Eddie Murphy: Overpaid, Under Funny?


Eddie Murphy Overpaid & Under Funny?

Cash Over Comedy?

Eddie Murphy is being outed as a talented man who may have lost his love for art while upping the ante on a dollar. That’s exactly why the one-time leading funny man is being considered overpaid. That’s what the folks over at Forbes had to say about the comedian – who they reason as his money grew, his comedic value depreciated.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about Eddie Murphy:

“Remember back in the day when he was so funny on Saturday Night Live and in movies like Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop? His voice work has helped make movies like Shrek and Mulan tolerable for adults, and even his family-friendly movies, like Norbit and Dr. Dolittle, were good for some chuckles.

But lately, Murphy’s career has just collapsed. Imagine That, A Thousand Words and Meet Dave were colossal flops. Last year’s Tower Heist, which was supposed to be something of a return to form for the comedian, failed to wow at the box office, earning $153 million on an estimated budget of $75 million. (In order to even come close to turning a profit, a movie has to earn twice its production budget in ticket sales, plus the millions spent on marketing.) Murphy then backed out of hosting the Oscars, which didn’t help his reputation.

His string of flops lands Murphy at the top of our Most Overpaid Actors list for 2012. We estimate that for every $1 Murphy was paid for his last three films, they returned an average of $2.30 at the box office.”

Is Forbes magazine being too harsh on Eddie Murphy, or has he really left his comedic chops behind? I think Forbes may be being too harsh. Know why? Because Larry The Cable Guy is worth $50 million – and he never made me laugh once. Don’t you agree?


  1. Of course they’re too hard on him. The powers that be are still upset about Eddie pulling out of hosting the Oscars and they were STUCK will Billy Crystal who BOMBED epically!!!

    • No THEY are not being to hard on him. Nicole Kidman and Katharine Heigal were called out for being over paid a few years back. NOT everything is a colour thing. Eddie has been whack for years. His creative and inspired output ended after Boomerang. Even though Shrek movies brand are successful – he is beyond annoying in them.

      • kidman and heigle got called out in this one too.. eddie was the lowest though..

        It’s not subjective, they simply compare actor/ress salary vs, film revenue and get the figure listed.

  2. Eddie strikes me as someone who doesn’t give a flying f*k about Hollywood. Every major actor has flops ever so often. What about Tom Cruise his movies are not making the grade these day. Even Will Smith has lost some of his edge. I hated A Thousand Words too. Let’s see how Django Unchaineds does.

    • He has said in interviews that he rather get the big salary over accolades (Oscar,etc) unlike his contemporaries (Tom Hanks,Robin Williams)

      I just wished he’d grown as a comedian.

      Funny,folks say that Eddie isn’t funny anymore.That’s becoz his funniest stuff was politically INCORRECT

      • People outside of the comedy industry do not know that EM started out as a joke thief. Thus he never fully developed as a comic. Had EM learned how to write his own jokes, he would STILL BE FUNNY instead of being limited by what is written for him.

        • Most comedians steal each other’s jokes or or have comedians write for them.
          Paul Mooney wrote for Pryor and a host of shows.
          Another comedian wrote Bernie Mac’s Milk n’ Cookies joke.

      • He was a sure thing for an Oscar for best supporting actor in DreamGirls…then Norbit came out while
        AAMPAS members had their ballots. The old guard voters were so horrified by Norbit, it is common knowledge that the film cost Murphy the award.
        Whatever the hell he may have said about preferring high salaried roles over “meaningful lauded” roles such as those filled by Hanks and Co, that is huge PR bullshit. He left the ceremony in a huff after losing, then went to cry on the shoulders of his closest friends. It broke his heart.

    • What about Tom Cruise his movies are not making the grade these days…
      Actually Cruise is the most consistent box office draw for the past 25 years.He came out in the 80’s with the stallones,Scwheneggers and Willis but he’s maintained a more consistent following than Brad Pitt or Colin Ferrell(?)
      Best actor? No,but he knows what Tom Cruise fans want to see even @ age 50.That last Mission Impossible that came out last December was his biggest opening ever.

  3. I agree with Forbes Magazine. Eddie started of being funny. But you have to understand there were other cats out there with the same talent as him like Arie Spears, Joe Torry, Guy Torry and others. Hollywood just chose him to be their token and his time has ran out. For some reason Eddie Murphy thinks he sexy. I notice that he always gets a fine woman to reasure him he’s sexy when he’s not. I saw Norbit and I wanted my money back. We didn’t have to see Marlon Wayans naked. Eddie just wanted to look at his penis. All of Eddie Movies flop because he think he above everyone else and I bet Eddie treats people like carpet. He walks all over them. Look how Eddie treats women. Everytime I look up he with another woman. He should be the biggest queen of whores in hollywood. You have to pay me to go see his movies. Eddie Murphy sucks and Tyler Perry tries to be like Eddie and now Tyler Perry sucks! Eddie needs to just fade away like his career. Eddie needs to team up with Halle Berry just so their movie can flop because he is overrated and I have no idea why hollywood continues to pay this ugly retarded looking man money.

    • Those guys are not half as funny as EM.Maybe you are one of those guys mentioned cause most people would say that is probably the funniest thing u ever said.

