Did George Jefferson Get Taken by a Gold-Digger?


The Real Sherman Hemsley Story

Setting Sherman’s Record Straight?

HSK Exclusive – The son of the former long time manager of the late actor who played George Jefferson is looking to set the record straight. You may remember Hemsley’s body was kept on ice for almost three-months after the actor’s death – until the 74-year-old’s estate was awarded to his “beloved partner” Flora Enchinton.

Now, Ken Johnston’s son – Steven Johnston – is speaking out to let the ‘gold-digging’ truth behind Enchinton be known.

Here’s what Steven Johnston wrote me about the Sherman Hemsley situation:

Hey Jacky,

That’s for taking the time to get in touch with me! There are many misconceptions about Sherman and my father Ken Johnston, as well with Flora Bernal that need to be rectified.

My father was Sherman’s manager from late ’79 until Sherman’s death in July 2012. Flora Bernal is my fathers, has been my father’s girlfriend from late ’94 early ’95 and not Sherman’s “beloved” as the media reports.

My father first met Flora while him and Sherman were traveling through Vegas. My father was smitten with her at first due to the fact she had “big fucking tits” and she passed on a photo of her daughter in hopes of jump starting a singer career for her. Soon after that meeting, my father and Flora became romantically involved. She remained a resident in El Paso and my father lived in Sherman Oaks, CA and Sherman in the Hollywood Hills (1907 Jewett drive).

Because of bad investments (ie: movies, music projects, real estate, etc), the bottom dropped out on their mini empire in May 1999 and my father felt it best to flee California and regroup. My father suggested El Paso (so my father could be close to Flora) and even though he didn’t want to go, Sherman begrudgingly went along with the plan. The plan being that they work from El Paso until they can return to Los Angeles one day as Sherman and my father both wanted to do.

Sherman always preferred Los Angeles over El Paso and Philadelphia. When I picked him up and took him to Isabel Sanford’s funeral at Forest Lawn, he told me that this is where he wanted to be buried! Now Sherman’s beliefs were of the “All Is Love, and Love is All” and felt our bodies were a vessel for life and when finished, the spirit moves on and the body is nothing. But he knew his “body” would be laid to rest and he wanted it to be at Forest Lawn.

During their time in El Paso, Sherman, my father and my half brother (he was 7 at the time) lived on Tom Ulozas Drive and Flora lived on George Archer Drive. At no time did Sherman ever live with Flora. In 2001, my 5 year old half sister went to live with my father, Sherman and her brother. The media erroneously reports that Sherman fled Los Angeles with his good “friend” Ken Johnston in tow into the waiting arms of his “good friend” and “beloved” Flora.

Also, the media also erroneously reported that Flora knew Sherman for 20 years, when she didn’t get to really know him until the move in ’99 to El Paso. She became his “manager representative” in helping out my father when he was sidelined by a stroke in 2003, but my father was still the manager. My father told me that they were always talking about getting back to Los Angeles and it was getting close to becoming a reality until my fathers stroke.

Now Sherman is a great man to me! He stepped in and helped my father as he tried to recover and still helped with the raising of my half siblings. He told me it was not a problem and he wouldn’t go back to Los Angeles without my father as my father helped him through the darkest moments of his life and this is the least he could do for my father. All thoughts of ever getting back to Los Angeles were squashed, but it didn’t bother Sherman.

I know a lot about the man. I would drive him to the studio during the week and he even helped promote my band (Steve Stone on Epic Associated). He even got us on the old Rick Dees Into The Night program! I would always check in with him to see how my father was doing and thank him for everything that he’d done.

If you need anything else, let me know. Thanks for listening!

Steven Johnston


    • I believe so also….Why would a man with plenty enough money to own his own home want to have a male roommate at 60 years old?
      Maybe a struggling college student on a budget mighy want a roommate at age 19, but an accomplished and well off 60 year old?

    • Hey moron, why do you hide behind the “anonymous” handle? Why don’t you show yourself like I did? That’s because you’re too much of a pussy to do so. My father was not Sherman’s roommate asshole! Sherman was broke when he moved to El Paso, or didn’t you read the story? He spent most of his time at one address while my father was at Floras (his girlfriend).

      Show yourself, if you’ve got the balls! But you won’t.


