Dres Blasts Kanye!


Kanye West Hates Black People
Kanye West is Gay

“Kanye West does not like black people.” ~Dres, Blacksheep

One day after Dres caved, deleting a tweet hinting Kanye West doesn’t have the fever for female flavor, the Blacksheep rapper is back at calling dude out. This time, in a no holds barred blast!!!

Here’s what Dres tweeted about Kanye West:

“Kanye West does not like black people. Drops mic… makes coffee.

Besides not being crazy bout his music… I don’t agree with the message he sends our people.. at all…I hoped him to be a better artist.

And having a child with the biggest media whore of our generation..
literally and figuratively…what a horrible message to young ladies.”

Did Kanye West take a known whore just to use her name, and their soon-to-be born child, for his heterosexual facade? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kris “The Pimp” Jenner.

Dres Blacksheep vs. Kanye West

Dres vs Kanye


    • Umm excuse me DR DRE but your wife is white! So really do you have room to talk? Pot calling the kettle black! Hmmm…As for Kanye Kartrashian we must give silence to his media frenzy and music. I challenge you all not buy his music or anything that he has endorsed! Since he doesn’t like black people! GTFOH and both of you have a freakin seat! I mean really! #Simplesimonselloutniggas=Dre and Kanye

  1. I dont know why,…?? But to me it always looks like Kanye has a mouth full of shit, or comes from the chimpanzee family. Maybe he storing nuts in them jaws of his or something. Dude aint all that!! As a matter of fact, I think he’s an asshole, just like the President said. Speak yall.

  2. Feels sooo good #blacklove.

    That there, is what happens when a Black man cares. Following @Dresblacksheep Best posts on Twitter!!

  3. My momma was raised in an era when,
    Clean water was only served to the fairer skin
    Doing clothes you would have thought I had help
    But they wasn’t satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself.
    You see its broke nigga racism
    That’s that “Don’t touch anything in the store”
    And there’s rich nigga racism
    That’s that “Come here, please buy more”
    What you want a Bentley, fur coat and diamond chain?
    All you blacks want all the same things
    Used to only be niggas now everybody play me
    Spending everything on Alexander Wang
    New Slaves

    You see it’s leaders and there’s followers
    But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower

    You see it’s leaders and there’s followers
    But I’d rather be a dick than a swallower

    [Verse 2]
    I throw these Maybach keys
    I wear my heart on the sleeve
    I know that we the new slaves
    I see the blood on the leaves
    I see the blood on the leaves
    I see the blood on the leaves
    I know that we the new slaves
    I see the blood on the leaves
    They throwing hate at me
    Want me to stay at ease
    Fuck you and your corporation
    Y’all niggas can’t control me
    I know that we the new slaves
    I know that we the new slaves
    I’m about to wild the fuck out
    I’m going Bobby Boucher
    I know that pussy ain’t free
    You niggas pussy, ain’t me
    Y’all throwing contracts at me
    You know that niggas can’t read
    Throw on some Maybach keys
    Fuck it, c’est la vie
    I know that we the new slaves
    Y’all niggas can’t fuck with me
    Y’all niggas can’t fuck with Ye
    Y’all niggas can’t fuck with Ye
    I’ll move my family out the country
    So you can’t see where I stay
    So go and grab the reporters
    So I can smash their recorders
    See they’ll confuse us with some bullshit like the New World Order
    Meanwhile the DEA
    Teamed up with the CCA
    They tryna lock niggas up
    They tryna make new slaves
    See that’s that private owned prison
    Get your piece today
    They Probably all in the Hamptons
    Braggin’ ’bout their maid
    Fuck you and your Hampton house
    I’ll fuck your Hampton spouse
    Came on her Hampton blouse
    And in her Hampton mouth
    Y’all ’bout to turn shit up
    I’m ’bout to tear shit down
    I’m ’bout to air shit out
    Now what the fuck they gon’ say now?

