Don Cheadle Fights To Be Single


Don Cheadle Not Feeling Bridgid Coulter

A Baby Momma’s Blues?

HSK Exclusive – Don Cheadle’s “House Of Lies” character could be the actor’s most fitting role yet. Know why? Because a woman who’s stood by his side for more than two-decades – and has given birth to his three kids – isn’t only said to be not good enough for Cheadle to wife-up, but also reported to be not be physically up to the actor’s standards!

To be sure, we’re talking about a man who seems to have no problem with performing a scene in which he pleases another man, while bedding a long list of Caucasian actresses for Showtime. Don’t believe me.. Ask Spike Lee. This while the 44-year-old mother of Cheadle’s kids, Bridgid Coulter, is reportedly left hanging onto dreams of a wedding day with the actor.

Here’s the drop:

“Don is one of the executive producers of House of Lies. Don doesn’t have to tap dance, but he does.

He hates to go out with Bridgid these days. He’s ashamed of her because she’s getting old and fat.”


  1. Maybe she would leave and left him pay child support. I don’t understand why these woman stay and have children and are unhappy in their relationship. She not up to his standards, but yet he has three childs with her. What a jerk. Man up and get it right. Women open your eyes, if the man don’t want to be with you then why to you want to be with him? This is crazy and just dumb.

  2. Yeah, and he just grows more and more handsome everyday SMH. Negro, puh-leeze! But I will say, her situation is more proof that you shouldn’t work backwards. Get the ring and the certificate FIRST then start having kids.

    • To tb

      You are absolutely right. A ring and certificate will not stop a man from cheating and walking out on his wife.

      I see Don Cheadle done gone Hollywood. Should have known something was not clean in the water, seeing that he has been getting a lot of high profile roles.

      I love his acting.

      • Thank you so much for telling the truth! All these black men of hollywood and otherwise think they got it made when a white or other race women give them the time of day. Their too stupid to see all they want is their money. They always wanna complain about black women are this and that, well the other ones arent any better. Their just money hungry, whoes and theives and feel that no decent white man want them or will do for them like the black man will and so they go for a black fool!!! White and other race chicks feel that they are suppose to be taken care of, but let a black woman asks that, he look at her as if she has grown two heads! Just plain stupid they are! When their done with them and take all their money, I dont feel bad for them.

    • TB, you’re right. A ring is not going to stop a man from cheating. But it WILL stop her from being left behind looking stupid without a dollar to her name. You said that you “hate people with this get the ring before kids nonsense” but how is marriage “nonsense”?

      She’s been with this man for over 20 YEARS now. I’m sure she’s feed him, washed his clothes, took care of him if he wasn’t feeling well, and most of all she had his children. She even put her own career (she’s an actress too) on hold to raise their children. If he leaves, then she’s left with NOTHING AT ALL. She’ll probably get a child support check for a couple of years if their kids are still minors and nothing more.

      If I ever end up in relationship where I put my career or hold and want to have his children, you better believe I’m going to get that ring first. I’ll love the hell out the man, but I’m going to court to get support for not just my children – but for myself if that man tries to play me. That not nonsense, that’s being smart.

      Don’s woman is a dumbass.

      • Well said moo. That’s one of the problems in our society now. Women settle and brag about being a baby momma instead of being a wife. She’s doing everything that a wife does but he doesn’t feel that she’s good enough to marry nor make his children legit (meaning not bastards). Wake up!!! It’s not cute when ur child is in ur wedding party. UGHH!

        • Yeah, but what happens when a women signs a pre nup and gets nothing after the divorce. Pre up is something a lot of famous people get to protect their assets if the marriage
          Goes south. Leaving the woman to only collect the child support. It seems like the ones who don’t get pre nups is the yt married to the black famous person (ie: Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant etc.) To me marriage is not a safety net. It really doesn’t matter rather a couple Is married or not if a man wants to support you, he’ll support u rather u r married to him or not. When I broke up with the father of my son he continued to not only support our son, but gave me financial support during times of struggle. That is what a real man does for the mother of his children if he cares about their well being. Now that gays can marry which I believe is a total sin, being married is no longer a necessity to me. Its almost as if the marital union is a joke in our society today.