      • Why all the venom? There are worst things to be than gay (albeit there are a lot of homophobes who frequent this site)..Sherman Helmsley was a great actor and I remember reading an article about him in Jet Magazine and he had a male ‘roommate’ then, a young handsome guy. I was young but still ‘got’ what the real relationship was. There was no mention of a woman friend or mate. Again, there is no dishonor in being who you are. If GOD hates gays so much (as so many seem to believe) he sure in the hell gives them a LOT of talent; certainly out of proportion to their numbers. Wonder what that’s about? lol..


  2. Dude was outed back in the day for screwing teen age boys.
    Sherman was what he was and your pops was what he was.
    Live and let live…

    • Hey Boom,

      You don’t know shit! Sherman never messed with teenage boys and my father was his manager. So your name as swipe! But you’re too much of a wimp to do that.


        • Hey douche bag, if you actually read the article, you would see that I am confirming my father is not gay. But, you’re to stupid to figure it out. You should also print your last name like I do.

          • You have a bad attitude my man! I guess when your pops is gay and you might have that defective gene, you can get angry. Oh yeah, why do you want people’s names? I don’t know you and I don’t care that you show yours. My name I give you is good enough clown!

            • Why do you have to demand that your reality is so. The man says that his father was not gay and that Sherman Hemsley was not gay. He is he only one here that actually knew either of them. Why is it so hard for you to belive him and so easily the media which we know to market lies and BS with skill all day long and everyday.

              It seems as though many on this comment string have a social or political ax to grind in making sure that people believe that George Jefferson was gay too like them.

              I believe his managers family. Neither of them were gay and Sherman may have simply lived a different life and maybe just not so sex dominated or oriented like other people. I don’t believe that either of them were gay,

      • Don’t get me wrong I loved Sherman but in God eyes he know he wasn’t truthful , he knows he was gay.. So his punishment was that it took 4 months after he death to be buried.. R.i.p my sherman a.k.a mr, Jefferson ..

    • Was that Sherman or Billy Preston? Now he was a pedophile, I guess my a$$ stayed in Jet b/c I remember a press release about him to that alleged that some neighborhood teen accused him of hiring him for something and then trying to sexually assault him. I’ve never heard anybody talk about this tho he’s been dead a minute. Consensual gay sex is a non-issue, BUT kids, that sh*t makes me livid. Too many grown ass men/tricks you can pay for sex or who’d give it up freely for you to be attacking kids. And before anyone says it: being gay and a pedophile are not synonmyous. Most pedos are hetereos.

  3. We appreciate your music promotion, too! No one knew who you were before this, and now we do! Thank Goodness for that!!

    • Hey asshole, Jacky wanted me to put it in there, plus a lot of people already knew who we were. That was over 20 years agog, so it’s not promotion. Why don’t you print your real name “amused”? Talk is cheap when you hide behind an alias.

  4. Uh Steven you are doing NO favors to your dad’s legacy by coming in here and calling everybody an ‘ass wipe’…why you seem to be sooo peeved by the implication that your dad ‘could’ be gay or have had a sexual relationship with Sherman Helmsley indicates deeper issues. Maybe you know the truth and are ashamed? But again, I say there are much worst things to be than gay. Especially gay and productive. Most of the homophobes who rail against gay people have latent tendencies themselves b/c it’s not that serious. If you are secure in your own sexuality, someone else’s should never elicit that much hatred and venom. Doesn’t take a psychologist to figure out there are some unresolved issues there. ANyhoo, wish you the best with your dad and preserving Mr. Helmsley’s legacy. Hope that preservation includes the truth of who he was or else why bother?

    • Maybe he thinks that his fathers sexuality is no ones business and that he is angered, as i would be too, by people trying to claim an untruth about his father being gay. That would piss me off too especially after I told everyone that he was not.

      Everyone does not feel the same about homosexuality. Some people have religious or other viewpoints that you may or may not agree with here or anywhere else.

      I would be thoroughly pissed if i were him and people like you keep trying hard to pass your worldview onto his father and to a person that he considers family and a mentor.

      Wooosh you are being an asshole for real. You are also being very intolerant and ignorant. Not to mention highly disrespectful of people you have never met or know anything about.

  5. Well Steven Johnston, you are very late to the HSK party.

    We are all anonymous, because we get so real here that in August, certain entities were all up in Jacky’s site threatening to shut it down.

