Did MJ Sabotage Jermaine Jackson’s Music Career? Clive Davis Says Yes!


Michael Jackson Got Gangster on Siblings

Beef Of The Jackson Brothers?

Clive Davis seems to be pulling out all the stops over the release of his new book. First, he comes out as a gay man. Now, he’s outing MJ as a jealous brother who strong-armed Jermaine so he would be the only Jackson brother left to shine.

In his book “The Soundtrack Of My Life“, Davis reveals he had signed Jermaine Jackson to his company Arista — adding at that time, JJ had several hits including: “Do What You Do” and “Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming.” That’s before Davis says The King Of Pop pulled his rank on Jermaine. It’s a situation which Davis says Babyface was no stranger to.

Here’s what Clive Davis had to say about MJ’s beef with older brother Jermaine:

“I hired Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds and LA Reid in the late 1980s to produce Jermaine’s fourth LP at Arista Records, Michael had had enough. MJ promptly kept Babyface busy on his own projects, luring him away from Jermaine.

Jermaine couldn’t believe that Michael, his close brother, would hijack his producers’ material this way. Jermaine was crying, indeed sobbing at times, so deeply hurt that his brother would do this to him. That’s when Jermaine wrote his infamous song, ‘Word to the Badd,’
which denounced Michael as shallow and selfish.

Michael retaliated by calling me, demanding the removal of the defaming from Jermaine’s new LP.
I felt it would be wrong for me to tell an artist to take a song off an album. This was a family and personal matter that they would need to resolve themselves.”

Did Michael Jackson use his power to hold back the music careers of Jermaine, Rebbie, Latoya? I don’t know, but according to MJ’s PR man Bob Jones, he did.


  1. The answer is, hell yes!

    Michael took the brunt of the abuse, from everyone, (his father and the pedophiles he was pimped out to) and dished it out with a very heavy hand. He bought the Jackson and the Jackson 5’s catalogue of music and would not allow his brothers to perform their own songs with out Michael’s approval or presence.

    Michael even went so far as to signing his nephews to his own labels, and then refused to release much of their music, subsequently killing their careers. Janetnis the only one who escaped Michael’s petty vindictive bullshit.

    Michael kept the entire family dependent on him, on a very short leash, but them complained that they were greedy vultures!

    Michael Jackson spoke with that fake soft voice, but could be a total bastard. Right or wrong, he kept his brothers broke. Which is why they had every reason to want the drug addict dead.he was worth more dead than alive and their elderly mother (who looked the other way and allowed them all to be abused) is easier to kidnapp and manipulate.

    • Michael jackson does not own the jackson 5 publishing that remains in Berry Gordy possesion.lol you all just say things foolishly like it is matter if fact.lol

      • Exactly. He purposely left it so their broke asses would have some income (off of the few songs they wrote) and not leech off of him.

        • HE wasn’t their cash cow! Jermaine relied and relies on his new wife! Marlon has always made his money in real estate( That is why he stopped recording after “Baby Tonight” He was also the one who found that Michael was the writer of that New York Post Article claiming that the other brothers were broke! Tito was making more than 500 a night! He was Gladys Knight’s band leader for the last of her tours. Jackie just had no use for the dough! He had his kids and nothing to send anything on. Randy was cleaning out a record company of its asserts! Remember Modem Records?

          • Yeah right! As if Michael would EVER write an article for the New York Post or any other tabloid trash! You all are as bad as the media machine that hounded MJ to death! smdh

            • Yes, He wrote the article for the NY POST! YES he got caught by Time Magazine and had to fry until Warner Brothers purchased the magazine and virtually put it out of business!
              Stop the nonsense!
              Jermaine’s fans like the way he danced. We had seen the moonwalk done better on Soul Train!
              Anybody with several R&B hits and no Pop hits is a Soul Artist snd should be respected and left alone!

      • Naw, ya wrong! Berry Gordy owns the Motown catalog of Jackson Five recordings but Micheal owned The Jacksons’ music catalog on Epic Records.
        MJ was a trip. Bt Jermaine should’ve had cash from his days as a solo artist at Motown. Hell, Jermaine had many his on his own. Even Randy had some hits on A&M Records. But easy come, easy go…

        • Boom!

          If that is the case, I stand corrected.

          Never the less MJ did hold his siblings back. I think he let Janet slide because under their dad, her music was trash, and Janet was not viewed as a threat. But, once she went to Jimmy Jam it was a wrap!

          Also, other than MJ, Janet experienced the most sexual abuse. She was also passed around to the pedophiles just like Michael. The always had that in common. Which is why she was acting at such a young age. She was being pimped to studio execs.

          • Wow! PinkKitty is totally crazy! MJ said himself how much he loved Janet’s music, and that some of his favorite songs were Janet’s. He even practiced alone in his studio to her music many times for dance practice. How about watching Michael Jackson’s Private Home Videos on Youtube, and see where Michael speaks for himself about Janet and her music? Y’all are on some sh*t. What haters and liars are on this site!

            • Kitty, I think the Crazies have arrived! I bet this is the same nutcase that threatened me on You Tube!
              Somehow, the folks at Vanity Fair got it wrong when they said that Michael said one thing in public and another thing in private!
              Somehow, the conversation with Rabbi Shumley Botech never happened!
              they are all Crazy including the tape with Michael’s voice on it!
              Kitty , I am sure the Crazies have arrived!
              PS remember, you’re the adult in the room!

          • @PinkKitty

            Clive and all you people trying to badmouth MJ and divide and conquer the fam who is trying to protect his estate. Rebbie signed the letter calling for the resignation of the executors. LaToya has been speaking against the people she believed harmed her brother, so has Jermaine. Clive works for Sony. Michael fired John Branca because he believed Branca had conflicting interests by working as MJ’s lawyer and for Tommy Motolla and Sony…also for possibly embezzling MJ’s money.

            Sounds like someone is trying to divide and conquer the Jackson fam by putting this stuff out now about MJ and turning them against him.

            • TMZ and you folks who spend you time badmouthing Jermaine are too dumb to notice that a divide is already there! You want us to sing Kum Ba Ya with you now? It ain’t happening!
              What Michael and you folks did to the Music world is beyond the pale of a crooked executor and a few million! This man and others singlehanded ruined a style of music and the only response you can give us is that you think you have the right because you stole a bunch of record companies and several others sold out?
              We ain’t united! Its on1

          • That is a terrible case of Sony thinking that they can claim everything!
            I think That is what was the first nail in Tommy’s coffin at Sony!
            What I want to know is how he thinks he has anything to do with Michael’s Music now that he’s been fired from Sony!
            Who replaced him?

        • Actually, Berry only got part of that collection. I think the company was Jobbette! HE wanted more, but the earlier writers took their songs with them!
          Berry and Michael fought over them for the longest: in the end both of them lost, Both Gamble and Huff and the “Hit Factory are all too happy to allow the other brothers to sing their work.
          As for Michael’s collection, He spent so much money trying to ( How shall I say it) be white that he eventually lost weveral majr asetts. He is now out of debt. However, Sony has already decided to purchase his part of the musical collection. There will be legal battles between his estate and Sony for years to come. However, Sony has an ace in the hole: his executors! They will do what ever Sony tells them to! Hence in having it all, he lost most of everything!

          • @bonebag

            Michael wasn’t trying to be white. You clown yourself. Thanks for making me laugh. Your posts read like Alice in Wonderland. Are you the hookah smoking cat?

      • Even after MJ’s death, the media and racists in the music industry continue to try to trash MJ and the Jackson’s good names!

        Clive davis is trash and Kelly Clarksons even called Clive Davis out on his bullsh*t! Stop believing all this crap! They lied on MJ for years in life, and now are continuing to do so in his death.

        R.I.P. Michael! You are at peace now and your legacy is solid. Thank you for everything Jackson Family!

          • bonebag,

            You are either an industry insider trying to trash another black celebrity for your slavemasters or you’re a hater and along with some of the reg trolls, you pop up for air when it’s time to trash Michael Jackson and his fam. Either way, I’d bet you’re not black.

            • That Plantation talk doesn’t work with me! You have done so much for the slave master that it ain’t funny! I will stand up for the music of my race and culture. I owe it to myself and the few artists that still sing the music! I don’t woe it to o Uncle Tom such as yourself.

              Ps Herman Caine and several other guys tried that line!… didn’t work!

            • I wish I was a music industry insider, I would have clean up this shit as soon as it happened! First thing I would mahve made for Damn sure that Sony didn’t get a drop of Arista, Then I would have fired Clive for not telling the truth to anybody but Jermaine. If LA and Babyface were so good, I would have told them to go the hell to SONY! Then I would have called George and Louis Johnson to finish the album! Imagine the soulful sound it would have had!

        • Clive called her out on her BS this morning! Gal should think long and hard before she goes poppinf off at da man!

    • Clive is telling the truth. Jermaine told the truth in his book proposal, but he denies writing the negative stuff now. La Toya got mad and told the truth in her first book, now she claims it wasn’t true. I guess they found out the hard way there are serious consequences for telling the truth about Michael.

    • But lets not let Clive off the hook! He had every chance to stop this nonsense! He could have kept Jermaine’s songs out of Michael’s hands. He was successful in keeping Whitney’s catalog!
      Berry Gordy was equally guilty if not guiltier! He used Jermaine to launch the careers of countless Motown artists and when Jermaine had made his company millions, he hid Jermaine behind a bunch of fake albums and sold the gems Jermaine wrote to Michael! Thank God Stevie Wonder put a stop to some of his mess! Jermaine still can sing “Lets Get Serious and a few others because Stevie wrote a few and purchased the rights to the rest!
      PS Michael knew that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis would beat his A$$ if he tried to lure them away from Janet!

      • Michael wasn’t the sacrificial lamb! That is the biggest hoax.Ketherine sacrified hr other sons to whatever godsat wd take them ( Including record executives) in order to protect Mchael.

        The end result only Maron was capable of maintaining a normal relationship with women. the rest f the brothers huddled together when it came to women: just like they huddled together against Ketherine!

    • I don’t know about them being involved in his death…right or wrong he was still family and I believe that they loved him), but the rest I believe to be true. I love the music of Micheal Jackson as much as the next person, but I do believe that he was insecure and wanted to be the only Jackson besides Janet) to shine.He obviously viewed them as competition , if he felt the need to go to those lengths, which is sad! The more famous he became the more he wanted to distance himself from his brothers, and most other family except his mother!

    • Kitty is obviously crazy. You drank the media haterade. Quit lying on Michael and his brothers and leave the Jacksons alone!

      And Clive Davis is a lying asshole, saying anything to cover up the fact that he was too cowardly to come out of the closet for years! Sure, he’s talking all this garbage now about MJ, after he is dead of course and unable to defend himself!

      Anybody who believes this bunk (Kitty’s or Clive’s) is an idiot and evil hater!