      • I agree nothing is guaranteed but being married over not being married bring more security and doesn’t make you look as stupid for settling for a situation that was never about you but probably more about lust, assumptions and a lack of information and understanding at least if the man marries you along the way you really have had his heart or he saw a life with you. I don’t know were we have come to this place of justifying single motherhood. While it is a decision of love it is also a very selfish decision over all. I don’t have any children yet but I am meeting more and more women who was only caught up in the moment and want to abandoned there child that is not even 2 yet because she didn’t count the cost. The only person who really suffers in the end is the child.

    • A ring and/or a marriage certificate doesn’t mean anything, especially these days. People now a days get married for every reason except love. Just because you’re married does not mean that it will be successful.

    • LADIES: If you don’t respect herself enough to insist that your man make you his WIFE before you make him a father, you are setting yourself up for a lot of heartache & unhappiness. Women have seen it happen a million times before — when will they learn?

      There are spiritual laws at play in our lives, forces we can’t see, just as we can’t see gravity or electromagnetism. But the fact they they’re invisible doesn’t mean they don’t effect us. Marriage exists to bind a man & woman together spiritually as one in a lifetime commitment because that creates the best possible setting for raising children. And no alternative okey-doke bullshit that humans come up with will ever improve on God’s operating system for families.

      You young girls can downplay a marriage license if you want to, but you’re wrong. No piece of paper will ‘guarantee’ happiness, but being married absolutely guarantees that you will have all the LEGAL RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES that are accorded a wife.

      If things fall apart, when it’s time for a settlement, an ex-wife will ALWAYS do better in court than a babymama will, because most judges are White men. They already think you’re 2nd-class as a Black woman. If your man didn’t think you were worth marrying despite giving him children, why should a judge who doesn’t know you think more of you & your kids than your own man did?

      And if your babydaddy dies without leaving a will, you will be ass-out in most states, no matter how rich he was! But a wife automatically inherits her husband’s assets in most states if he dies with no will & the kids are under 18. I know Texas recognizes common-law marriage if a couple lives together for more than 7 yrs. but I don’t think other states allow for that.

    • Bwahahaha. I’m not normally attracted to dudes of his shade unless that are really cool folks first but those mile-long nostrils are not the business.

      Love his work and I miss House of Lies but he needs his ass beat if he’s been manipulating this lady all these yrs.

  3. I thought they were already married. He always introduced he as his wife. She should get lipo and Botox and keep herself in shape. You’re in Hollywood honey, keep up or get left in the dust.

    It’s not right, but be realistic.

    Don is a great actor. And apparently, he’s also a douche!

    • @tb-and she had three goddamn kids! Children already knock your body out of the frame anyway and she had three. Excuse her for putting on weight. Don is a jackass!!! And last time i checked his ass looks like donkey from shrek. And tb it is so nice to hear a man say that cause men put on weight during a long term relationship too! Hell that’s life! But that shyte is just an excuse. He just wants to be another male hollywood hoe and he can’t do that with her and those three kids so he is looking for an escape route. Well don you get gone and hopefully a better man will come along for her cause Lord knows you ain’t the one!

        • Exactly!

          There should be a weight require,net for both parties. Having children doesn’t automatically mean you will look like a whale once the kids are born. If your man doesn’t like how you look, and you have the means to change things, I strongly suggest that you do so!

          Same rings true for men. No woman wants a whale sweating beacon grease all over them! No one, ever. We don’t have to look like body builders, but at least stay in shape.

          When you look good, you feel good too. Being over 200lbs and under 6feet doesn’t look good on anyone!

      • Who will she hit the gym for? Her man or for herself? Men always expect women to keep themselves up for them and I have no problem with that. Men need to put in the same work. What makes men think that we want to see them looking tore up?

  4. He damn sure don’t look happy in this picture! But I’m not surprised by his niggerish attitude…girl dump his azz and take him to the cleaners. They always forget who helped them climb that ladder of success!

    • See that take him to the cleaners attitude is precisely why men dont want to get married. Ppl fall out of love ev day. Shouldnt cost anyone half their shit.

