Dolemite Outed As Down-Low Brother!!!


Dolemite Outted as Gay Man

“Bitch, you bring me these goddamn cotton draws – – you know I don’t wear no fuckin’ cotton draws!” ~Dolemite, 1975

Dolemite’s reason behind his solid portrayal of pimping women may stem from his secret disregard for the opposite sex!!! A recent (and shocking to many) revelation surrounding the man who created and played the legendary 1975 onscreen pimp, Rudy Ray Moore, points to the actor/comedian as an undercover gay man. This according to Moore’s former longtime manager, Donald Randall – who insiders say is planning to launch a biopic surrounding the life of Rudy Ray Moore.

That’s not all!

During a recent interview, Donald Randall also explained Rudy Ray Moore – who co-wrote the ‘Dolemite’ film and its soundtrack – secretly signed drag queens to his record label.

Here’s what Donald Randall had to say:

“He was never married and had no kids. I heard rumors over the years that Rudy was gay but I had never seen any evidence of it.

I have heard stories and have found now that the accusations were correct.
I have footage of interviews with people outing him – and if you listen to his comedy he does make reference to it. He also signed two drag queens to his label and had gay male actors in his movies.

There were only three men around Rudy who weren’t gay, but I never knew this until his co-star and friend Jimmy Lynch told me. Then I believed it.

Rudy did a very good job of covering it up. Rudy did have some girlfriends according to his friend Ben Taylor, but he also had male lovers. The documentary will cover that.”

Do some people believe Dolemite’s skin-tight slacks could be where Wiz Khalifa became inspired to rock skinny jeans? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask

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    • he used to hang around lady java who was a tranny.

      redd was a dirty old man.

      lots of heathens on sanford and son.

        • before that she was a stripped in her young days.

          leroy and skillet did albums with her.

          lawanda and dolemite was much heavily sampled.

          folks think luke was nasty, and lil kim, and trina.

          can’t forget blowfly who’s still around and gay well he made so many references to anal sex on his old albums you knew it.

    • Honey Redd Foxx was the dirtiest old man EVER. Not gay at all. I’ve heard a couple of old man nasty stories about him from the wife of a famous deceased jazz singer.

      So when does the Dolemite documentary come out?
      I’m not surprised at this news.

      Co-sign on Lawanda (Aunt Esther) Page. Nastiest mouth. She told a joke on the tonight show that made Johnny Carson blush and wish he had one of those curse-word buzzers LOL!

  1. The basic premise of pimping is to have a foundation of disdain for women…Most pimps are in my estimation all closet fags in some form or fashion.

    • You do make a good point. I guess to some degree that explains there rather outre taste in clothing and accessories too.

      Straight up I have always gotten a gaydar ping whenever I see and listen to Bishop Don Magic Juan on TV. People said I was trippin, but he’s very effeminate.
      He once said(on the Superhead documentary that he felt that he should receive a dozen roses on Valentines Day just as much as a woman should. It wasn’t so much the words, but it was the WAY he said it that sounded really gay.

      • Hmmmm, back in the 80’s Don Juan (ain’t calling him Bishop)used to come in the shoe store on Madison every Saturday morning in a green and gold Cadillac full of hoes to buy shoes for themselves and never struck me as gay. Used to see him around the city plenty of times for years and he was legendary for a lot of things but that never came up. Now things could’ve changed between now and then though since he’s gone all Hollywood with Snoop (who seems feminine and very weird to me). One thing is talked about is that he’s still pushing dope out of his “church” on the west side.

    • iceberg slim wrote mama black widow about a tranny he was friends with for 25 years iceberg made a gay reference in pimp about meeting a white girl who turned out to be a drag queen.

      iceberg mistreated women and he hated his mom severely he also had a hard time trying to accept his own daughters.

      • Didnt that Comedian Coon DL HUGHLEY recently say that he didnt like his black daughters?

        I wonder who shis kabob’d his cornhole to get that Sitcom and that CNN gig?

        I ask cause the nigga aint funny, not one bit. He’s just fuckin’ annoying.

    • Absolutely! Most men who have disdain/hatred for women, who can’t connect with women on an emotional level, or see women as objects to be used and disregarded as trash are 99.9% of the time closeted homos.

      • Csign Original Anon, men who hate women are usually queens.

