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Burkle Bucks: Diddy’s Got A Sugar Daddy?

August 20th, 2014


HSK Exclusive – Insider word points to Sean P. Diddy Combs as a man who may be lying on his pockets.┬áJust ask his Polydor peeps. So, Could Diddy’s entire public persona be nothing more that full-fledged lie? We can’t confirm the answer to that question. But… we can tell you the that Diddy’s azz seems to belong to a Ron Burkle!

“Clive Davis is really the man behind Bad Boy Records. Ronald Burkle is the man behind the other companies Puff claims.

Ronald Burkle, 61 — a Cali-based Supermarket mogul — has been named Diddy’s longtime sponsor… said to be responsible for “investing” $100M into Sean Combs’s Sean John clothing line.

“Sean Combs doesn’t have the type of money he would like the public to believe.”

Here’s the drop:

“Puffy don’t own Ciroc, he’s the face of the liquor brand… responsible for tainting teens and turning them into alcoholics.

He even admitted that he doesn’t have money like Jay Z or Dr Dre. He’ll continue to pimp the Black community for his lifestyle.”

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173 Comments on "Burkle Bucks: Diddy’s Got A Sugar Daddy?"

December 29, 2014

And a huge part of fucking up the minds of our youth was lying about the wealth of the blacks they looked up to. Every black kid wants to be a rapper. No school and lots of money and trim. Pipe dream clearance sale. The rappers went along with the illusion.


December 29, 2014

LOOOLLL, wow, never seen so much fabricated BS misreporting in my life. wouldnt be surpised if this was written by suge knight himself. first off, clive davis is NOT the man behind bad boy records. bad boy was originally started/formed as a joint venture between arista (cliva davis’s label) and bad boy (puff’s label) and the deal lasted until 2001-2002 when puffy finally bought arista/clive davis out of the deal and then retained the full bad boy catalag/100% ownership/master recordings etc. As for ciroc, hes not the sole owner, but he owns half of the company and is in a partnership with someone else for it. about the jayz/dr dre thing …well that would mean that everyone else on that forbes list is not really as rich as it would claim either because if forbes “estimate” is “inaccurate” for one person then itd be innacurate for anyone else on the list as well …common sense. also, its quite clear he said he doesnt have as much money as forbes said he did because he wanted to seem humble/modest or whatever etc lol …again, COMMON SENSE lmfao. btw, he never said anything about not having “jayz/dr dre money” so again, very bad reporting.


September 9, 2014

it’s not surprising to hear ron burkle fronts combs cash, infact the article should of been titled, “Puffy works for burkle ding dong.” So does magic jahnson who had black nyc tricked into thinking he owned innercity broadcasting corp. in reality he was burkles front man to keep the black community stuck on stupid, and not to question why johnson helped put innercity broadcasting corp out of business in the first place, black folk betta learn to connect the dots and stop thinking everything is a conspiracy and that these so-called black celebs are really out their makin moves, cuz they not!


August 23, 2014



B. Stiviano
August 22, 2014

Ron Burkle is giving me Peter Griffin realness with his butter yellow teeth, butt chin and rosacea. Jesus, be a 1-800-DENTIST referral, an awesome dermatologist and a face transplant.





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