Drake Bails On Kentucky To Jock UConn Champs!


Your Fav Gay Rapper Drake Drakes NBA Crush

Drake showed up repp’in all Wildcats everything at yesterday’s final game of March Madness 2014. But it wasn’t long before Degrassi Boy B-lined over to the Huskies’ locker room, reportedly cruisin’ the NCAA champs! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Chubbs!

“After the UConn vs Kentucky NCAA Championship game, pics surfaced of Drake hanging out with UConn locker room and Twitter went all the way in.”

Drakes Love For Jocks

Here’s the latest from SBNation:

“No, Drake didn’t quickly put on a UConn shirt.. although it woulda been funny. Drake’s shirt is actually a James Young logo, as James Pennington explains…

James Young is a freshman who plays for Kentucky, and he has his own personal logo, which is hilarious because he’s a college freshman who has his own logo. He debuted it when he committed to Kentucky, and he’s worn it occasionally throughout the year. I have no idea why he has his own logo, but he has expressed interest in having his own clothing line in the future, so maybe that’s why. You can tell the U-shape actually spells out “JY1.” He wears No. 1.”



    • I thought that…I always found his obsession weird and more so he wants to be her than a fan of her…I’m sure when Halloween rolls around in private he throws on a black swoop bang wig and Swish’s right on beat..limp wrist and all….

  1. he one of the fakest rappers I ever seen in my 30 sumthing years that’s why I can’t get into his music I just don’t believe him other than being a neo soul singer

  2. this nigga want a athlete dick so bad its pathetic if no one can see how gay he is and downlow he don’t want Rhianna he wants dick and she too dumb and naive too see that shit all niggas she ever dated seem sus

  3. Those Canadians love jocking the US and our sports. The NCAA has ZERO to do with Canada, but they watch it because it is the US and OUR thing. I don’t want to hear about Drake’s pops, Drake is Canadian – and gay.

  4. Only thing that matters is the reoccurring allegations on his faggety ass. And yeah he is one of the fakest mtfs ever in the music industry I know that by never hearing one of his songs.