        Also, I don’t wanna see no movie about this queen. “The Tragic Misunderstood Queen”, GTFOH, you mean fudgepacker bitch azz

        • a lot of entertainers never had women until they got famous.

          which explains why they make all those diss songs towards women.

          too short said before the fame all he had was fat ugly girls.

    • Yes, I second that.. I remember being fourteen and there was a very attrative couple in high school, well after they were boyfriend and girlfriend for a while he began pimping her and even beating her up at school. I started to look at him different and I can remember telling my friends that he was a punk. I thought all pimps were. They dont want to work, they abuse women constantly, they look feminine,.most wear their hair long and sit around with their legs crossed, not to mention a lot of them wear their fingernails long. Some of them are just too darned pretty. I was not impressed with Goldie.

      • You a hater no long nails no beating and I pimp two white chicks that I love and I love my mom and sisters

    • I saw some of his talk shoe interviews within the last years of his life,his mannerisms were very effeminate at times.
      Dude was pissed at the Kings of Comedy because he felt he didn’t get enough credit as an influence.

  2. Yea, to come to think about it Bishop Don Juan does carry a very effeminate vibe…And I dont think he really likes women… Dolemite also does dress like dressing up loud and fancy…Dolemite was a fag!

    I never really noticed that before. Thank God somebody has gaydar.

  3. in his film the human tornadoe there was lady java who was a drag queen.

    and yes there was some tranny who performed stand up with dolemite on hios old party records.

    rudy once bragged about giving ernie hudson his start.

    • Uh oh, that’s not good. Dou you mean that Moore actually claimed to be the man who turned EH out?

      I had Ernie and his old white boyfriend on a flight once from LAX to ATL, and prior to that I didn’t have a clue that he was gay, He was just that Ghostbuster guy to me! lolz

        • Whoopsie. I didn’t mean to spill any tea. I know nothing about his family life. Like I said, I thought he was a good character actor(Hand that Rocks the Cradle), but he was most notably the Ghostbusters guy to me. After reading this site you gotta know that living a “double life” isn’t exactly foreign to Hollywood. He is an older dude, and I would guess that he married young, had kids and stuff happened through the years. Just like Paul Newman, Cary Grant, my Uncle Shaft and a million other men.
          But I’d take a polygraph on what I saw for 4 1/2 hours on my flight. He was a very nice gentleman. And he purchased a Cobb Salad bowl! lolz

        • “Last time I checked Ernie Hudson was married to a white girl”

          Case closed.

          White women are the gateway drug for black male homosexuality…

          Dont believe me, ask Quincy Jones and Don Cornelius.

          • Maybe I’m just a little punch drunk due to the hour, but “white women are the gateway drug for black male homosexuality. Case closed” has me laughing like a hyena while side eyeing a litter of meerkats.!
            You are a funny mofo anonymous.

          • wow…EVER get tired of perpetuating racism?! White folks this white folks that- I guess it’s my fault (Since I’m a white she-devil) that you’re on here talking shit about strangers..

      • rudy said he gave ernie his break on the human tornadoe.

        if eh had sex with dolemite who wanna even visulize that.

  4. this is old.. i rented his movies from netflix and he carried himself like a fem.. he had feminine gestures and the clothes he wore gave it away.. he was in snoop dogs video making that well know face that gays make. poking out there lips as if they are being scared by something..eyes get wider with the lip thing.. morris day is seen on album cover with that same animated face.. hell my gay cousin used to do that and my gay neighbor who went to school with him hated him.. some gays are what is called in the medical profession histrionic.. meaning you are extreme and overboard with certain things.

    • Yeah,according to an ol skool site, Morris Day has seven kids by five different women.

      But it is funny how he had that player/pimp mentality in Purple Rain and how some say he may have sugar in the tank.

    • I know the look, its when they suck in the cheeks, purse their lips and widen their eyes and one has to have attitude in order to pull off the look.

  5. we know about the time boys morris and jerome and jesse johnson’s girl looking ass.

    tommy lee said back in the 80’s yeah we wear makeup but we’ll kick your ass.

    lots of crossdressing in the enterrtainmebt biz.

    only in entertainment can a man dress like a woman and still have girls wanna have sex with him.

    if prionce was an ordinary joe you think vanity, and those fine women he had would be seen with him?

    but no prince gets a pass because he can sing and can play instruments even thogh there’s evidence he’s a fruitcake the man changed his name to the hermaphrodite symbol.