    • New Slave I read the lyrics and I hear the words, but KW would be more credible if he wasn’t photographed in The Hamptons partying every summer.

    • This means absolutely NOTHING… When did we start listening to a ninja instead of watching his actions or the example he sets?. This is a sad attempt to regain his original fan base…how insulting…watch all the dummies fall in line while he swallows behind closed doors. A man who has respect for his mother would chose a mate in her reflection…not just aesthically but spiritually and Kimmy Kakes is none of the above. Kanye is a weak ninja who apparently has a coke problem and sexual identity crisis. He does hate black people more than Bush…F$&@ Kanye for showing little black boys and girls the deterioration of the black family. Read his BS lyrics below… He is trying to bring a whore into the kingdom…KANYE (CONGAME)HATES BLACK WOMEN. He has fooled you all with his BS..it’s time to stop and let this silly nigga off somewhere. I am so happy Dres said something …he took the words out my mouth…. Jigga Married Beyonce a black queen..look @Obama and his black queen..this nigga ConGame went and impregnated a whore…her complexion has nothing to do with it…why this so called conscious nigga always dating birds???! Because he can’t handle a woman ..yes because he is homosexual people!!! Wake the f$&@ up and go back to honoring people like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Wangari Maathai, Niki Giovanni, Gil Scott Heron, Harriet Tubman, Dr. Ivan Sertima, Dr, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Jewel Pookrum …so many many more….THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED AND IT SURE AINT GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH KANYE WEST..WAKE UP SHEEP..THE FLOCK IS GOING OVER THE CLIFF..,WAKE UP!! WAKE UP NAGAS!! WAKE UP NAGAS!!!!

      “For my theme song, my leather black jeans on
      My by any means on, pardon I’m getting my scream on
      Enter the kingdom but watch who you bring home
      They see a black man with a white woman at the top floor they gone come to kill King Kong
      Middle America packed in, came to see me in my black skin
      My homey was number one draft pick, they still burned his jersey in Akron
      If I don’t get ran out by Catholics, here come some conservative Baptists
      Saying he overreacting like them black kids in Chiraq bitch”

      If you all want to turn his ambivalence about everything in life into something deep..you need to “READ READ READ UNTIL YOU DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE” -Marcus Garvey

      You all are worshiping the wrong energies. The entertainment industry is not your North Star it is your destruction keep following that ConGame smoke and you all will be bound to burn in his fire bcus Im convinced he is a Satan.

    • hmmmm wtf can i saybout kane he a lsto negative untrueshyt to say only bout blacks you mena to tell me were the only race on the plane with problems ye? the truth of the matter is ye is not a slave but but a is nw becoming a black bigot.is it the black communtiy fualt u had to sellbut hole to get a reord deal isit th black communtiy fault you impregnante a a proffessional well known pased around industry whore your gonn be owned by this woman for rest your life! she going to be with her grandmother will be raising your daghter up to do wha mommy did. ye right bout now s a complete baffon and sambo howdare you proclaim yourself to to be the lord and savior! blasphemy kanye nothing but a to bit replaceable jackass.

  4. ye is saying some deep shit that alot people can’t and wont comprehend, that’s the mark of a true artist.

    • If I wanna hear deep shit I can go to You Tube and pull up a Bobby Hemmitt video.

      But then again I don’t purchase Kanye products. His music is for his target audience. White teens and early twenties.

      Kanye’s music is not made for black people.
      He is a homosexual man who is caricature of an angry, edgy black guy (see George Jefferson).
      His Nigga in Paris stuff is made to corporatize a faux opposition to white racism.

