff is gross to expose such a young boy to that life. They are all going to hell on a skateboard!!!!

        • Lol that made me laugh( going to hell on a skateboard ) I reckon the same happened with usher and bieber too

  3. This is not a story about being gay.


    I dont hold Usher accountable because he was just a child. I hold his FATHER and MOTHER accountable first for putting him in the hands of the PREDATOR and then the PREDATOR second…

    Its not a laughing matter and I dont know why Kevin Hart thinks molesting children is funny because its not.

    Now Usher is paying it forward to Justin Bieber and doing to him what Puffy did to him and Puffy did what Andre Harrell did to him…Its the Vampires bite .

    • This has absolutely nothing to do with being gay and the proper authorities should at least do some type of Investigation to find out at what age was Sean and Usher sleeping together and did he have legal guardianship at the time.

    • Who said Kevin Hart thought child molestation was funny?? He was laughing at the fact that Diddy almost exposed himself by accident.

  4. Diddy is one corrupt mothafucka. Want to corrupt all the boys just cuz his father got shot down on 8th Ave in the 70s over drugs.

    Diddy come from nuthin, he is nuthin but a damn homo man-hatin’ devil. I think he hates men more than women.

    • “We’ll , hes gay now”?

      Thats like saying to the Father of a 11 year old girl who was raped : “We’ll shes pregnant now, so she must’ve like it”

      Think about what you just said.

      • How do you all know that usher was molested??
        I think people are taking this shit alittle two far molestation, or abuse is not funny or anything to speak on other people’s experience this serious!! … If it happened.
        Usher was abandoned by his mother to the industry , his father was not around, and his youth was given up to the one and only queen,boss ,bitch puffy… Usher has mother issues hence his abandonont, and his now attraction to older woman mother replacement
        As for this usher gay shit people need to stop making unfounded allegations..
        If usher or anyone has being sexual molested only usher knows.. BUT THATDOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE GAY!!
        Many family members yours and mines have suffered some form abuse are we going to label them two???
        When we have black young men who have being sexually abused such as Raz B and the rest of the group people are clowning Raz Saying his Cray Cray and gay, and he enjoyed it and could have said no?? People are sick.
        Now from my experiance working with sexual abuse victims, Raz B is a classic victim of abuse just by his behaviour you can see the pain in his eyes and his openness and his vulnabilty, and it’s sad to see him crucifed lbecause he was Man enough brave to say what happened I respect him as a MAN for doing this, but then his labeled gay??? and he must have enjoyed it sick people.. I have much respect for Raz B he was a minor when he was raped..
        Usher may have being exploited, but the blame lies on his mothers shoulders who should have being there to protect him…
        The only thing I am sure of is that puffy is “sweeter than sugar” honey suckle lamb and is very suspect, and also currupt with his dealings..
        Everyone seems to be so sure of ushers sexual molestation,like usher told all of you personally.
        If usher and other celbs was brave enough to speak on it like Raz B everyone will be saying, I knew he was gay!! He must have enjoyed it!! Again placing the blame on the victim.
        People need STFU if they haven’t got any thing postive to say..
        Black people can be so ignorant at times…

  5. i was just thinking the same thing.. Usher seems freaky to me.. Not gay just freaky… Lmao at kevin… Hes probably seen allot of questionable things since making it big but keeps his mouth shut for the sake of money… Now trey… Im from richmond virginia and when just gotta make it came out there were gay men real colorful gay men . That swore theyd had relationships with mr. Songs. Broke my heart but this way back when he first came out before the will smith thing … And if he is its his business no shade from over here but i would guess he was bi.