      • You must be Eddie Murphy dumb ass! Are you serious? You are actually defending sorry ass Eddie Murphy?! I know he wouldn’t defend you! Eddie is tired, washed up and wasted and he ain’t funny and Eddie Murphy wants to be a woman but he knows that he is too ugly to be a woman. All of those names I mentioned are funny men. I forgot to mention Martin Lawrence who is the original funny man and Eddie Griffin. Hell I am even funnier than Eddie Murphy! Don’t believe me? Check out my joke.

        What does Michael Strahan and Eddie Murphy have in common besides Nichole Murphy?

        They both ugly and they both have gaps in their teeth!

        Okay so please send me my 20 million dollar check to:

        Eddie Sucks
        P.O. Box Eddie is a Bitch
        Eddie got a Desease, Illinois
        Thanks Eddie for the compliment by the way. I can just see Eddie Murphy sorry ass online checking to see if anyone has anything nice to say about his tired washed up sorry ass. Well I don’t. I would pay to see Tyler Perry before I saw Eddie Murphy in a movie and I hate Tyler Perry. Eddie is disrespectfull to women and he look like he got a disease from having sex with so many stank ass women. I mean damn don had more women in one year than Octomom has babies. Eddie is a control freak and a freak cause he loves trannies. Eddie needs to go on Santa Monica Blvd or hollywood blvd and find a tranny and marry dude. He has did nothing positive for black but made blacks look bad. Eddie Murphy life, career and movies sucks and so do you!

    • Norbit was fuckin funny as shit. You’re crazy…I saw it 5x…Remember that scene where the pimps were in church and Katt Williams had his hair fixed up like a woman and he was dancing like a hobbitt? He was Eddie Griffins assistant pimp?
      That was funny

      • The reason why you saw it 5 times was because you was high on drugs. Let me break this movie down. First of all. What was up with Marlon Wayans? Why did Eddie want to see his jank? Hasn’t eddie seen enough penises? To me that was just a initiation to get marlon wayan to cross over to the down low side. Then we got the pimps. What the hell was that about? Why a black movie got to have pimps in it? Then why the woman fat, black, loud mouth and she cheating. Oh she a typical black woman right? Then they cheap ass did the movie on set because they had to pay Eddie Murphy sorry ass salary. Then sorry as Charlie Murphy wrote the script so I got a problem with his ugly ass too. Norbit was a disrespectfull uncalled for wasted movie. Eddie is tired and I am sick of him and I am sick of you!

        • Oh my goodness you all are funnier than Eddie Murphy! I am LMAO over here. The sad part about this is you are right! Funny, but absolutely right.

          • Why thank you. Can somebody give 20 million dollars now. Ain’t that what the white man pays him per floppy movie?

          • Are you serious Josh? I missed one word and you worried about my grammer? Let’s focus on the point here Josh! We talking about sorry ass Eddie Murphy not my grammer. Since you suck a simple bitch let me pull out another hollywood joke on you about Eddie Murphy. Do you know how hollywood really feels about Eddie Murphy? Out of all of the characters in the world. What did they have good old uncle tom Eddie in a kids movie. They made him a donkey cause he a jack ass! Stay in your place Josh and know what time it is cause this ni@@a right here know the white man see Eddie Murphy as nothing but a ass and they made him one. You can’t touch this! Ha Ha! Poof! Be gone Josh! What? Can’t come back with a rebuttle so you go off on my grammer?! Come on! Eddie Murphy is nothing but a jack ass, a donkey, a buffoon in hollywood! Are you going to do another spell check buddy?

            • If you think you only made ONE mistake, then lack of education is a VERY serious thing! Blacks need to stay away from drugs and get an education.

      • I don’t remember that scene because I did what I normally do when I see a Tyler Perry movie. I walked out and snuck into another movie.

  4. Eddie Murphy must hate black women because in his solo career all he does is make it seem like black women are fat, black, loud mouth and whores. His career is over. He need to go somewhere and sit his tired ass down.

  5. I want to know what idiot pays Eddie Murphy? Who ever it is need their ass kicked. Eddie is a has been and was a basic funny on saturday night live. And the only reason why he was a success at the box office is because black folks didn’t have any blacks to look at on screen! That is until Robert townsend and the wayans brothers got in the picture then hollywood started opening up more roles for blacks. That’s when Eddie start dissing the black woman with the drag queen roles. By the time more blacks were on the screen hollywood should have realized that Eddie wasn’t funny at all but it was too late when his pluto nash flopped. Hollywood should have left his none talented ass alone but instead they gave him more roles and he still flopping at the box office. He skipped out on the oscars cause he realized that nobody wants to see his sell out ass. He is over paid and over ratted.

    • Pluto Nash flopped because many thought that the ads were a joke and that it was not a real movie. Pluto Nash was actually one of Murphy’s better films! He stays employed with Hollywood because every other movie of his flops, and they flop big time! It has been quite a while since he had two hit films in a row.

      • Recently I watched a rare interview with Murphy on an entertainment TV show, and when asked if he had any regrets in life, his answer was, “Doing Pluto Nash.”

        • Well, A Thousand Words flopped like Pluto Nash did, but it was promoted better. After I watch Pluto Nash, I thought that it was actually good, it was just promoted wrong.

  6. Hey Eddie, just hang in there you deserve every penny paid. You have proven yourself in all areas of the comic circle with your artistic abilities. You now call the shots and don’t be shaken by the boys at Forbes. They just want to be in charge of you and all of us but don’t let them do it. Keep the faith!

