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Eddie George Caught Cheating On His Wife Taj

March 8th, 2012

Pro golfer Rachel Connor got busted for drunk driving early Wednesday morning in Florida and guess what— Former NFL star Eddie George was riding shotgun.

Is Eddie George cheating on his wife Tamara “TaJ” Johnson? Of course he is. Don’t believe me.. Ask the Sarasota Police Department Chief Mike T. Hollaway.

Eddie George Cheating on Taj

13 Responses to “Eddie George Caught Cheating On His Wife Taj”

  1. Tomcat |

    What did the police chief say? I want to know how The police no that Eddie was cheating.


  2. fuhku2 |

    Seems like all men cheat on their wives. Why don’t we try something different by listing the men who DON’T cheat on their wives…….HA!


  3. gee |

    He knew she was drunk, why didn’t he drive her car instead?


    fuhku2 Reply:



  4. Badbadbad |

    Steve McNair 2.0


    Mimi Reply:

    You know it.

    Neva liked E. George — too arrogant


  5. anon |

    Where’s the cheating at? Just cos he was in. The car?

    If he was creeping, he wasn’t do a good job if the chick posted a pic of them together on Twitter earlier that evening.

    Until I see further evidence,I’ll say George was a victim of circumstance.

    Some folks who drive drunk think they are sober,I say this from experience.


  6. coco |

    I have heard that SWV is coming out with an album very soon. Which will probably put Taj back into the limelight. So seeing a story like this at this time isn’t shocking, but expected. If this is true, then, this woman was probably not the first one for him. It’s just now they wanna say something about it.


  7. bushtush |

    A married family man riding around with a drunk ass white woman @ 2am is suspect in my book. Maybe he was just a victim of circumstance, but I don’t think so. Although, he is adamantly denying the cheating rumors. His ass shoulda been at home with his wife & kid, not chillin in the passenger seat next to becky in the wee hours of the morning like 2 teenagers. smh


  8. Dee |

    Mike Holloway is the Police chief of the city of Sarasota, not Sarasota County. The dui happened on Siesta Key which is Sarasota County, not Sarasota City. Your talking apples and oranges here. Not even the same police department. Don’t think you got your information from Mike.


  9. Karen |

    He might end up like his friend Steve McNair if he doesn’t stop.


  10. Sher |

    Well even the good ones cheat sometimes..marriage is hard at times..you don’t want to walk away but at the same time you need a break…oh well. Then again, maybe it wasn’t him, who knows….


  11. Holla! |

    Of course he denying that he is having an affair. Didn’t hear learn anything from Steve McNair? Married men out past 2:00 a.m. are up to no good. The cop stopped them because he was in the passenger seat and she got pinched for being drunk.


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