      • Kity, you’re the adult in the room! I kinda tried to warn you about the rabid Michael Jackson fans!
        These people are so crazy that they drank the Coolaid that the New Yokr Post wrote even when Time Magazine called the reporter and Michael out!
        Heck, I’d trust Time Magazine before the New York Post ( Right Wing Moonie Hack Job that it is!
        They still waht to question the reporter who has sold the Koolaid to TMZ ( Soon to be BMZ as in Broke because Janet is suing them for a lie Katherine told them and has since retracted cuz that money would have come rom her allowance if TMZ lost!) Not to mention a judge that made them change a few articles about Jermaine!

      • Clive has always been telling lies. He made defamatory comments about LA Reid when that an got his job at Arista. If MJ hijacked Face 4 himself, then how come JJ was able to release the ‘You Said’ LP, entirely produced by LaFace and released on LaFace records, while MJ had no Laface material on his ‘Dangerous’ LP (mostly Teddy Riley stuff), released around he same time as JJ’s? MJ did not have to stop his competition. He did NOT have competition. MJ helped and supported his siblings and couldn’t be bothered with nonsensical activities such as sabotaging thier careers. His brotheres did not have the work ethics he had. Nobody’s alobums was pulled off shelves. Nonsense

        • You said wasn’t released until it showed up in some foreign “hat Rack” and We all know this! The same happened to 2300 JAckson Street! You might want to go to Prince’s site ald read how it was pulled from the record shelves at one store! In fact, it didn’t see the light of day in any radio station until Michael kicked the bucket!
          You’d think we’d forget those things!
          They chucked “Word to the bad so quick it wasn’t funny as soon as Sony got Arista!” Clive was still kissing La Reid’s behind after the sale! MEanwhile Berry Gordy is selling Jermaine in Japan and acting like he was such a good man!

    • If either of those siblings listed had “substantial talent”, hit songs would be easy to come by, yet it isn’t out of the norm for famous people to try and silence their siblings (Prince/Tyka Nelson) or even silence people a rival label hired to emulate another famous person like Prince did to Nikki. Don’t believe me, go to YouTube and and watch “Nikki-If You Wanna”. Prince shut his s**t down, LOL.

      • I ishwas so! However, t audience they appealed to was not one that had lot lfclout in the Music industry!
        Berry Gordy sold his clout. Now, he wonders why there no more tributes to him!

        It is to easy to call us R&B fans dinosaurs because you folks old th cards I wonder what’s gonna hapen when the champoins for the dinosaurs finally get their own back!

    • PinkKitty,

      Ain’t nobody kidnapped Mother Jackson. If all of what Clive wrote happened, why did MJ’s family support him during the molestation trial? Michael owned his own catalog but Motown owned the Jackson 5 stuff.

      Please stop drinking the tabloid chronic. Clive Davis is the man that insisted the party continue with Whitney’s corpse lay in the hotel. Glad Clive came out. There was some online gossip about his sexual preference after Whitney died. I chose to ignore, but he’s confirmed it now. Instead of dishing some old tired dirt about a man whose has been dead for almost 4 years, let him discuss whether or not he tried to use his power to seduce anyone in the entertainment business. (not saying he did) Maybe he wanted Michael’s young booty and Mike told him to take a hike.

      • Because they knew better than to defy Sony and that bunch! When Jermaine first qestioned the goings on he met the MJ fanatics full on!
        The difference is that Clive ain’t cared of the fanatics or Kelly Clakson!
        Time Magaine is not a Tabloid! If you are reading the NY, POST, the Grio, TMZ (they’re being sued right now) Billboard ( Still trying to get rid of Spin Magazine because they always question their version of the charts.), then it is you that has been drinking the Kolaidof MJ fanatacism! Kitty is probably older and less gullible than you!14GT!

    • Now, I remember what I wanted to ask: did Michael know that he didn’t own the whole J5 catalog? I mean he fund outthathebrothers planned to tour nspite of the “This is It” Tour. He kept telling the press that Jemaine wasn’t touring with the brothers!
      When Jermaine said that he would be touring with Marlon, Tito, and Jackie. Mihaelfinally showed his hand. Hsimply stated that he wished the brothers would stay home! After a slight uproar he got real quiet. Didn’t hear from him until … well, he died!

    • Okay, lets get something straight. Look jermaine was neveron top of any record deal. Did you know he threatened michael to go on tour with them. But jermaine is so oh mi gosh! He really goes around writing songs about your own brother. But i guess it is fair because he is very wealthier and than u. So i give you a pat for that but u must really “love” your family.

    • Stop Lying! We all know that Jermaine was signed to Arista Records for Major promotion! We also know that he was supposed to end up a well paid A& R Man! He was already trained at MOTOWN!
      We all know that Michael Threatened Jermaine because he remained at Motown! HE did it again, when Jermaine decided to warn several promoters of Michael’s previous actions!( i.e. borrowing money and refusing the goods. Heck even Randy Taborelli admitted to that!
      Then the King of Bahrain asked Jermaine to work with him. The king’s brother went straight to Michael and the deal was off! When Jermaine’s family (Al Saud) Found out, relations became frosty and have been ever since!
      Dems the facts!

      • Most folks in the Saudi Know don’t even think of Jermaine as a Jackson! They refer to him as a member of his wife’s family!
        I found that out after watching Celebrity Big Brother! Some housemate was griping about it using inuendo!

  2. Of course MJ did this! I can totally see him screwing over his siblings, especially Jermaine. Jermaine was his only real competition. Janet didn’t count because she was female.

    • He d ask her to divorc the family! However she ignored him. Eventually he sawthat A& Reords wa not a puppet of Sony so he made nice and recorded with her!
      Janet never gave Michael money! She made a point of pointing out the factt the brothers ha money when Mchael was selling the “Bothers are Broke article” The arice was in Tme Magazine until Warner rught it along with AOL. That is why monopolies are bad all around!

    • I went to a Prince Web site and one of the writers happened to be in the record store whe 2300 Jackson street was pulled from the shelves.
      All I remember is some guy yelling that it was on the shelves in a Black Music store!
      The owner had the man removed and added more to the shelves.
      He did let me in on a strange fact: Billboard refused to count the number of units sold. Spin Magazine did! Sony still disputes the numbers. Talk about some Shady Shidiggity! They did the same thing for Baby Tonight and several other offerings from the brothers. Somebody actually said that “Nigga fans don’t count in this business!” But then again Michael caled Black folks “Splaboo”! It pissed several folks off!

      • @bonebag,

        I know where you got that “slaboo” quote from. It’s interesting that all of this stuff is coming out when MJ can’t defend himself. Tabloid trash and you’re spilling it all over the place. You have no cause to talk about what Michael may have or haven’t called black folks when you use Ni-ga.

        Uh-huh, just like I thought, you are an MJ hater. Even Jermaine wrote that Michael was proud of being black, but you’re stuck on your own issues with you thinking Michael didn’t want to be black. You’ve shown what you’re about.

        Gina, girl, you are the adult in the room.

        • Time Magazine! It is strange when you want one dead person to defend himself( Bob Jones) and then you whine that Michael can’t defend himself because he’s dead. What Makes Michael so special…..? I forgot You’re a fanatic and there’s no reasoning with you
          That’s It GINa1As far as I’m concerned, you are lending nothing intelligent to this conversation!
          I’ll reply to Kitty and Kevin and others on this site that have an intelligent response! Double Standard Stupidity is a Deal Breaker in my book! And that goes for 14GB and her defend one massa over another and the rest of the bunch!

          • Ooh, yeah. It does sound like you are, indeed, more fit to have “intelligent” conversations, calling people names and using exclamation at the end of every sentence and stuff. So mature.

            • Actually punctuation is not a bad way to emphasise a point! That is called English periods are the worst form of patronization. That makes you as immature as anyone I know…..Really?

    • Well he got Reebie and La Toya! Cool way he did it too! He recorded songs on the album and then demanded the album be dropped. Record executives fell for that okey doke every time. Later on he learned that Janet was no fool and made him sign some serious paper before recording “Scream” By that time he was fighting Tommy Motolla and needed every family member he could get. Jermaine to the rescue! I love Jermaine but I think that guy had Stockholm Syndrome or was brainwashed!

  3. Out of all MJ’s siblings he loved Janet the most so no, he wouldn’t screw with her..hell she helped him out when it came to paying Neverland’s debt and employees..as for Rebbie not 100% sure about him sabotaging her career since he wrote and sang on Centipede..but Jermaine yes I can defintely say he did but I think Jermaine has always been jealous of Michael..so to me I see it as tit for tat

    • Nope, Jermaine was a R&B artist. He has so little interest in pop music! Michael hated R&B artists. Which is strange because he would praise them in public!
      Jermaine didn’t want to leave those roots. Michael hated him for it!

  4. I don’t see this one happening cause if that was the case why sing on tell me i’m not dreaming from jermaine’s album dynamite? As for rebbie, latoya, marlon and the rest i think they held themselves back with crapass music. Name any one of their albums that was good and i speak from knowledge cause i had ALL their albums and jermaine was the only one who seemed able to make decent records besides janet. Marlon and jackie’s albums were ass,3T’s album had only one good song-why(which michael sang on by the way), rebbie’s four albums were mediocre at best and randy’s randy and the gypsys record only had two good songs.

    • Because MJ was two-faced. He was supportive to their faces while sabotaging their careers behind the scenes. He was extremely vindictive. Janet caught him off guard and went big so fast there was nothing he could do about it. He helped 3T while they were overseas but when their music started climbing the charts in the USA he had it pulled off the charts. It must be hard for his family to know the truth about MJ but see his fans adoring him like an innocent angel who can do no wrong.

      • And lets not forget 2300 Jackson Street! folks refuse to accept was the fact that the brothers were about to work on their thir album, When Michael announced his “This Is It Tour” When Jermaine announced that he was going on tour and that the venues already ha high sales. Michael announced that Jermaine was Not going on tour.
        The brothers saw through his latest act and made a point of announcing Jermaine on the album and tour. This was to be the first “Chitlin circuit tour in ages!” Folks swore that it would be a flop! They were going to do ot anyway! This is where the original A&E program originated from. It was supposed to be about the brothers cancelling the tour in the face of overwhelming pressure. Hover, the brothers insisted on touring: sans Michael! Randy was still stealing from Modem records and didn’t want to lose his cash cow!
        Marlon was financing the venture( Remember he was supposed to be working at the Safeway grocery store bagging….. )

        A&E didn’t have a story until Michael died. It got a few after he died, But I guess the brothers decided that they were definately trying to pull an MJ!
        Guess what: the tour started slow However, they have sold enough to warrant three extensions so far. The latest proposal: a certain country with a very empty arena that may have to be used because the small venue has been sold out!
        Another strange thing: The Ex Wive club got dealt two major blows! Bady Daddy One, Jermaine was told to pay the momma 80,000 dollars and not a penn more since the kids spend more time with him than her!: after she had his liscence and pasport taken!
        Baby Daddy two: Randy, the judge threw out her case all together citing the fact that for the most part, she lived at Havenhurst and was poketing cash!

        The moral of the story: GOD REALLY DON’T LIKE UGLY…. and ain’t too fond of Greedy either!

        • You can watch exerpts from the tour on youtube: a note though. Fanatical Michael Jackson fans will try to hate you if you like it!
          My keys are sticking again ! Gotta Go!