  7. Karma is a @itch. Do you know how many toes Eddie has stepped on? Do you know how many talented brothers Eddie has got waxed because of him. Pay back is a @itch. He gets what he deserves. Anytime Forbes Magazine comments on his sorry ass then you know something ain’t right. Yes he is overratted and washed up just like Tyler Perry. Eddie need to go sit his old crusty ass down somewhere retire.

    • Why you have so much faith in Forbes is beyond me, calling out a major portion of our treasure trove as over rated and need an ass sit-down somewhere. Now that you’ve gotten rid of them, tell us about your replacement for that space, thx!

  8. Forbes Magazine is telling the truth. You know why? Because they sick of his wasted ass and so am I. Most of his sorry ass movies made white people laugh at the expense of a black woman. He need some plastic surgery cause his face is sagging like his career. I saw him at a basketball game with his beard and as soon as he saw the camera on him, he provided them with a phoney kiss to his beard. If you a man and you represent your shit you ain’t got to floss and pay no woman not only to be seen with you but to make it seem like you manly. Eddie ain’t nothing but a simple bitch who been with so many women I bet he got a disease. EW! He is a hollywood tramp! Has anyone noticed that when Eddie Murphy movie flops he goes and grabs some random chic and wants to be seen in public with her to keep his name in the spot light. Anytime you got to use a woman to stay in the spot light your game is sorry. Eddie has no game. It’s his way or no way. Forbes Magazine is sick of his washed up wasted tired tranny loving ass and so am I!

    • Most of you black women get angry because when you see yourself on the screen, it ain’t pretty. Eddie has the knack of capturing the very essence of your spirit. The character Raspusha represents a large percentage of you black American black women in our society and you don’t like it. If you change the reality, maybe watching the characters won’t be so painful!

      • The reason why most black women get angry is because they are sick and tired of black men disrespecting black women. I mean damn. Black women look at the video’s and they nothing but objects and bitches and ho’s. Then they turn on tv and all the black woman sees is the black man leave their race for a white woman. Now the black woman goes to the movies and see the black man once again disrespect her. And you wonder why black women angry? Why can’t there be a positive black woman.

          • I definitely agree! What the hell is going on here! I mean why is every cat in the industry crossing over to the white, latino, any other race side but the black sister side. Or even worse. The black man crosses over to the gay side. I was at a NBA party and lets just say there were more tranny’s in the house than sisters and I couldn’t do nothing but smh. My friend said she is going to get a breast reduction and a butt reduction just so she can look like tisha campbell martin because it seem like all black men like women that resemble men. Will Smith got stud Jada. Duane Martin got muscle booty Tisha. Eddie Murphy had tranny Nichole need I say more. Then you got all of these cats that leave the black woman but then when they ass get burnt by the white man they need the black woman help. Look at Wesley Snipes for example. Need I say more. I bet he cross back over to the black side when he get out. Rappers, Ballers, NBA players, Pimps, hell everyone dissing the black woman am I am like what is this world coming too. As I recall. Didn’t Jesus have a woman next to him. Isn’t that what ‘The Da Vinci Code’ is all about. People are sleep on this but a woman is suppose to run the world not a man. Black women are so powerful and so strong and they got to deal with so much in life and yet they still here and they still take care of their black man. I look at tv and all I see is men trying to run a country when we all know a woman can run it better. Black men are afraid of black women because of the power they have and posses. That is why the black man keeps the black woman down. Because he knows what she is capable. That saying for every strong man their is a black woman is bull shit. It should be for every strong woman there is a strong black man beside her. Eddie Murphy would never in his life defend a black woman you know why? Because he a sorry ass sell out ass uncle tom ass house ni@@a.

            • Agreed. Black men should be willing to protect the black woman. She has been disrespected and treated poorly for a long time from other races and then later by her own race. If we can’t respect each other then who or what race is gonna RESPECT US? However a lot of those suckas make their little shuckin n jivin entertainment change and go SAMMY SOSA white. Nothing wrong with dating who you like. I’m cool with that. Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with and yadda yadda yadda but some of the sh** I see is just too obvious. A lot of these dudes minus their “so called” fame and fortune wouldn’t be able to afford these ladies they date let alone find common ground with them. Half of them can’t even complete a damn sentence and then show up to an event with a chick that would have probably held on to her purse EXTRA TIGHT if she just saw him on the street before the fame.

      • “The character Raspusha represents a large percentage of you black American black women in our society and you don’t like it”

        Bitch please, yo mama and her sistahs don’t hardly rep black american black women.

        “black american black women”, boy, where you from? Do they even wear shoes there?

  9. First of all. You mean to tell me that Forbes Magazine ain’t got nothing better else to do than write about Eddie Murphy’s career? I didn’t know Eddie was still in the game. I stop watching Eddie Murphy uncle tom movies a long time ago. Something ain’t right with him. He not funny. He has no talent. Eddie career is over and hollywood needs to stop paying this buffoon to be in pictures black folks don’t want to see.

  10. eddie is still the shit!! it aint him its the writers ..im sorry norbit was funny as FK!! and yes some black women are loud fat and ignorant… i see’em on a daily

    • Why your sorry ass got to blame it on the writers? Ain’t Eddie Murphy a comedian? So you mean to tell me his dumb ass don’t read the script?! Sorry ass Eddie Murphy should have his own jokes but he don’t cause he ain’t got no jokes and never had any jokes and never will. To all of you Eddie loving ass holes. Don’t blame shit on the writer! Place the blame where it belongs! Eddie sorry ass Murphy! And I got more Jokes.