  5. Fuck what he SAYS. Look at what he DOES!!! Too many brothers throw up that Black Power Fist but muddy the waters by dealing w/SPECIFIC “Types” aka WHITE WOMEN! You can talk all that shit to get the Black dollar but you ARE with a TRASHY WHITE WOMAN! Now if he got w/a White woman w/better Morals then MAYBE I’d give it a pass, put he DOESN’T! Look at the caliber of sisters he dated before his mama passed away. The MINUTE she died he threw in his “Imma get me a white girl card.” As a black woman I could prolly care less about interracial dating that brothas do but it does appear that ANY white thing can get it, while the sistas are held to a higher standard. Especially if we’re darker then a paper bag. Kanye is QUITE confused & confusing. So I applaud Dres for calling him out w/o being scared of the backlash!!

    • Fuck what he SAYS. Look at what he DOES!!!
      @EbonyLolita,do you apply the same logic to king james? No, not Lebron

    • but you wont buy a dres album tho bitch will ya? you applaud him i bet u wont help him eat will ya bitch? half yall nappy head bitches dont fukin know black sheep now cause he dissin kanye (who yall are only mad at cause he is with kim) now yall applaud him by his fuckin music

  6. alll I know is coming from a mixed heritage but lookin black, if you hang out w/a white person of the opposite sex your own people act like they wanna kill you.. they even say ignant shit just to pop off.. i’m thinkin, ‘i’m not fuckin this boy nor would i ever but nooooooooooo…folks ready to crucify ain’t i ain’t hurt nobody’…

    • If you are of “mixed heritage”, then who is “your own people” ???

      Arent your own people the white people?

      • That’s so f*cking ignorant! If you’re from two different races both are your people. Please don’t be that f*cking ignorant.

        Maybe you tryna be funny but don’t. Not every biracial person is high yellow or even fair skinned but I bet you don’t push they asses soley on white folk. GTFOH w/ that lame brained bs!

        • I don’t push anybody on anybody.

          White people decide who is and isn’t a fellow white. Its their global empire and they make the racial rules because they created the system of racism..

          The Italians only became white when they migrated to America in the 1900’s…The Irish only became white when they migrated to America in the 1840’s..They just let the Armenian and Iranian immigrants in the white clb recently because they are getting more and more desperate for numbers since they realize the white race is headed for extinction due to negative birth rate.

          • Nah huh! Italians were not considered white when they came to the US, they were considered black! That is why they were always in black hoods and they were the first to get lynched by whites. It took organized crime (they were led by Jhews) to get them some form of respect and out of the ghetto. If you live in the NYC area or northeast in general, you may still be able to see what was left of Italians in black hoods, more so like 20 years ago.

            • Josh I finally figured out why you spell the word jhew. I tried to post at least 4 things over the past 4 weeks using the correct spelling, and dang if I didn’t immediately get the “your post is being considered by the administrator” messages. Of course they never showed up. So there is some sort of screening software that detects when you even USE the word! I wonder why that is? My conspiratorial lizard brain is on over heat right now!

            • Christa: You know what it is. They run everything and they want to feed us with their propaganda. Their money makes people sell their own mother out.

  7. Dres I love you,always did. Kanye is certainly a coon. He truly played hisself for Whitey and many people have lost all respect for him. He defiantly sold his culture out for fame,money and a white whore. And yes, I believe that he is gay as well. dude is just crazy. I used to feel bad for him until he got that slut bucket pregnant and brought her to the BET awards proudly it was just sad.

  8. I personally think Kanye suffers from PTSD since the passing of his Mother which hasn’t been addressed. He sold his soul in more ways then one. Anyone who compares his eyes now to his eye before her death sees the story & the emptiness. His demons run very, very deep & yes he is polluting Black America with not only his music, but his fashion. Has anyone seen the Maison Martin Margiela campaign? That speaks volumes.
    I can only pray he not only comes out the closet, but leaves the industry all together to get help (if it’s not to late).

  9. Kanye is on A totally different mental Plateau, he is definetly unhooked from the MATRIX
    He sees what the majority chooses not to which is in Plain site (in front of our noses)
    As a matter O Fact the Masses Chooses to stay asleep while the world, the Gov the powers that be are/is changing life as we know it

    NWO is in process NOW!!!