      • wow – how do u come up with this crap? funny how 3T always speaks so positively and lovingly about their uncle MJ if he was such an evil saboteur.

        this is just like when people like you said that MJ kids hated him and were abused, but now the truth is out and those kids love their father and praise MJ’s name everytime they can. MJ was a good man, a great person and y’all are some hot messes!

        • Wow Why are we mentioning 3T. Did you know what Michael did to them? These guys are so scared of Michael that they would only say nice things.
          Maybe you should listen to Bob Jones or Tommy Mottola for that matter. He’s the one who helped Michael sign everybody but Jermaine! You are not asking Brittany Jackson or JonVohnie Jackson! You’re sure not askine Jermaine Jackson Junior are you! C’mon where do you MS Fans get the gall? I forgot : the Koolaid!

      • If I a correct, it is called the poison pill! Most arist use thie tactic for the good of their siblings.
        The not so famous Donny Osmond made sure to sing on his brothers’ music so that he sould make sure that it got proper respect and airplay.

        Michael used it in order to stop sales at will!

        I remember the soundtrack to “About Last Night” rising up the charts and suddenly Clive pulling “words Into Action” for no reason. that HE HAS TO ANSWER TO ! aS MUCH AS I appreciate him for telling the truth, he should tell the whole truth! He should tell his part in the scheme! Why did he not show LA and Babyface the true sales of the songs? Why didn’t he get mad at the duo! Why did he pull the original “Word to the Badd? Know what can do.
        He can fix the mess he made or shut up! He is not this good guy in this matter!
        We had a chance to have music all our own again and he ruined it! Sad to say, the ball was in his court!

    • Actually, Randy & The Gypsys, that album was hot to death. And the reason why that album didn’t do well…..i’m gonna stop right here lol !!! This ain’t the space, and folks get to sensitive haha !!! But, that album should’ve done better. But, it didn’t. It was a funky album, actually. One i listen to still.

      • Unfair Kevin,you can’t tease us with that kind of info.If not here,where will you tell it.We can’t follow you around.cmon son!!!!

        • Alright alright. I heard that Mike had something to do with that album flopping, also. Promotion for that album got the straight pause treatment. And believe me, i didn’t want to believe what i heard. So, these claims that Clive Davis is making, aren’t too far fetch. Now, this was what i was told, so don’t beat me up, y’all lol !!!! I still love Mike, but i also am aware that all that glitters isn’t gold.

          • @Kevin-you sure that wasn’t janet? You know they were on a&m and miss janet was the queen at that house. Cause i heard she was the reason vesta struggled so hard when she was there. And i have to say i misspoke about that randy and the gypsys album. After i read your comment i went back and listened to it again(yes i still got it on cassette nonetheless!) and you were right it was better than i remembered. But even back when it came out i thought it should have done better. At least gold anyway.

            • Madraven, I thought the same thing. The person that told me,said it was Mike. And because him(Randy)and Janet, were on A&M, and she was the queen bee at the time, it would’ve made perfect sense that she was behind the album flopping. I’m gonna be really honest and say, i believe Janet might have been the problem lol !!! As far as that album goes, your right it should’ve went gold. Along with the two singles that got released, i feel there were at least three other singles on the album they could’ve pulled off there.

            • I remember when the Jackson family were on Donahue and he said that Randy’s album was actually better than Janet’s.

          • kevin, you love Mike about as much as oscar pistorius loved his girlfriend (and if you don’t know wh o he is, look him up!). as always, the hate against MJ continues, even in his death…extremely sad. Rest in peace, brother.

            • evui you love Michal Yo’re just notone to lie about him! As always the MJ Fanatics start whining when the truth gets told! I keep telling you folks God don’t like Ugly!
              I doubt a person like Michael will ever have peace.
              Maybe the brothers can ignore the lies he and his hatig fans told and enjoy the fact that Michael and his fans can’t hurt them anymore!
              Kevin, you keep telling it like it IS! Later for the haters!

      • I remember” Love You Honey” I also remember not being able to find the album! I remember “Perpetrators”

    • The song was never released! Jermaine orginally wanted another song with Whitney tobe on the album citing the fact that Michael would ever allow it to be released. Clive again screwed Jermaine! Now he wants to act as if he was Jermaine’s only friend. He was just another whitan trying to punish Jermaine for being true to his race and his then wife!

    • Agreed. I do not think he viewed them as competition seeing as…They weren’t,not even close, and not to mention, who is, besides Prince? I think Madonna was competition, and a few others, but that’s it.

      • Excuse me! According to Spin Magazine. the 1980’s was the year of the Musical Divide. Michael and his fans had Billboard Charts, The R&B and Soul set used Spin and Hit PArader for theirs! I see the Spin is making a comeback much to Billbiard’s dismay. You might want to read their charts before making a statement!

        • Bettecla than porcelien ! I don’t see anything lay about him. He may be a bit too dark for some of you! However I find his dark appearnce appealing! I don’t need ableached person to validate me! TLC was right!

      • Forgot to add that the scene from that old Jacksons movie is probably true where he was crying in the phone booth because Joseph wouldn’t talk to him.

        Hazel should have known then that she wasn’t dealing with a real man.

        The Latina BM saw it and made a name for herself because her name is all over the movie credits and after they broke up, she landed a salaried gig with (I believe) Simon & Schuster and the strength of the movie and book, Jackson Family Values.

    • Strangely that is how I saw Michael. He whines and cries and then Katherine and Joseph bend to him!
      Lisa Maie should have known that she was dealing with a Boy!

  5. Clive Davis probably molested mike, he’s a lying faggot that partied after downstairs while a corner was packing his good friend whitney’s body up…the devil is a liar therefore clive cant tell me not a damn thing!!

    • Almost, if not, everyone who as come up under Clive has done something sexual with him…ask PDiddy….I bet his d**k smell like Clive’s sh*t.

      Clive Davis speled backwards is:

      Siva-(Destroyer) Devil C





          • chaka klhan said she would watch miles and she understood why he played his back to the crowd.

            tons of artists did that really.

    • Clive never molested Michael! Clive liked them grwon and MANLY! Problem was… so did Michael…. Damn why did I have to go there!
      Folks even said that he got pissed that Whitney bagged Jermaine and bragged about it on her video!
      Later Vanity Fair reprted how Michael bathed in Cows Blood to ensure the death of folks he wanted dead!: including his brothers.
      As for Sly Stone, he said that about too many artists for me to take him seriously!

          • Aah… nevermind, ignore my earlier comment above. I now realise that you’re just a deluded Jermaine fan, not caring to be objective or anything, believing in all things positive about Jermaine and the others you like and all things negative about the ones you hate, while accusing the Michael Jackson fans from doing so. lol. Not worth arguing with.

  6. I’m sorry but I can believe anything a psychopathic molestor like Clive Davis said seriously. He partied when his artist was upstairs dead. To me that shows he has no remorse and will say anything to get ones attention.Plus I don’t see Michael doing that because one, Janet obtain some level of fame, and he didn’t sabatoge her career, and two Jermaine I feel didn’t have the “it” factor. Michael was with sony. So you think other companies haven’t thought about a marketing ploy to hype up the next jackson to create a sibiling rivaly? Beleive me these elites don’t like to give too much power to one man. And Jermaine was the closest (besides Janet) who could come to that. So to me it had to be a combination of appeal, songwriters, management, time etc. Because if you think about it you associated Jermaine Jackson with the 80’s. He hasn’t made it big sinced then. If he was really talented he would have made it despite michaels “alledge” sabatoge.





    • I have to believe Clive Davis! For years, Fans of Jermaine Jackson have had to order his music from foreign countries. It was nothing for us to go the Camelot Music store and order his work!
      When we’d get the stuff, It would have the price and where the song went Number 1
      What happened was that too many music companies merged! Pop never was the “it” with a lot of folks! We just didn’t have the money to purchase our own radio stations like toe folks in Japan, China and other countries! Strangely enough, before Sony bought everything, we could purchase the music we wanted and laugh at Billboard when they told us that the song wasn’t selling!
      You have to have more than the it factor, You have to own a record company: and radio station: Dems de Facts!

      • **NEWSFLASH** Bonebag and Pink Kitty are completely insane!! Don’t listen to a word from these nutcases and saboteurs.

        • Gina has a problem with reality. It must be dissociative disorder. You should ignore her name calling….
          You should ignore her period!…. Good idea!
          As for Pink Kitty, you can verify her facts. That makes her credible!

          • Ahaha. I’m sorry, I know I said it’s not worth talking to you, but I just had to laugh at the sheer irony of this comment. Not agreeing / disagreeing with Gina or you in your last comments, but “Name calling” (which you’ve been doing the whole while), “credible” facts (many of which is hearsay or gossip and / or from tabloids)? Hahahaha. Sorry. Promise this is the last time I reply to your comment, just couldn’t help it this time 🙂

    • And I guess that tour of Baharain was just a joke! Ad the Soundtrack to “About Last Night didn’t sell!
      Don’t diss R&B Music! Jermaine had several hits during the 1990s
      However, R&B couldn’t fight the Buyout Machine of Pop Music. this I blame on Bush and Eisner You might want to visit Prince . org!




        • And was being burried by Billboard at the same time.
          I never didi Rap! Hwve, I Did dig “Fight the Power!”

          And look what they did to Dre.: Water him down to nuthin but side shill for eimenin !

          Crazychris, If this is not a wak up callto R&B ans I don’t know

  7. I thought that it was Jermaine that was jealous of Michael. Well we all know that the Entertainment Industry is cutthroat.

    • Michael was always angry when Jermaine left the Jackson 5 when they left Motown and Jermaine stayed with his father in law Berry Gordy. I think that’s when Michael truly first realized business came first. If Jermaine could turn his back on the family (at least in Mike’s eyes) then all bets were off. Especially being that Michael really used to look up to Jermaine and was pretty close with him I think it was an especially hard blow when Jermaine left the group. Joe was already pissed when Jermaine married Hazel Gordy he probably ranted and vented to his remaining sons and unknowingly planted the seeds in Michaels mind reinforcing his business first mentality.

      All those kids caught abuse from Joe and industry but Michael had the advantage of always being marketed as the star and therefore he was privy to more opportunities and chances to peep game. While his brothers were chasing pussy and drugs, Mike was soaking everything he could up. Music skill and techniques and a high level of business acumen.

      Don’t let that Peter Pan image fool you. Child like as he was Mike was nobody’s fool.

      Michael was a slick, ruthless, smooth ass businessman never forget that. I don’t put anything past him. I believe That’s where the majority of his paranoia came from towards the end. His conscience.

      • Truth!!! Jermaine did turn his back on the family first. He didn’t come back until Michael was the World Wide superstar, then he thought Michael owed him something. Michael worked with them on that one tour and album and dropped all of them. Michael punished Jermaine because of that word to the bad song, if he wasn’t going to show loyalty well, Mike was going to show him who was BAD in the business, who had more power, influence etc. Janet never stepped on her family for fame, she loved and was proud of Michael, that is why he never attempted to stop her from flying. He was very proud of his baby sister. Clive told only part of the story, but not the whole story.