      Joke #1
      Eddie Murphy is so ugly that he has to pay women to be seen with him!

      Joke #2
      Why does Nicole Murphy like house ni@@a’S who are ugly with gaps in their teeth?

      I don’t know. Why don’t you ask Michael Straham or Eddie Murphy.

  11. Norbit and the movie where he is Sherman w/Jada was funny. Eddie was funny on SNL and in his movies in the 80’s but yes, he has had some movies that suck, but I think every actor has, why so much hate for EM, he paid tribute to his biggest influences like Red Foxx & Richard Pryor by putting them in “Harlem Nights”, when Red Foxx was having money problems, dang who do u think is funny, if Eddie Murphy ain’t on the list? as for Forbes, there r a lot of white people making $20 million per movie that ain’t funny, so I do think it is about race.

  12. To all of you Eddie Murphy lovers. Let me make myself clear. Yes Eddie was funny on SNL and in his Nutty Proffessor movies. But wasn’t the Nutty Professor a remake. Why can’t Eddie come out with something original? Why blame the writer for a bad movie. I am sick and tired of comdedians blaming the writer. Okay so he paid tribute to high ass Richard Pryor and broke ass Red Foxx. And? So? What has he done lately? Absolutey nothing! Check this out. I work hard for my money and when I go to the movies and see some garbage by Eddie Murphy or Tyler Perry and I have to walk out of the movie then enough is enough! Eddie hasn’t done anything but put out garbage! Meet Dave. What the hell was that about and why was he with a white woman on that. Pluto nash. What the high living hell was that about. I walked out. Norbit. Okay we got the fat black ghetto chick the pimps and white people. A typical black movie. You got to understand that these comedians have the power to determine what movies they will play in and what message they are trying to send out to the audience. To me Eddie Murphy is just in it for the pay check and nothing else. Eddie dumb ass reads the script before he makes the movies. What the hell was Imagine That about. Let’s get on A Thousand words. A thousand words should have been 3 words. EDDIE MURPHY SUCKS! They had the movie on the shelf in 2008 and they should have kept it on the shelf. I have no love for Eddie Murphy sorry washed up tired ass because he a ho. He ain’t funny. I am sick of the drag queen routine. He a house ni@@a. And Yes I agree that he has been with more women than Octomom has babies. Eddie murphy sucks!

    • Whoa! Tell us how you really feel! Lol, but I have been asking for a while now, how is Eddie STILL getting roles.

      • Cause he a safe house ni@@a that’s why! A real black man gone get some good roles. Hollywood ain’t gone pay no other black man to be in to movie when they have invested so much money in Eddie Murphy sorry ass. Black men kill me. When they come out in a movie they always got to team up with a white man or a white woman. Where is the black woman in all of this? Oh. The black woman suppose to stay at home and take care of his 8 kids right? Hollywood is not gone invest in no other black comedians. Hollywood can make you or they can break you and what they doing right now is breaking the hell out of Eddie Murphy and the critics are loving it! Need I mention the fact that Eddie Murphy has black listed several comedians from making their big break in show business. You reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. Some people just don’t realize how dirty Eddie is. Ask Charlie Murphy if you don’t believe me.

          • I agree. Charlie Murphy is funnier than Eddie Murphy but It can’t be two bread winners in the family so Charlie got no support from Eddie. Eddie did not pull one string for Charlie. Eddie wants to be the man and if he can’t be the man then nobody is the man but him. I would pay to see Charlie Murphy on the big screen. I was pissed off because they were only paying Charlie Murphy 500 dollars a episode to be on the Dave Chappelle show. I wonder how did that happen? Mmmmmmhhhh? How about you ask Eddie Murphy.

            • My favorite Chappelle Show bit ever was Charlie Murphy describing his night at Prince’s house on Lake Minnetonka playing hoops and being served pancakes by Prince.
              That ish was hilarious.

            • Charlie is funny in skits but if you ever saw his stand up you would quickly change your mind; his timing sucks, he was visibly nervous and his jokes weren’t funny….I mean NOT ONE! I heard that any project Eddie Murphy pitches to the major studios are green lit without a question can you say HOLY MAN?! The Golden Child? His sexual preferences don’t have shit to do with his money making abilities. Personally I thought his acting in Dreamgirls was by far his best work ever. There are tons of white actors who make straight garbage and get PAID: Jack Black, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey even Woody Allen’s tired ass. It’s not about color, and if you are a historian you would know the Forbes List is BS in too many ways to name here.

          • Charlie Murphy is “skit funny”…Charlie is not the most literate person and it comes out when he’s trying to act. It sounds as if he’s reading his lines off a billboard in his mind.

        • Thank you!! Im glad someone pointed that out! They only feel important when they are bashing black women and standing next to white people.

