Dr Tohme Tohme’s Extortion of Michael Jackson Exposed!


HSK Exclusive – The man who sources say helped to hone Raffles Van Exel’s fast-talking game used the very tools he passed along to his protege to blackmail the King of Pop.

HSK has exclusively learned that, while Michael Jackson was alive, Dr. Tohme Tohme used the late singer’s Propofol addiction as an extortion tool – threatening MJ he’d tell the world of his drug habits. Sources say that’s exactly how Tohme muscled his way into gaining control of all aspects of MJ’s life. It’s something we’re told Raffles Val Exel knows all too well.

Here’s what an insider recently revealed about the “doctor” who isn’t licensed to practice medicine:

“Dr. Tohme Tohme blackmailed MJ to become his manager…that’s when Tohme went into Neverland Ranch, took paintings and other property to Julien’s Auction and told them to sell it all.”

Michael freaked out and filed a lawsuit to get back his belongings. The Bentley Raffles Van Exel was seen driving last Wednesday in Los Angeles, with Dr. Tohme in the passenger seat, is part of that lawsuit.”

I asked my source how Michael paid Tohme, and here’s the response I got:

“Michael gave Dr Tohme Tohme $5 million to buy him a house in Las Vegas. Michael died and two months later. After his death, Dr Tohme Tohme purchased a house across from the Bel Air Hotel for $ 5 million. He paid for that home with cash. The Jackson Estate currently has Tohme in court, they want Michael’s money and belongings back, items Dr Tohme Tohme stole.”

Is Dr Thome Tohme expected in court facing the Jackson Estate on April 12th? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask Joe Jackson.

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Dr. Tohme Belaire Home

Dr. Tohme with Michael Jackson

Dr. Tohme with Michael Jackson


  1. WTF!!!
    Damn man these MoFos over in hollyweird are Ruthless.
    And Damn Jacky U Stay keeping my eyes wide open

  2. Jacky, the media reported that Tohme returned that $5 million after MJ died, so how could he have bought a house with it?

  3. ““I don’t want to talk about me,” he said. “I’m a nobody. I’m not important.”” Really?

    Said he works in the “world of finance” and is a “self-made man”. What high-level or other connections might he have? Or did he really just come out of nowhere to prey on Michael?

  4. never forget that the devil wears many diguises and will send out minions to attack when he wants.selling your soul is a term used loosely, and taken for a joke. he is going to wreak havoc until the last day.unfortunately Michael could not see the forest for the trees.. be wise. stay up jacky

  5. Poor MJ, that desire to be white and look at what kind of what he surrounded himself with. You can look at Tohme and see he ain’t much. Blacks better get some more self-love or continue to entertain the Raffles and Tohme’s who would be spit upon in their own country.

    • As far as I know, the rumor that Tohme’s sister was married to Randy Phillips of AEG has been debunked.

      • Do you have a link for who debunked this and when?

        Susan Etok’s blog gave case files for marriage and divorce in September 2009.

        • Susan Etok got that info from reading MJ fan boards, which is where she gets all her info about MJ, since she never knew him at all, and was never even in the same neighborhood as MJ at any time. Susan Etok is a con artist, like Raffles van Exel, who works with a tabloid writer trying to stir up drama and cash in on MJ’s name. Etok is a compulsive liar, who has changed her story many, many times since MJ died. Her credibility is zero. AS soon as MJ died, she filed a creditors claim with MJ’s Estate, which was, of course, denied; so after that, she cashed in by selling bogus stories about MJ to the tabloids.

          Etok is good at conning MJ insiders into meeting her for lunch, or whatever, and then she has a tabloid photographer hiding in the bushes to snap pics of her with celebs so as to fool people into thinking she’s an insider.

          That rumor about Tohme’s sister being married to Randy Phillips of AEG was started by an MJ fan who found people with similar names on Ancestry.com, but it wasn’t Tohme’s sister or Randy Phillips of AEG. I think the name of the woman had a different middle initial. So, I don’t have a link for you, but I’ve seen this rumor discussed and debunked many times in the online MJ fan community. The burden of proof is on whoever wants to check the marriage records on Ancestry.com.

          • Ohhhh, very interesting.. Thanks for the explanation. I thought we had some scandalous dirt on Tohme. I couldn’t find anywhere online saying the marriage claim was debunked, but I apparently didn’t look hard enough and now I’ve got some new reading to do.

            • You can go on Ancestry.com and research Tohme Ramez Tohme, and his relative (brother?) Charif R Tohme Sr., who is aprox 1 year older than him. I think one of Tohme’s wives’ last name was “Phillips” and her middle initial is “C.” You would have to compare her info to any info you could find on a sister of Randy Phillips, if he even has a sister. Tohme’s present wife is Wendy Mae Hiller-Tohme.

  6. There is a rumour that Jermaine’s wife is related to Thome but Jermaine denies it and so does his wife.. Hmmmm interesting.. Poor MJ could not trust anyone at all not even the family.
    Thome is a snake and now with Raffles connected the rabbit hole is getting bigger… Get he popcorn ready.

    • Halima Rashid is the one named by a Jordanian member of the Michael Jackson Fan Club site as Tohme Tohme’s cousin who was supposedly married to Jermaine.
      (Scroll down to the post for 28.08.2010 at 13:53, with screenshots.)

