Did Trey Songz Smash 8 Groupies To Kill Gay Rumors?


trey songz groupies
HSK Exclusive – The streets are saying that R&B singer Trey Songz recently visited Miami and he smashed eight groupies in one night. Know why? Because Trey Songz is trying to kill the gay rumors surrounding his name mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Trey’s beard Jess.

Here’s what was revealed to me from one of the groupies that partied with Trey Songz:

“He slept with three girls before I arrived. Before I knew it, there were eight girls in the room. One girl threw up inside her mouth while she was giving Trey head.

Trey was very aggressive, the girl was choking and she coughed up phlegm. Trey told her ‘clean it up with your tongue for daddy’.

We were all watching him trying to have anal sex with her.”

Is Trey Songz smashing numerous of women in his hotel room to cover up gay rumors? I don’t know, but I think Trey Songz sexually humiliates his groupies. Don’t you agree?


  1. He is NOT gay.

    This story sounds like it came from Media Take Out.
    Yes, Trey was in Miami, finishing up Chapter V which is almost done, plus he was out at two different events with Amber Rose and Wiz K. And some other guy who he might be working on some music with, so for this story , NO picture, NO proof.

    • You must noy have gotten the memo. He is as FRUITY ass all out doors. Why else would Kevin Liles be his manager mane? You keep thinking that. Roflmbo literally.

      • exaaaactly. you know the deal homie. Liles look more fruitier in person than pics so I believe it. What you got on Liles Jacky?

  2. He was seen out to dinner with Will Smith a few months ago. Is there really any doubt that this dude is gay? There aren’t too many black entertainers who arent because gay sex gets you in the door and it keeps you there.

  3. I heard he was smashing Wiz Kalifah and Amber Rose was smashing them both with a strap on! Nasty nasty

  4. trey gives a new meaning to filth! the guy is still gay it dont matter if its eight ten or twenty groupie he smashed in one night he willingly took it up the pooper shooter and liked it.and beating up on prostitutes dont really change a thing.

  5. Yes he blew Andre Harrell & LA Reid which he was caught up at Def Jam..They caught him red handed on his knees. Don’t forget about his secret boo Drake, they used to get it in.

  6. GAY Songz, no matter how many groupies you get with, you’re REAL pleasure will always be sucking dick & getting that anal pounded. Ask Diddy he already gave you a anal pounding.

  7. This is suspect, because what are you going to do with 8 girls and you only got one dick.You don’t ass fuck groupies that is a no no.

  8. i hope that boy don’t end up with aids just to prove a point! i saw how he loves his mom, and i think he’s being damaged by this industry.

  9. I can’t believe those women had sex with Trey. I think this is some sorta “cover up my lifestyle” stunt & unfortunately this picture was used as a prop. Gagging on a dick? Was it too big or too smelly?

  10. Seems like u biotches r just mad cause he’s seen here freakin Latin and white girls LOL. If brothers don’t comply to what u ladies want, and the image u desire for us, the 1st thing u say is he’s weak or gay. Insecure chics r evil. Get a life!