          • Thank you! Have you noticed that too or am I the only one up in here tripping. They even teamed up Denzel Washington with that goofy ‘That 70’s show’ stank bitch in the book of Eli. Check our Ice loves CoCo. Why it can’t be Coco loves Ice. I am sick and tired of all these brothers selling out. I mean it’s bad enough the wayans brothers sold out with that ‘White Chicks’ thing. I mean it’s is so sad but I’m begining to think that black brothers actually hate black women. Where are the black women roles. Oh. They got to be maids or a stay at home mom or a fashion or a typical black hair designer. Eddie Murphy is suppose to be a funny comedian right? So why can’t he write his own shit? Cause he ain’t got shit to write. I think the reason why he puts on the fat suit and disses black women is probably because that is how his stank momma is. Why does all of these comedians who have the power to have a black woman in their movie decide to have a white woman or a mexican woman? I can’t wait to see the day when a black man hits the screen with no white woman as a co star or no white man as a co star.

    • just like Jennifer Anniston who continues to make movies that flop and so many others, if I could make movies and get paid, I wouldn’t care what none of ya’ll had to say about it, I would do the movies, too. Eddie Murphy has never done nothing to me, so I don’t have no reason to hate him. get your money, Eddie.

          • Eddie Murphy is a God to white people? Oh I got more jokes! You missing one word. Eddie Murphy is like GODZILLA to whitey! He big black and ugly and he scare the little white children!

    • LMAO!!! THE 3 WORDS LINE KILLED IT!!! He’s only doing it for the money now. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t care. I don’t see how you can look at the trailers for “IMAGINE THAT”, “MEET DAVE”, “1000 WORDS”, “SEX AND THE TRANNY” (ok the last one wasn’t a movie but his life) etc and say to yourself “I’m gonna check that out”. Those trailers sucked ass. I saw every single one of those trailers and just shook my head because he doesn’t care so why should I? Anytime you don’t show up for one of your own movie premieres (MEET DAVE) you know it’s pretty bad. So he’ll retire eventually. Not too many actors (especially black) would’ve gotten chances to make consistent flops. Trust me. You can tell his passion is gone and it’s all about the paycheck. As far as LARRY THE CABLE GUY go, White people got him no MATTER WHAT! NOT TO MANY OF THEM WOULD BASH THEIR OWN and unless you’re from the south he’s NOT FUNNY. If you think he is…then you my friend MIGHT BE A REDNECK. Just ask Jeff Foxworhty

  13. I just woke up and I see you guys talking about Mr. Nobody Eddie Murphy. I’m going back to sleep. Wake me up when you guys are talking about somebody important like that Elmo guy. ZZZZZZ……

    • I’m sick of you Eddie Murphy! How dare you call me a jilted lover! Eddie Murphy look like he got a disease and his @ick gone fall off! Even if I was a jilted lover. I would as least have the sense enough to have a ugly baby by him or date him for a while and write a tell all book. You idiot. Eddie Murphy sucks. He gets exactly what he deserves! Only Eddie Murphy would be so cunning to tell me to ‘get a life’ or ‘I sound like a jilted lover’. What’s wrong? Oh poor sorry Eddie got feelings now? And uh why I got to be a man. I could be a woman. Oh wait. Eddie doesn’t like women does he so I guess I must be a hurt lover. Eddie Murphy sucks! You know it. I know it and the whole damn world knows it man! Who are you? You must be one of his current beards?

        • Dammit Eddie I am sick of you! I mean why are you responding to my criticism? I hope Eddie Murphy has money saved in the bank cause he gone need it to support his 30 damn kids and all of these tranny’s he taking care of.

    • I would let it go Eddie If you would spend more time with me baby. But since you only want me at night time and tell everyone I’m just a friend I got to let the cat out of the bag cause I’m tired of being second! LMAO

  14. Eddie is just plain nasty. He been with tranny Nicole, Scary Spice, Tracy Edmonds, Rocsi Diaz, mysterious basic average white chics and no telling who he slept with while making romantic comedy’s. Eddie Murphy is the sleaziest ho in hollywierd! If a black woman is stupid enough to get with his nasty ass, I hope she got sense enough have a baby by him cause that is the only way her dumb ass gone get anything out of him. Poor Rosci. He dumped in her and then dumped her. Poor Tracy Edmond. He gave her a fake wedding then dumped her. Poor Nicole. He found out she was a woman and not a tranny or a man so he pumped her up with kids. Poor Scary Spice. She was just a one night stand and at least she smart enough to get a baby by him.

  15. Eddie Murphy is popular again? I didn’t even bother to read the post I just saw his hideous face so I want to know what happened? Is he with another woman or does he have a new movie coming out that’s gone flop like his career that I don’t know about.

  16. Why don’t they pay Charlie Murphy half of what they paying Eddie Murphy. I bet Charlie would be a success at the box office.

  17. Damn. These responses are so personal you’d think the man has taken money out of your pocket. Listen, no comic writes his own material. They’re comics not writers. I no longer find Murphy funny but I give him props for opening doors for blacks in Hollywood. I don’t care for the fat women and gay jokes but Eddie helped employ folks. It’s easy to get caught up in his man whoring but what male celebrity isn’t? What comic has been in the game for almost 30 years and is still truly funny?? No one. Im not mad at Eddie for getting that money because he’s got a massive number of children to care for and he seems to be doing just that. If he wasnt folks would be hating.

    If you want to hate hate on Charlie Sheen who continues to get massive checks in spite of his crackhead ways; why is Tom Hanks still drawing a check or Tom Cruise for that manner? It’s Hollywood. You pay your dues and they find ways for you to get paid.