      • Have you ever been married?????? Because I have, I was with my husband when he had nothing, I made the money. He went to school and I did his work, I searched, paid and filled out all the job applications for him. When he reached the level he wanted in life then his old life wasn’t good for him anymore. He thought life was greener on the other side of the street but what he learned was that there’s was just more shit over there. KARAMA IS REAL! There is nothing wrong with falling out of love but when you do man/woman you should make sure the person your leaving can stand on ther own two feet.

        • No disrespect, but why did you do all of that? A man should have the intelligence to stand on his own. That’s where you made a mistake. You chose to upgrade a nothing a** n*gga when you should have chosen one who was good to go.

          • Some (men and women)use lame-ass excuses like kids, their mama wasn’t there for them growing up and all sorts of shit.

            I wouldn’t complete a job app but I can spending many hours walking somebody through the online job application process knowing they would find excuses to not go through with the prospect.

            Many a times, I wanted to tell him to take a fuckin class since this is the wave of the future. Or get whoever is supposed to have a crush on him to help out.

            Yep, the last time he mentioned marriage, I’d put in a full day, the house was cleaned to a T and after a long day of job-searching in L.A. back in 2008, he got to sit down with a brew and watch cable TV that was in MY NAME.

            No kids but lesson learned.

        • Im not sure how whether ive been married fits into this but lets think ur logic through. Since u support her cleaning him out when he initiates the breakout then surely u must support her getting squat when she initiates the break up? Whats good for the goose right?

    • This is the reason men that have a lil something hesitate on getting married!If things don’t work out”Girl take him to the cleaners”UGHH!And 2nd thing that com out a womans mouth”Helped him get to where he is at”.How?By sitting at home taking are me babys?What stroking his ego?Or they would say they put they dreams on hold so you can make it.I a woman did put her dream on hold for a man its because of the the life she will live once dude get put on!!And then man have to hear that same old ass played out song”I was the one by your side”Blah,blah.My advice to any female why dude getting hi you better be getting your at the same damn time!All this shit is game!Thats why women head hunt for men with money.Like marriage is so mportant to them,if it was they woulnt open they legs to us until you married.But you tell a man that and you know where that leads too….sitting by yo damn self!!LOL!All this shit is a game!BEEN THERE DONE THAT 10 times over!

      • Those women who marry rich famous dudes need to stack some of that “clothing allowance” for a rainy day. Fuck those$5000 pair of shoes. Buy the pair for a $1000 and bank the other $4000. Do this for 5-10 years and u should have a nice nest egg to stand on if he wants to leave.

    • Yeah… Bump the cleaners! She needs to take her ass to the gym and get whatever she gets from their agreement once they part. As long as he takes care of his children, the dude owes her nothing! She should’ve been using his fame to establish a name for herself cause his ass has had the wandering eye since baby #1… Wake up women!!!!

  5. I could tell he was unhappy on the NAACP Image awards, when he won award, usually they kiss their woman/man before going onstage, he was’t romantic at all. he act like he didn’t even want to kiss her, all I can say, is get the child support, depending on the law in California, she may even get some alimony since she been with him so long, then workout and get fine and get a young sexy man to ease the pain. don’t waste another minute of your life with someone who doesn’t want you.

  6. That’s crazy. I hate relationships and marriages of convenience. If you are not happy then leave. Don’t try to cut her down because she’s changed physically. Why be with someone that long and have children with them if you choose not to marry them.

  7. Maybe she shouldn’t have gotten knocked up. True, a ring and a certificate doesn’t keep a man faithful, but it means a hell of a lot in the eyes of the law and the Lord. She figured that her light skin tone would be enough for this jackass to marry her, and that it would also override the fact that she is a lardass. NOT SO, HONEY. HIT THE GYM AND WORK ON YOUR APPEARANCE. HE IS IN THE PUBLIC EYE, SO THIS IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR. And if he leaves, because you never married, you are just another trashy babymama. Sorry.









  8. Is it just me or does she look like Kelly Clarkson?

    Is she biracial or black? Or is she white? I cannot tell.

