Drake’s Cocaine Lorraine Curve Ball Exposed As Gay Cover-Up!



    HSK Exclusive – Don’t think for one second that spiel about Drake ‘accidentally’ posting a ‘direct message to model Cocaine Lorraine’ for all of Instagram to see is true. Know why? An insider tells HSK the post was nothing more than Drake undertaking damage control duty in an attempt to squash word of him being gay.

    Here’s what ‘Champagne Papi’ published, then deleted from Instagram:


    Here’s what the Village Voice previously reported about Drake:

    “Drake came out in his “Hold On, We’re Going Home” video and nobody noticed. Although the video is probably an unrealistic symbolization of Drake’s actual sexual drive and performance, the gesture being made to the world is clear: “Hi, I’m Drake. And I’m no longer hiding. Hold on, we’re going home … to a place where we’re free to be ourselves.”

    Did Breezy previously blast Drake for being gay, urging October’s Very Own to come out the closet? Of course … Just ask Spike Lee.


    1. I think Drake likes gay sex, but he’s bi. He likes girls too. Summa these clowns get turned out by the industry, but then really start liking it.Drake is a cornball anyway.*shrugs*

      • Leave my ideal husband alone. Y’all can’t stand to see a black man winning so you try to tear him down just because he’s not a rough neck nigga from the hood and he’s not afraid to show his true soft side he gotta be gay. Get a life. He’s the type of man you take to meet your mom or you’d want your son to be like.

        • You mean because he frequents prostitutes and supports strippers by his own admission. And did you hear what he said about that white ball player he was tweeting back and forth. If your mom is down with that kinky shit she’s a lot more open minded than mine

          • @Anon if he supposedly did say that how come he’s always dating black women? You tried it honey. Wow you guys really dislike this man that much to go out of your way to make up things he supposedly said just sad.

            • Tried what, lovebunny? Are you implying strippers and hookers are always black? Cuz that ain’t what I said. Haha…Looks like You the one tried it, lol. Go head, show him to your mama. Andwith any luck, some alchohol and no condoms you can have a son just like him.

              • I’d love to have his babies of course after marriage 🙂 you seem to know a lot about him so please school me? Since you’re his boxers and know if he uses condoms or not

              • Marriage? Now I know why you call yourself hopeless.
                My advice? A strapon and booty shots. Because chances are your ass is as flat as your wit.
                Btw I didn’t say he uses condoms or not. I’m just schooling your groupie ass on how to get a drake look alike baby, heffa

    2. Lol…its his mix heritage. The black man in him like the stripper hoes w fat asses. And the joooo side of him…well we know what they like. Booty of another sort!

      • Yeah, because there were black gay men in Ancient Rome, upon which Western Civilization is founded. Try again, Troll.

        • Lol…love it! I remember that thread. The troll insisted there were no blacks in ancient Greece…but look at all the homosexuality later Greeks the ones that actually looked yt glorified. Hahaha ,you tell him Raheim.

        • Totally Raheim. Ancient Rome and Greece wrote the book on men using pretty youngish boys as the source of their sexual pleasure.

          BUT, I have to say that, with the exception of the Lavender Gay Mafia which runs Hollywood, the great majority of Joos are straight and into their family.

          That is the one thing I admire about them. Well, that and the fact that they bind together in a cohesiveness that we unfortunately do not(yet.)

          • Hey Christa…luv reading your posts but I have to call you on this one…….A lot of them joos are repressed sexually and go outside their marriage to get their groove on. And if the men are repressed I can just imagine how their women are.

          • Homosexuality didnt come on the scene in Rome until the cauasian appeared. There was a lot of different cultures pouring into a once all black rome, hence blak men and white women mixed heavily. Rome wasnt gay until

      • Now I see why you have a tagname unlearned……. Learn something……anything…A Mind is a terrible thing to waste……for shame

        • Funny how the Little Racist Troll That Couldn’t is nowhere to be seen after being put into submission with cold, hard facts. They all kill me professing to hate blacks so much, yet going where blacks are and talking shit, only to back down like the little bitches they are once we talk back. Hell, even SB/Brains/’Al Sleet’ would’ve had at least another lame, self-important quip in the face of defeat before disappearing back into banality.

          To paraphrase Snoop ‘Anything for a check’ Dogg: “…Damn, they don’t make racist Trolls like they used to” lol

    3. Now that’s some inversion for you. A white guy claiming black men ate the latent gays ate like Yall claiming Mile long Cameltoe invented twerking.
      You don’t even believe that shit. You just said it to be controversial.Lame as fukkkkkkkk

      • Are…before you quik tryta make it about spelling. Let me be clear. Yts love the gay shit and inverting things to twist truth. Now, that’s what I said, punk

      • C’mon now. Ain’t nobody ever said that Miley Cyrus was anything but a jacker of Black culture.

        If you can even call twerking a form of culture.

        • TMZ said she invented twerking. As did access hollywood. They are dead wrong but she does get credit where nine is due

    4. The Real Story

      The blackmen that we see in hip-hop, hollywood, and sports play their position. Again, we think it’s about entertainment. Hip-Hop has been promoting the gay agenda ever since gangsta-rap came on the scene. Blackmen telling other blackmen to hate women, jail and prison is cool, and so forth. We’ve been in denial about this bs, they ain’t hidin’ jack. If a blackman does not love the black female form, it speaks for itself. Blackmen think they can continue hiding behind other women, cultures, movements…Who’s The Fool?


      • I never understood why a man would tell another man to suck his dick. That’s the gayest shit ever! I would never tell a bitch to eat my p*ssy. Ugh!

    5. anybody down with baby and lil wayne are questionable
      i even question nicki minaj boyfriend sarfaree

    6. &&& wen did Chris Brown say Drake was GAY?? link please. callin him a FAG or somethin like that doesnt count.

    7. &&& wen did Chris Brown say Drake was GAY?? link please. callin him a FAG in anger or somethin like that doesnt count.

    8. All in all, I see Drake as a pretty harmless entity.
      He seems like he just wants to be in the game…he doesn’t want to be LeBron.

    9. So according to the blogs, Drake, Dre, Diddy, Nelly, Luda, Wayne, Baby, Bow Wow, Jay-Z, Kanye, and etc. are all either gay/bi. Who are the straight rappers?

      • They don’t exist. They’ve all had to suck some joo dick,or be a bottom bitch to-some industry joo to get put on.

    10. . y does it matter… if it ain’t you and its not affecting i than stop being so hatefull people. that’s y gay crimes racism and other hate crimes continue..cuz noone can stop talking bout it. who cares if he is or not gay… and unless he says it with his own mouth that he is gay…no one can say that for him…can’t stand people who got to talk shit bout others for no reason… gay or not black or white.. who cares… they r all people sheez… irritating hearing everybody hating…

    11. Excuse my spelling lol… but honestly… if he wasn’t famouse qoyld anyone care if he was gay or not? None of yall f*cking him. Bit guess what yall know who he is… he dnt knw any of yall nor does he care bout what any of us think.. he still gets publisity for it..probly more so if yall think he’s gay ..lol.. stop talking crap bput people… everyone got feelings… and if any of yall got dark sicrets yall wouldnt want anyone to ait online and call u names bout it..specially if they dnt knw the truth or the hole story.


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