Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell Headed For Divorce?


Duane Martin & Tisha Campbell Divorcing

Losing It All???

HSK Exclusive – Duane Martin appears to be folding — said to be leading four of his homes into foreclosure. Know why? Because sources say he’d rather give it all up than lose it all to his spouse. This news comes as word the “All Of Us” actor’s wife of 15-years – Tisha Campbell – is getting ready to serve up Martin with divorce papers.

HSK has exclusively learned the pair have been leading an open marriage — which could have led to a split. We’re told Martin is no stranger to Campbell’s reported promiscuous ways on the set. According to our source, during her time on “My Wife And Kids”, Campbell was getting it in with co-star Damon Wayans. That’s long after her reported ongoing affair with former co-star Martin Lawrence, on the set of “Martin”.

Here’s the drop:

“Duane has four homes in foreclosure…two in California, one in Florida and another in New Jersey.

Jacky, some cats out here in Hollywood make all their shit go into foreclosure when they’re getting ready to go through a divorce. Duane hasn’t worked in years. When was the last time you seen Duane in a film? Dude don’t work, but he ain’t broke.

Bad credit don’t mean shit to Duane, he has access to cash. Duane’s a cool dude, his soon to be ex-wife Tisha is the one who had the drug problem. She had to quit the Martin show because she was getting high and fucking Martin on the set. Tisha is known for fucking her co-stars. Jacky if you don’t believe me, ask Damon Wayans.”


  1. So is this what Jada was talking about on her facebook site saying “A letter to a friend:
    Unfortunately, we are taught that the best way to move on from a relationship is to simply discard the person we once claimed we loved. I have no argument with the fact that relationships of all kinds find endings, but I do question how we end them.
    You have given TEN YEARS of your life to a woman who has stood beside you when no one else would. I have watched you put he
    r through school and come through as her champion in soooo many ways.”

    Is this about her friend Tisha and Duane or her and Will Jacky you seem to have great sources. You tell US.

  2. not falling for this yet until I see or hear them actually say their divorcing themselves.

    when it happens everybody’s gonna say will and jada was the cause.

    wondeer if tisha and tichina will admit their lovers?

    • Tichina was on Andy Cohen 2 nights ago and she looked the best ever! She was tactfully polite but when Andy tried to tap the tea of Tisha he hit a brick wall.

  3. Jacky,
    I thought Tisha complained that Martin was coming on to her on the set of Martin? That was reported every where. Anyways, Norman is too funny (Will-fare).

      • Ummmm that could all be spin… See if we were banging and I left you, you get mad and won’t stop harassing me, I can sue you! Especially if you were my employer.

        Once the sex is no liner consensual, I’m the victim and you’re the preditor.

        They could have been getting it in all along! Martin took the break up badly, and she exacted her right to quit the show and sue him in the process.

  4. I don’t know about Tisha getting it on with her co-stars….especially Martin. I read, back in the day, Martin was sexually harassing Tisha and she filed a lawsuit against him which is why they were never seen together in a lot of the episodes before the show went off the air.

    I didn’t know about their open marriage either. Oh well…..waiting patiently for Will and Jada to file next.

  5. Why get a divorce? They both screw other people anyway so they might as well stay together. And he’s tired of her screwing her co stars?! Doesn’t he think she might be tired of him coming home with his breath smelling like will’s dick? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-open marriages don’t work. This marriage should never have happened anyway. How do a lesbian and a homosexual get married?! What part of the game is that? I feel sorry for the kids though. People need to consider these things before they enter into these sham relationships. @KEEPITREAL-I got twenty bucks on tisha! Lol! Duane is closer to the money than she is but don’t be surprised if tisha gets a producer credit on will’s next movie! Trust and believe somebody is getting paid off before any stories get told!

    • It’s amazing how everyone know for a fact if they are gay, divorcing, having intimate relations with costars, etc. Really? Why do people just take things and run with it like the person who said it first know the real answer?

  6. Oh and by the way tisha DID NOT fuck martin! Martin wanted her but she didn’t want him. And yes she did file a sexual harassment suit against him. I think martin settled out of court with her-don’t know for how much.

    • @norman e mailer- oh so martin caught feelings and tisha was just “doing business”? Ummm so tisha is just a hoe! Smdh. Well that explains how she got all that work back in the early 90’s cuz she never was much of an actress. Guess a big butt goes a long way.

  7. Duane Martin also owns a Sports Management Company, so this is one of the reasons why he didn’t or doesn’t need to work. I could be wrong. Jackie, could you find out if this is true? I know that Jada, Will and all of them are swingers. I guess that ol’ “Hollywood Swinging” (Kool and the Gang) song is true, but in this case and Jada and Wills, it’s sooooo sad and Wrong. I mean how long can you keep swinging when gravity, age, and new p*ssy is always lurking on the corner?