  6. I see Kevin Hart trying to play it off. He know he heard Diddy say “We used to wake up together…” and try to play it off by repeating, “Wrestle over frosted flakes?” Poor Kevin…he looked like the elephant in the room…

  7. For the elevenidyith hundred time. There is no such thing as a bisexual man. Either hes a rump wrangler or he aint.

    • LMAO @ rump wrangler hahahahahaha!! Sorry but that shit is hilarious…

      All jokes aside.. Usher is a victim BUT victims CAN and often DO become victimizers. I think everyone’s point is that it is never ok to molest a child but now he is a man that has choosen to have consensual sex with men. Diddy’s ass should have been locked up for what he did if he actually did it because we are on a gossip site and most of our opinons are twisted based off suggestive material.. Neithe rone of these men have CONFIRMED that they are gay or sleep with little boys..so everyone needs to calm down and remember blogs like this aren’t based on facts but heresay and we are the sick ones because we read this sh*t for entertainment.

      • Amen … Your right @freeyourself it’s not funny and people want to take these unfounded allegations and run with it abuse in any shape or form is not cool BUT THIS HAS NOT BEING CONFIRMED… Unlike RAZ B ….
        This story ain’t even funny…

    • @keepitreal thank u for saying that because they act like saying bisexual makes him less gay, bisexuals are just gay people that might have encounters with the opposite sex from time to time but they are still gay. And for the record on puff real men should never have to say no homo because real men dont say or do questionable things like wrestling little kids for cereal just go get another box like kevin said that shit was stupid plus nobody even ask puffy nothing about usher he just got to telling on his self. kind of shameful a ten yr old boy wasnt around his own peeps and had to wrestle old gay men for food and a lil fame shame on his peeps.

  8. Are you saying Usher at 10 years old was of age to sell his soul(asshole) to Puffy?

    And is Justin Bierber in turn , of age to sell his soul(asshole) to Usher?

    And I dont mean to be graphic but I want to be really clear with what exactly is being said here, so there is no misunderstanding of what exactly we are speaking of in real, earthly terms.


      jermaine dupri, chris stokes all these so called moguls and producers who like kiddie groups.


    • @Anonymous-so co sign that!! But it is sad that this cycle continues cuz i heard usher does it to justin beiber. And anyone with eyes can see that boy is gay while they tried to sell everybody on that fake”relationship”with selena. Hollywood seems to be time warping back to the old days like in the 50’s when they used to have stars and starlets in staged romances to cover up their real lives. As for usher he should look embarassed-how do you allow a man who sexually molested you continue to walk the streets knowing if he did it to you he will molest someone else? When he was younger he could be forgiven cuz he didn’t know any better but he is an adult now so there are no excuses. He needs to come forward and tell but he won’t cuz as far as he is concerned he got his so whatever. And his mom should be beaten bloody! Children’s personalities change when that kind of thing happens and she should have seen how different her son began to act but then again who would leave their son with a man they barely knew? Like i said somewhere else it’s a sad and horrifying sign of the times that our young people believe that to make it they have to be someone’s sex toy. If i was young today you couldn’t make me go near the entertainment industry-i’d be more proud to be a trash collector cuz at least i wouldn’t have to fuck someone for that job. Just my opinion but i know i’m in the minority here cuz it seems everybody wants to be a star these days and they’ll do what or whoever for it. Smdh.

    • @anymnous you told it how it is co sign again..some of the people on jackys bloggl are getting more ghetto backwards, and retarded ..
      Usher sold his soul to the devil like he had a direct phone line and paid by Visa card to the devil??? Usher was 10??? If people going to speak on the subject at least speak sence, if usher was exposed to the industry at ten this will effect his outlook and his behaviour.. It would effect me that’s for sure.
      Look at the mother instead of worrying about how she hates ushers ex tamika she needs to be worrying why she allegedly left usher in puffys care..
      Also you don’t need to be a celebrty to fuck yourself to the top if the ladder.. Some people do that shit already in most jobs… Some people not all..

