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Eddie Murphy: Overpaid, Under Funny?

December 5th, 2012

Eddie Murphy Overpaid & Under Funny?

Cash Over Comedy?

Eddie Murphy is being outed as a talented man who may have lost his love for art while upping the ante on a dollar. That’s exactly why the one-time leading funny man is being considered overpaid. That’s what the folks over at Forbes had to say about the comedian – who they reason as his money grew, his comedic value depreciated.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about Eddie Murphy:

“Remember back in the day when he was so funny on Saturday Night Live and in movies like Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop? His voice work has helped make movies like Shrek and Mulan tolerable for adults, and even his family-friendly movies, like Norbit and Dr. Dolittle, were good for some chuckles.

But lately, Murphy’s career has just collapsed. Imagine That, A Thousand Words and Meet Dave were colossal flops. Last year’s Tower Heist, which was supposed to be something of a return to form for the comedian, failed to wow at the box office, earning $153 million on an estimated budget of $75 million. (In order to even come close to turning a profit, a movie has to earn twice its production budget in ticket sales, plus the millions spent on marketing.) Murphy then backed out of hosting the Oscars, which didn’t help his reputation.

His string of flops lands Murphy at the top of our Most Overpaid Actors list for 2012. We estimate that for every $1 Murphy was paid for his last three films, they returned an average of $2.30 at the box office.”

Is Forbes magazine being too harsh on Eddie Murphy, or has he really left his comedic chops behind? I think Forbes may be being too harsh. Know why? Because Larry The Cable Guy is worth $50 million – and he never made me laugh once. Don’t you agree?

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136 Comments on "Eddie Murphy: Overpaid, Under Funny?"

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July 12, 2013

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July 9, 2013

No, he really does suck…


March 16, 2013

Mannn! Its so obvious this guy “Eddie Murphy Sucks” is posting 99% of all the negative responses here under a different name. Wouldn’t surprise me if u were gay either by the tone of your posts.

Eddie is the fucking man. How the hell can you dare put Guy or Joe Torry, Charlie, or anybody else on the same level as eddie? You sound crazy. Yeah he’s made some bad movies but there was a point where he was probably the second most famous man in america besides michael jackson. He also gave chris rock and dave chappelle their first breaks. But you say he doesn’t do anything for blacks.

Eddie is comedic royalty. Everytime a black man gets some money people start with the consipracies and satanic and cult bullshit. Eddie started doing comedy clubs at 15 across new york and literally started from the bottom to being a millionaire by 22. He was young, gifted, black, paid his dues and now gets to enjoy life. Much respect.


December 11, 2012

My favorite movie with Eddie Murphy is “Life.” Not saying that there is an Eddie Murphy curse BUT since that movie Bernie Mac, Heavy D, Rick James and Michael Taliferro(Gold Mouth) have all died. Martin went crazy, Lisa Nicole Carson was diagnosed with schizophrenia. So………..


Leviticus 18:22
December 8, 2012

Everyone knows that Magic Johnson caught AIDS from one of Eddie Murphy infamous gay sex parties. God sees everything. God even has jokes. Guess what Magic Johnsons Doctor name is? His name is Dr. Ho! Yep.
Dr. David Ho! God sees all and knows all and if that wasn’t a clear message that God knows what is going down then I don’t know what is. These are the men who need to get AIDS test.

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Did I forget anyone?





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