Eddie Murphy Looks To Make AmEnd$ With Will & Denzel?


Uptown Saturday Night Remake - Will Smith - Denzel - Eddie Murphy

If Ya Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?

HSK Exclusive – HSK’s previous expose surrounding Eddie Murphy may have uncovered the comedian’s seemingly insecure-based jealousy surrounding Denzel Washington and Will Smith — but it now seems the legendary funny man is looking to now put those feelings aside. That’s because sources reveal Murphy is plotting to join forces with those very men over the remake of Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier’s “Uptown Saturday Night“.

You may remember a former close associate to Murphy revealed the comedian often boasts about “making more money than Denzel”. As for Will…well, we’re told at the starting point of the Fresh Prince’s career Murphy told the actor “you’ll never be as big as me” — a comment Will is said to have taking as nothing more than motivation.

Now, it looks like Eddie’s attempting to throw Denzel and Will an olive branch.

Here’s the drop:

“Eddie wants to make a movie with Will Smith and Denzel Washington. Uptown Saturday Night” is in development, and Eddie wants in.”


  1. I’m not sure there’s a set in Hollywood big enough to contain that amount of megalomania. But, more importantly, I don’t see any potential chemistry between the three megastars.

    Now, all you have to do is throw Spike Lee into the mix and you’re looking at the distinct possibility of Eddie Murphy’s head imploding.

    But I’d buy a ticket!

  2. Theyre gonna have to really rework that lame ass script for today. And what happened to the ed murphy, chris rock, dave chappelle movie bout a ni@@a from outer space?

  3. Eddie’s done ensemble cast movies before: Harlem Nights, Boomerang, Dreamgirls, etc.
    I can’t see a reason why he/they couldn’t pull this off. I’d definitely check it out. The $ counting contests are immature but not a big deal really.

  4. Denzel is coming off another Oscar nom so I really can’t see him wanting to do a movie with box office poison (Eddie and Will)

    • Box office poison.. Have several will was the summer box office king three years straight.. I’m not even a mega fan but will smith has never had a movie that just flopper at the box office.. And Eddie the only reason why. He didn’t blow up like will is because as mentioned above he has always made it a point to hire as many blacks as possible on his sets.. So try that shit again hater

  5. It has been said that all actors and actresses are very insecure. But, maybe some of them take their insecurities to a whole nother level.

    Even though there was a huge backlash from the powers that be Eddie has been credited for insisting on having a black crew for his movies. Got to give him credit for that.

    Eddie has acted in movies with an ensemble cast, in movies such as Boomerang, Dreamgirls and Harlem Nights. Boomerang and Coming to America are two of my faves.

  6. Perfect combo and perfect time to do it. This is the type of movie that we need to show some of this new so-call talent how it should be done. Hope they can shrink some heads and put this movie on the screen. Come on guys, win some Oscars, have some fun, make some friends, show the world that you still have the magic. Cain’t wait!

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