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Don Cheadle Fights To Be Single

February 13th, 2013

Don Cheadle Not Feeling Bridgid Coulter

A Baby Momma’s Blues?

HSK Exclusive – Don Cheadle’s “House Of Lies” character could be the actor’s most fitting role yet. Know why? Because a woman who’s stood by his side for more than two-decades – and has given birth to his three kids – isn’t only said to be not good enough for Cheadle to wife-up, but also reported to be not be physically up to the actor’s standards!

To be sure, we’re talking about a man who seems to have no problem with performing a scene in which he pleases another man, while bedding a long list of Caucasian actresses for Showtime. Don’t believe me.. Ask Spike Lee. This while the 44-year-old mother of Cheadle’s kids, Bridgid Coulter, is reportedly left hanging onto dreams of a wedding day with the actor.

Here’s the drop:

“Don is one of the executive producers of House of Lies. Don doesn’t have to tap dance, but he does.

He hates to go out with Bridgid these days. He’s ashamed of her because she’s getting old and fat.”

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99 Comments on "Don Cheadle Fights To Be Single"

January 24, 2015

he got the God-awful nerve to talk about the next person’s looks tho. is he kiddin me? looking like a baby-chimpanze. and i like TheCheadleMan as an actor, but to talk about the next person’s appearance tho? should be a definite no-no and off limits with him at ALL TIMES. because i know he’s gotten picked on and teased for a great portion of his entire life for being ugly as all out-damn-doors. man please with this.


October 29, 2014

This article is so ignorant. He’s embarrassed to be seen with her? I guess that’s why she guest starred on a few eoisodes if his show. And who says EVERY woman wants to get married? Maybe they feel content and happy in the relationship they have now. Again, this article is just somebody’s stupid speculation of a relationship they know nothing about.


April 21, 2014

Don said to tell all you gossip-mongers and haters to kiss his jet black ass.

He said to mind your forkane bizness and go wash your stinky armpits.

Hate to berak it to ya’ll but I think he and his wifey are both fed up with the hating.


February 8, 2014

You assume that she wants to be married. It may be hard to grasp but she might not believe in marriage the way that the average person does. People think that a chick is sitting around waiting and dissapointed. Not always people.


January 19, 2014

People change after 20 years. Regardless of what everyone else says… he appears to still be there… with her… and I saw a recent picture of them holding hands… so you can not analyze someone’s relationship when you don’t know anything about them. It could just be that SHE does not want to marry HIM. How about that?





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