DJ Envy Can’t Keep It In His Pants!!!


DJ Envy Busted Sexting Jump-off

A Jump-Off’s Revenge?

HSK Exclusive – DJ Envy’s jig is a wrap! Know why? Because one of ‘The Breakfast Club’ host’s jump-offs is putting dude on blast, leaking a set of X-rated pics she says Envy took, while jerking-off, to send her! Know why she’s busting him? Because Envy’s jump-off explains dude is “a liar”.

Now, girlfriend wants Envy’s wife of 18-years – Gia Casey – to see the goods with her own two eyes!

Here’s the quote landed:

“Look I normally don’t do this but this man has got to stop acting like the ‘good guy’. He is playing it off and everyone including his wife is eating it up!

Like I just slept with him two weeks ago at a hotel in Jersey, but he acts like the good husband to the public eye. He tried doing it with me, fed me lies and all the bullshit along with it.

Here are some pictures he sent me as proof, and also note down how the tattoo was just re done and anyone who knows him knows that tattoo. Ask his wife she sure does know that tattoo.

I worked with Envy at the radio station with him and we all know Envy is money hungry so dating me was easy to him. And ask him who’s the rich bitch, he will know since that’s the nick name he gave me. I wouldn’t do this like at all but I’m so worn out and it has to stop. He is not a good husband and is sleeping with me and others.”

DJ Envy Nude Masturbation Photo Leak


      • sooooooo glad I’m single and don’t have to worry about this…. listenin to a guy at work tellin me how he cheats on his pregnant girl with other girls we work with and his girl works there to?…..sooooooooo glad I’m single

        • Girl me too… No ne out here is faithful. What’s the point? Be single or date until ur not interested no more, then bounce. Its so unnecessary. People have friends and family covering for them and everything. These mothers out here aint shit these days when it comes to their sons and the cheating.

  1. Worked with him? So ho knew he was married. Hes a sleaze for doing it but dammit have some self respect HO.

  2. Envy is disgusting. Ain’t that many Birkin bags in the world to compensate this type of humiliation. Isn’t his wife pregnant right now too? What an ass.

  3. This is the shit that kills me about these bitches you knew he was married and you still slept with him…ya’ll bitches need to kick rocks. If you were so concerned about his relationship with his wife why you stilled fucked him? On top of it he called you “the Rich Bitch” so you got what you wanted a STIFF DICK AND HE GOT WHAT HE WANTED A WET PUSSY WITH MONEY! BITCH SIT DOWN! The only person who is getting hurt is his wife!!!

  4. Pregnant women already have enough to deal with, adding the depression of knowing your husband cheated on you while your body is expanding and his child is growing and making you nauseous, horny, sleepy, cranky, aggressive AND tired A LOT!

    She deserves so much more than this, it ain’t even funny!

    If she dumped his bitch ass, who would blame her. Although you know SOMEBODY in her family will push her to reconcile for the sake of “the family”.
    *coughbullshitcough cough*

    • But these wives need to wise up and these husbands need to man up! There are too many married men out here trying to live the single life! And they are doing the MOST! Having unprotected sex with other women and everything. If the wife chooses to stay after catching her husband out there, then she is only asking for what she gets. I know that is may sound cold, but it’s the cold truth. Many of these wives have been putting up with their cheating ass men even long before they exchanged vows. So they know what they have. Nothing changes after you get married. If he was cheating before the marriage, his ass will cheat during the marriage. I have a hard time showing the wives much pity because all they do is look for someone else to blame (the other women) usually. Bitch please! Take a look in the mirror! He keeps doing it because he knows that he can and you ain’t gone do shit! When he brings home Herpes or some other STD don’t say shit!

  5. The bottom line here is that Envy is a HO! He’s a HO and he’s trying to come across as the good guy. The chic who sent this in is not saying that she’s hurt by his actions. She’s trying to expose him as a liar and a serial cheater! Yes she slept with him knowing that he was married and yes she was wrong for that. However, allegedly, Envy cheats on his wife on a regular basis with many women and then tries to come off as innocent. That’s what she is annoyed about. Call her whatever you want, but just make sure that you include him as well. This guy is gonna catch something sooner or later.

  6. I don’t feel sorry for any woman that stays with a cheating spouse. You deserve what you put up with. His wife at this points knows how he gets down but yet she stays. Either she’s a glutton for punishment or she only cares about the money. Either way she loses.

  7. The real question is….why did he TAKE and SEND pictures of this foolishness?
    Wow…just wow.

  8. Excuse I the only one killing myself laughing at how stupid his facial expression is ?
    Oh lawd he looks so stupid, I can’t stop myself from laughing.