Drama Between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey


Nick Cannon Cheating on Mariah
HSK Exclusive – Sources say tension between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey is brewing, after the Grammy Award-winning songstress discovered Little Nicky has been cheating.

According to our tipster, Cannon has a side piece intern at Sirus/XM Radio – an entity which once employed Cannon. Now, insiders say Nicky fought to get out of his contract – an agreement which stipulates he reps the station through monthly club appearances. Nicky has since got his wish.

Insiders say that’s why Cannon has a DJ’ing gig, scheduled for this evening at Vegas’ club Chateau, that isn’t gonna happen. The reason? We’re told Cannon claims it’s because he’s sick. So, it’s not coincidental that Cannon’s contract with the station includes medical clauses.

Looks like Mariah is now keeping lil Nicky locked on a ball and chain. Don’t you agree…more importantly, do you even care?


  1. Everyone knows that Mariah has only been in shape for about 6 months since she was in her early 20’s and that was about 50 years ago. LOL. Of course Nick’s gonna cheat & he’s a fool for marrying that damn drunken lunatic any-fkn-ways. Good luck with that Nick.

  2. you bunch of jackasses this is what any aring wife would do if their husband hand been having the same health issues Nick has been. Mariah doesn’t want to be left a widow with young children like Elizabeth Taylor was when Mike Todd was killed in a plane crash in March 1958. he ain’t cheating on her Nick isn’t that type having a friend that happens to be a female doesn’t mean she’s a mistress

  3. Nick isn’t the type to cheat…then why did he admit cheating with every Gf he’s had and said a direct apology to Christina Milian? If I was him, dealing with Mariah’s needy ass..If I couldn’t cheat i’d be an alcoholic…I’m sure he’s dipped out..YOU just wouldn’t know about it

  4. So let me get this straight Whitney just died..we all know it was suspect…we all k iw how they portray artist etc..& we are still gonna sit here and call Mariah Carrey names? No one listened to Dave Chappelle, the poor women is caught up in the music biz we all know what the handlers, enablers do..keep them loopy..but we fall back in the cycle an act like we know nothing and start bashing another mega artist..who will most likely be snuff out the day before some award show…
    Some of y’all really need to no read stuff and let it fall out ur head the next day.

  5. Nick isn’t the type to cheat???? He has a dick doesn’t he? I wouldn’t be surprised if he is cheating. Mariah is a handful and treats him like a child instead of a man. The interview they did together a couple of months ago made me feel bad for Nick. He has sense, she doesn’t.

  6. Nick is her handler and Mariah is under Monarch programming. Why do you think she loves butterflies so much?

  7. oh well!! I actually like this couple. I hope they work it out, they have to keep it together for “dem” babies. Mariah is another one they love to pick on, no matter what she does. I tend to believe the powers that be love to choose certain artists to shine the light on, she is NOT the only loopy entertainer, but the tabloids never chase people like lady gaga, who seems to be loopy and weird, they portray someone like her, Madonna, Angelina Jolie etc. as normal. We are living in the Twilight Zone.

  8. Seems like there is a correlation between kidney disease and cheating. George Lopez, Tracy Morgan and now Nick Cannon.

  9. Like Hollywood couples of yesteryear, I think this couple was joined together like Rock Hudson’s marriage. Nick isn’t gay, but they needed someone to handle Mariah. I also don’t believe she lost all that weight after given birth. I think that Jenny Craig commercial was done BEFORE she got pregnant. Every time I see them together I keep thinking facade.. just like Heidi and Seal’s marriage…its just a facade.

    • I wonder how many marriages in Hollywood are arranged (I always believed Jay-Z and Beyonce’s marriage was arranged as well). Although I like Nick and Mimi together because the balance each other, but they are ODD.

  10. @hmmm so cosign that!! I have never bought jay and bey either. She seems too phony for him and as for nick and mariah,idk what to say about that horror show. Nick is her bitch-I knew that when she made him hold her gum when she was being interviewed at the oscars last year and trust this-that baby ain’t his! How he gonna make a baby when he sleeps down in the basement by the water heater. Nick has three jobs in that relationship-organize her shoes,polish the bentley and keep the kitchen clean. Yes nick you’ve made your cot in the basement and now you must lie in it-alone. Bitch.

    • “How he gonna make a baby when he sleeps down in the basement by the water heater.”


      She does treat him like a runaway slave. LMAO!!! Someone said that Mariah was probably slowly poisoning Nick and that’s why his kidneys are failing. LMAOOO!!

  11. @hmmm-yes she is! Funny how he didn’t have any health issues until he married her. Munchausen syndrome-its not just for babies anymore.

  12. A wife has to do, what a wife have to do. I can’t knock her for trying to keep her non- penalized sex life active with her hubby. Only a fool would want to share her man. Besides she knew what she was getting into, (laughing) she is a Cougar ….she has her work cut out for her. Shoot, she beter had lost that baby weight . Christina is a gorgeous young lady; I would hate for Nick to have regrets.

  13. Any thing worth having requires work! Sometime pride needs to be set aside and perseverance needs to take the wheel. The African-American family is especially deficient ideology; mainly, because of our unwillingness to put in extra to achieve are desired results. I strongly believe that one must constantly endeavor if one wants to succeed! Shout out to Kobe’s wife for auxillary

  14. Do all you can to help with maintaining that sacred union, then if he messes up ( which he probaly will) then you can throw in the towel with grace, knowing you gave it your all! …And yea, Hmmm I believe that bey and jay’s relationship is authenic bc he puts her through too much for it not to be. I she had to be in a fake marriage , should’nt she get someone cuter like Usher?

    • Nope! It’s all about money and marketablity. I find it extremely strange that so many celebrity babies are being artifically made (ie in vitro fertilization producing twins and using surrogates) and the kids are being turned over to Hollywood early. Baby Jesus/Blue Ivy will be worth a fortune.

  15. Understandably, Kwan, alert me when u find him. Until enjoy your cold bed and dinner for one. (not trying to be mean) Nothing is set in stone, there are many methods to having a monosgamos marriage. Single parenting sucks, I need a helpmate….to each is own.

  16. who wants to be if that person wants to give up a love one or their booty hole much power to them!!! however no one called mariah any names and everyone is not put on this earth to be an artist,but since she wanted to be in the limelight and work with the country corporations,she’s a product now sitting on the shelf so therefor she will be critiqued don’t like it,tough,cause theres millions of people going in on her and her wives all year long!!! takt dat take dat, mrs mariah carey!!

  17. no nick cannon is the victim rhianna and chris are victims ike and tina were victims. nas and kelis were victims……. = melanin.. not allowed to love eachother. public mind control.. mad black women. its a war for our genes and blood basically modern slavery. read a book. our women don’t get raped anymore but we giving our genes to redbones ie: necks… you don’t know what you got til its gone.. read a book my precious people mentally you are becoming a product of your environment your environment was made by whites media : whites. Huemans never plotted on anyone.. mad black women more like hurt goddess hurt mother of sun. and how about MAD MEN. ps Mariah Carey kind of scary. save CHRIST

    • Uhhhh ?? I’m sorry can you break down the abov post because it don’t make no sence to me break it down ????