    Anyway, he seems like a Sammy Davis Jr. type. Color struck and probably DYING to get a blonde on his arm so he can really try to impress whomever. I can see him with some knifed up, bony chick on his arm.

    As for wife vs. live in….in his case, during a divorce, she would be entitled to ask fo spousal support, including medical insurance and a place to live or funds to buy a place to live, in addition to child support.

    No ring? No spousal support, no settlement, no residence, no medical insurance, no property rights. I would say it is a HUGE difference, especially when 20 years of ones life has been spent helping to build and care for someone who apparently sees you as expendable trash.

  9. No matter how much a woman keeps herself up physically, mentally and emotionally, no matter how she services her man in every way under the sun.

    Some men are just prone to cheat. Some men are just prone to always be looking for a come up. Meaning who’s next that can better serve my image.

    I hope if need be, she will be able to move on.

  10. She doesn’t look fat at all! I just looked at pics of them at the NAACP awards and she looked nice! Now I think she needs a stylist BAD but she is a very pretty women! I think their issues may be due to his sexual preference… He may be verbally abusive towards her cause of her appearance cause he like penis..

  11. I heard denzel got his pass when he hooked up with tony and ridley scott. Scott free productions greenlights their own shit.

  12. “that take him to the cleaners attitude is precisely why men dont want to get married. Ppl fall out of love ev day. Shouldnt cost anyone half their shit”

    i agree.

    just because a broad was ‘legally’ in the picture doesn’t mean that she is 50% responsible for my fame, fortune, or success.

    • ….and women need to stop settling for being babymamas and get the piece of paper a court recognizes.

      If you don’t believe that…ask Faith Evans.

      Biggie had many hoes but ONE WIFE.

      And when he died, the hoes were on the hunt for another man…and Faith was in court, settling an estate.

      • Tell it mama. We need to marry each other more, even if it doesn’t end up in happily ever after. It’s more stability for the kids and it sets a good example. It also doesn’t hurt that it will shut the Yt man’s mouth as to all the babymama stuff.

  13. I’ve read all the comments and DAMN it’s some angry people up in here!
    If what this says is true it looks like these people just fell out of love. This shyt happens to the best of us. I doubt it is only because she’s gained weight because that is typically only a symptom of the real problem.
    For all we know they may be the kind of people who aren’t interested in getting married. Yes, we’re out here too folks.
    Good luck to them.

  14. I can sort of relate to this situation, but I have another take on it. Fresh out of school with my degree in hand, I chose to grab a quick, easy to manage job so that my (soon to be husband) could attend medical school. He was fortunate enough to have received a scholarship from a top school, but someone had to put food on the table and pay he rent while he studied/attended class. I was happy to do it. I saw it as building OUR future.
    We married and were together through his residency at Duke Medical, but a few years later, we both just weren’t feeling it.
    My friends encouraged me to “take him” for all I could, seeing as I supported him for 6 years and enabled him to become a surgeon. I didn’t see that at all. I made the choice to back the man I loved when I loved him. My choice. So I felt he owed me no more than an equitable share of the money I earned during our marriage. I never have regretted not going for the jugular.

    • Good for you Christa. I don’t believe in the take him for everything he’s got. Someone close to me did that to her husband. He had worked hard all of his life. He was a regular every day blue collar worker that invested his money well. When he retired he was worth about 2 million

      When she got tired of him she divorced him and took over half of what he was worth. She never worked a day in her life while they were married. Well she never worked outside the home.

      Now she is miserable. She has gone through all of the money she got from him and is barely getting by. I tell you KARMA is a Mutha. For Real!!

      • I concur. No one has rights to monies that they have not earned. No one.

        If a husband agrees that she will not work and he will place her on an allowance, should they divorce, yes, she should get alimony until she gets herself established.

        If her husband insisted on her giving up her career to take care of the children and the home, yes, she is also entitled to alimony.

        “Take then for all they are worth” only comes into play as a act of revenge if you are the victim of emotional, physical, sexual or mental abuse. The children were being abused, etc. other than that just walk away with what you’re entitled to. Even if you’re only entitled to a lump sum of nothing!