        • Excuse Me! Michael and the family left the Motown for Epic Records! Fans of Soul Music and Jermaine Jackson were betrayed!
          Jermaine would have remained with Motown if Berry Gordy didn’t start jacking him around!
          Strangely enough Jermaine got the last word.
          When Michael made an attempt to purchase Jobez Music, Universal Music group made a bid for part of the collection. That part of the collection included Jackson Five hits among other things! Two major players made bids for that music: Clive Davis and Michael’s worst enemy: Tommy Mottola! Jermaine’s music is preserved and will probably be ready for release in time!
          I guess Jermaine simply said “word to the Badd: God don’t like ugly!

        • Yeah, it sounds like he got some sob story from Jermaine, literally. If it is true, Michael isn’t the only accountable one in the situation.

          • Nope, he got it from Clive and several others! Tommy is still mum about it! But then agin he probably helpoed Michael with it!
            You are right. Clive’s hands are not entirely clean!
            He forgot to mention that in order to apease Michael he dropped Jermaine and a few others from the label! That’s when Whitney turned on Clive and called him out! I don’tremember ehat label she left Clive for. I guess it took her death for him to get the message! He can undo it…. However he won’t

        • Gina Darlng your fanatacism is not healthy! You need to start reading articles other than TMZ or Perez Hilton. Maybe if you could dig up a Time Magazine every now and then or a real newspaper, you would learn something.

          • And your hatetred is not healthy! If anybody gets there information from TMZ and other trash tabloids its you! I visit none of them. Your unreasonable hatred of man you only knew through tabloid trash is very sad. Everything you say about MJ sounds like it comes out of a rag. Pathetic. Done. Over and out, hater!

            • O Yes, its healthy! he fac that you use mae up words because you drink the media oolaid is convincing enough for me to make sure that I don’t drink the Koolaid
              the las time a bunch of us drank the Koolaid: Jonstown Etc!
              PS When TimeMgzine is called a rag, it is time to leave the nutcase alone!
              You are a nut case!

        • Only Michael and Randy! Janet may have had problems with diet pills! Jermaine’s addiction was women! Can’t do that stoned!

      • T – you summed it up perfectly. It all started when Jermaine refused to leave Motown. Their group breaking up rocked the music industry.

        I remember it clearly. And back then, there was no internet.

        I just want to make one small correction, the company is Jobete Music.

        • Thanks, I was tying to look that up under the wrong name. you wouldn’t know if Berry kept all of that collection?

          Jobete: thanks!

    • Nope, this mess started when Jermaine and Devo did ” Let Me Tickle Your Fancy! Berry Buried the song and Jermaine had had enough! CBS was wondering what Berry was doing. Suddenly Michael demands that CBS not sign Jermaine. He then ask a crony to sign Jermaine elsewhere! Enter Clive Davis from Arista.
      Had Jermaine signed with CBS or A&M, Michael would have had a hell of a problem! the A&M guys and other Black labels were pissed that the Jacksons had signed with what they thought was a white company! They were even madder when Berry Gordy tried to bury so many of his loyal artists!
      They would have surely made it a point to teach Michael , Joe and others a lesson. Clive just wanted a voice for Whitney….. he forgot to tell that part!

    • I wish! Jermaine ans several non CBS guys confirmed it! This wouldn’t have happened if all of the record companies were not purchased by Sony, Time Warner and Universal!

      If I were to form a record company, I would need three hundred million just to stop the hostile takeovers. Its like AT&T on steroids. As for Janet, I think Virgin has purchased A&M, so she’s safe to sell out arenas all over thw world!
      I am hoping that LaFrance signs the brothers. That will keep SONY out of their hair! Those MOBA guys don’t play nice and will sue the crap outa anybody who tries to tell them what to play!

  8. There has to be some Validity to Clive Davis’s claims because Jermaine Jackson did do a Diss record ‘Word To The Bad’ against Michael..

    • Just because Jermaine did a diss record against his brother doesn’t mean Clive Davis has any knowledge of his reasons for doing it. Jermaine already stated that he did it because MJ had isolated himself away from everybody, and JJ just wanted MJ to just talk to him. So, to try to force MJ to talk, Jermaine wrote the most inflammatory song he could think of in anger because he knew that was the only way MJ would respond. Clive Davis knows nothing about what went on with those two.

      Clive Davis is an evil liar who let Whitney die below his party, and refused to even stop partying. He is also lying on MJ and the jacksons in general. If all of this really happened the way Clive Davis says, then why didn’t he release all this info BEFORE MJ died? Clive is a straight LIAR and demon. Just ask Kelly Clarkson about no-good, lying Clive.

      And let’s not even talk about Tommy Mottola. Everybody knows by now how evil he is. mariah Carey talked about how abusive and controlling he was to her too.

      • Yes it does Gina, yes it does. Especially when he was singing “I’m my Broter’s keeper years before!
        By the time this happened, Jermaine didn’t want to talk to anybody in the family! Tha is what Stacy Brown wrote when he was trying to help Jermaine come to grips with what happened. He had to tell Jermaine that Michael was telling eveybody thatt Jermaine was still at Haven hurst after he had purchased Tito’s old house ( Where he currently lives now)
        Clive didn’t let Whitney Die! Even her mother admitted to that. However, there were several deaths under Michael’s watch! Try reading about the founder of Johnson and get back to me!
        You migh want to ask Celiene Dion about Mariah Carey! Better yt ask a lot of Black female artists about her and her crew! Talk about Back stabbing!

    • I still can’t listen to the whole song withoutchoking up! Every diva or Divo that has dissed theirfamilies has died alone. At least Michael got a warning about what would happen!

      Nikki Manag and Li’ll Wayne eed to listen to this song before acting as if they represent R&B or anything black!

  9. Jermaine was the 1st jackson to go solo while Michael was still with Jacksons.

    His song “let’s get serious” was written by stevie wonder.

    Jermaine thought he would run Motown one day especially after he married Gordy’s daughter,Hazel.


      • Wrong!
        Jermaine album that contained “Daddy Home” rose to the top of the Charts. Lets Get Serious went to Number One and was nominated for a Grammy!
        Bass Odyssey Reached Number one on the R&B charts and was featured in Down Beat Magazine!

        None of the other brothers made albums on Motown except Michael!

          • The album was on Epic Record. It hada hit! The song was “Stay”I believe it went to no 6 on the Spin Charts
            That means that it sold at least gold in the Black Record stores.

    • Actually Michael was. “Ben and several others was released a few months before “Mamma I think I found that girl”

      • mike’s solo records on motown sold.

        the rest opf the brothers made an album each in those days and they flopped.

        cept jermaine’s.

        • Actually, Those albums were on CBS! Marlon’s Baby Tonight made it to nujmber 1 R&B ” So dod JAckie’s “Stay” Tito Did a set with a blues legend. However, he never released a solo album. At this time Gladys Knight was planning her final run! Tito became the band leader and lead guitarist! Da man was making BIG BUCKS : not the 500 a night that the New York Post reported.

    • Jermaine wasn’t the first in the group to go solo. If memory serves me correctly MICHAEL was putting out solo albums since the mid 70s. They just weren’t as big as OTW or Thriller.

  10. the man is promoting a book..damn get a clue. If u didn’t have the balls to say this before, then shut the hell up!! He might b telling the truth but his timing on this will never make me a believer..oh yeah since he is confessing what really happened last year at his Grammy’s party (W. Houston)????

    • Blackthought79, THANK YOU!!! Why is he coming up with all this devilish bullsh*t AFTER MJ is dead?? He’s a lying piece of crap and needs to leave MJ alone! Explain Whitney! That’s what Clive needs to do, because I think Clive had a hand in her death! Jackazz!

    • GET A CLUE! Blackthought79 said it right. Clive is just promoting a book and doing like everybody else – using MJ’s name to get sales! Quit hatin’ on MJ and the Jacksons!

      • Excuse me, If Clive was just promoting a book, why would he drop a bomb that would probably HURT book sales!? C’mom folks lets step back into reality will ya!

  11. well i can believe it because they say mike was intimated by prince..he hated on him why not his siblings.. i liked jermaine.. he was the shit and actually from what i have read joe was grooming jermaine to be the break out star of the family.. not mike nor janet..like the kennedy’s joe jr was being groomed to be president not his brother john..

    • Actually, Jermaine thought he would be able to write his songs like Marvin Gaye! He was relegated to writing for groups like Switch, Stephanie Mills and Debarge! Berry Gordy was a user, just like Michael! Still I fault Clive for this one! I noticed that Jerry Jam and Terry Lewis told Michael to Go To Hell with a quickness when he tried to pry them away from Janet. What folks didn’t know was that Michael tried to get Janet to divorce the family! She refused and released “Rhythm Nation! Michael did take something from Janet: Does the name Branca and McClane ring a bell. These two men were Janet’s attorneys before they became executors of Michael’s estate.

    • @mo-Actually mike wasn’t intimidated by prince at all. As a matter of fact he proposed that they work together on several occassions it was prince who declined. Michael actually wrote Bad as a duet with him and prince, when prince said no he asked him to be in the video and again he said no. He wanted prince to sing his part on we are the world with him and prince declined. Prince himself talked about it on the song hello. Prince’s arrogance ruined what could’ve been an historic collaboration between two of music’s most gifted talents.

      • I’LL SUM THAT UP REAL QUICK TOO LARGE EGOS TOGETHER! RICK JAMES COULDN’T STAND PRINCE!PRINCE I THINK SECRETLY LIKED RICK’S STYLE, BUT NATURALLY WOULDN’T ADMIT TO THAT..I happen to enjoy the music of Micheal Jackson and Prince, though I’ll admit I was an MJ fan long before I was a fan of Prince! They were both hot around same time.

      • Oh yes Michael was. He proposed the song to try and one up Prince. The real reason for Michael’s nervousness what the fact that Prince was signed to a Time Warner Subsidiary label! That meant that Michael had to contend with Warner Brothers if he tried to pull the same stunt he pulled with his brothers.

    • He was, He did try and get Prince to write with him! However Prince was warned off Michael by Janet’s two friends: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!
      Folks try to forget how fans of Soul Music felt when the Jacksons Abandoned Gordy for CBS! There was as much anger at the other brothers as there was at Jermaine. There were mini riots because of this!

      • @Bonebag-Why would jimmy and terry warn prince off working with mike? And didn’t they have beef with prince for firing them years ago? And wouldn’t that imply janet knew something about mike that she told them? You gotta elaborate on that cause that seems strange that they would be against mike considering their history with prince. @MissK-Yeah prince for some odd reason doesn’t like to share his influences although if you have any musical knowledge it’s easy to tell. But that to me just solidifies his egotistical nature cause who wouldn’t want people to know who made them want to be a musician or singer. To me that is just pure arrogance.

