Drake Clowns Homeless Man!


Drake Feels No Empathy

HSK Exclusive – Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham can act all the street he wants, but dude’s Silver Spoon upbringing is shining. Know how? The Forest Hill, Toronto fake emcee — whose lyrical content includes anything but The Struggle — recently got kicks out of clowning a homeless man.

Drake Teases Homeless Man

It all went down in NYC — about three-hours after Mr. October’s Very Own wrapped the performance of “We Made It” at the Revolt Super Bowl party.

Here’s what the unnamed man had to say:

“N*gga, I like to laugh but I ain’t no clown.”

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  1. Homeless man has a better rap voice than Fake Drake. Instead of clowning, maybe he should offer to clean him up and turn him into the next ODB. Since he likes attention so much, maybe he can turn it into a reality show. Fake Drake can have the Farnsworth Bentley role in a remake of “From Gs to Gents: Homeless Editon.”

    • I agree. Not only did he not help him he made fun at his expense? U gotta b an asshole to find that funny.

  2. Drake the fake is uppity . Look at the old video of him asking his mother for his tuna bagel. U can tell he wanted to throw a tantrum. . He uses his black side to say the word nigga . His jewish side to get business deals . The real drake is the one u see when he’s on Ellen and jimmy Fallon . The man is fake

    • ROTFL at a tuna bagel. You just helped a lot of groupies gain the way to Aubrey’s heart via his stomach.

  3. I just wish all celebrities and athletes would stay off Twitter and IG. Their stupidity and desperation is a huge turn off.

  4. That Bum should have clowned that niggaz cookie monster looking eyebrows,then Drakeshia would have come out doing windmill’s

  5. That Bum should have clowned that niggaz cookie monster looking ass,but then Drakeshia would have jump out doing windmills screaming “hold me back”


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