    • @christa-wow sis you were married? Gotta give you credit for that one cause i don’t think i’ll ever do that. But that’s just me. I was a child of divorce so i saw the ugly side of marriage first hand. My mother drove my dad away and then she did the whole take him to the cleaners thing a lot of the folks on here are talking about. My dad scuffled after the divorce and i mean he struggled hard financially-real hard. I remember going to see him post divorce and he had nothing and i would hear my mom talking to her friends on the phone laughing about how she practically put him in the poor house. I went to go live with my dad three years later when he had gotten back on his feet. I guess that’s why i’ve always been understanding of the guys side of things cause i know from watching my mother how vindictive women can be. And the court system is set up to benefit women hence the whole take him to the cleaners attitude. I think after three kids that she should be compensated for her time and yes he should take care of his kids. After all she didn’t lay up and impregnate herself and regardless to how he feels now he put THREE kids in her so her vajayjay must’ve been the bomb at some point. But does she deserve half? NO!! And like keepitreal said uptop this is one of many reasons why men are avoiding marriage like the plague. Men have become fearful that if they get married then work hard,hit the lottery or make some kind of financial come up they will lose half. A woman can get half of a man’s money and property by saying 3 words-i’m not happy. And women suffer for it cause now marriage is viewed as being only beneficial to them. Sad but true.

      • Very sad but true. So sorry to hear of the pain you experienced, but you certainly have come out on top of the situation. Hi five sis!

    • Good for you Christa. I have a relative that I WISHED thought the same way. He was living with his mom when they met 10 yrs ago. His car was constantly broken down so he used hers. She assisted him in getting a decent warehouse job across from her house and cleaned him up nicely. Introduced him to family, friends, coworkers and we all kinda liked him. Once he got used to living/doing well he began wanting more. She then allowed him to go to school while she paid ALL the bills for 2 yrs. no complaints. He landed a very well paid contracting job with an engineering firm and makes well over $70k now. She had his son, who is now 9 and put on about 40lbs which she hasn’t lost yet. They go HALF on all bills(like roomies) and he constantly complains about everything! He didn’t get her anything for VDay today and is currently away. He is gone for weeks at a time and seems disconnected when he is here. Her friends have told her she should lose weight to catch his interest again or leave but she would rather be miserable than graciously bow out. He has declined the thought of marriage TO HER FACE many times and says if she wants to be married then leave and find someone else?!?!? My point is that women tend to stick it out thinking they were around from the rough and now it’s time to get my payday/benefits and that doesn’t always happen……

    • And I’ll bet he has never regretted marrying you, either! And that you could call him up tomorrow for a favor, a bailout from jail, whatever. Bless you, Christa! More women should take a page for your book.

  15. “then workout and get fine and get a young sexy man to ease the pain.”

    get a ‘rebound’ and start back over from scratch…LOL…all too common advice – – – then the ‘rebound’ plays you too – hits for a couple of months and quits – THEN WHAT – VISCOUS CYCLE these days

  16. This is according to Spike Lee?….Don’t believe it,D.Cheadle is one of the most gifted actors that is out today.I’ve seen several interviews and I don’t see him having a problem speaking his mind at all.He has been with this woman over 20 years ,you don’t stay with a person that long unless you truly love them,and every woman gains weight as they age,it’s called good loving ,good living ,and being happy with who you are..

  17. I always got a homo vibe from Don Chedda.He’s not a flag waver but that’s his private life so he keeps it that way.

  18. I thought they were married. I am disappointed. Why on earth do you lay up and have three children by a man without marriage especially in Hollywood. This may be 2013 and the age of the social network but a wife has more prestige than “Baby Mama”. You don’t put your career on the back burner without him making sacrifices for your ass too. Love is suppose to be a two way street. What difference does a ring make? Don ss worth 35 million. California is a Community Property state, her share would be $17 million, Hello.

    • Jazzy Moe;

      I concur! What woman has three children with a man without being married to him? One child, I can see, but three. It makes no sense to me. When you live in a community property, no fault divorce state, the lawyers will split everything right down the middle, unless someone is stupid and gives it all away. Why buy the cow, when you can get it for free!!!!! Some women never learn.