    • *Plain sight* and if he was truly ‘unhooked from the MATRIX,’ he would let his celebrity go instead of entering into a business/publicity deal with Hollywood’s current favorite white hooker all for MORE album/ticket sales and exposure. THAT’S what you call ‘NWO-like’

      • “*Plain sight* and if he was truly ‘unhooked from the MATRIX,’ he would let his celebrity go instead of entering into a business/publicity deal with Hollywood’s current favorite white hooker all for MORE album/ticket sales and exposure.”……YOU BETTER TALK ABOUT IT!!!!!! @Raheim

        • Are you saying if a person does not get airplay on Viacom and Clear Channel they lose all of their Constitutional Rights too Free Speech?

  10. “Kanye’s music is not made for black people.”


    if you give ’em the CONSCIOUS-type of music, it ain’t ‘HOT’

    whose the NEWEST / HOT / ‘conscious’ artist? AIN’T BEEN ONE SINCE LUPE…and Lupe basically touched down in ’06…that’s going on TEN YEARS.

    you give Black people the SWAG / MONEY / MOLLY / RATCHET music, and all the sudden it’s a #winning formula.

    it’s a LOSE-LOSE situation at THIS point in the game.

  11. but i will say this:

    Kanye’s ‘NEW SLAVES’ joint is more about generating CONTROVERSY and GOSSIP than it is about benefiting Black people.

    i think it’s a STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION, but it’s too easy to just drop a ‘conscious’ joint or two and then go back to being full of shit.

    ‘Hip-Hop’ might not be COMPLETELY ‘dead’ yet, but CONSCIOUS RAP sure the fukc is; basically.

    • No one is asking Kanye West to be Martin Luther King or Jesus or “Conscious”(whatever the hell that actually means).

      Black people crave soul music and Kanye’s soul is in Lucifers safe deposit box per their deal.
      So he has the monetary gain from selling his soul, but in exchange he lost the ability to channel Ra (Sol/Soul/Sun)…

      The same ablility Michael Jackson lost when he started peeling off his melanin, which is a key to our link to the universe.

      So for us blacks its just business. Kanyes music don’t have the chops no more. We cant vibe with it because he lost his soul. White folks on the other hand is feeling him heavy and that’s good for him. I don’t want him to starve..He’s still our brother and he can get his soul back one day. So its not personal and I don’t have any animosity because he’s a homosexual. His music is just sub-par hype now.

      sorry to have to be the one

      He is a music artist and unfortunately his music just aint that good.

  12. (Stands on the top of my desk at work & applaudes)

    THANK YOU DRES!!!! You go boy!

    Man, I used to dag-on near throw a hip out dancing to Blacksheep back in the day….(climbs off of desk @ work & reaches for the ben-gay…..)

  13. “ANY white thing can get it, while the sistas are held to a higher standard.”

    it’s not even about a higher standard.

    it’s more about not being DESIRABLE IN COMPARISON.

    1. dark skin isn’t something that’s seen as PREFERABLE in society AS A WHOLE.

    2. Black women have a way worse STEREOTYPE than ANY OTHER race of women.

    3. if non-Black women have better ‘standing’ in society IN GENERAL, then of course Black men are gonna want a ‘winner’.

    Black music is in BAD SHAPE right now, and arguably, so is the Black community.

    …only 1 out of 4 Black women get married in their LIFETIME…

    is that because they’re broke, ugly, or irresponsible?


    it’s because the script has been flipped; PERCEPTUALLY.

  14. I agree

    I feel bad for black women because how the media has demonized them and undervalued their natural beauty (outside the realm of porn and whoredom).

    The white corporate media has done a great global job of uplifting their recessive pale, stringy haired sickly looking woman as the standard of beauty when real dominant beauty has been diminished to almost nothing.

