Draya Michelle Aspires to Fill Heidi Fleiss’ Shoes!


Draya Playing Pimp

HSK Exclusive- Draya Michelle was recently spotted in Sin City, soliciting her girlfriends for sex!

It all went down Sunday, outside of Pearl nightclub. That’s where sources say the Basketball Wives reality tv personality was clearly playing pimp, adding “Bitch thinks she’s Heidi Fleiss“.

Here’s what my insider had to say about it:

“Draya is trying so hard to be a black Heidi Fleiss. Sunday at the Pearl night club inside of the Palms, she was overheard saying ‘no one can talk to my girls, unless they talk to me first. They have to pay to play’. Jacky, she’s pimping out her entire crew!”

Is Draya Michelle infected with the herpes virus? Of course she is! Don’t believe me.. Ask Ray J.


  1. Draya is so pretty and sometimes beauty can be a curse. She has involved herself with the wrong people and she will do whatever it takes to keep money in her pocket.

  2. People talk about AIDS, being “THE MONSTER” but the real monster is HERPES….

    Herpes is actually a real disease with never ending consequences…

    AIDS, on the other hand is just a scare tactic to bait uneducated and ignorant people to take poisonous pharmeceuticals….The main target being fertile black women of reproductive age…They want to make sure, if the Messiah is to come through you as pr4edicted, that this savior will wind up in some abortionists garbage bin or in the rectum of another male.

    • The real matter is that man does not control this in the first place. God is always steps ahead. The messiah will come as it is intended. No one can control this. Only God knows.

  3. bout that life? stfu wit the whack ass fucking sayin .. when we talkin gangsta shit ^^ you aint bout that life.. what that means? you not going to jail for years you will remain a free person.. or does it mean you not gonna sell drugs live large for a couple months or years and get killed or get locked up? Yea you ain’t bout that dumb ass life.. When we talkin hoes… what that means? you ain’t out there selling the only thing people cant take ..the only thing you must give? which is your dignity.. yea you ain’t bout that dumb ass life.. when we talkin fighting.. what that means? you aint gonna fight some corny ass bitch that wanna fight for tv .. or for props ..to be down or for some straight bullshit.. yea you aint bout that whack ass life… damn if you ain’t bout that life i guess you one of the WISE ones.. a dying breed.. I lead not follow..

    • yeah I don’t think she gone save no souls here. I came here to chat and hear the real talk. Sunday I will go to church.

  4. look at these insecure women with these fake butts!!!all of them got linebacker shoulders,lil do they know women with bodytypes like theirs, top heavy, dont have butts. They need to learn to love themselves instead of hurting their bodies.

      • then your butt must sit just like sinbad,high & straight up in the air or either you’re fat!!! cause the only shape with broad shoulders with butt are hourglass figures,so if you’re an hourglass figure then you should have hips and big breast, cause hour glass figures are built like SERENA,see my response to FEEZY below.

        • Are you a scientist or something??? If you are *sarcasm*, you have a weak theory. Hourglass figures don’t have the monopoly on ass. I’m from the south and grew up in the 70’s-80’s. And I’ve seen ALL shapes of women with big asses. The women in my family, for one example, have broad shoulders, big ass, NO hips and big breasts. And we are well proportioned. Hips don’t make a woman.
          Quit salivating at the hood magazines/blogs with the eye candy sections. IT”S ALL FANTASY… get with what’s real.

      • (Cont.) and thighs look proportionate. No gut in sight. She might have fake tits and loose morals but the visuals are on point. She badd

      • sorry boo i see alot of surgery in this pic !!!pear shapes have small shoulders, lil to no breast, small curvy waistlines and round hips and thighs and none of them are shaped like a pear,trina the rapper is a perfect example of a pear shape. Serena is a perfect example of what an hourglass figure look like, big breast and shoulders but small curvey waistline with round hips and butt. these chicks aren’t built which is why you see all this plastic,low self esteem much???!! i don’t know what you’re looking at but i went to school for fashion and all students have to learn about bodytypes to understand how & why all clothes aren’t made for everyone.

        • Look here sweetheart I could give 2 shits about your fashion degree because Devry doesn’t impress me. I’m a heterosexual man so I automatically have a Doctorate in women’s figures because I notice and pay attention to women. You come out the gate spewing hate on these chiks that you know nothing about, and I’m pretty sure all three would jog laps around your looks in comparison. Now clean ur lil comments up because linebacker shoulders would be a Serena type not the three above. Like I said no gut, proportionate, cute face, nice tiddays, nice visuals.

  5. You can literally see the needle marks in all their butts where that Dominican transvestite injected them with that industrial grade polyurethane at the Motel 6 in Hackensack, NJ for $650…

  6. *Sarcasm*

    Why not? I mean, they may not bring back BBQ Wives L.A. since somebody’s putting a dent in their advertising. Plus, it’s still hard to make a living out here (LA) and since Megan Good got a steady job on a network TV show, maybe she’ll sell Draya her alleged stable.

  7. my nigga, I thought everybody knew about Dray Dray… this sexy little bitch has been tossed around and YEA she’s doin the madame thing.. BUT I don’t condone being a Madame and hoeing yourself..THAT DEFEATS THE PURPOSE!!!!!!

    • Saniyyah pimp’d her so now she’s trying to pimp hoes , but the game aint what it use to be, nor did Saniyyah make anything off of her ..Far too many giving it up for $50….Oh , and Draya gave Allen Iverson and Kenyon Martin that package ..Her and Hoops been passing that shit around since the early 2000’s

  8. All I know that DRAYA is about the ugliest name I’ve ever heard. And then they threw Michelle on like it helps that shit out. lol. NOT. Girl change your name and your nasty ways. All this whoring just don’t make no sense.

  9. Like TLC would say Silly Ho. I don’t like draya when she was on BWWLA she’s fake. Herpes is common like the cold. A porn actress said it common to get herpes in the industry. You cannot die from Herpes but you can die from HIV.

  10. the real art of pimping and selling pu–y, iz when the tricks dont know you selling and they”re buying. If u dont believe me ask shaunie o’ neal.

  11. I suspect that this chick got Chris on that “white girl” or gave him the package. They both lost ALOT of weight. Both of them have been getting around town in their careers. Inquiring minds wanna kno…