        • Remember, Jimmy and Terry had had runs with Michael and CBS! These czts would attempt to stop certain songs from being played on radio stations! The courts dubbed t “payola” Prince caught Michael at it several times before he got big!
          As for Prince and Terry, theirs was a friendship that began when they assisted with the rise of Morris Day, Shelia E and a female drummer! IF you had any knowlege of the Music business beyond the tabloids, you would know that Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam were a part of the Time! You would also know that they were not te types that trusted crossover artists! But you don’t Nor do you try!
          As for Janet, she was very savy when it came to Michael! That is why Michael NEVER NEVER NVER went to them for help! and yes they did warn La and Babyface: however like you they thought they knew it all!
          When they got back to Jermaine they were livid!

          • @bonebag-A couple of things. First i know all about the whole payola situation. Payola is nothing new it started back in the 40’s. I also already knew jimmy and terry were apart of the time. The time was originally called flyte tyme and alexander o neal was the lead singer before morris day. I also know that several members of the time are not on good terms with prince-jellybean and jesse johnson among them which is why i asked. And one other thing your nasty comments to me were totally uncalled for. I did not disrespect or slander you in any way so why you felt the need to do so to me is unknown. And lastly i never claimed to know everything cause if i did i wouldn’t have asked you to explain your post. But trust and know after your snotty comments to me i won’t ask you anything else. Good night.

            • You know that the tqabloids told you! What happened in the 2940’s was not payola!It was the Mafia trying to get their hands on the industry early!
              As for the Time! I again point you to the Prince Site. they have the acrual truth and the lies in one space!
              Jimmy and Terry were together as early as 2010. They were in the studio with the Jacksons! You can watch that on A&E!
              You might actually learn something: Good Day!

            • That was thealmstreturn to music era. I remember a female drummer who was on Arsenio that came from that time. Scritti Politti and the second Version of the Time.
              Sheila E and several others. Then it seemed the Music stopped!

    • Yeah, he never hated, but he admired him greatly, and kind of competed with him. Prince has told the story about “Bad”, and really, it was just creative differences. It is said that MJ wanted to break Prince’s tour record of 20 shows in a row or something to that effect (regarding This is It). I still want the Tea on all of the Prince Drama though…The only thing we really know was that he had, and STILL has a huge ego. I always wondered why Jerome stuck around. Prince is still bitter that people like Sinead O’Connor’s version of Nothing Compares 2 U better than his. Also, there are a lot of people that have no idea that he did that song first. I always liked them both, I don’t understand these stans that go in on each of them, it’s ridiculous.

      • Pink Floyd exposed payola in 1979 i believe. There is an incredible book on it. They had the no 1 album with no radio play. The feds wanted to know why they had none and looked into it. Stations were so dumb they admitted no payoffs. Motown paid very well cus motown was mob backed.

        • ctually it was a Blues man! A Johnny Taylor! Does yhay name ring a bell with you folks. because he was from a small label, Stax the gus looked the other way!

          Even After Pink Floyd it was still the policy! If the label is big ,look at it. If it is not, don’t look at the policy.

          Its changed since then. But it is the same idea! Certain artists should be pushed and certain others should be burried.
          I could talk about this cap for days. But there are a lot of Romald Reagan and George Bush fans out there and that’s a whole different argument!
          I suspect that Clive is coming clean ahead of Ms. Elizabeth Warren cleaning house!

          • Excuse me. Talk about what u know. There has never even been a blues radio station so get the fuck outta here wit that johnnie taylor bullshit. Blues is the shanker on the cock of rock. Pink floyds the wall came out not only as number one but the most anticipated album and movie probably ever. Another brick in the wall was number in half a dozen countries and no one in the us had heard it. The feds launched the biggest payola investigation in us history. Johnnie taylor. Sit yo ass down somewhere.

            • Excuse ME There were several Blues stations in California Alone! Rock was Just the Shit that came outa Blue’s Behind! So shut up with that Busllshit!
              THe Wall was Number one on the White American Charts in other countries! The MOBA Charts had nothing to do with it!
              Jonny Taylor had several number ones and the Blues stations played them all!
              Bobby Womack was another Blues Legend! And Lets not forget BB King who played for the Queen and Mandella while your white ass was marching against WDAM in Mississippi!
              So Sit your punk ass down! Better yet learn to read and take your sorry ass to the library!

          • Oh good lord! Keepitrealnot keepinitreal — do you actually believe what you typed? I’m speechless! How old are you? Don’t you know, the world existed before 1979? And the Blues existed BEFORE radio existed.

            Here’s an icepack — I’m sorry you fell down and bumped your head.

  12. Prince shits all ova mj #REALTALK

    fair enough can’t take anything from mike but he is repetative and preditable and gay. prince is NOT


    • yes prince is everything with his hermaprhodite azz.

      prince and mj was like 2 bottoms put them together they’re gonna act up.

    • At te time so were most of the Eighties music. We did get some damn good Steely Dan during that time!
      ” Hey Nineteen” and Time Outa Mind” were my favorites.

  13. No sypathy here. I’m sure Randy cried when Jermaine hooked up with his former girlfriend and had children with her.
    He’s a fine one to speak about loyalty.

    • agree New2u, no sympathy here either. Jermaine did the ultimate betrayal of all….not only sleep with your brothers wife, but have babies with her… TWO

    • Considering that she originally wanted to date Jermaine first! I am quite sure somebody forgot that gem!
      I suspect that when Jermaine found that out, that didn’t endear Randy or the rest of the family that went “Train” on her!
      They just wanted her to go away with her babies! Who knew that Jermaine would return from ATL and marry her!

    • That wouldn’t be the woman that Randy Never Married or introduced to Jermaine as she originally asked!
      The one who turned out to be married to a producer from Argentina..
      When the truth comes out so do the rats!

  14. Clive Davis needs more people. MJ is not alive to defend himself. You can say damn near anything about the famous deceased and make money off of it. Whitney Houston’s family/so-called friends are doing it like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t believe anything Clive’s bisexual octogenarian ass has to say. He’s a master manipulator. All of the Jacksons have major issues. They grew up in the industry and knew it well. Lots of avenues they could’ve made money. But most em’ of lived w/katherine at the Jackson compound for years. Not MJ’s prob if they didn’t want to work.

    • Its gonna take a lot of stuff to make me think that Michael should be allowed to defend himself! He used the press to his advantage and if he couldn’t do that, he’d have these “secret conversations” where he would tell lies and then have to explain to the family why he said what he said!
      So he has a lot of explaining to do: dead or not!

  15. You fools are so easily distracted. Ask Clive if he has footage of hotel security camera when Whitney was killed. Ask Clive if he sent Ray J to finish the job. Kelly Clarkson is the real gangsta in all of this but you are all talking about Michael and Jermaine? Devils work is never done and never a shortage of sheep led to slaughter

    • You know, Clive never gave me the “skeevies” until Whitney died, and this was just upon HEARING that she had died, and before we even knew the party would go on. For some reason, he was the first person to pop in my head, and it was an uncomfortable feeling.

      • ?The Press didn’t try to destroy him! That’s just another Hater’s lie! I swear that Satan is really busy on this board!

        Ya’ll just mad because he got caught in a few lies! lies! and More lies!

    • She was NOT killed! That’s ikeasking for footage of the martians landing on planet earthir when the C was when John Lennon was killed. or Where the KKK was when Elvis died!

      Conspiracy theories usualump into cold hard fact.
      Whitney drowned in her tub. I don’t hink Clive shuld have continud with the party. However, I don’t think he killed her either!

      I know he’s gonna suffer from PTSD ig time if he keeps waiting to tell the truth about things.
      He might try righting wrongs instead of making money from them! still say tt if I had his clout I would have made such a ruckus that Sony would have left Arista alone for fear of anasty ourt battle. He and Berry Gordy sold out and want rewards for doing so!
      No Dice, folks will be fighting Sony for years to get their songs back! If Clive wants to impress me, instead of throwing parties where folks die, try cleaning up your mess!

  16. What the hell does Kelly Clarkson have to do about a thread involving MJ and his siblings? STAY FOCUSED!

  17. Bull F*cking Sh8!! What about Janet?? Huh?? What about her?? GTFOH with that sh8! Jermaine can’t dance!! He can sing, but he can’t sing & dance, moon walk, back slide, pop lock, robot none that sh8! And he couldn’t sing as well as Michael, Mike was 5 octive!! 5 f*cking octive!! Latoya & the rest of them sucked as solo artist!! So please… SMDH

    • SD fasr as us soul fan were soncerned His dancing was COOL with us! We saw the original Backfloat on Soul Train and Michael didn’t measure up!
      We had Jermaine all to ourselves before Michael came along! we didn’t need a moonwalk! We needed a person that could sing three octaves and not screech 6 octaves! When Michael did what he did, he created a divide between the Pop fans and the Soul fans! We wanted guys that could dance like Marlon and sing like Jermaine!

      • Bonebag is in his own boneheaded world of hate for MJ. He will say nothing rational about him, so why even argue anymore?

      • Funny how may of us still managed to like both pop and soul…. I loved MJ’s music and pop, but a whole slew of “soul” artists too – what crazy divide are you talking about?? Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Patty LaBelle, and tons of others all had some big hits on the pop charts.

        Pop was the music of the time, the music of change. So what if MJ did pop music? He did 10 to 15 years of “soul” music – he’s an artists and wanted to expand his boundaries, explore other options and revolutionize the sound of music. That’s not a problem at all.

        Many people who loved the Jacksons old “soul” music also loved MJ and the Jacksons when singing solo and doing pop music. New musical styles happen, you know. I won’t even get into hip hop, new skool R&B, and rap with you – you’re bound to have an aeurysm!

        Man, you sound like a dinosaur!

        • Music is music-If it sounds good, it sounds good…If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. I listen to EVERYTHING. People really need to get a grip and let it go-Michael went pop over 30 years ago and people are still bitter…And the same “bonehead” saying that Prince is better; NEWSFLASH! People consider him a sellout as well; I don’t. Prince is a true musician and can play whatever the hell he likes. Also, I thought that people already figured out that speaking negatively of MJ generates more money than speaking positively of him? Actually, the is generally the case for ANYONE…Tell them something positive, they question it; tell them something negative, they eat it up.

          • Muc is not music if only one style is considered good and the taste of others are ignored. I remember Eisner andPowell tryng to defend the media monopolies that sprung up under Bush!
            They made the same argument until part of the hearing was devoted to people who opposed the merger. All Michael Poel could say was ” You will have to like it because you wil not have anything else!”

            This same cat got upset when China started selling artists that Maerica didn’t like to folks in the states who liked it!
            Under the new 2006 Congressthings started changing. I wonder what Eisner and Powell would say to Elizabeth Warren. I doubt that they woulde give that argument!
            I say let the Chinese have a chance at fixing things. Then see what music is liked or hated!
            America doesn’t need the money anyway!

        • mj regardless of his color issues started out musically in the black tradition he studied james brown, jackie wilson, sammy davis jr., and etta james.

          mj was r&b and soul when he was with motowbn then as he got older he evolved into disco, pop, dance music.