      • @deluk-yeah very true people do do that on regular jobs but it seems more prevalent in the industry or maybe that’s only cuz of the publicity. And right again about his age. At ten nobody has the maturity to make an informed life decision BUT when you get older and know better and know more you should make better choices. If he was molested by puffy(and i believe he was) he needs to tell it. Youth and ignorance are only a defense when you are young and ignorant. When you get older and wiser you need to be both. Carlos Santana told how he was molested a few years ago and he is older than usher and like he said”I have nothing to be ashamed of. I did nothing wrong.”Someone below talked about the statue of limitations-it’s not about that. It’s about exposing a pedophile so he doesn’t do it EVER again to anyone’s child. At least that’s how i see it. And we SO agree on his mother. Dirty cow sacrificed her son for fame but most of these stage parents have no moral code just like the molesters. She might as well have given usher to puffy with a care package of gay porn, alcohol, condoms and a big tube of lube. Damn shame!

        • @vermithrax173
          I hear you my sister.
          if usher was allegedly abused we don’t know that for sure, and yes in an ideal world a pedophile should be exposed but their is a range of difficulties around putting yourself in a vulnerable situation to be judged by others , but this situation is difficult for anyone who has being through any form of sexual/abuse trauma, i keep saying this we need to look at RAZ B situation he came out and exposed a pedophile Chris Stokes, look what happened to Raz B, people laughed at him said he was crazy,and more sickening he must have known what he was doing and enjoyed the abuse from Chris stokes and the other band members, and he consented to be penetrated as he was old enough to understand??
          This shit makes me mad.. Raz B was a man and he spoke on that abuse shit and look what happened to him, he was called a liar, and the whole industry turned against him nobody wanted to back him he has gay and he needed mental health intervention…
          now do you wonder why Marqus Houston,Omarion keep there mouth shut, whats the point people will judge them anyway, black people need to support people who have being abused within there own community instead of calling them gay, being abused don’t make you gay,or become an abuser, they may be confused about there sexuality and blame themselves, or worst made to feel that abuse sexualised behaviour is normal.
          Choices can be made your right, but there are repercussions for disclosing abuse sometimes, people don’t believe you and treat you differently,friends stop taking to you, family members blame you, so its not that easy.
          people make their own decision when to disclose abuse sometimes its just two painful.. sometimes you have more to lose then gain..

  9. usher’s picking up where his hero michael jaCKSON LEFT OFF.


    • Shut the fuck up chris you just sound plain ignorant so usher is a pedophile now allegedly proven by crazy chris!!
      Instead of crazy chris, it should have being CRAZY SHIT with thoese jacked up phonics … Sit down…


        • @CRAZYCHRIS

          I really don’t know what your talking about Chris??
          Micheal Jackson is dead may he RIP, and I have no idea who MJ would be hanging around so technically i cant speak on it.

          MJ had many different ethnic children around him, and as far im concerned he was vindicated from any involvement in sexual abuse, so lets not go their.
          what you need to remember Chris, is that MJ was a very powerful black man regardless of his internal issues.
          the white Jews did not want a black man to have so much power hence the negative press and allegations.
          Some of you foolish blacks like to feed of the fact that Micheal sold out, he didn’t he was talented and a master musician, and no i don’t think Micheal would be hanging out with Justin bieber, Micheal would have being in the studio or on tour.
          lets not diss MJ legacy, with lies that the Jew man would have you believe.
          do you get what im saying CHRIS do you understand CHRIS….

          • Michael Jackson is passed on and I think he would come back from the dead to have a chance to spend just one night with Justin Bieber drinking Jesus Juice and looking at Playboy magazines.

  10. All jokes aside.. Usher is a victim BUT victims CAN and often DO become victimizers. I think everyone’s point is that it is never ok to molest a child but now he is a man that has choosen to have consensual sex with men. Diddy’s ass should have been locked up for what he did if he actually did it because we are on a gossip site and most of our opinons are twisted based off suggestive material.. Neithe rone of these men have CONFIRMED that they are gay or sleep with little boys..so everyone needs to calm down and remember blogs like this aren’t based on facts but heresay and we are the sick ones because we read this sh*t for entertainment.

  11. Supahead already said this in her book! Puffy always has those male only parties LOL. Them young dudes just want to be in the limelight and gettin that money!