    Because we kick the real up in here and no spoiled Hollywood brat is gonna come and sell us a dog and pony show and we bow down and genuflect. Not happening. If anything can be said about the HSK following, whether we agree or disagree with each other, it is, “Mama didn’t raise no fool”. Ain’t none of us born yesterday.

    Now your father “fled” L.A. Was he being pursued? Was it a swindle? Why didn’t he just downgrade within the LA area with respect to living quarters? Did he swindle the wrong people?

    And was Sherman’s money tied up in this? It was reported that he didn’t have much, and your father was his manager….

    Sherman was not a millennial gay boy; he was an old school fag, so he wasn’t raisin’ no kids, havin’ no fag hags as friends and livin’ with a man without “benefits”. So miss us with the “good friend who helped my father” BS.

    So a black actor, whose roles are few and far between, (Sherman was one of the lucky ones) would leave LA. Especially a gay actor. Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

    So if your father wasn’t bi, the next question is: Was Flora and your father blackmailing Sherman? Keepin’ him on a “tight leash” because he was the one to bring home the bacon? Like I said, Sherman was an old school fag, he would have never wanted that to come out.

    I know I have thrown out a lot here, but when you go on a PR campaign, never put forth more questions than those you are trying to answer.

    • @anonymous
      You said it exactly like it is. Kudos!

      A reg in here would have to be missing a chip in their head to post their name. Sorry Mr. Johnston, but every word anonymous said is accurate.

      • I post my name because I am not afraid of the Feds. As a matters of fact “fuck the Feds”! And anonymous said nothing that is correct. I am not out on a pr campaign, or some Hollywood brat (that got me laughing). I was asked kindly by the moderator to tell where Sherman wanted to be buried. He also told me to put in some more info to help dispell the misconceptions posted in the media.

        I didn’t risk asking more questions than I answered as annoymous stated, because I clearly stated that Flora was not Sherman’s official manager, my father was. Also, I stated that my father was not Sherman” roommate, that he preferred to be buried in Los Angeles as He related to me at Isabel Sanford’s funeral. Anonymous seems to think that no “fag”would help raise someone’s kids, but in fact my siblings were Sherman’s god children and he helped raise them when their mother deserted them and my father had a stroke.

        I also stated a few of the reasons why Sherman left Los Angeles in the form of money lost on poor investments, real estate, movie projects, being generous to others, etc. sherman always had final say where is money was spent. So there was no swindle or “short leash” as anonymous thinks.

        It”s not a “dog and pony show”either. Just stating the facts, but anonymous people (afraid to let themselves be known) that hide from their own fears don’t want to hear the facts it seems. Anyone that wants to know more, or discuss things further can contact me through the


        • Okay, so now it’s Sherman’s bad investments, as opposed to “their bad investments”

          And we are to believe that Sherman would allow himself to be managed by a random woman his manager met in Vegas who was trying to get her daughter put on?

          Furthermore, Sherman would leave LA where he worked, to someplace where there was no work, when he needed money because he lost all of “his money” on bad investments.

          Y’all were black mailing him. “He had final say on all investments”. So who was advising him on these bad investments? Your swindler father?

          You are stating bits of information, partially factual, leaving well-warranted suspicion which leaves gaping holes in your credibility.

          I hope you are not afraid of the Feds, cuz when they catch up to you and Flora and your father, you can all rat each other out for reduced sentences.

        • Steven,
          I know this is a bit late in the game here, but any word on why Flora had Sherman buried in El Paso when he wanted to be buried in Los Angeles? Was it really Sherman’s intention for Flora to have control of his money and rights to his body after his passing? Also, there were interviews that Flora had done after the whole media frenzy surrounding Sherman’s will. She mentioned that Sherman was very upset by his cancer diagnosis, refused treatment but wasn’t in any discomfort and was concerned that she would be “left alone” after the inevitable. Can you/will you comment on any of that? Not attacking or criticizing, just genuinely curious. Thanks so much.

