Did Hollywood Turn Its Back On a Terminally-Ill Yvette Wilson?


Hollywood Failed Yvette Wilson

Yvette Wilson is being remembered today – as news of the 48-year-old actress’ death continues to spread. The comedian’s loss to her battle against stage 4 cervical cancer comes just two-months after she went public with her illness. But Yvette Wilson didn’t reveal her fatal diagnosis to the world just for the sake of it – she was pleading for financial help.

The sum of just $25K could have saved Yvette’s life – or at least prolonged it. $25,000 is all Yvette needed to pay for medical costs and related expenses not covered by her insurance. What’s disturbing is GiveForward.com raised just $13,599 over about a two-month period. That’s just a little more than half of the money Yvette needed to fund her fight against cancer.

Here’s what Yvette Wilson supporters announced in hopes of landing donations:

“Yvette has experienced kidney failure, kidney transplants and cervical cancer, among other things. Her cancer has come back after an extended retreat, and doctors are saying it’s very aggressive this time out.

To get her the required treatment at the best doctors, and to to help cover travel and medical costs, we’re asking that you please donate to her medical fund – she’s brought so much laughter to so many people – it’s time we step up and support Yvette and let her feel some of that love she’s so used to giving, come back to her ten-fold!”

We will remember Yvette Wilson for the laughs she gave us. She left her eternal mark in Hollywood, but Hollywood did nothing for her in her last days! Hollywood’s celebrities seem to have endless amounts of money to waste on miscellaneous things. I’m sure most of those celebrities – leading lavish lifestyles – had full knowledge of Yvette Wilson’s situation.

The fact that the fundraiser didn’t even meet its very modest goal is proof they didn’t care. What’s worse? Not even the last surviving ‘Moesha’ cast member offered a terminally ill Yvette “Andell” Wilson a helping hand. Don’t believe me.. Ask Brandy Norwood.


  1. thats disgusting! i just saw on another website that Ludacris spent 10 thousand dollars at a strip club! he could stuff all that money in strippers drawz but he couldnt help save a woman’s life. rich people and celebrities disgust me sometimes!

    thats why i laugh when all of them smile in eachothers faces and talk about what great friends they are. they dont realize that if they lost everything that day, none of those so called friends would be there for them.

    Brandy is one of the worst friends you can have. Dont believe me? Ask….wait…she has no friends. nevermind

  2. Not even the last surviving ‘Moesha’ cast member offered a terminally ill Yvette “Andell” Wilson a helping hand. Don’t believe me.. Ask Brandy Norwood.——————————————–
    U might want to rephrase that sentence unless you know something about, Sheryl Lee Ralph,Countess Vaughn,Shar Jackson,William Allen Young,Marcus T Paulk,don’t even know about

    • I was thinking the same thing. To my knowledge only two others have passed that were on Moesha. Lamont Bently who played Hakeem who died in a car accident and Merlin Santana who played Ohagi. He was shot to death while sitting in a car. Who else died if I missed anyone.

  3. that does seem like a small amount of money to raise. i would like to hear more details, cause i know Monique or someone could have gave the money, but at the same time, it is no one’s responsibility, but people should always help other people. it is a really sad story.

    • I don’t understand why they had to “raise” money for this. I am a cancer survivor. Cervical cancer at that. I don’t know what medical expenses her insurance “wouldn’t” cover. My medical insurance covered everything – hysterectomy. Hell, I think even Medical would cover the cost of a hysterectomy. Was it too late for that? It’s almost a common procedure nowadays. I’m over here Kanye shrugging for real. Did she just not take care of herself and not go to the doctor? I mean…. how long did she have it before she found out? This is not something someone should die of in 2012. I’m just sayin. It’s sad that she died of something like this.

      • I don’t believe you’re a cancer survivor because you’re very ignorant. Don’t judge her, many people feel fine and then one day they don’t.

        She had STAGE 4, if you really had cancer you would know what that meant.

        Shame on you.

        • You don’t have to believe it for it to be true. If she went to the doctor regularly and got her yearly pap smear exam, her doctors would have detected it waayyy before she got to stage 4. Irregular cells would have shown up on her pap. Period. Dot. End of that Story. You are ignorant. Shame on YOU for not encouraging yearly check ups and early detection. STFU if you don’t know what you’re talking about. That is why I am a cancer survivor. YEARLY CHECK-UPS LEAD TO EARLY DETECTION AND CURE.

          • Uhmmm sweet heart, u Cn get ur yearly pap all u wnt n the Nxt thng u knw, cancer moves in quick, watch what u say cuz God Cn TURN urs arnd. it rlly depends on ur insurance also!!! How dare ur ignorance evn speak, cancer survivor!!!!!

