Dr. Phil Full Of Himself? You Don’t Say…


Dr. Phil is a charlatan!

A Real Horrible Boss Exposed!

HSK Exclusive – Dr. Phil may profess to have “galvanized millions of people to ‘get real'” – but it appears he could really be the person in that equation in most need of a serious dose of reality. Don’t believe me? Just ask some of the people on the Paramount Studios lot who work for the television personality. Know why? Because they say Phil McGraw is a horrible boss — adding the good ‘doctor’ could be the biggest narcissist they know!

Sources exclusively tell HSK Dr Phil is the type of boss who misuses his power – said to often scream at his employees; insist they don’t stare into his eyes when speaking with him; and will go into a frenzy if anyone leans on his parked car.

Here’s the drop:

“Dr Phil is the biggest asshole to work for! He’s nothing like the person he portrays to be on television.

His staff hates him, he’s a grumpy old fart. He talks bad to people in his office, and his staff is not allowed to look him in the face while they speak.

Dude is a complete narcissist.

He parks his car in front of the studio – and if he sees anyone leaning on it, he rushes out screaming ‘Get off my car!’¬†People who work for Dr Phil, hate him.”


  1. That’s old news. Dr. Phil isn’t even a doctor and got his license revoked in Texas. He slept with one of his patients. His first wife spilled all the beans on what a major a$$hole Dr. Phil is. I’m surprised people still watch his crappy show.

      • what respons that? YES! really! phil mc graw is the one who needs help , he is a sad little narcistic person (no! not MAN!). He is a parasite who takes advantage of people who are willing to create some bizar problem for some money(most problems ar so out of this world, it just cant be real…well, maybe if you live in USA it can be…?, and for this little man’s ego boost. Phil doesnt know shit, only read a book with strong sounding phrases and decided to use them on tv. And see, you all went for it, he got a lot of people to actually believe the b.s he is spilling.

        • I have a friend who is high up at Paramount and they told me several years ago what a***** he is. They said that most people who work there feel the same way…

  2. they need to do a hidden camera on this jerk. The show is terrible anyway. If you need me to curse you out just call me @ 1800.482.STFU

  3. Lmfao look at me when I talk to ya don’t look at me who the fuck is he sounds like the rules at the private roof top restraunt soho lol who the fuck does that I’ll stare your ass down the next time I c you for wasting my fuckin time

  4. I can kinda feel Dr. Phil getting heated for people leaning on his car, but the only Dr. Phil I know is Dr. Phil Valentine.

  5. Read that Chris rock had an affair with Madonna. that’s why He nemed his daughter Lola (after Madonna’s daughter Lourdes) and that’s why Madonna named her son Rocko (after Chris).

  6. Real talk, I don’t want anyone leaning on my car, either, so I can’t fault the man for that. But I do believe the rest of the stuff they say about him.

  7. He’s a fake, RACIST, ambulance chaser. Anytime he has black people on his show, he makes them out to be villains and demons, no matter how lighthearted the topic is. His show was good when he first started but the curtain was pulled back on this Wizard of Oz after a few seasons. I don’t know why he’s still on the air.

    • Agreed, wholeheartedly.

      He recently had a show about a black man married to a white woman and the black man’s family was saying he was losing his identity since marrying this girl.

      They gave concrete evidence and Dr. Phil tried to make them look like demons while he made Missy Ann look like a saint.

      I’ve been done with his azz ever since.

  8. dr phil looks like hes an asshole off camera so this crappy story doesnt surprise me at all!! iWish his current wife would lay off the plastic surgery ,botox& pain killers tho. jus leave his ass & spill the beans!! the other day iWas watchin his show & it was about sharing responsibilities in a house hold. he said some long drawn out speach & turned to robin to co sign & she totally deaded his ass and told the truth! about how he would never wake up in the middle of the night,change diapers etc! lol..not perfect

    • And this proves he’s all about a paycheck, he doesnt practice what he preaches. Just another arrogant white guy on television making himself out to be all knowing. at the end of the day he’s not living his life any different than anyone except he’s a fraud and a fake. I stopped watching this clown many moons ago!

    • And…?? That doesn’t give him the right to treat people like shit. I rather have my dignity than a measly paycheck.

    • for those employees probably every minute a minute too long they have to be there. How happy are you to get up and go to see your shitty loser boss every day? Do a job you like but being cursed at by a person who needs help himself obviously. Its all fake. For a free plane ticket and a stay at a nice hotel people are willing to make up any story.