        • He did that cause he’s not as powerful as Diddy. He had to take back his statement because someone in Diddy’s position could easily get Xzibit fucked up or even worse, possibly killed. Don’t believe me, just look at what happened to Pimp C. Pimp C got on stage and started exposing all these down low closet homo thugs in the industy. Not too long after all this went down, they found Pimp C dead in a hotel room. I think they labeled it an overdose. Do your research on the topic and I’m sure it will spell out murder. Pimp C didn’t O.D. he was killed. R.I.P. Pimp C.

        • He did that cause he’s not as powerful as Diddy. He had to take back his statement because someone in Diddy’s position could easily get Xzibit fucked up or even worse, possibly killed. Don’t believe me, just look at what happened to Pimp C. Pimp C got on stage and started exposing all these down low closet homo thugs in the industy. Not too long after all this went down, they found Pimp C dead in a hotel room. I think they labeled it an overdose. Do your research on the topic and I’m sure it will spell out murder. Pimp C didn’t O.D. he was killed. R.I.P. Pimp C. We miss you.

    • I was just thinking about that. Superhead definitely talked about Diddy’s all boy parties. And don’t forget about when it was rumored that Diddy and Mase was fucking around with each other back in the day. I bring up The old Diddy and Mase story because not too long ago Mase got caught picking up a Tranny prostitute. That’s right, the already rumored to be gay man got cold busted try to turn tricks with chicks with dicks. LOL!!! That shit rymes at the end. With this info on Mase I wouldn’t be suprised if they were fuckin back in the day.

  12. if evidence do comes out will puff go to jail?

    hell nothing happened to eddie long and there was evidence, nothing happened to r kelly and he videotaped his escapades.

    lots of these celebs are caught with kids and been to trial for pedophilia but they are found not guilty.

    pete townshend’s queer azz was looking at nude boys but he got off I know dudes who was arrested for even looking at nude pics of children and talking to minors.

    • Puffy, Jay-Z, and other high-up money making moguls for white folks will never go to jail because they are protected. If they ever made the “powers-that-be” upset, they still wouldn’t catch charges. They would just end up dead.

      • That’s right. Just look at what happened to Pimp C. Read the backstory. Pimp C was murdered for exposing down low niggas in the industry.

  13. This doesn’t surprise. Usher has Alluded to the fact that Puffy/fluffy had molested him. In an interview, about 5 years ago Usher said in a laughing manner that Puffy/fluffy had put his finger in his butt hole.

    This is very disturbing, I didn’t know that Usher was that young.

  14. Dont leave your kid round he. True playa fo real. Hes Puff DAddy. Wat Big meant to say.

  15. Puff = british slang for queer

    Daddy = what the gay boys are lookin’ for.

    See all these codes these gay folks have.

    Fuck him, investigate him. Diddy/Daddy/Sean/Puff is a pedophile, proving gays are not born, they are made by sadistic bastards.

      • Jacky

        Do you dare do an Pedophilia Investigative Report on someone powerful like Puff with NBC TV? Puff, Jermain, Chris etc.

        This aint a nobody like Father MC or Tim Dogg?

        But you know what would happened if you tried right?
        NBC would never air it because CHILD MOLESTATION AND HOMOSEXUALITY is part of this whitemans upper level of society. Its part of their culture…Just as it was in Greece and Rome. They protect their own and you can trace it all the way to the White House and GW Bush and his daddy who was a major PEDOPHILE.

        And thats real and thats why PEDOPHILIA is a big part of Hollywood sex rites…We were kidnapped and sold to some sick fucks here in the West. A very strange place and predicament we are in here in 2013.

  16. Have any of you people ever heard of the statue of limitation? Usher could tell everyhing now but it won’t matter. From a legal standpoint Puffy can’t be charged with child molestation at this time.

    • Now you know that’s not the reason…why would he put himself out there like that…he has a reputation with the ladies,

    • Correction:
      The statute of limitations apply only to certain crimes and vary in certain states.. There is no statute of limitation to murder and I’m sure molestation either. Reference yourself to the details of the Sandusky trial.

    • That is not true. There is no statute of limitation for sexual battery on a minor. The young boys who came forward to report their stores on Jerry Sandusky at Penn St. did so after 12-15 years.