            • Just spoke to someone at my public health clinic and they told me that paps were now given every 3 yrs. if your last one was negative/normal.

              Thing is women in this age bracket can be at a disadvantage because what may seem like a malignant tumor is really a fibroid that may not require surgery. I had a dr. find nothing but was ready to give me a hysterectomy at age 30. Changed my diet and Aunt Flo stuck around for 4-5 days, not 7-10. Other facilities love to give pre-menopausal women hormone injections, which can trigger certain cancers and cause complications. I’ve accepted that time to go is time to go.

  4. oh? how many of u guys helped out your own community? let hollywood handle theirs. hve u helped out sick children and cancer-ridden ppl in your own community?? Plz! leave the judging alone cuz alot of u r no better with the little u hve.

    • And yet here you sit in judgement. If you don’t like what’s being typed there is a X in the top right hand corner of your box hit it.

      • LOL Shun probably didnt give a damn dime to anyone. Not even the homeless man who opened the door for her at the 7Eleven.


  5. And then you have Nicki Minaj ranting and raving on twitter about how yvette shouldn’t have had to beg for money in her last days…but question to Nicki…you are a multi-millionaire just signed that endorsement with Pepsi yet you couldn’t spare $25,000? But you can spare a few mintues faking like you cared about her on twitter? Miss me with that phony fake shit.

  6. When the the Give Forward link for Yvette was on another blog. I posted the link on my facebook and shared it often. The truth is this type cancer she was not going to survive. The money was really going to burial and medical cost. Rest in Peace Yvette.

    • Right! And where was “Nigga Gwyneth Paltrow” since she is soooooo down. Where was her check? But what about Steve Harvey? He’s somewhere in that camp – did he give anything?

  7. stop saying things about othe peoples money they dont know that lady personaly you guys act like hollywood is a whoal big family you really think canada drake with everything thats goin on with him as a rapper knew about yvette wanna blame sobody blame brandy and ray j they the one wih the millions

  8. As I said on the Malcom Shabazz thread… with Black people, it’s ‘help a brotha out’ but when a BW needs help, sound of fucking crickets. This story is typical and sad. BP turn their back on BW but rally round the flag for convicted BM murderers.

    I had no idea of this poor lady’s plight and if I did I would have donated and used the link in my handle.

    Rest in peace, sister.

    • they knew her enough to tweet their sadness about her loss. if they were THAT sad they should have sent some money her way.

    • So True, The destruction of the BW in full effect.
      I wish everyone could understand the financial strain on someone with cancer. I cant imagine what her family had to go through. e pain she endured. I have seen celebrities with probably over 20 million in the bank, who ould stick their hands in another artists earning.Literally takeing 60-80% of their pay, because they put them on. So said what goes on in the industry.

  9. We pay so much in taxes and Never see where the money goes. Our health care system sucks. Insurance companies pimp us over the years and then when we need them they tell us we still need more money.This woman had insurance but they are vampires. No matter how much money you make they will find a way to put you in the red.

    • YUP! its horrible! Its horrible that our government allows people to die just because they dont have enough money to pay for healthcare. its insane. they care more about money than lives

  10. thats what Im sayin! and someone was saying how do we know certain people didnt do anything to help. Well they obviously didnt do enough because she is dead!

    30K is not that much for a bunch of celebs and execs to scrape together. If anything they should have scraped up MORE.

  11. black americans need to stick together more others pull together to help and bring and give their people while they make us hate one onother and take what we have.

  12. True, not being ignorant..plz forgive me if I come off as such..but 25′? Isn’t that probably around what she made an episode of moesha?? Maybe more..she’s had a few other roles as well. Not just Moesha but the Parkers as well. Where is the savings? Investments? Idk man, but those ppl in hollywood damn sure don’t care about the regular joe..now the starving kids n Africa isa different story..but they don’t care about us. Sad2hear the news, but 25k shouldve been nothing.

    • Perhaps her savingds dissappeared trying to pay her bills, and related medical expenses because she was not working. She wasn’t exactly Will Smith raking in millions of dollars for her small roles. It doesnt take much to wipe through a savings if you dont have money coming in.

      Not to mention the copays for medicines, doctor visits, hospital stays can drain anyone except the filthy rich which she was not.

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  15. I am so sorry that this happened to Yvette. A poster mentioned that Yvette’s character, Andell was a coon. But, she wasn’t, I loved Andell, because she brought balance to the Parkers.