  6. It’s so sad what a people like Steven do for attention. I personally knew Kenny Johnston and he was nothing but a theif. Steven you are absolutly right your father was Shermans Manager which is why he was left with no money. The reason Mr Hemsley was left with no money was because Kenny aquired millions of dollars from investors under Hemsleys name Thank God I didn’t fall for his typical sales pitch which went a little something like this ” Shermans almost done with a movie 500k would secure 20% of the movie profits which is set to be millions of dollars” I believe the name of the so called movie was left hook stupid old man wasn’t even smart enough to change the name of the so called bogus million dollar movie.I actually still have a couple of sales contracts Kenny tried sending me with Shermans signature ( which looks nothing like his hemsleys signature) His scams quickly caught up to him which is why Sherman and Kenny had to flee California. Just to prove how sick Kenny and his family are I’m going to add a fun fact. Kenny and his son Steven married two prostitute sisters Denise and Jeanine Pirillo pretty sick huh. If you ask me everyone should just let this poor man rest. Steven I don’t understand how your trying to defend your fathers name yet he’s being taken care of by some woman you obviously have no respect for instead of wasting your time why don’t you get off your old lazy ass and go pick up your father he is your resposibilty he was never Shermans resposibilty or some random womans resposibilty he’s your father. If you ask me The executor of his estate should have her lawyer pull all of Shermans records and see exactly how his money was managed back in California I can guarantee they will come across quite a few forged signatures I don’t know about you guys but I smell a lawsuit! I would glady be willing to foward all of the contracts I have from Kenny

    • Paul,

      You are a complete moron! My father didn’t marry a prostitute and neither did I. You must know Flora if you’re defending her, which means your just as much of an asshole as her. She is nothing but a scam artist. And as for your claims about “Left Hook” you have my dad mixed up with Vinny Curto who actually wrote the script and was the one trying to sell it. If you have so called proof, let’s see it! So let’s us go to court and figure this out. And since you don’t know shit, my brother Kenny and sister JacQulynn, as well as Sherman, were the ones actually taking care of my father. I went down periodically and gave them money and help as well. We should meet in person! It would be a great thing to see your lying face in person and settle this!

      • @”Rob” It is your father Steven who is a fucked up faggot with no honor or common sense of decency. A tad early to start cyberbeefin’ isn’ it? Been tweakin’ for 3 days and now comin’ down?

  7. I am another investor who actually knows A LOT of the REAL TRUTH & I am also willing to come forward in court and a witness to Kenny Johnston’s FRAUDULENT SCAMS of false “movie deals” which his so called “son” (a son who left his father to die alone in a nursing home in El Paso while he collects his SS check) was also involved with. I am also personally aware of all the fake signatures Steve Johnston would himself fake to collect the social security funds of Sherman Hemsley & his father Kenneth Johnston while in California & they were in El Paso. You, my friend “Steven Johnston” have just opened a whole new can of worms and I promise you will be investigated as of Monday, July 1, 2013. You see where your vicious greed got you? You are a fame whore trying to ride on the coat tails of a story of a man who has died from a horrible cancerous disease. Funny how you make sure to add the name of your pathetic so called sorry excuse for a “band”. The way you respond to people and spew your vicious hate speaks volumes about who you really are and the fact that you are indeed a liar, a scam artist and a thief. You come out here to trash a woman that took care of your father and Sherman and Ken Johnstons kids after their mother (another drug addicted prostitute Jeanine Perillo which happens to be your wives twin sister) left and abandoned them as babies. You want to speak truth? HERES THE REAL TRUTH FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! People can actually look up and verify that what I say is true unlike your ill begotten LIES in order to get your 15 minutes of fame. Why dont you also tell all these people here you are disrespecting, about how your sister, Susan Johnston claims you raped her as a teenager? You are one sick piece of shit, kenneth Johnston.

    • Hey Andrew Z,

      Bring it on asshole! You sound like Flora’s bitch boy! Let’s see the scams! Show proof of all that you said I did! You can’t because I never stole checks from my father and Sherman (that’s Flora’s comments asshole). You’re the piece of shit Andrew! We should meet and settle this face to face! Never raped my sister either! That’s another Flora lie! If you’ve got the balls, let’s set up a meeting!

    • Hey Flora (aka Andrew Z),

      I had to get my father away from your evil clutches because you were the on stealing his SSI checks! You wouldn’t listen to the doctors when they said my father needed to be in a nursing home or hospice home because then the checks would go directly to the nursing home and not you. So she you idiot savant, when I finally was able to get my father the correct treatment he deserved, his checks went to the El Paso Rehab Center! Puts plenty of holes in you theory of me getting his checks.

      I have many witness from all the hospitals that told me of how you would refuse medication that my father was prescribed and how you claimed to have power of attorney over my fathers affairs, but you didn’t! Remember Enrique from Providence Hospital? he saw right through your bullshit and contacted me! So, let’s go to court Andrew and we’ll see how your truth will be classified as fiction!

