Director Antoine Fuqua Scandlous Husband – Does Lela Rochon Know?


HSK Exclusive – Hollywood director Antoine Fuqua is much more than a movie man, he’s also a disloyal husband.

HSK has exclusively learned that the “Training Day” movie director was slanging his d*ck around off the set, in Toronto. The problem is his wife, “Waiting to Exhale” actress Lela Rochon, may not be hip to Fuqua’s activities – this is, not until now.

Here’s what we can tell you – Back in 1999, Fuqua was in Toronto for the filming of “Bait”. That’s when the disrespectful dude began smashing a Fluid Nightclub bartender…RAW!

So, the girl became pregnant with Fuqua’s child! We’re told that friends of the knocked-up woman advised her to try and get money out of the director because at that time he already had movies like “The Replacement Killers” under his belt. But, the girl went and had a abortion,and Fuqua didn’t have to pay a dime because of Canada’s free medicare. Nonetheless, in the years following their affair, Antonie went on to make movies like “Training Day”…a flick which landed Denzel Washington an Oscar.

You may recognize Fuqua’s name from his latest involvement and subsequent quitting as director of the long delayed¬† “Tupac Bio”.

Hopefully for Lela’s sake, her husband keeps his dick in his pants on the set, or at least next time, uses protection because he could be putting himself at risk of catching an STD. And, if he ends up smashing a smart bitch, he could be forced to come out of his pockets mane!

Don’t you agree?


  1. I happen to personally know Adolfo Quinones and his family and they are wonderful intelligent people. Just because Fuqua is some big time director, doesn’t mean he’s an upgrade..he was spiritually a downgrade. She just used Adolfo as a stepping stone for her career. Because of her Haitian background and upperclass upbringing, her parents didn’t think he was good enough. But because Fuqua is Haitian, her family approved…plus he was a multi-millionaire.

    We know for a fact that she had affairs with actors during her marriage to Adolfo so the apple doesn’t fall far from her current husband’s tree. But Karma is a fat both which she became) and what goes around comes around. She’s staying in the marriage to 1) save face and for money #2. Just a note: she’s no longer sexy but Adolfo is – and he’s in love..with a young hottie!

    God Bless Lela..good luck with your better man!

  2. Saw him at the westin in Boston with a gorgeous girl . I didn’t know who he is but she looked like she is someone or a celebrity . I asked the server and he said I don’t know her but that’s director Antoine fuqua .
    So I googled him hoping to figure who she is and found out he’s married to Lela?
    The girl he was with was incredibly gorgeous and they were holding hands and kissing and seemed so into each other . The chemistry was undeniable and I’m assuming he’s probably divorced . Must be . Otherwise lela has lost her mind to think he’s into her . I don’t know why people don’t search for their own happiness and let it go when it doesn’t work out . Even the kids don’t enjoy the parents together when the chemistry isn’t there and the parents are cheating publicly .
    At some point you let go and find someone that makes you happy and wants to be with you but then again I saw what I saw and the rest is none of my business .
    I still wanna know who she is , she must be an actor .

  3. Yea that girl Nikki, she’s my family, and they’ve been together for SEVERAL yrs. She use to be in the industry, and that’s how they met…as for Lela, they just raise the kids together.

  4. Directors don’t end up on TMZ. Just so you know . They are barely photographed . I know exactly what I saw. And I didn’t know him either , I only figured who he is after the server told me his name. The Knut reason I asked was because the girl he was with looked like a celebrity , not him!

    • Yara its clear you speaking about yourself. no one is fishing for some nigga on the internet unless they f*ckin them. just know u a side piece probly a summer joint n be good with that. he dont luv u any diff then all these other females he said he luv then dipped when shit got to hot… holidays is coming u should find ur own boo… fuqua will be home with his WIFEY for the holidays! lmao

  5. He’s clearly so dedicated with the “WIFEY”

    I already have my own boo and was there with him when we saw fuqua so save your BS for someone else

  6. Rochon if youre reading any of this Girl… where there is smoke there is Fire, and this reads Forest Fire! You can do better… how you turn a blind eye to this is crazy girl! Your husband is not faithful, thats not the Hollywood Black Power Couple idea you had in mind!

  7. These hoes knew that Antoine Fuqua was married to the gorgeous Lela Rochon when they started parading their fake breast in front of him with their panties off. Gold digging hoes, first learn some self respect, then learn to respect the fact that Mr. Fuqua is married with a beautiful family. Acquire the education and skills to attain the life that you desire in your own right. P.S. Swallowing is NOT a skill.

  8. He’s nothing but a cheating lying asshole. Lela- why do you think he’s phone is always off when he sleeps? Why do you think he takes his phone and never leaves it unattended ? He’s always talking to a girls and even though it’s easy to find out he’s married he denies it and says he has serious issues and is separated. Why does he need to take his phone while he’s showering? You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re so blind. You really think you are the only one that got those flowers Valentine’s day? Get real

  9. The girls don't parade around him. And they don't need fake breasts. They just have to be able to spread there legs and suck him off. He is not choosy. And he's not really any good. Save your time and your health and stay away.

  10. Lela Rochon makes a better couple with Shabba, one of the best dancers of all time and way better looking than director Antoine Fuqua.


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