  6. I think some pimps give off that gay vibe beccause they have a disdain for women and have been desensitized toward women and their beautiful sexuality. After a while, the glitter and sparkle of foreign pussy wears off and like with anything else, its not enough anymore. Hence the descent into sexual misconduct, sex with other men, trannies, etc. Regular women aren’t enough anymore.

    Not to justify it but for example, if you ate steak every day for breakfast, lunch, dinner and worked in a steak factory; you would find something different as well. Even if it was the best steak you’d ever eaten. Imo

    • I don’t buy that theory. I’ve been eating pu..y all thee years and i’m not trying to eat anything different like toes, feet or a..holes

        • I second that.. I have had d-ck all my life and I have never hungered nor thirsted for a p–sy or b-oty.. lol

      • @16:34: ROFLMAO! That made my day! You seriously hit the nail on the head. Let me elaborate:

        No Human being simply becomes “bored” with being heterosexual – the Human mind DOES NOT work that way. Humans evolved to be attracted to the opposite sex for means of reproduction and that does not change. Of course, with the exception of the rare few who are homosexual.

        Elle Elizabeth theorized that having any sexual attraction to someone of the same sex is the “result of a neurological dysfunction” caused by an “imbalance of hormones.” Thus, the “queen” persona as well.

        “This dysfunction alters one’s perception the way any other neurological/psychological disorder would. Only, the human sexual perception has been altered.”

      • I cant cosign on that theory either. If Im getting too much pussy, I just get worn down and take a few days off and get back at it later. I dont get worn down an decide to suck dicks because I dont like dick. Maybe thats crazy but thats just me,

    • That’s true in some situations for men who who never had homosexual tendencies but become bored but Pimps and bored men are two different things.

  7. Well, I cannot say that I am shocked as I watched Moore’s films, I often asked myself if he was gay because of the way he talked. Since he never represented himself as gay, I assumed he was just one of those types of men. Who in the hell is not gay in the entertainment biz? I don’t ask that saying that they all are, I ask to now which ones are not since it appears as if they all are!

  8. so, is the black guy on Grim (nbc show, comes on fridays) gay? i mean, in the first season he kinda looked suspect, but man… he bucking his eyes, holding his mouth, and walks funny. Just asking?

  9. I was watching some blaxploitation flick that he was in not too long ago, and I thought he was kind of effeminate in it. There was a fight that broke out in it, and he was egging on saying “kick his ass!” The way he said it sounded suspect to me.

  10. in monkey hustle his character’s name was glittering goldy.

    there was an old album cover the sensous black man and woman where rudy and a woman both were naked on the cover.

    all of rudy’s old albums had naked women on the covers.

    • HaHa @ Chris, I have that album.. he did an opus about the zodiac signs, sexual in nature, I found it in one of my older sister’s stash of albums and back in the day my friends and I would play and imitate the lady part and laugh.. It is very RAW!

  11. I think it is apparent now that majority of actors in HOLLYWOOD are gay… black, yellow, white green…its a prerequisite….

  12. on rudy’s second album this pussy belongs to me there was a track called mr. big dick where he was simunlating sex with 3 of his women one of those girls was lady java the trannie that was in human tornaDOE.

    YES HOLLYWOOD HAs always been gay paradise you had gay references since the 20’s crossdressing.

  13. Now Im going to go to You Tube and watch the full version of Dolemite with fagvision goggles.

    I always just thought Dolemite was a corny, Bama but now come to find out dat nigga gay.

    Damn Damn Damn

  14. I just went to YouTube and watched 15 min. of “Disco Godfather” and its amazing that this movie would get money backing in Hollywood, no less be distributed to theatres…These movies were made to embarrass black people worldwide. Im totally conviced of that..Just produced to make us all look like ignorant and animalistic fools…

    And just like today, it is the BLACK HOMOSEXUALS who, because of their disdain for their people (Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, Baby, Kanye West , Lil Wayne, etc.) happily lead the Minstrel Show in order to serve the global white racist agenda of making it seem to the world that our people are deserving of the Caucasoids treatment of us.

    • All you have to do is check out the “Disco Godfather”
      from 10:55-11:40 and that should tell you everything you need to know about Miss Rudy Mae.

    • No disrespect and not trying to be condescending but that’s why they have been dubbed black exploitation films.. Because they were made to embarrass blacks it’s not
      A new theory but I gather you have never just sat down and watched one.. Which I can’t blame you

      • I’ve never sat down and watched one as a conscious and aware adult. I just used to think Dolemite was corny and I could never sit through a whole movie.