      Karma is gonna come at you, not me!

  8. let me re-phrase that so we are all clear: you are one sick piece of shit, Stephen Kennet Johnston (as everybody knows you like to go by “Kenneth Johnston – your middle name- when youre forging your fathers name to steal money). Oh, and does everybody also know that you never once went to visit your father or Sherman (because he couldnt stand you & also claimed you were a thief and a maggot because of the way you treated your father) with the exception of the time you went to go see what you could get, like the vulture you are after Sherman just passed away? You think you could come out here and fool people with lies and made up “juicy stories” so you could get attention, but the truth speaks louder than your rants. You are evil, vile, dysfunctional, a thief and animals have more heart than you do judging by the way you treated your father all those years after all he had done for you by leaving him abandoned to die all alone while you collect his money. Karma is a huge bitch and youre about to get whats coming to you.

    • Wow, you are pathetic Flora’s bitch boy! You have to be under the spell of that worthless whore Flora! My father never hated me, he trusted only me and Sherman. Get your facts straight scumbag. Let’s meet and settle this face to face asshole! He didn’t die alone moron! I was there, Flora was not.

    • I can’t wait to face you in court! It will be fun knocking all your bullshit to the curb. You should be investigating Flora, she’s the thief and liar! I always had a good rapport with Sherman, so your bullshit about him not liking me are unfounded. Also, it was my girlfriend and I who took my little sister away from her mother and sent her to my father at 5 years old. And it was my father who took my brother 2 years before that when he was 7 years old. My father and Sherman raised those kids, not Flora. So get your facts straight! Stop listening to a pathetic bullshit artist named Flora. I never forged my father or Sherman’s checks. You obviously don’t now hat you’re talking about. Go ask Flora what she did with the 40,000 bucks she stole from Sherman and my father and then blamed it on Ralph Casarez!

      I wasn’t down at Sherman’s as a vulture, I was there to check on my father and bring my brother down there to pay respect to Sherman. It seems like you Andrew Z are actually Flora in disguise!

  9. Hey Andrew, How’s the investigation going? What a joke you are! How’s it feel to be Flora’s bitch boy? I had people follow up on your comment of how they can look up and see the truth! They couldn’t find any basis to your false claims idiot! Bring it on, I’m waiting!

  10. Both of you need to quit blowing $hit and provide facts that can be verified and go to court. Not to speak ill of the dead but my belief is that Mr. Hemsley may have been gay. That is an assumption as well. He was a great actor and it is tradgic to lose such a great actor. As for his manager it’s oblivious he loved pu$$y but also obvious he was a $hitty manager and investor for his client.

  11. Well Wayne E, it is not me “blowing Shit” as you say! I’m the one with all the facts because lived through it for nearly 30 years! And yes, my fathers weakness was pussy, but he was a good manager from Sherman. He was the one that kept everything afloat for Sherman when his world was crumbling down. The shitty investor was non other than Andre, he was the main money handler for Sherman. Thank you for our correct, and wrong, assumptions regarding all this!

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  13. Steven is full of hot air, Hamsley was gay (More power to him!) and Kenneth was a hollow (gay) con man, may he burn in hell.

    • Andrew,

      You’re just full of shit. You have now idea what your talking about. You asswipe, will be the one burning in hell.


  14. Man gimme a break. This ken johnston and sherman helsley were lovers! It’s obvious as can be! Eveidently ken was bi and loved both women and men. Sherman was obviously just into him! So ken johnston’s son just spilled the beans on his dad!

    • Daniel,

      What beans did I spill in my dad? He was Sherman’s manager, not his lover. Sherman’s business manager is the gay one you’re refering to. Get your facts straight before you try to spin takes.


  15. Jesus H Christ, Steven Johnston, give it up! You’ve been at this for almost three years! You’ve said what you know in your heart to be true and you can’t force people to accept that. Getting so riled up about it only gives people more reason to keep saying things if they know they can get a rise out of you. You know the truth. Now just let it go, man and save yourself a lot of stress.

  16. River,

    I’m not stressed at all. I enjoy messing with these people who think they are the authority on this situation. As you can tell, I’m really not on this site that much at all. Thanks for your comments.


  17. Let it be. People believe what they want. We lost a great actor, his sexual preference was his business.