  9. I worked in Mae West on the show and don’t remember anyone not being allowed to look him in the face, this sounds like bullshit. And he parks his car right in front of the studio where he tapes as most talent on the shows can get such written into their contracts if they have decent agents. And incidentally, having a Ph.D does make you a Dr and I don’t think he ever claimed to be a medical doctor. You people have a really bad case of the “dumb asses”

    • No one has a case of the “dumb asses.” Phil McGraw has a Ph.D in philosophy of psychology. That makes him a “doctor of letters.”

      He never went to medical school to be a psychatrist, and he had his therapist license revoked in 1988 by the Texas State Board of Examiners. He never publicly corrects anyone who thinks he is a psychatrist. He cannot practice as a therapist. He also was investigated by the California Board for visiting Britney Spears and discussing her medical condition. He was deemed an “entertainer” not a therapist.

      • Wait, but I’m watching the show right now and one of the girls literally just said, “I know, Dr Phil, you’re a psychiatrist”- and Dr Phil told her to do her homework and said he wasn’t.

    • That phil dude is getting more rude with every show. Who does he think he is to curse at people on the international tv? Ever wonder what a real psychiatrist would think of phils sad life story? Mabe they have a room booked for him somewhere…walls padded with rubber.

  10. His name should be “Dr. Phony” my mom watches his show and tries to get me to. I just tell her time and time again “Turn Dr. Phony off…turn that crap off” LOL…. She knows he is, she just looks at it as entertainment. I get a little up tight when someone leans on my car, but all the other nonsense, is just what it is, nonsense and he needs to stop the madness and lose the “tude” or it will bite him in the ass one day.

  11. “Dr.” Phil is plain and simple a fraud. In this day and age of dumbed down, sensationalized, junk television it’s no wonder why hacks like “Dr.” Phil are so popular. Why do you think Jerry Springer, Maury Povich and Judge Jerk Judy are so popular? Because people’s standards for decent programming have changed. The trashier, the dumber, the more sensationalized, the more offensive the better today’s average bone head TV viewer will “value” it. At least on con-artist has been dumped from the air: Oprah Winfrey whose responsible for popularizing quacks like “Dr.” Phil and the other spacey hack Dr. Oz. It’s pathetic to think that there are so many Americans that actually take to heart and believe what “Dr.” Phil preaches on the tube. The man is an actor. And a shi^&* one at that. If the old cow Oprah hadn’t popularized this quack he’d be shoveling horse manure for a living.

  12. Geez, you people believe everything you read?!! Just because this crap is posted on a website, it’s automatically true?! You are all ignorant. Unbelivable.

    • And just because something is told to be true on a sensationalized reality TV show, doesn’t mean it is. Dr Phil is an immoral self-obsessed prick who makes money of the gullible sheeple of USA. Most of his shows are staged performances and his way of handling it wouldn’t be ok professionally. His indoctrinated mindset is basically: “God forbid if I ever sympathize with a fellow human being”. He disrespect his guests, his staff and his audience. He’s another Peter Popoff. Only money, ego and calculated tacticts to achieve money and ego has a value.

  13. I agree that Dr Phil is a hack a phony, a red neck, oddly anti male and panders to poorly educated polyester bells. If it was not for Oprah he would not be on TV further more the man was divorced from Debra just ask her if Dr Phil understands people. With that good ole boy schtick you need to get real ye haw.

  14. the reality is people who make up systems to ‘help’ others are the ones who have a different outlook on life who turn the tables in that psycho twist – only in order to control and take the easy way out. Dr.Phil is hollywood at it’s best. The pure reflection of fraud.

  15. I have been to five Dr. Phil show tapings over the years. Each time I have asked the ushers or pages who work there if they have met Dr. Phil, and every single one said no. That seems elitist and snobby, not to mention inconsiderate, to me, to not introduce yourself to the people who work on the sound stage where your show is taped. If I had a show I would introduce myself to everyone who works for me.

    I still watch Dr. Phil, and I do like him, but it surprised me to find out that he is so aloof and “above” the little people.

  16. “Dr. Phil” is a popular TV personality only because there are way too many people in the US who aren’t critical thinkers. They think that this man is some kind of grand mediator who has wondrous powers to fix faulty relationships, sibling rivalries and the power to fix a plethora of psychiatric disorders. Now if you bother to do a wee bit of research on “Dr. Phil” you’ll encounter a bevy of data displaying the facts about the man and what a fraud he truly is. He is not even a licensed therapist. His license was revoked in the state of Texas due to his romantic involvement with his very young secretary, and that he permitted his secretary to perform duties, on his patients, that only a licensed therapist was allowed to do. “Dr. Phil’s” academic background isn’t all that impressive since he graduated from an unaccredited university. If the average TV viewer would just open their eyes and do a little research abouth these TV “wonder docs” there’d be a little less dumb in this country.

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