    • These responses are so pesonal Eh? Do you say that to all responces? Let me hurt your sorry ass feelings bitch! Yes he has taken money out of my pocket idiot because when I spend my hard earned money a movie ticket, some popcorn, soda and candy and then watch his sorry ass uncle tom having ass clown black women then yes not only is he taking money out of my pocket but he pissing me off! Why are you defending sorry ass Eddie Murphy. Oh so no comedian writes his own material? Why not? They comedians ain’t they? He did not open up the doors for blacks in hollywood you jack ass! He made the door open up for buffoons like Tyler Perry you jerk off! How you know who in the hell he helped employ? I wouldn’t give a damn if Eddie Murphy was in the game when Jesus was born. Eddie Murphy is a sorry washed up ass bitch. Ass hole. This ain’t about crack head charlie sheen. Charlie sheen is white. White people get passes. Eddie Murphy black and non talented. I got more jokes since you want to be a ass hole.


      What does Eddie Murphy and Superhead have in common? Come on you should already know the answer right.

      Eddie Murphy is sorry and is a waste of tax payers money and he should do the world a favor and stop making movies!






  19. @crazychris Eddie didn’t grow up surrounded by whites. He was raised in Roosevelt Long Island, a pretty solidly black neighborhood. The majority of white families left Roosevelt when black families began moving in during the 1960s. But consign on how money upgraded a real average looking dude like Eddie.

    • Now how do you know all this Mr. Nyp?! You could be his sorry as publisher for all I know. Trust me if anyone on here is defending sorry ass Eddie Murphy they either his relative, one of his workers or you want to lick Eddie Murphys ass. Eddie is sorry and so are you Nyp!!!

    • That is correct. Howard Stern also grew up in Roosevelt. He talks endlessly about the fact it was 80% Black, but his parents being progressive socialist Jews refused to submit to “white flight” in the 60’s. He speaks often about he and Eddie growing up there.

  20. Eddie Murphy is a start because of the Buckwheat characyer he used to play on SNL…PERIOD.

    That role made him an icon and a legend amongst white people. It made them laugh and it made them feel good to see a black man poke fun at slavery (even though black people were not officially chattel slaves in 1934, but were still living in a Jim Crow society where they could not vote in many states)and racial discrimination as a form of humor.

  21. Eddie paid his dues, was extremely funny as hell, and made a TON of money in the process! He should laugh while reading the Forbes artIcle. There are far less talented celebrities who receive accolades for simply being “popular”. IM JUST SAYING

    • Okay what dues has he paid. Oh let me guess. He paid his ‘being a sell out dues’ right? I hope Hollyweird reads the forbes magazine and think twice before they decide to put Eddie Murphy in another painful to watch movie.

  22. Let me make this clear. Eddie Murphy has not did anything what so ever to help the world see black people in a positive way. Thanks to Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, Wesley Snipes, the Wayans Brothers and etc have to dress like a black woman in order to make the white man laugh. It amazes me how black men hate black women so much and yet they go out of their way to act like us all for what? To entertain the white man. Eddie Murphy career has been over. Did anyone check out ‘The Haunted Mansion’. That is basically how the white man feels and how hollywood feels about sorry ass Eddie Murphy. In the movie we got a white man in love with a black woman (Eddie’s wife) and she is forbidden (because blacks were slaves) and the black woman was poisoned (because in real life the white man wants us to believe the black queen is poison) then the white man spirit or whatever stays on earth and finds the black woman and disrespects Eddie by kissing the black woman (Eddie’s wife) on screen. Like ‘I am a white man and this is what I will do to your black woman’. And there wasn’t a damn thing Eddie Murphy could do about it but say ‘I believe you are kissing my wife. Why didn’t Eddie put his foot down? Eddie is a sell out. Eddie doesn’t care about anyone but him. If you can benifit him in any kind of way then you are on his team. When he has used you up he throws you away. Eddie Murphy gets no respect from me and he never will! Eddie Murphy is a parasite. Eddie Murphy is a disease. Eddie Murphy is a germ. And what do you do when you come across a parasite, a disease or a germ? You get rid of it. Done.

  23. Eddie paid his dues by making SNL relevant in the early 80s. People weren’t watching it as much as they did in the past. Like many black performers Eddie played shitty hcole in the wall joints all over Bklyn and Long Island. He was in a bunch of insipid buddy films until folks had to recognize he could be a lead.

    Geez, this man was raised in the hoods of Bklyn and Long Island for me that’s more than paying his dues. Lastly, he’s one of the highest grossing stars ever. In the top two. Yes he’s sucked for a long time but he deserves his shine just as much as the next lame actor. We bitch over the lack of representation in all levels of society and when we have a brotha who is taking care of his children and actively working we shit on him.
    Lastly, Eddie employed countless numbers of black actors in films such as coming to America, boomerang and Harlem hustle. Damn, can Eddie live???!?!