      • So true! Woman have to protect themselves and I am not talking about taking a person for all they have. In the “state of the union address”, President Obama discussed inequality in pay, men vs. women. That being stated if a woman is going to be in a long-term (10+ years)relationship with a man while having his children, why not get married? Economically, it plays to her advantage (pension, social security, health insurance for her and the children, etc).

  19. honestly, she really is a fat a** that needs to loose weight. She looks gross. Cute face, gross body.

    I never understood how people with money get so complacent. I’m dude, your man has money!! u can get the best trainers, chefs.

    She’s lazy.

  20. don is ugly as shit! literally! shes good looking! if hittin the gym is her biggest issue then hes n trouble! with that bein said…u kno how Hollywierd is!

  21. Are you serious? I don’t know if this story is even true but, least he married a black woman….honestly she’s not bad looking ….fuq that Hollywood standards bullshit! IF the story is true…..Don Cheadele is no hot number himself his personality has taken far ( as well as great acting) but as far as looks…eehh! I can’t really tell how big the sista is but her face is gorgeous and if he left her for those petty reasons I hope home girl loses 30 lbs. And get her ‘fly’ back & throws it in his face!

    • r u serious @ at least he married a black woman?

      I’mma just tell it like it is.Don Cheadle is a self hating darkie.

      He had children by this lady so his kids wouldn’t look like him.

      Biracial women are finding out that black men are bypassing them for women that are really white.

      This is the new reality.It was okay when black men would put down dark skin women and would treat them bad and lie on them about having bad attitudes etc. but now black men are giving light skin black women and biracial women the dark skin girl treatment.It was bound to happen.

  22. She may look kinda cute here. But no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    If she is so fucking great, why is he (who, by the way makes the dough) wanting to leave?

  23. Hollywood sets trends and gives out messages to the culture.

    The message here is: It ain’t enough to just be white anymore. EVEN FOR NEGROES WHO CAN ONLY GET AND ONLY WANT A FAT WHITE WOMAN. Now, you gotta be a bad white bitch or a well-connected, monied white boy. If not, step the fuck back.

    Hollyweird is about the image and Ms. Not Quite Cheadle is not fitting the image. Very easy for her to go to a fat farm or hire a trainer and a chef. Why she won’t r why Don Cheadle won’t pay for it says something about the state of the marriage.

    Furthermore, White boys always trade up at a certain age and Cheadle just following the white boys.

  24. This is just an opinion (mine). If you are going to be in a relationship as a woman, and you want children, it is better to be married. If you have one child and your living together, don’t have “anymore” unless he puts a ring on your finger. The reason being: it puts the woman at a disadvantage on every level. Why? If he leaves you, the majority of the responsibility falls on the woman. The children suffer as well. Only a few states recognize common law marriages, and each has specific stipulations as to what relationships are included. If you happen to live in a state where common law is not recognized, all you are entitled to should the man choose to leave you, is child support which runs out at 18. He can emancipate himself from the children after they turn 18 if he does not want to foot their college bill. This woman should have left him if he refused to marry her after the first child. I won’t belittle her but, this is a sad situation if true.

  25. old and fat had don took a look in the mirror latly he not exactly the rock this woman has been with him this long had his churn stood by his side was in rose wood with you and played a good wife in the movie but good enough to wife up in real life don on some bs!she should have enough self worth and confidence to feel like i can loose the weight loose don and gain a rightous man who wont treat me like dirt!

  26. What’s happening here is a lesson that soooo many Black women refuse to learn from: stop making the ultimate commitment by having children with men who won’t commit to them. Too many have settled for baby momma status and are hurt and shocked when baby daddy marry the next chick who wouldn’t settle for being just another out of wedlock breeder playing house. Ugly truth

    • Goddiva, you’re absolutely right and I have been saying this for years but nobody hears me! I’m a black women and I hate the “baby mama” status. Why settle when you can be wife. I don’t have any kids but have been married. Marriage is hard work, but being a baby mama is even harder. I feel sorry for the kids these women bring into the world. Most are setting them up for a vicious cycle.