    Its a lot harder on women than it is for men when a womans worth is artificially downgraded . It does something to the womans mind and effects every decision they make in everyday life.

    Sisters, hold on a little longer. The planet is due for a cleansing very soon via Wormwood.

  15. “the media has demonized them and undervalued their natural beauty”


    the media was basically like, “what you have looks better – – – ON SOMEBODY ELSE”

    basically – take what you have, make you look TERRIBLE to everybody else, and now everybody wants the ‘NEW’ version.

  16. “The white corporate media has done a great global job of uplifting their recessive pale, stringy haired sickly looking woman as the standard of beauty when real dominant beauty has been diminished to almost nothing.”


    and now everybody wants the White item with the Black packaging.

  17. “It does something to the womans mind and effects every decision they make in everyday life.”

    i believe that…

    Q. when your chances on finding TRUE LOVE are dismal, then what kind of romantic future can you really even look forward to?

    A. a lifetime of never being married and if children are born, the father of those children being ABSENT from the home.

    of course there are always EXCEPTIONS, but the exceptions are never the RULE.

    • There is hope because smart brothers know that smart is the new rich. And pleasant and agreeable is becoming the new “fine”. Smart sisters with pleasant and loving dispositions are trumping those euro-looking bad attitude having, high maintenance divas. Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense anymore. Keep hope alive.

      • why do sisters have to shuck and jive, scrape and bow in order to be in a relationship?

        Some sisters are naturally divas too…some are pleasant, some are combative at times…
        Why cant a black woman have the freedom to be who they are just like every other race of women?

        When you are with a black woman, you want the total package of who they are…Not a black woman trying to look like a Hindu or behave like a Geisha…I want the nappy headed corn rolled sister who is proud of who she is. I want to see her drive that Jaguar and own Real Estate in 3 states if she has the capability to do so…

        If she wants to be a whore she should have that freedom to do so. If she wants to be Mother Theresa, she should have the freedom to do that too.

        Fuck the white controlled corporate media and their mind job.

      • Why focus on bad attitude. There are lots of smart euro looking women. Whatever you like make sure you date women with a great attitude. If you’re into the euro looking women then go for the good ones.

      • I hope you are right! Once women realize that obtaining a fat azz isn’t going to garner them the sort of life which most girls aspire to as children,
        and spend that butt money on a couple more classes in a useful dimension, we’ll all be better off.

    • @CRAZYCHRIS, do you know what “I see blood on the leaves” represents. Kanye keeps repeating it in the song. I figured if might have some insight

  18. This is getting out of control and this is exactly what Miguel was talking about. Black people hating on other blacks all the time for no reason. This washed up has been rapper is getting attention only because he’s hating on Kanye. Kanye doesn’t represent BLACK people. He’s an individuall who makes his own choices in life. I hate when the black mafia is trying to say how a black person should act and put us all in some kind of black box and anyone who isn’t playing by the rules is a sell out uncle tom etc.

    If he’s so concerned about black people then please call out every rapper who can’t put out an album without using words like hoes bitch nigga and glamorizing the thug life. The ultra macho homophobia lyrics who beat up women and live up to every negative steretotype you can find about black people. It’s the ghetto thug mindset that is killing black people and make black folks look bad. Who Kanye is dating and whether he’s gay or not is just crazy to make a big deal about. It’s his life he can date and do whatever he wants.

    • I think I understand what you are saying, but I disagree. I would suggest that you research what you said above. Afterwards ask yourself the following:

      Why do I feel this way ?
      Is this truly my opinion or have subconsciously drawn this conclusion from the propaganda that floods the media ?
      Lastly, let’s assume Dres is sincere. Ask yourself why did he say these things and why does he feel that way.

  19. “Smart sisters with pleasant and loving dispositions are trumping those euro-looking bad attitude having, high maintenance divas.”

    i see.

    i don’t think you’re going to find a claire huxtable in a music video by a ‘HOT’ artists anytime soon…sadly, (arguably) LIFE imitates ART in the Black community.