          • IT was all about selling out! How could a cat with that kind of tradition limit Sou’s boundaries.
            He had a brother who wanted to keep the traditions of George and Lous Johnson BB King, and Muddy Waters!
            Elvis Pushed Boundaries. John Lennon pushed boundaries. However, he made sure that the roots were preserved. Between Berry Gordy and Michael, the music was watered down!
            I will never be able to listen to great bassplayers or fantastic drummers again! At least Prince tried to keep the funk going!

        • A happy Dinosaur! Don’t try ahd tell me to go away or that I’m to old! IF it wasn’t for old folks a lot of these labels wouldn’t have a start!
          That’s why the MOBA and Spin Magazine got started in the eighties! Because Soul and R&B were traditions that should have never died!
          Now you got this Auto Tune and crap! And a lot of older artists are calling it like it is!
          Of course Apple felt the pinch when grandma and grandpa started ordering Cds’ fro Japan. I actually found a song by several old time artists …after I ordered it from Fiesta! Then when I rodered JErmaine from Torrent because Itunes said” We can not supply you with this music” Itunes suddenly made it avaialable: I suspect us dinosaurs need to use our wallets more and our keybords less! It will mess up the Grammys…..Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of crooks!

      • Funny how may of us still managed to like both pop and soul…. I loved MJ’s music and pop, but a whole slew of “soul” artists too – what crazy divide are you talking about?? Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Patty LaBelle, and tons of others all had some big hits on the pop charts.

        Pop was the music of the time, the music of change. So what if MJ did pop music? He did 10 to 15 years of “soul” music – he’s an artists and wanted to expand his boundaries, explore other options and revolutionize the sound of music. That’s not a problem at all.

        Many people who loved the Jacksons old “soul” music also loved MJ and the Jacksons when singing solo and doing pop music. New musical styles happen, you know. I won’t even get into hip hop, new skool R&B, and rap with you – you’re bound to have an aneurysm!

        Man, you sound like a dinosaur!

    • Blues fans don’t care if folks can fucking dance1! WTF do you take us for? some idiotic teenager! Hell BB King can’t dance! Neither can Tyrone Davis!
      The onlu Jackson that had OLD soul was Jermaine!
      The rest of the cats were doing bubblegum!
      New crap happens! Ya’ll are sampling everybody!
      Hip Hop is just another way of trying to pacify folks who know bettah!

      Child you must be a mammouth! take your Ritalin and STFU!

  18. My question is : Why wait until Mike is dead? You’re such a powerful figure, so why does he wait to talk until 3 years after he dies to say this?

  19. They did talk about it while Michael was living! the problem was that Michael used the press to drown any dissenting voices out!
    Michael lied about everything!
    Tito, Jackie Marlon and Randy had their own homes~! Michael told the press that they lived at Havenhurst!
    Jermaine purchased Tito’s house and Michael had an article written that it was on foreclosure! You literally had to sue Michael to get the facts out of him!
    We found the truth out when Michael claimed that Jermaine needed money so he decided to work with this sheikh! The fact: Jermaine was in Bahrain courtesy of Halima’s family! Michael saw the family treating Jermaine nicely and got jealous! He told the sheikh to drop Jermaine and he did! Michael ate and drank on the man’s dime
    When the Sheikh sent Michael the bill, guess who paid it: Jermaine! Who is still living at Calabbasas a few blocks from the home Katherine decided to build for her grand children!

    • Bonebag is in his own boneheaded world of hate for MJ. He will say nothing rational about him, so why even argue anymore?

  20. The trouble with MJ fans, they hate reality! What happened to Jermaine is a symptom of what happened to Soul music period!
    Miles and Alice Coltrane were soul artists. Crossover artists called them satanists. You might want to listen to George Harrison and Billy Preston before you listen to Sly Stone! They avoided Sly like the plague! He was too doped up and paranoid for them! Eventually, even James Brown started giving the cat a wide berth!

    • what caused billy preston’s downfall, harrison was so strung out on acid like the other beatlers who was into satan and paganism.

      george harrison was a straight up buddist and antichrist.

      alice coltrane and miles was all into eastern religions, philosophies, egyptology, and voodoo.

  21. And Kein, I got to ee what realcompetition was about! Nelson Mandela invited Jermaine to South Africa as a True Soul Artist. Michael was invited by a white record executive. Jermaine wrote about it in his book. It was also part of the Time Magazine article. the way the reporter wrote about it was as if
    ” The battle of the races was held on that day. Jermaine represented Blackness while Michael represented crossover and Pop. To say the least the idea that Jermaine was invited exclusively was not something Michael liked.
    This happened in several other countries. I watched Jermaine Perform in France courtesey of Youtube. Three weeks later, I revisied the selfsame site. the post was gone. Something about the Sony Music group banning ths video in the USA! You Tube being the pussies that they are went along
    For somebody who was no competition, there is a lot of video deleting. Could it be that fans of certain artists are starting to assert themselves with the powers that be….. YES!

    • By now don’t you know not to trust anything from the maninstream media regarding the Jacksons, particularly Michael? THEY WERE TRYING TO DESTROY THE MAN AND HIS FAMILY.I mean, don’t you get it? Time magazine is as shady as all the rest! Kelly Clarkson’s letter put Clive Davis on blast! It’s too bad Michael couldn’t do the same before he passed. God bless social media and new media nowadays – Old skool artist like MJ and the Jacksons got taken advantage of by the media, but today’s artists have the upperhand!

  22. People not in the know defending MJ just because you like his music and Clive Davis is white are dumb. Sure enough Clive is a fucked up soulless jackass, but so was MJ.

    He was an egotistical fag who was so afraid of coming out of the closet that he carried on these dumb ass charade marriages and got those white kids from that chick from God knows where. MJ wanted to be white, let’s be real, so who’s surprised by him acting as morally bankrupt as the white people he encountered at the top of the food chain like Clive Davis or Tommy Matolla, trying to even crush family members. MJ was insane and a drug addict to boot. He was a humanitarian and cared about kids, but otherwise a very fucked up individual, probably from getting molested in the “industry” by Q. Jones and god knows who else of the sickos who dominate this business, preying on kids from fucked up homes with shitty parents willing to turn the other way while their kid sucks dick or gets their ass bust open as long as the checks keep coming.

    That’s not a black thing or white thing or female thing or male thing…it’s a sick industry thing where people in power do what they want to do playing God with people who are so desperate for fame or money they’ll do anything or send their kids to do anything to get there. Wonder why so many child stars are fucked up when they grow up…next time you see one of their tragic stories, that’s your answer to why.

    Jermaine had some dope music in his catalogue, so this is hardly far fetched considering MJ’s insistence on wanting to be white and shitting on his family to fit in with the same execs who turned on him once the bogus molestation charges came up and his albums were flopping in relation to how much he spent to make them. This is a man who didn’t think “Thriller” sold enough copies…you can call it perfection, but as some point, you’re just a fucked up person if you obsess over an 80 times platinum album because it didn’t sell enough.

    And as far as Clive killing Whitney, give that shit a break too. Just like the people who blame Bobby Brown for Whitney, when I know for a fact from being around these scummy people (and knowing a million people who work all over the entertainment business) that she was a coke head way before she met him (hello, she was a legit working model before she started singing, and you know what those whores do).

    Hell, she was further gone off on the shit than he was when they first met…get a clue, cocaine is an expensive man’s drug so who do you think had more money to be buying the shit when they met. It’s what they had in common, which is why they got together and stuck together despite Clive and others cultivating Whitney’s crossover image with the blonde hair and pop videos.

    Her and Clive weren’t close, especially at the end. You dumb ass people believe everything you see on those dumb ass interviews….Whitney stopped making Clive Davis money 15 years ago, do you think he gives a shit what happened to her drugged out ass who never could write, only could sing and couldn’t do that anymore at the end along with being a typical fucked up embarrassing crackhead doing cartwheels at formal events and shit? Clive is to busy trying to get the latest hot star who wants to get on to suck his dick.

    Nobody in the industry gave a shit, which is the sad part except for her family and real friends like Cherelle and her other dyke buddies.

    Fuck wrong with black people, cause a black star can sing, they’re a great person…no, more than likely they’re as fucked up as the entertainment business that cultivated them and all these white people you hate because it’s 98% filled with them…sexual deviants, pedophiles, fags, and druggies.

    Again, I’m speaking from interacting with them, not from reading shit on the internet or seeing a Illuminati youtube video.

      • I know, people need to understand the entertainment business is just that. Very few genuine, stable individuals in this business.

        Just think of how abnormal a person you would have to be to actually want everybody to know who the fuck they are anywhere they go, often with 90% of these people being relatively poor considering how much they’ve made for these record companies and Hollywood studios.

        The shit that turns my stomach that everybody knows goes on behind the scenes but it’s such an entrenched part of the business and nobody seems to take seriously is how these vultures pick out the shitty families and prey on these kids, passing them around to each other, leaving the kids to deal with being fucked up once they’re done with them and on to the next ones.

    • I don’t know where you come from with MJ wanted to be white – he had VITILIGO, DUH! Get a clue and an education. And again, you paid absolutely no attention to reality. MJ said about a million times, publicly, that he loved being Black and his culture and had a lot of pride in being Black. And please don’t bring up MJs poorly executed nose jobs – Patti Labelle had a nose job, Whitney Houston had breast implants, James Brown married white women and wore a hair relaxer/perm even though everybody knows how much James brown ooenly professed love of being Black, so please cut the hate on MJ.

      MJ openly talked about his black pride on Oprah, on the Steve Harvey radio show, and on the Diane Sawyer interview. He even made the Egyptians Black in his ‘Remember the Time” video when it was an unpopular sentiment at the time and when he could have easily used white artists. He constantly publicly stated his influences as being James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Stevie Wonder among his many influences – of all races.

      He should never have had to explain anything about himself, but jerks constantly accused him with false allegations of Black hatred. He travelled to Africa many, many times and was close friends with Nelson Mandela. How many black artists can say that? Not many, truthfully. Most didn’t even make the effort to connect with Africa. He was proudly even crowned an African king by the Sani people.

      He travelled around the U.S. giving speeches about how badly artist, especially black artists, were treated in the music industry, gave money to the Million Man March, the NAACP and the Gospel Music Channel, which was initially started by his brother Marlon before being bought-out and was thus Black-owned.

      MJ was an artist who was not to be boxed in by ANYONE. He did it his way. I’m not saying that MJ was perfect – I’m sure he could be a jerk as much as the next person – but as a human, he had the right to be so if he so choose. He didn’t hurt anyone, and in fact worked hard to help many in the world, including many black people. As for your assertion that MJ tried to tear down his families’ careers, I call bullsh*t! MJ sang background on many of his brothers and sisters tracks, produced some of Tito’s sons music (3T) and collaborated to work with his brothers and sisters many times – in fact Randy and MJ wrote or produced many songs together. And many of the siblings launched their own solo careers, but just proved to not be as talented or well-received as MJ.

      All families have internal beefs – but obviously The Jackson’s beef was not big enough to break their love for their family, including MJ because even after his death, they all have nothing but positive things to say about him. And now that he’s dead, they don’t HAVE to say anything nice about him. They could “expose” him as the “fraud” you want to make him into, but they don’t – and you know why? Because he wasn’t a fraud, and was loved by his family, and he loved his family back but chose to live independently, on his own terms.

