Dr. Arnold Klein Joins HSK Readership…


Dr. Arnold Klein Reads HollywoodStreetKing.com

HSK Exclusive – Michael Jackson’s longtime dermatologist reads HSK daily. Know why? Because he knows we rep The King of Pop, and knows Jacky’s The King Of Blogs. Don’t believe me.. Ask Raffles van Exel!


  1. In case anyone who has read my posts stating that Prince Michael is a dead ringer for his biological father Arnold Klein, please do not judge those words by the photos supplied for this article. Y’all all know that when you are having your wedding portrait done, or even selecting your class photo for the yearbook, you usually select THE most flattering, and in the case of bridal shots which will hang on your wall forever, even some airbrushing may be done.
    Trust me, Klein does not look like the larger very old picture. He does look somewhat like a tore up version of his Twitter photo I guess. Google him and you’ll see. His true face is quite broad, even a rounded square, much like PMJ’s. This reminds me of the Paula Abdul video back in the 90’s where they used a new technique to slenderize and stretch her body to make her thinner and taller! 🙂