Draya Michele Accused of Bouncing From Club-Booking & Droppin’ Fag-Bombs



Draya Michelle is at the center of allegations claiming she pulled a straight jack on promoters who reportedly booked her to make an appearance at on West Hollywood Nightclub.

According to a noted ‘hostess at Penthouse Nightclub’… “Draya accepted a $2.5K deposit, was obligated to show and the club lost money when a disappointed crowd simply left the club.”

“When she arrived she looked at the crowd and said she didn’t want to waste her time with fags and dikes.. and left.”

Here’s the latest:

“Draya says she never even showed up to the club that night…. she had called them to cancel because she was sick. She says the club owner threatened to trash her in the media for being a no show, and didn’t make the homophobic comment being claimed.

She also says she’d entertain her LGBT fans on another night … at a different club.”

Did Draya bring a few of her girlfriends to an all girl nightclub in West Hollywood, which was featured on BBWLA? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Just ask Shaunie.



    • This is dumb. She’s bi so I HIGHLY DOUBT ithat she used the term “fag” the way it’s being pumped up to be. Even though it is an ugly word period and nobody should be saying it– get real. It’s coming from Draya (-____-) lmfao.

  2. Draya is a freak! She could careless about that mess, besides everything she does seems to be about money, even her gayness. I don’t blame her, gay clubs are just sick.

    • Gay clubs are sick, but Draya eats p*ssy like niggas eat chicken. Where is there logic in that? Going to a club doesn’t mean you participate the lifestyle. Participating in the lifestyle is what makes her gay or bisexual, since Draya seems to go wherever the wind blows. THAT’S sick and disgusting — having no respect for yourself, your body or your child that you’ll f*ck and suck anything for a buck.

  3. She better run if that tatted up butch you posted is the promoter. She has some guns! Look like a lil linebacker.

  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s on the wrong side of her ex infamous boyfriend hitlist because if you’re in the right spot w/ your foot in the door & don’t do what is required or who is required then you’ll get your ankle cut right the fuck off from the inside of the door & if you’re that chick or THAT DUDE that’s already slimed his way past the door HE or she will shut that motherfucker on your ass w/ all his connections w/o lifting a finger

  5. Draya is ugly inside and out. She’s a bad mother at that for leaving her son home alone to go out and strip. I hope this duck face goes away because you dont mess with the gay mafia.

    • the gay mafia only has as much pull as they’re allowed to have. if everyone pretends the gay movement isn’t intolerant then they’ll continue their insensitivity to those who don’t support their garbage. i say stand up and take the fight to them by any means. not with violence but with the truth. firstly, i’d take pictures and vids of them in their natural habitat. they’re degenerates and ill in the head so they’ll behave that way. the key is to photog everything they do, keep a record then put it all together in a montage when some one of the sjw says there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality.

      • meh. Gays in groups are a sight to behold though. They’re the rowdiest, brashest of degenerates; easily the filthiest group of people you’d ever see. Hows about you take a few photogs of their parades and compare said photogs with other gatherings. being a neck beard virgin though, I’d give ms what’s her face a good licking, dicking, and lovin’. But only after marriage though; i’ve waited this long to get my tongue and dick funky, might as well do it the right way.

        • I’d hate for you to go from being a “neck beard virgin” to having herpes in your mouth and on your penis, along with other STDs. I’m not mad at you lusting after Ciara and Draya. You may want to do just a tad bit of research about women like Draya should you ever decide to approach her in person. I don’t want the CDC to quarantine you.

          As for the gay parades, puff, puff, pass. I don’t see anything celebratory about grown men dressed like teenaged girls. Daisy Dukes, bustiers, colorful wigs, thigh high boots and the like don’t look right on 6’4″, 300 lb. burly men.

          • oh you. But yeah, homosexuals are some of the gaudiest of degenerates. To be honest I have no idea who Draya is and i don’t watch network tv. Television has become so corrosive morally that I and my immediate siblings usually stay away from network television, save for Fox News. I guess it’s back to battling masturbation. And men and women who insist on pretending to be and have characteristics of the opposite sex should be medicated, given shock therapy or both.

            • Seeing as how we all have at least one -x chromosome, wouldn’t we all be subject to your suggestion of shock therapy or meds?

              I was convinced when I saw you post for the first time yesterday that you’re a troll. You’re a very witty troll, but a troll nonetheless. Good luck battling masturbation.

  6. What do you expect when you try to turn d*ck sucking & f&cking star groupies turned reality stars into celebrities? She is what and who she is..and that ain’t a class act..You get what ya pay for!

  7. It’ s being time for this diseased infested 15 minutes of fame to come to an end.

    ***OFf TOPIC****
    What’s up with all this coverage/ revelations about Robin Williams? It’s as if there is a cover up in the making.

  8. i believe her she was sick i mean why would she flake she got paid so shes gonna produce she used to be a stripper they produce….and why would she use gay slander and shes bisexual that really dont make no sense…..

  9. sport players have fans not reality stars #ijs#alwaystwosidestoastory….. hating???? cus the elf got more money than u

  10. Dis bitch is a nobody on a bullshidd azz reality show no damn change making hoe take ur azz get lost

  11. “I just don’t get the fascination with this chick. She looks like Odie from Garfield.”

    Not Odie…ROFL