      And didn’t NOI have something to do with robbing Tupac and killing Biggie? Do the Kardashians fit in anywhere? The Persian Mafia? (just kidding – I think) What about the Sheik?

      Bahrain, Iran, Lebanon… Nation of Islam, and then there’s Jesse Jackson for a change of pace.

      • Why would this Jordanian MJ fan know anything about Halima Rashid’s family relations? Tohme is Lebanese, not Jordanian. Some MJ fans do good research and get insider info, but others are just nutty and start all kinds of rumors. Both Jermaine and Halima deny that she’s Tohme’s cousin, so if there’s any truth to it, we need proof.

        • It’s realistic and not far-fetched at all for people from different Arabic-speaking countries to be privvy to some of the same written (and sometimes spoken) information. There are people who have personal and professional business in more than one country in the Middle East (as in North America or Europe, people do travel within the same region).

          Someone from Jordan has a lot more chance to get the dirt in Arabic than I do! And I didn’t say Tohme was from Jordan, as I said Arabic speakers move amongst each other sometimes and not just limited to one country per community. I look under many stones, surprising things can be found from keeping an open mind, even from unconventional and unofficial sources (to then be followed up on). The fact that Susan would be known as a scammer is more information and tells a lot about scenes such as Michael’s.

          And if Jermaine has been shady at all, then naturally he might deny links that show a conspiracy. So, of course proof would be needed. Information gaps like that are where people like Jacky and whoever wants to start pulling documents and submitting FOIA requests come in.

        • Yes ..read alot about Jermaine introducing MJ to the Tohme Tohme and he met him trough his wife !! and what about this friend of Joe’s named IDA doing the perfume thing saying she talks with MJ all the time and that he is ALIVE doing great ???

  7. I believe that this me one that was in Man tohme tohme is the one that was in that house tHE night that michael die. I think that he had something to do with his death.(michael’s death)

  8. Luckily this has nothing to do with the illuminati. I’m sick of hearing he was killed by the illuminati! I know he wasnt. Many people are being misled. They need people to feed them instead of researching FACTS. If it sounds good they believe it. If the mass produce this garbage it must be true. Pay attention to more obvious things. Michael had a lifetime to run and hide from the illuminati and he never did. He wasn’t afraid of them, on the contrary. He used his celebrity for the good and was powerful and brave enough to expose and fight back. Illminati feared him lolz. Illuminat=tabloid get it? This is something to bite into.

    • MJ was very afraid and told many of his close friends and family members over the years that “they” were going to kill him for his song catalog, and his friends and family have stated this publicly.

      Haven’t you heard the recording of MJ telling Dieter Weisner that he was afraid and needed an off-shore bank account so he could leave the country because he and his family were being stalked and he feared for their safety?

      Haven’t you read civil rights activist, Dick Gregory’s, accounts or seen his interviews on TV, of how MJ clung to him in terror saying, “They’re going to kill me” and Gregory had to take MJ to the hospital for dehydration, but MJ was even so terrified of going to a local hospital he would only let Gregory take him to one outside of LA.

      Have you ever listened to “Stranger In Moscow” or “They Don’t Really Care About Us” or looked at the artwork on the “Blood On The Dance Floor” album?

      If MJ wanted to stay in the entertainment industry, he couldn’t run from “them” because “they” control it, finance it, run it.

      MJ often couldn’t tell who was dangerous to him, and who was trustworthy, hence his association with Tohme and other crooks who took advantage of him.

      You need to look much deeper into things.

      • I don’t need to look into anything. I am not denying that Illuminati exists. Deiter phucked Micahel over just as much as the rest of the idiots he had surrounding him. Dick Gregory did as well. I think it is you who needs to do some research, I know enough and have for many many many many years. When Michael was talking about running away he wasn’t referring to the Illuminati. Can I prove it to you? That’s Michael’s business. But PROVE that it was the illuminati out to get him. Can’t.

        • Your comments prove how little you know about Michael Jackson. I’ve been a fan of MJ for at least 40 years, and I can tell when someone only jumped on the “fan wagon” after MJ died.

  9. Guys, “Dr.” is a title for people who hold a Ph.D not for people who are medical doctors. The Dr. title before that freak’s name never meant that he was a medical doctor.

    • @girl, that’s true. But one of the search results that comes up on Ancestry.com for Tohme Ramez Tohme has and “MD” after his name, so he must have claimed he was a medical doctor on some document.

  10. Could Michael have been kept under guard as a prisoner of this man ?? and was threatened by him maybe thats why his cell number was changed all the time..so no one could call and help MJ when he said he was in DANGER??? him and his children??? WHY wasnt he in court during the trial with Conrad?? sounds like Tohme Tohme is a dangerous man ???


  12. Wow America, you just did it again, another great person died because you were jealous about his fame. Shame on you assholes!

  13. I think he is never going to reveal himself to the world because he is afraid that someone is going to GET HIM and, you know, the same shit is going to happen because of you, fucking America, it is also the same with every other country, they fuck it up whenever they see him. I can’t believe that he does not even know that I exist! ;( I’d tell him: “Hey Mr Jackson, wouldn’t you like to come to our apartment and live here in Germany until you feel better ? We could also play some UNO or some other German boardgames .” … yeah, I guess no one ever asked him “how are you?” because nobody gives a shit about his feelings, they just wanna see how his dust particles move in an awesome way. You just make me SICK!