      It is true that there is a statute of limitations which applies to an adult reporting sexual misconduct by another adult.

  17. I watched the vid and when I heard it didnt sound that suspect.. until he started mumbling.. and remember we are biased with the notion that we have read and heard the “gay” rumours about both of them…

    Not too mention Diddy-pop always “taking a tour” – DL code of the house and ending up in mad-suspect places: like the bathroom ith candles and no ladies, the bedroom with no nekkid ladies waiting.. Promoting DL lifestyle to the tenth power here SMDH

  18. I Love that lil dude Kevin Hart!!!! I think he found alot of things in that party confusing! Another, classic scene is when the girl’s hair in the bath caught on fire!!! Kevin’s response!!! Lmfao!!… Puff didn’t even looked like he cared – he made sure he got his money worth

  19. Why is it every time someone calls one of these guys gay someone corrects them and say’s “bi” like that makes it ok. Bi is gay. If you have sex with someone of the opposite sex and then someone of the same sex that does not change the fact that you are gay. In fact it should be labeled as perverted.

    • And he should……I wonder how much alcohol it takes for the real puff to come out…he nearly let the cat outta bag. If ever a grown man were a joke- it would be him. I pray that man didn’t molest Usher.

    • Puff and Ush are lucky that Ush happened to have on those dark sunglasses. The eyes would have told on him 10x more than the facial expression we could see.

    • Lol exactly like they know the whole process of selling your soul, credit card, loan forms, money down payment?? they may get accepted or declined for selling there soul, if they have bad credit…
      Ignorance always comes first,people really need to sit down and go read some books or somthing..

    • Lol amen to that!
      Puffy don’t need to drink no alcohol theres not much to change trust me,all puffy needs is some on point remy lace front weave, with the faith Evans Toni braxton red tint weave look, or the Diana Ross fluffy curly wig style, some jimychoos, zip up cat suiet and three snaps, then puffy will be 99 percent out of the closet all he will need then is his dick removed and his theeth re shaped proberly end up looking like precious, just in the facial structure though ..

  20. GAY DIDDY.. It goes way back to the early 90’s when Diddy, LA Reid & Andre Harell used to have threesomes together. We could ask Heavy D but he’s no longer here. RIP



  21. Diddy isn’t even Down low he’s OUT! Just like kangay.. as these flamers get older they can’t hide their homoness… Puffy is a bitchy old hen. A nasty filthy man.

  22. I had too watch vid again,and pissy puffy,looks like he wants to whip Kevin harts ass! The way he put Kevin in a headlock,was crazy! If they weren’t on ustream I truly believe that pissy and his bodyguards would of jacked up Kevin! It’s also strange that pissy doesn’t understand that we are living in the times of the unveiling,it would be messed up if somebody took advantage of puffs son who looks just like him! I think he wrestled Quincy ,his step son by that ugly bitch Kim porterhouse with the face of a medium well steak!!!

  23. As I wrote yesterday (which was removed!), I don’t know if this is true or not, but I do know that the Kevin Hart ads showing his show is true! I also wrote that Kevin Hart is not even funny at all, but I guess when a post like this get’s deleted, we know what’s up.

  24. Diddy diddles and dicks down dudes drastically re deploying their doo doos direction and density. Hows dat? Lol

  25. Shit I don’t know WHY this so such a Shock. When “THEY” pick most Entertainers most have been Molested. Why ? because that’s how you control them with Trauma in the Brain. USHER’s Handlers were Diddy & JD; Just like Justin Bieber’s(Handler)I mean Mentor is WHO other just Mr. MY WAY (USHER).

  26. Wild as sound but i heard back in early 2010 from sum1 in R.kelly camp that usher & diddy were indeed lovers at one point. Crazy huh!! But that’s not all i heard but i already said too much, i don’t wanna be too messy

  27. That just about sums up the video, of all people to come in at the end. Bitch ass Trey Songz. Rumours at one point rife with his relationship with another bitch ass Will Smith. Bitches and more bitches. Will it end

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