      Defending Michael and not Clive Davis has NOTHING to do with Davis being white and Michael Black. It has to do with truth and vindication of a decent man and ending the worst case of media bullying of an artist in history.

      And by the way, artists like Lil Wayne makes great music (rhythm and beats-wise) in the music industry and I emphatically do NOT defend him. He makes it clear he hates dark-skin and preaches death and destruction in his songs. And he’s Black, so don’t make debunking Clive’s lies into a white vs. black thing.

      • I’m telling you my and many people’s perception of the man from being around him. Mike was a fucked up person who had his world view fucked up from a young age because he was turned over to these people by his parents who are obviously some fucked up individuals in their own right (Joe wanted the checks, Katherine looked the other way).

        I don’t think he hated black people, but he was cultivated in that business to think being black was a bad thing…think about the 60’s and 70’s how they treated us still as he was coming to stardom. Nobody made him inseminate that white woman with white kids…who does that? Even if he didn’t use his own sperm, who gets all white kids so they don’t have any resemblance to them in complexion at all if you loved being black?

        I don’t hate MJ, just telling you how it is/was and how fucked up these people get from the mindfuck they take in this business that cracks their sense of reality. Hell, I pity him than anything, especially for somebody like him because it’s what he grew up with since his parents turned him over to be cultivated in the Devil’s pit in order to get paid.

        it’s like with MJ, he started screaming about Jews ruining him and Tommy Matolla and all this shit, when these same people he’d been working with for decades were fine before. Then, shit wasn’t sweet anymore because his album budget went way overboard.

        Now, he suddenly had problems with them after being a cog in their wheels for years, not saying shit about the same bad practices that were going on around him to lesser artists, when he actually was the top artist in the game who could have affected change to how shit was done.

        It’s akin to the same shit with OJ after he got that bogus charge pinned on him for killing his white hoish wife….he was off trying to be entrenched in their world until they found a reason to turn on him, but we’re the ones who take him back, defending him, the whole nine yards after he shit on the black experience for 25 years.

        • Do you people ever think that MJ maybe did all that to piss of the white media fiends who wouldn’t leave him alone and kept harassing him to death? They harassed him BECAUSE he was Black and the most successful in the biz, vitiligo be damned, the press didn’t care.

          So as an in-your-face, Mike was like, since you racists are gonna call me a pedophile and weirdo, I’m going to show you – got your white woman icon (Presley – bcuz he knew white people would be frothing at the mouth at that) and got some white kids too – now take that!

          Funny how it seems that MJs family really loved him, and were present at his trials – if they hated him they would have never come out and supported him and would’ve laughed in his face. Obviously, some of you on here just have an agenda to hate on a man who was 10 million times more successful than you can ever dream of being.

        • How did MJ sh*t on the whole black experience for years? If anything, he did us proud.

          Michael Jackson made the kind of music black people loved, he wore all the same hairstyles each decade that everybody black was wearing (afro’s, jheri curls, california curls, relaxer, hell even a lacefront after his vitiligo got so bad and he needed his image to match the skin condition).

          Michael Jackson did entire tours (NON-music) of Africa and was friends with African heads of state, made “Liberian Girl” when other black men musicians were talking about “kill them black ho’s and b*tches”.

          Michael Jackson made “Remember the Time” showing royal, regal, beautiful Africans as the real Egyptians, portrayed black women positively or sexily in his videos, consistently worked with black artists and producers (stevie wonder, quincy jones, gamble & huff, lionel ritchie, motown, diana ross etc etc) and generally just made cool music and videos that people worldwide loved.

          Plus he became the best at it, which adds a spoke in the wheel of successes for Black people – Michael Jackson was a black american/african american who, with the help/support of other blacks and people globally, became one of the greatest, most loved entertainers the world has ever known thus far.

          I don’t know where you come from saying Mike did anything negative to the black experience.

          Quit hating on a person for a skin disease and an eccentric personality. And his nose jobs was his own business. As for his kids, so??? All these white celebrities run over to Africa, China and Korea to adopt kids and nobody says it makes them any less white, or say they want to be Africans or Asians. They’re just considered white people who adopt some kids.

          I mean, you suffer from envy, my friend. Mike will always be loved and remembered for years to come, and you’ll always be a nobody. I know that hurts, but you’ll get over it.

      • And she didn’t dance either!

        Half of the artists on Soul Train didn’t dance! That’s not why we watched or listened to them!
        Record companies got a clue and are still trying to give us dancing folks!
        They get a little succes with Beyonce, but she sings!
        They had no luck with Whitney! She sang and we didn’t give a damn about dancing!
        Luther: no dance but we went ape ….. Teddy, in a wheelchair and ladies were still throwing their drawers on stage!
        That is what this whole argument is about: Does a group have the right to tell another group” Shut Up, Sit Down, because we wanna dance!?

      • I learned a lot about how things work in LA when Pamela Lipkin questioned the official Coroners’ report.

        Whn she mentioned the fact that she had treated “Real Victims of Vitilago and this was not a case, Her name was off the reort. The judge sinsing a change of mood did add her dissent three years later!

        This man wanted to be white… But thn again, so did Oprah!

        • @Bonebag, would it be possible for you to direct me to the article or information you are speaking of about Dr. Lipkin? Was her dissent added to the original Coroner’s or autopsy report?

          Also, what judge added the dissent? Thanks so much.

          • It may yet be in the first articles about Michael’s death! You can read a lot of Pamela’s work by Bing-ing her! ( Don’t Google anything!) I don’t remember the Coroner’s office that had the added dissent! I was stunned to listen to her on television! The lady is usually private!

      • Going to Africa does nmean yo like Black Music! IT means you need o appear o the world that you like Black music!

        Anybody with half a skull knows that! Iyou’rehat Naive thenyou need to examine your fanatcism fo real!

      • lots of artists go to africa to take part in those rituals.

        mj had someone kill some cows.

        lil wayne not my cup of tea if anybody likes weezy that’s them with his wack autotune singing but hey he sells records.

        of course weezy sells death and destruction he’s a rock artists just like michael jackson.

        mj lived the sex, drugs, death aghenda just like james brown and whitney houston did.

        mj was a drug addict he grabbed his crotch a symbol of ancient phallic worship the egyptian setting in remember the time where mj had the black magic scene symbolized sorcery and the rituals everyone went to africa for.

        the zombies in thriller symbolized death.

      • You might try telling that lie to a real dermatologist! Just because some dumb judge cleared Allan Klein does not mean others in his profession did. After hearing Pamela Lipklin’s testimony, Klein’s business went belly up!
        Why? you ask: because most folks who visit plastic surgeons and dermatologists hate hacks!

    • I do agree with you, though, that the industry is f*cked up and corrupt through and through. And that MJ and the Jackson family were taken advantage of in it, and abused by it.

  23. only difference between whit and your average crackhead was that whit had more money, she sold ass, gave head, screwed men and women for her habit like all junkies do.

    everybody knew whit was through she was gonna kill herself sooner or later she could’nt sing, she could’nt perform she was just a useless crackhead phukking young dudes and anybody for that next fix.

    michael was phukked up in the head to this day nobody knows blanket’s mom.

    he married ugly ass debbie rowe just to bear kids, he preferred boys, aaron carter when he was a teen said he smoked weed with mike.

    the dyke dj samantha her kid brother slept in the bed with michael when he was a kid.

    corey feldman said mj never touched him and cried when he got a certain age and mj stopped calling him.

    even macaulie said him and mj kissed and that’s all it was’nt nothing bullshit a grown man kissing a boy period is suspect and it’s not your flesh and blood.

    mj had such a big ego and thought he earned a pass he figured he could sleep with children and get away with it cause he was rich.

    no the whites he worshipped showed him he had to pay a price for wanting to be a part of their special club a black guy who wanted to be bigger than elvis so bad he married the holy grail of white women just to prove he made it and he was’mnt a pedo.

    he boufght the beatles catalog another mistake since the white establiashment worships anything by the beatles and elvis.

    whwen mj was arrested where were his white friends liz taylor, liza minelli, macaulie nobody spoke up for him, I can see why speilberg did’nt wanna phukk with mj over a damn movie role mj was mad cause he did’nt get to play peter pan in the film pan years back so he decided to kill some cows and curse all the jews mj was stupid.

    well mj’s dead and all his white so called friends are still here tommy motolla had to be laughing saying no mike you go to hell.

    all mj’s buddies or ex pals like paul mccartney and mick jagger’s still here and still praised for all their devil music.

    lisa marie, debbie rowe still here.

    motalla, speilberg, liza, maculie all here.

    mj’s dead life goes on.

    • And Guess what? Clive managed to weasel his way into Sony. I bet Tommy is hatin on Clive right now. And If I’m correct, he has Tommy’s old job! That means that Clive will probably be one of the guys that simply says ” I guess we ca start dividing Michael’s collection up among outselves. First lets call mr. McCartney and Mrs Lennon and see if they want the Beatles music back.

      Payback’s a Girl Dog!

  24. 1) Clive Davis is the man who wanted the pre-Grammy party go on while Whitney’s decaying corpse lay 4 stories above his head.

    2) Kelly Clarkson disputed some comments Clive made about her in his book.

    3) The members of TLC pulled guns on the man and others (including Diddy) while Clive was in a meeting. They wanted to know what happened to all of the money they made on one of their albums.

    Did Michael even work for/with Clive? Interesting that Clive now works for Sony and MJ had public beef with Sony.

    Need to see receipts. Not interested in folks with their own drama writing mess about others.

    • Clive works for the Universal Music Group! He just throws partiesfor several record companies!Tommy Mattola works for Uiversal Music group. Sony fired him( Why, I don’t know. they haven’t given him a reason yet!

      I wi dmt that being a music artist without a label makes you ripe for being a corpse roting somewhere. Heck even having a record company means that you’re gona be morgue bait. I don’t remember Sony doing anything for Michael after he died except look for more music!

      • last I read, after Whitney died, Clive worked for Sony. I thought Sony fired Motolla after Michael’s beef with him and Sony. Thought that may not be the official reason. Motolla still thinks he’s the “gatekeeper” of Michael’s music though. MJ’s executors sold half of a catalog he owned to Sony last year. Supposedly so it would make some money. I guess whoever can thank John Branca and John McClain for that. AS far as I’m concerned McClain sold out a fam and friend that he knew for years..since school days with MJ, and he sold out one of his own for the green.

        • mj king of pop

          premature death


          cospiracy theories

          fans want more mj

          unreleased recordings thousands of them

          money coming in for years

          understand why someone white would wanna profit off mj.

    • No Michael never worked for Clive! He did work for now ousted CEO Tommy Mottola at the time! I don’t know what this has to do with what happened. Sony swallowed up Arista and Clive Davis. Then they spat Tommy out( or so they would have us believe) Tommy is supposedly part of the Universal Music group. I think its just another front for Sony! Where’s Elizabeth Warren when you need her!?