    I had no idea of her plight. I didn’t even know she was sick. I sure would have made a donation if I had known. Hollywood and it’s occupants are cold, heartless and merciless. The give but, they give to their own agenda’s

  16. This story is a shame and so many people have such negativity to say about her savings. This woman was not filthy rich and it has been ages since she actually starred in anything so the only income she would have coming in was for residuals from Parker or Moesha episodes. It isnt like she was major actor like Denzel Washington commanding millions for every episode. I am not hating on Denzel (love him) bless him and his good fortune. I am just keeping it real that it doesnt take much to breeze through a savings when you are not generating more income. She had to have been ill and unable to work for sometime and with the copays for doctor visits, medications, hospital stays and other specialists it is enough to drain anyone except the filthy rich in which she was not.

    One thing is for certain, her career did allow her to connect to individuals who had enough money or enough celebrity to help her plight. Even if they did not want to personally give her the money they could have held a celebrity charity event or something in her honor and for cancer survivors. Now all the sadness, and condolences are on their twitter accounts but where was this love while she lived?

    It is just fake celebs wanting their 5 minutes of fame talking about a friend they probably didnt see in years, hadnt called and didnt give a care about to send one dime.

  17. So sorry for the loss of this talented young woman, but the story that she could not get medical treatment due to a lack of money doesn’t sound right to me. I have been a nurse for over 25 years and at my hospital, we treat everybody regardless of ability to pay. Lots of hospitals across the nation are like this (not for profits)

    • Hospitals only cover the expenses of the treatment while you are in the hospital.They can’t turn you away that is true. You still have to pay co pays, primary doctors, specialist(these doctors will not see you without insurance or the ability to pay) and pay for medicine. I know because I took care of my mother when she had cancer. Her insurance didn’t always cover her medical expenses so I had to pay out of pocket. None of my family helped me pay either but the all wanted to run things, see what they could get and look important after she passed away.

  18. It sounds like she had very little chance of surviving the type of cancer she had. She is in a better place no more suffering RIP. My prayers go out to her family it is very dificult to watch helplessly as a love one dies from a terminal illness.
    I know from my experience with my mother when she was sick from cancer that the insurance doesn’t always cover everything. I had to pay out of pocket for some of her medical expenses.

  19. Please stop posting religious bullshit on a page where folks cuss and shit. I won’t be controlled up in here. Damn I am sick of fake ass church folks. The bible says don’t force the shit!!! This is a raw and cussing page not holy and you posting that bullshit won’t make it change. Yes I’m cussing to prove a damn point.

      • @hoywatergotcha
        you must have just crawled out of a rock if what I wrote is “.the most beligerent post i have ever read”…I continue to roll my eyes at this fake religious bullshit on an urban blog. Take 3 seats and miss me with this bullshit. I hate the Black church. Speaking nothing on 70% out of wedlock rate, up to 50% BB high school drop out rate. Yup. The Black church can quickly go to hell.

  20. Things are not always what they seem. Brandy is probably not filthy rich like she wants everyone to think. She does or did have to pay a pretty good amount to the family of her car crash. We assume these “stars” have money but alot of times its a front. Cars, clothes, etc. are loaned to them and they have to give them back or they get it for free to be seen as a walking advertisement. That way regular people break the bank for a 2000 dollar purse like Beyonce when she got it for free. I’m not surprised they didn’t help because of one of two thing 1. They don’t have it or 2. They weren’t really close like that therefore felt no reason to help. Just because they tweet about sorrow and missing someone doesn’t make it true. Everyone is “dear friends” in Hollywood that’s just a fancy word for I want to get some press when the “dear” friend dies so I’m gonna act like we were close even though we haven’t spoken in ages.

      • Sad as it is, but this type of carry on, will continue for awhile longer; unless these celbs wake up.
        Something similar happen when Nate Dogg passed away a year ago…

  21. So ‘compassion’ isn’t taught at SDAs, but hatred of homosexuals is. And you call yourself a Christian *rolls eyes*

  22. from monique to candance vaghn to dorin wilson none of you could help that sick woman with a smallfee and you guys call her your friend? ipray that none of you guys get sick and your other socall friends turn their backs on you. as a matter of fact in my eyesight wer e really yevette’s friend in the first place a real friend that works with eachother would’nt let fame or money come between friendship if your co worker is sick and have a small issue concerning his or her health andyou’re a star making more money and it bothers you to help that person who is sick? then you realy were not a friend at all. but that’s the way funny style black people are who get a break in acting i’m a black man my self and i do know this don’t forget how big you get it will come a time that you will fallon your ass money wise and fame wise then everyone that you hang with in hollywood will start to stay away from you. all of you so called black stars could have at least gave a thousand dollars to help that poor woman get that kidneyfor all you know you could have got a blessing for helping that woman. but? as my late mother use to say we have a habit of cutting our own blessings short you embarass yourself as a black person in position and you’re still full of hate that you’ve had all your life from the hood and finally to those stars that could have helped save yevette wilson and knew she was sick the lord will punish you for not trying to help her.god is watching all of you. later

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