  20. KANYE & KIM


  21. I was speaking of for guys in my age group and tax bracket. A fine but dumb babe in todays economy is financial suicide. Hello Kanye. A smart mature woman who knows where she’s going and knows who she is is what’s hot. Ain’t chasin no new fad, hairdo or some shyt she saw in a damn music video. Aint changin her cocktail every time a rapper screams a different beverage out. Dont have the crack of her ass out 24/7 because she has so little else to offer. Yeah bruh, we haven’t watched videos in years and i can tell you a Claire Huxtable is back envogue.

  22. Its always good to have a sister by your side who practices yoga regularly and eats a healthy mostly vegetarian diet.

    They smell nice because they don’t have all that chicken grease smelling out of their pores.

    They are flexible.

    They usually are at a healthy weight because yoga and meditation balances our your weight.

    They are usually very intelligent because meditation brings sufficient blood flow to the brain.

    They usually are psychic because their blood stream is not clogged with so many toxins.

    • i was with you until you said Chicken grease???? my stupid brother was married to a white chick and she ate the hell out of some chicken but she smelled like an old sock on the average day. I’ll rather smell like some good ole mamas fried chicken.

      • white chicks are not an option for me so I don’t give them much airplay in my head.

        As for chicken grease, let me break it down for you from a male standpoint.

        Lets go to cunnilingus.
        I would much rather go down on a woman who eaten a vegetarian meal, some fruit, a salad etc. than to go down on a woman who has just eaten some fried dead animal or some boiled pork.

        Vegan women smell like fruit…Carnivore women smell like dead animal flesh unless they drown themselves in female vaginal sprays and perfumes.

        The main reason why the French created artificial perfumes because the French don’t bathe and the stuff is used to mask the smell of assholes and armpits. (The last paragraph was unrelated to this topic but I threw it in for free)

        • ok.. cool, BTW, I go to yoga once a week and you’re right, I would love to see more black women there. There are some, but not enough. If you live in NYC ladies,YOGA for the people is donation based and its very fun and relaxing.

    • You are 100% right despite being hilarious@ chicken grease….too many of us don’t understand that you truly are what you eat.

  23. “A fine but dumb babe in todays economy is financial suicide”

    damn near EVERYTHING that (commercial) ‘Hip-Hop’ stands for is some form of suicide.

    financial suicide, controlled-substance suicide, unprotected sex suicide…the list goes on.

  24. I don’t care how many websites Kanye pays to make stories about him, I don’t care how many PR people troll the sites to promote and defend him.

    Im not buying his album because his music has no soul. Its Pop Music.Its for white teens, who feel like their down when they buy an media acceptable black guys music who pretends to have black pride, while blowing white men and boys and impregnating white whores.

    But go ahead and do what you do…Your time would be much better spent over at TMZ and the Nigga in Paris crowd.

    • Kanye don’t have to pay any sites to do PR for him. He’s a big star and blogs like this are obsessed with him. Jacky post stories about him everyday and so do every other gossig site. Like him or hate him people are going to talk about Kanye and people seem to be very interested in his private life as well for whatever reason.

      Just because people defend him don’t mean they are PR trolls. Kanye has millions of fans around the world and People have different opinions. Some like him some don’t. That’s like saying everyone who trash him work for this blog because HSH clearly has an agenda and don’t like him. I’m not a huge fan of Kanye but I don’t dislike him. I do like some of his music. At the end of the day He is what he is – a good artist but a little weird and flamboyant lol.

  25. Sorry to inform you, but I’m in the PR business and they all pay to keep themselves in the blogs. The only time they don’t pay, is when there is a real bona-fide scandal (not one of their on PR making) that the tabloids and media is all over.

    • You’re missing the point. To accuse anyone who says something positive about a celeb doesn’t mean they are PR trolls. These celebs have lots of fans just like they have lots of haters. It goes both ways.