  27. He settled for what he could get. Now he wants to upgrade. Like I said, he is putting white women on notice, it ain’t just enough to be white anymore.










  29. I’m all late commenting b/c I don’t get a chance to come in here regularly BUT—Don Cheadle is trippin HARD! Evidently he’s crossed over to the other side and is 100% hollyweird now. His woman appears bi-racial, so evidently he wants to go pure aryan superficial this time–blonde hair/blue eyes/fake tits. Self hate is a monster. His bitch-ass problems go beyond his partner just going to the damn gym. Sad that success can go to a person’s head and they’re no longer appreciative of what they have or happy with who they are. If this story is true, she needs to go. Take him to court, get a settlement and move on with her kids. Because once a man finds flaws with you, he’ll eventually start looking else where if he already hasn’t. Doesn’t matter how good you are to someone, when they don’t want you anymore it’s over.

  30. “Doesn’t matter how good you are to someone, when they don’t want you anymore it’s over.”


    “its the end of tha world and still niggaz aint got no satisfaction” Eazy-E

  31. She looks cute, but people who have never been married have no idea how being legally married changes bitches. Trust me, I know. And it isn’t just me. All of a sudden your “ride or die” bitch is like “I don’t feel like it” “I need more money” “How come you ain’t like M\. X. Mr. X got blah blah blah.” And it doesnt even matter if you already got money. It is in a bitche’s nature to be dissatisfied.

    Told you brothers before. If you want kids, go ahead and get a cute bitch pregnant and just be willing to pay support and move the fuck on. DO NOT MARRY THESE BITCHES NO MATTER WHAT. Just make sure you can pay for the kids you create and stay the fuck single.

    Fuck these hoes. Cause they ALL hoes no matter what. You will learn that eventually and any man who has been married for any real length of time knows it too. Real.

  32. “Told you brothers before. If you want kids, go ahead and get a cute bitch pregnant and just be willing to pay support and move the fuck on. DO NOT MARRY THESE BITCHES NO MATTER WHAT. Just make sure you can pay for the kids you create and stay the fuck single.

    Fuck these hoes. Cause they ALL hoes no matter what. You will learn that eventually and any man who has been married for any real length of time knows it too. Real.”

    I definitely appreciate the honesty…but let’s flip this around for a second.

    do you feel the same way about the women in your family? cousins, sisters, daughters, aunties, grannies?

    do you really want men to look at the women in your family and say, “they ALL hoes no matter what”??

    • …And even more ‘racist people’ in the real world, tha majority of whom aren’t black, so what’s your point?

  33. The funny thing is, even if she is ‘old and fat’ at her age, she probably still looks better than many white women of her age, especially in Hollywood where a number of white women get that ‘Botox pucker’ look after repeated (And bad) plastic surgery.

    Ah, relentless self-hate for white approval and crumbs off their tables–Don’t you just love America?

  34. People change after 20 years. Regardless of what everyone else says… he appears to still be there… with her… and I saw a recent picture of them holding hands… so you can not analyze someone’s relationship when you don’t know anything about them. It could just be that SHE does not want to marry HIM. How about that?

  35. You assume that she wants to be married. It may be hard to grasp but she might not believe in marriage the way that the average person does. People think that a chick is sitting around waiting and dissapointed. Not always people.

  36. Don said to tell all you gossip-mongers and haters to kiss his jet black ass.

    He said to mind your forkane bizness and go wash your stinky armpits.

    Hate to berak it to ya’ll but I think he and his wifey are both fed up with the hating.

  37. This article is so ignorant. He’s embarrassed to be seen with her? I guess that’s why she guest starred on a few eoisodes if his show. And who says EVERY woman wants to get married? Maybe they feel content and happy in the relationship they have now. Again, this article is just somebody’s stupid speculation of a relationship they know nothing about.

  38. he got the God-awful nerve to talk about the next person’s looks tho. is he kiddin me? looking like a baby-chimpanze. and i like TheCheadleMan as an actor, but to talk about the next person’s appearance tho? should be a definite no-no and off limits with him at ALL TIMES. because i know he’s gotten picked on and teased for a great portion of his entire life for being ugly as all out-damn-doors. man please with this.