    • Oh really? A brother is taking care of his children and yet I remember Eddie Murphy was on national tv saying that basically he wanted a DNA test from scary spice to prove that the kid is his. Is Eddie in this childs life. No. You don’t know nothing about the game son! Let me break it down for you. Eddie sold out to make people laugh. Period. Now we got a ugly man with money. What do arrogant ugly men with money do? They put on a front and do whatever they want to do but when they in front of the cameras they play the family man role. Eddie Muphy is nothing but a selfish arrogant non talented freak! He gets no respect from me or from anyone who has some sense. Since you a stupid ass and you ain’t got no sense. Maybe one day you can work security for Eddie Murphy. When God blesses you with a talent. You can’t go onscreen to the world and make a race look bad. I don’t care if Eddie Employed everyone in Chicago you better believe they ain’t making no paper. He giving them minimum wage or they working for free. I know how the industry is. You got cats that are extra’s and they get paid to be on the ‘Price Is Right’ and other talk shows. Then you got movies where some cats will work for free as long as their name and face can get out in the world. Oh so Eddie Murphy is a brother now? REALLY?! When did THIS shit happen? Eddie ain’t nothing but a fag! Eddie hurts the gays when he talks about them and at the same time loves to have naked bowling parties with up and coming wanna be’s. Stay in your place NYP. I stick to mine when I say Eddie Murphy is a gay man who hides it by dating beards and knocking up women to proving his bitch ass manly ness. He a bitch to me and he gone always be a sorry ass bitch to me.

      • @eddie Murphy sucks Johnny is that u?!? U mad he keep placing u on the back burner for them fishes…if not dude u are seriously pressed about a person who doesn’t know u exist…

        • Why you hating cause dude making Eddie look bad? Let the truth come out! For all we know you EM himself!

        • Eddie is that you? What you scared Hollywood gone flush you down the toilet? I hope you pay your taxes and don’t do a Wesley Snipes move and go to prison. Cause you better believe you gone be somebody’s bitch. How much is Eddie Paying you to comment?

    • Eddie Murphy only takes care of his kids because he is required by law to do so. As soon as they asses turn 18 they on their on. You don’t believe me. Ask Nicole Murphy or Scary Spice. You sound like you working for Mr. Murphy or you could be EM.

  24. Eddie Murphy was “new black comedy”. But aftr he got caught with that tranny…

    I don’ support the DL lifestyle, no way, shape or form. He is part of that dick in the booty Hollyweird bullshit,so his movies have not gotten my dollar since that incident.

  25. lets all take a moment for a little honesty here.

    would you rather be considered funny by people you dont even know or would you rather have a quarter billion dollars to take care of not only your children but also build wealth for your childrens children?

    answer honestly

  26. I know alot of actors who make (act in) bad movies and are still given chance after chance after chance (Jennifer Aniston). They are given so many chances because they are part if the initiated click and they attend all the right “parties” and engage in the right activities to keep themselves in good standing.

    Eddie Murphys name is so big, that anything with his name attached is going to get green lighted .
    And didnt Eddie Murphy play the exact same character in Norbit and Bowfinger?

    And didnt he also play the exact same character in Tower Heist and 48 Hrs?

    Eddie is not an actor..He is a star who acts and he’s a African American homosexual man who is apart of the Hollywood Satanic system.

  27. I am gone say this one more time then I’m going to bed because I am tired. All of you who are defending sorry ass Eddie Murphy are either his relatives, one of his paid beards, or one of his employees. Don’t worry about who I am bitches! I take what ever I say personal because I am sick and tired of buffoons like Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry and now I got to deal with sell out ass Steve Harvey?! Who died and made this big lipped mutha @ucka a Guru! All of these so called comedians ain’t nothing but sell outs who would sell their own souls for fame and fortune! I am angry because I am human and I have every right to be angry because everything Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry and the Wayans brothers put out is garbage and disrespectful! I am sick of people sticking up for sorry ass Eddie Murphy! What has he done for anyone?! Absolutely nothing! I am so glad that I am not his side piece. I would hate to have to wake up every morning and see his ugly face. I would be traumatized and I would need some therapy. Eddie Murphy is hideous and if he had no money. You better believe no woman would look at him twice let alone holler at him. This is what these message boards are for. It is for the ones that don’t have a voice, have a voice. I am so glad I am saying what I have to say because guess what? Other people from all over the world are going to see my messages and know what’s going down with sorry ass Eddie Murphy. It amazes me that now I am offending someone when he is a black sissy of a man. But let this topic have been about a black woman. She would have been a bitch or a ho and everything else in between and nobody, I mean NOBODY would say, oh why don’t you leave her alone. You haters are mad because I am talking about washed up sorry ass nobody Eddie damn Murphy! Look on any web site and please tell me have you heard anything positive about this idiot. Let me tell you something else. Just because you have money. It doesn’t give you the right to treat people any kind of way. You can’t just walk all over somebody because you have more money than them. Pay back is a bitch. Just because you have more money than someone else doesn’t give you the right to abuse or use someone. But I’m wrong for voicing my opinion. When I see Eddie Murphy all I see is him using people and throwing them away like trash. Eddie Murphy is garbage. and we all know what do you do with garbage? You throw it away.

    • Could you repeat that one more time please before you go to sleep? I was listening to “Party All The Time” on my MP3.

      • @anonymous SCREEN SPEW!!!
        My girl likes to
        party all the time party all the time party all the time

        i am kickin it 80’s style right now lolz

        • Only one of Eddie himself would be stupid enough to post this comment. People in criminals are tortured in prison by listening to that ratchet song. Oh. You must be one of Eddie Murphy’s daughters trying to make daddy look good. LOL!

    • you got way too much much time on your hands plus you sound so butt hurt , seriously! you write damn lectures about someone who could give a flying fuck about you, live your damn life and take Eddies dick out of your ass , your not the only person entitled to their opinions. Just because you switch diff names it doesn’t take RDJ in his role in Sherlock to figure it out! neither do i care about Eddie or his movies.