  25. @bonebag

    so ironic with all of the mess you’ve dished on here that you’d say God doesn’t like ugly. Well, I don’t believe God dishes out the punishment, but I do believe what goes around comes around. Karma is a B.

    It’s so obvious that your problem with Michael has to do with his skin color (the coroner confirmed he had vitiligo) and YOUR belief that he didn’t want to be black when Jermaine wrote that he was proud of being black. Dude donated money to the United Negro College Fund. Your twisted bias and hate is all over your posts.

    Interesting you’d bring TLC into the convo when the girls pulled guns on Clive Davis asking where there money was at. That came out of T-Boz’s own mouth.

    You, PinkKitty, AndKrumpets, and CrazyChris must drink from the same hateraid sippy cup.

  26. bonebag is sloppy-messy and smells like the funk of 10,000 years of tabloid toe jam. Must lick the grease off of Jermaine’s hair. (Don’t get it twisted. I’m not a Jermaine hater. It’s how bone comes off.) Crazychris is a homophobe whose always “outting” some gay black male celeb and is obsessed with MJ. Anybody that fixated on a man’s sexuality and uses gay slurs that some middle schoolers would use has their own sexual issues to work out. Add pinkkitty…andkrumpets into the mix and all is too organized.

  27. You’re wrong again, bonebag. John Branca wasn’t working for Janet when MJ hired him. John McClain had ties to Janet’s career, but he also went to school with some of the Jackson boys, including Michael, in Cali. For all of your love of Jermaine, I guess you didn’t read his book. He tells how they met John McClain.

    Again, because you’re quoting all kinds of tabloid trash instead of information from Jermaine’s book…it makes you and your undying love for Jermaine suspect.

    Eff Michael? You wish you had a tenth of his talent.

    • one more thing your gay ass name 14gt you mean lgbt like we did’nt know you was george michael, elton john fan.

      you probaly mad cause john travolta did’nt offer you money to toss your little salad.

      don’t cry maybe one day you’ll kiss weezy a

      • Cray Cray, obsessed with the gays, Chris

        Can you have a conversations without acting like a prepubescent boy hurling gay slurs and giggling like some idiot?

        My name is I Forget. Another thing you don’t know doo doo about. You’re a child. You need to calm yourself down before you pop a vein or blood vessel. You expend too much energy on worrying about who is gay or not. They’re not trolling for your booty, are they? What’s your prob?

        MJ gave gay vibes to YOU. That’s because everybody who is different than the way your 1950s, Cold War, paranoid, anal retentive, everybody must fit in the same square peg mind thinks must be LBGT. Was Fred Astaire gay? No. MJ gives off Fred Astaire dancer vibes to me. He also gives off a man who was very self conscious about his skin disease and who maybe shied away from intimacy because of it. In the 1970s, and even on stage after the seventies, MJ gave off manly, sexy vibes. His skin wasn’t blotchy in the seventies.

        The only thing you know is passing on 3rd hand crap because of your own issues. You are extreme.

        Here’s a shocker for you. God loves everyone of us. He may not agree with everything we do, but He loves us. God views sin as sin. Lying, stealing, and murder are equal to sodomy. Deal with that.

        • oh that soft ass sissy voice is just sexy ain’t it.

          you like men who talk like ho’s don’t you.

          if i see aman and he has female attributes i’m gonna call him out and so will the rest of the world.

          how the hell can you say mj was manly okay in the 70’s yeah.

          when mj was i the late 80’s and 90’s was he manly by looking like elizabeth taylor.

          what kind of man is gonna turn down brooke shields and ola rae in their prime.

          what kind of nut disses all women and prefer to hang around kids.

          does’nt matter mj can’t do no wrong can he

          who marries a woman after being called out an alledged pedo and still hanghs around kids

          lisa marie was just a trophy wife and she was tired of the scam.

          let’s not get on the gay divorcee.

    • Yes he was! But if all you can do is Name Call, I ain’t got time for the Koolaid! I want some facts not some made up rants by a bunch of nutcases! Go away, you messin up the thread!

      • @bonebag,

        pls go back and read your posts cause you went in on MJ plenty. There are people who defend MJ just like you defend Jermaine. It ain’t no conspiracy. I have nothing to do with any site getting shut down. Are you and Chris taking the same paranoia pills?

        btw: it’s always a red flag with me when someone starts quoting or referencing that Brown dude.

        • Excuse Me: Li’ll Wayne is the disease! HE probably wouldn’t have liked Jermaine’s first wife because she was dark as her daddy!

    • Yes he was! He was Janet’s attorney!Bob Jones knew it, Jermaine knew it.More importantly, Randy knew it!

  28. you just mad cause some folks can see through gay bullshit.

    was’mt my fault mj gave gay vibes.

    tell these celebs to quit giving off gay vibes guess you’re a gay supporter.

    why don’t you go lisdten to your culture club records from 1985, and tear down that naked prince poster on your wall.

    and throw all your care bears, strawberry shortcake and popples vhs away.

    gay supporters like you want the world to be gay hey relax seth macfarlene your boy is hosting the oscars or grammy’s or whatever they call those osirian rituals.

    soprry for calling your drag queen idol a pedo even though the evidence was right in front of us for the past 20 years before his death.

    please don’t call michael to haunt me I do’nt wanna see zombie mike return from the dead.

    • I ain’t hatin on nobody Gay! I just don’t like them preyin on the straight folks!

      Elton John was gay! But you didn’t see him doing some shidiggity like Michael did!

      Elton was a friend to Straight and Bi fellas and ladies!
      When he finnally Found that Guy, he was polite about the deal and he didn’t do no boys!

  29. There must be some truth to all of this! Whenever somebody defends Jermaine on this point, he or she is baned from whatever site!
    Several sites that were opened to the public are now supposed to be unavailable. Then yufind some nasty Post about Jermaine posted seconds later!
    I guess truth Hurts!

  30. I am Female age5 0 and yes I find Jermaine Appealing( although I am not to fond of Mr. Jacksun’s recent hairdo over gelled on the sides!)

  31. @bonebag

    didn’t accuse you of hating gay people. please go back and read again. You talked a lot of jazz about MJ. What are you whining for?

    Still surprised you didn’t read Jermaine’s book. You should. Get it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, instead of the tabloids.

    • I don’t consider Jermaine Jackson the Horses’s mouth. That person would be Stacey Brown. He has the first copy of Jermaine’s original manuscript. He was stunned the day that Jermaine tried to convince him that non of the facts in that book happened.
      Stacey was smart enough to record Jermaine’s emotional state. HE probably has the best case notes for Stockholm syndrome since Patty Hearst! Between him and Hazel Gordy, I suspect that more truth can be found!

  32. @AndKrumpets,

    re: one of your posts in another thread

    Peter Lopez died about a year after Michael…not weeks.

  33. Hey Chris:
    Is this the tossed salsa or was it tossed salad dude you are talking to?

    Another thing: Did Michael toss salsa or was that salad?
    Never mind: There are things I don’t need to know

  34. still love Michael! ! We will never know the truth, until the very end!

    As a Michael Jackson fan, I am inclined not to believe any if this, and this is it as mere garbage. However , over the years, i have realized that, truth is sometimes stranger than fictuon.

    Honestly, I do not see the point or relevance of this information being released now. Especially, when Michael, is unable to defend himself -in whatever capacity!

    At this stage, one either enjoy his music or not! Calling him evil? lol! What is evil?

      • Your comments give me the same response and another:
        When a person says Typos
        I think No real response
        When a person types Dismiss
        I think Spam!
        And I think that should be enough!

    • Still suspicous of the guy! Unfortunately too many guys repeat the same thing. Even J Randy Taborelli and he’s a crazy Michael fanatic! He tried to defend this when it happened. Even he over time admitted that Michael had the press in the palm of his hand at the time……

    • As a Jermaine Jackson fan, I am more inclined to believe this. Especially at this time. Clive could have made a mint by telling this story Before Arista was not swallowed up by Sony!
      I was reading an old Forbes article praising the death of the independent record labels! Maybe this is why this little known fact upsets me so much! A lot of things were dropped for the monopolies. From the music I loved to the food I eat! Maybe there is too much “get a life” Bullshit going on these days! And, I’m old enough to know what happens when slackers run things just because they have money! They screw it up and die and we’re supposed to ignore the BS! Dude’s been dead, Sandy’s been gone Katrina’s history. And we’re still suffering!

  35. Randy Taborelli, did state MJ surrounded himself with a lot of yesman-go figure!

    Dude’s been dead! Jermaine is still alive, with his changed surname.

    • Musta been some crazy shaidigity to make him do that! Most guys just register their artist name and keep their real surname!

    • Note: Signs that a person is becoming less brainwashed.
      I. Small acts of separation: I suspect that in years to come, Jermaine will only keep the first name: the name that quite a few women used to name their sons. The Jackson name in any form will be a bad memory!
      Jim Jones is dead too. Still I wouldn’t want to meet any of his followers on a dark night!

    • And that is supposed to mean! That’s like punks sayin that they’re not benefitting from slavery and yet demanding that the “Grandfather clause” stay as a way of determining college admissions!
      Whena soutnern college struck that down they yell” That’s been there since slavery! Why change it now!

  36. g have got a car.ut I usrecently found out that Randy never married Alejandra. She was telling Hard Copy that Randy was still married to Eliza when he got that woman pregnant! And all this time, Michael was yelling ht Jeraie married Randy’
    s wife! That makes him a liar and a saboteur! I forcertain am surehe didn’t like woman if he told that lie!

  37. Let me repeat this with a working keyboard. It seems that Michael lied when he stated that Jermaine married Randy’s wife. When Randy got Alejandra pregnant twice, he was still married to Eliza Jackson. After the last time, Eliza filed for divorce. By that time, Jermaine had married Alejandra and was in the process of adopting Randy’s children.
    They would still be married if Jermaine had not found out that Alejandra was still married to some Brazilian movie director!

  38. Its a sad day when a dead man can be scrutinized and disrespected, as I’ve witnessed. If that isn’t enough the poor family being ridiculed, accused and mistreated. Please, let the Jackson’s grieve/heal, while dealing with their own generational demons. Its not fair to add opinions and lies to open wounds. Its disgraceful.

    • Its a sad day when the selfsame dead guy can tell lies while living and think he’s above scrutiny! If we were talking about the family of a bigot you wouldn’t be saying this! Try looking at fans of a music genre los an have a little sympathy for them.
      The music that they burried their loved ones to. Held their babies to, got married to, is gone. Does anybody care abot them?

    • Maybe we should try and fix things instead of saying: ” The guy’s dead so let it go” There is too much “Get Over It” goin around these days.
      I am a firm believer in the “Tose that refuse to acknowlege past evils are giving themselves liscense to repeat them!”
      I do not give anyone that liscense and, I don’t feel guilty about it!

  39. Let me repeat this clearly: those who refuse to learn from the past are sure to repeat it! Remember this when some musician decides that Pop is passe and uses the selfsame record execs to make a “king of” without asking what you think!

    • Bonebag pls let your J5 obsession and this two month old thread go. You clearly need other interests. Damn.