        Now that I looked at “Disco Godfather” today I realized that white people were committing Psychological Warfare against the global image and reputation of black people and especially BLACK AMERICANS before a worldwide audience.

        These BLACK EXPLOITATION films were literally a form of genocide.

    • Following your lead, I went to YOU TUBE and watched the whole movie “Disco Godfather”.

      My first appointment with a psychiatrist is scheduled for this coming Wed. I be sending you the bill.

      two years of Black Studies undone in an hour and thirty mins.

  15. People think those Black Exploitation movies were marketed to Black Americans only but they are wrong. The films largest market was the International Market and after the Civil Rights Movement the Corporate Global White Hegemony had to reset the image in Black Americans from militant and conscious to drug dealing, pimps, whores and ignorant sub-human buffons….

    The Jews controlled the Black Exploiatation Market and they sold big in the slums of South Africa, West Africa, Brazil France, Britain Jamaica etc., etc…SUPERFLY was the first hit in the gut and that got the ball roilling from Black Panther to Pimp.

    • I agree 100%… These films pretended to be anti-drugs but what these films were designed to do was to really promote the idea of drug dealing to the young black movie goer. They were bringing drugs from the underground realm and giving it an advertisement as a potential money generating option.

      Drugs (and prostitution) were a heavy heavy element in most of the films you mentioned and I never really put that together until Crazy Chris just put two and two together.

    • Chris, I know you are a smart brother and you know your ish. But I respectfully take issue with just one of the films on your list.

      Blackula was a classic in my estimation and does not belong among the boatload of 70’s Blaxpoitation movies. It dealt with royalty from Africa who were murdered with extreme malice by a horrible rich man of unknown European residence. Blackula was doomed to mourn for his beloved wife in the state of the undead for well over a century until 2 gay interior decorators bought his coffin at an antique sale. Once the coffin was opened those were 2 dead sissy boys within minutes. Blackula thengoes on a seek and find for his lost love, and I won’t go further in case anyone hasn’t seen it and wishes to. There are no drugs, no hoes or pimps, and a minimal amount of shuck and jive fuckery. Practically non-existent.
      Mr. Marshall was no Rudy Ray Moore. He was a classically trained Shakespearean actor in the grand manner. I was about 14 when I first saw it and I fell madly in love with him! And trust: I am not usually attracted to older men. He was just so romantic. His everlasting love for Luba was a beautiful thing….a thing we don’;t see that much in genuine high dollar Hollywood fare.
      So, it’s your list and you may see things different as a man. But I would WANT my daughter to see Blackula at the appropriate age.

    • So are they trying to degrade and turn out the irish and italian community with the uber violent Boardwalk Empire or the hundreds of other gangster flicks?

  16. just wow,cant say Iam surprised….just saw Disco Godfather and was like this dude had Bucky. Also think they all was flying high on some series drugs….all his movies got characters they seem doped out they minds.So not surprised at all.

  17. and from the blaxploitation era came the gangster rap era.

    and the movies that came out in the late 80’s and early 90’s like i’m gonna git u sucka, juice, boyz n the hood, new jack city, trespass, menace to society were not called blaxploitation but they carrioed on the legacy odd that you found so called gangster rappers to act in the mopvcies I listed above.

    lots of gangster rap made references to those 70’s films and they were heavily sampled.

  18. My old man who was a big gambler use tell me that he and his hustler buddies used to chase this gay negro out the gambling house in South Central LA when was trying tell his rhyming jokes. Rudy had no real street cred!

    • most of rudy’s jokes were borrowed they were called toasts and iceberg slim and donald goines did a few rhymes in their novels.

      the signyfying monkey, shune and the titanic, and the character of dolemite started out when field negroes telling tall tales having nothing else to do.

  19. And if you look at the credits of the Black Exploitation Films, 90% of the Producers of these Films had Jewish names attached…

    About the same percentage who financed and fueled the slave trade of the 1500-1600’s.

    Not being anti-jewish but truth is truth and that includes Robert Downey Sr. and his “Putney Swope”, which I feel did have some intelligent social subtext to it.






  21. I been knew he was gay. Somebody in the entertainment industry had Rudy Ray Moore open for them back in the day. Promoters were wonder where Moore went cause he wasnt at the show. Dont you know the rap group members had to pull him out of a gay bar and throw him on stage so he can perform.