      • Why you hating on who ever is spilling the beans on Eddie? Anyone who ain’t got nothing better to do than protect Eddie Murphy Image must be working for him! LOL!

  28. Many of you are listing movies like meet dave and norbit as examples of when he fell of but that happened looooong before then. He did two movies that started his downfall: Raw and Harlem Nights. In both of these movies his hatred of women came out and he was taken to task by the black community. Boomerang was his I’m sorry movie but by then the damage was done and so was his career. As for those of you saying he doesn’t write the movies you are wrong-eddie has wrote or had a hand in writing his films since beverly hills cop 2. So if his material sucks he need only go to the nearest mirror to see the person responsible. His ego ran amuck years ago and has been out of control since. And no he has done NOTHING for his(much funnier)brother,charlie. Chris rock saved all of us from cancellation for his brother tony rock but eddie is like beyonce with solange-I could help you but I won’t. But karma is a always there waiting and it finally caught up to eddie and he is paying dearly for his arrogance now. Eddie is done and he may never return.

    • I wish I could be so “done”…Living in St. Thomas in my own villa with a Quarter Billlion dollars, never having to work another day in my life and able to provide for my grandchildrens financial future.

  29. Eddie Murphy is nasty Mc Nasty! EW! He got them rat teeth and that rat face and he make all them faces like a man does when he about to nut. Nasty Eddie is a ass wipe.

  30. Forbes Magazine put Eddie on blast! They sick of his black ass! They want him off the list! You know them big folks in Hollywood gone listen cause they want to continue to in Forbes Magazine! Damn Eddie! I would like to see a hollywood producer put you in a movie now. Is it me or is Eddie Murphy being black balled?! Is Eddie Murphy about to be blacklisted! LMAO!

  31. It’s about damn time somebody talked about Eddie Murphy sorry. Ass. What? He think he exempt from being talked about? After reading this post I realized, he is definitely on the defense mode because I can’t see no nigga defending sorry ass Eddie Murphy but himself. Thanks to sorry ass Eddie bitch ass Murphy. We got to deal with buffoon ass Tyler Perry. Eddie, you need to go somewhere and suck a fat dick cause you get no love from me. I’m sick of you.

  32. I notice whenever Mr. Murphy gets caught with his pants down he always has some random bitch he with defend him. But when they ass in hot water he never defends them. He doesn’t defend anyone but himself. What a waste. Who wants to be around someone like that. Yep Hollywood got it right when they made him a donkey cause he look like a ass, talk like a ass and makes a ass out of himself.

  33. Why do you think Arsenio Hall left him alone. He realized what a self centered bitch Eddie Murphy really is. Eddie Murphy only cares about one person. And that is himself. He likes to be around ‘yes men’ who boost his ego and make him feel like a man when we all know he a punk ass bitch. Have you notice that everyone in his entourage is finally figuring this out and they running from him like all NFL players do when they see Kim Kardashian.

  34. When you hang around Eddie, you get yourself caught up in some shit you can’t get out of. Ask Magic Johnson.

  35. The reason why nobody cares about Eddie is because he a house nigga. Hollywood made him. Had he been a white John Travolta, his whole gay sex life would be on blast. You got to understand Eddie is a bitch. He the type of mutha fucka that will start the fight, then run like a bitch that he is and let his homies fight his battle. I heard about that Magic Johnson shit too. If I was Magic, I would have sued Eddie bitch ass. But in doing so I would have had to acknowledge the fact to my boo Cookie and the world that I slept with a man at one of Eddie’s gay parties.

  36. Everyone knows that Magic Johnson caught AIDS from one of Eddie Murphy infamous gay sex parties. God sees everything. God even has jokes. Guess what Magic Johnsons Doctor name is? His name is Dr. Ho! Yep.
    Dr. David Ho! God sees all and knows all and if that wasn’t a clear message that God knows what is going down then I don’t know what is. These are the men who need to get AIDS test.

    Tyler Perry
    Berry Bonds
    Sugar Ray Lenard
    Arsenio Hall
    Johnny Gill

    Did I forget anyone?

  37. My favorite movie with Eddie Murphy is “Life.” Not saying that there is an Eddie Murphy curse BUT since that movie Bernie Mac, Heavy D, Rick James and Michael Taliferro(Gold Mouth) have all died. Martin went crazy, Lisa Nicole Carson was diagnosed with schizophrenia. So………..

  38. Mannn! Its so obvious this guy “Eddie Murphy Sucks” is posting 99% of all the negative responses here under a different name. Wouldn’t surprise me if u were gay either by the tone of your posts.

    Eddie is the fucking man. How the hell can you dare put Guy or Joe Torry, Charlie, or anybody else on the same level as eddie? You sound crazy. Yeah he’s made some bad movies but there was a point where he was probably the second most famous man in america besides michael jackson. He also gave chris rock and dave chappelle their first breaks. But you say he doesn’t do anything for blacks.

    Eddie is comedic royalty. Everytime a black man gets some money people start with the consipracies and satanic and cult bullshit. Eddie started doing comedy clubs at 15 across new york and literally started from the bottom to being a millionaire by 22. He was young, gifted, black, paid his dues and now gets to enjoy life. Much respect.