  8. NOT true!! Tisha n Dwayne own a lounge Nd they BOTzj frequently are there together! Dwayne is also on a new show!

  9. jasmine guy and tisha are middle aged now and past 40 plus they lived a hard life of drugs and promiscous bisexual sex.

    after a while it takes it toll.

    plus they have kids and maybe ikf tisha and jasmine appealed more to white hollywood they would have made them lose the weeioght and get more surgery.

    tisha got collagen once a while back and looked awful.

  10. You have not seen Vanessa up close. The botox has done her well, but she looks really strange because of it, esp. around her mouth. She also has the hands of a 70 year old woman. Not hatin’, but I was shocked.

    I will say that those light-skinned woman that you mentioned who have done drugs, age terribly as crazy chris said below.

  11. Stacy Dash is light-skinned? Maybe a little light-headed (permanently) but she is def darker (and shinier) than a paper bag from the fish place.

    The first three listed are bi-racial and Halle supposedly got a lot of work done but forgot about Tracy Spencer.

  12. The reason why duane Martin married tisha campbell is because she looks like a man. Look at her body. She got a muscle ass and a huge head and no breast. I never understood why Martin even hired her or Tishina.. They both were to manly and ugly for the roles and the only reason why I watched the show was because of Martin. When that sexual harassment thing came I about I was like what the hell is he harassing?If anything her ugly ass was harassing him. Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Duane Martin wives all look like men. Nicole Murphy look like a dude. Jada Pinket Smith look like a stud and Tisha Campbell look like broke ass fat man. I guess I need to go get me a ass and breast reduction if I want to get me a man because it seem like all brothers now days are either gay or looking for a tranny or looking for a woman that resembles a man!!!

    • I gotta agree with you on one point. I remember seeing Tisha on an LAX to MCO flight prolly 12 years ago. She was with an older Black woman, either her mama or a manger/handler. Now I always thought she was a cutie, nothing exceptional but fat from plain, but when she would walk around, I could not take my eyes off her behind. Trust I am as straight as they come, but it was unlike any azz I’d ever seen on a chick. I can only describe it as 2 basketballs almost half way up her back. Nothing at all like what passes today as a big ole donkey booty…oh no. Her butt looked like ones I have only seen on male athletes. You can tell it really had an effect on me! lolz

      • ss for typo AGAIN I did not mean “fat”. I meant “far” from plain.

        Oh and as long as I’m posting again, I did think Tisha was pretty hot in School Daze as a sorority sis of Jasmine Guys.

        Funny how they both came up in this thread more than once.

        • tisha was on one episode of different world.

          her and jasmine both played will’s girlfriend on fresh prince.

          so did queen latifah her and tisha was on houseparty 2 and latifah was trying to convert tisha into lesbianism.

    • You seem like you be hatin’, get that hate out yo’ blood. You also seem like you hate black men, what do you think about the features of the wifes/girlfriends of white celebtities compared to the features of the black celebrities wives/girlfriends? I HATE A HATER.

  13. I thought tisha and tichina were both fine back in their prime and they was a good example why I watched the show martin that whole cast was good.




  14. What in the world!!!!! This is a hotdog mess!! I was feeling sorry for Tisha because she was diagnosed with the same thing Bernie Mac had. This thang sound like a sick HO!Damon better be careful with her. She might frame him like she did Martin L. All celebs should be successful writers if they just write about themselves. Oh my gravy!!!

  15. First of all no one has any hard evidence these people are gay. So people should just stop the madness. Every time you turn around there are rumors people are gay. No one can be good friends anymore unless someone accuse them of being gay. Gosh….it is so silly. As for Tisha and Damon Wayans, they looked really cozy as husband and wife on their show. Damon love hitting her on her butt and she liked kissing him. It looked really natural. I’m not mad at her because Damon was and still is fine.

  16. Duane you are not tishas husband watch the show Martin an love realy is an bro she realy ain’t love wit you she luvs Martin Lawrence so find another girl like Kevin Bart little ass

  17. Put a picture side by side of Tisha and Martin Lawrence’s first wife and they look like sisters! Why would Tisha file a sexual harassment claim against someone she was having sex with? Sounds like the source for this story got it all wrong.
    In the last year of the ML show Tisha couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with Lawrence. This is why their scenes are different rooms. You never see them together.

    In later years when asked about her successful lawsuit against ML she no longer wanted to comment due to finding out about his mental illness. Remember, he was found talking to himself in the middle of a highway. Perhaps it was drugs blamed on mental illness.
    Lawrence, “Run Tell Dat’, spoke ill of his first wife too.

    Another erroneous part of this story is that Duane doesn’t work. I guess the host of this site missed some of Duane’s interviews talking about him being a sports agent. He reps basketball players and does real estate too. He’s very successful with the sports business.
    I don’t care what people do in their private lives but I have yet to meet a ‘happily’ married swinger.

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  20. Tisha Campbell is a man anyway like michelle obama name is micheal v Robinson played football for oregon state beavers we blinded in the matrix