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Eddie Murphy’s Baby Momma Sues ‘Hollywood Exes’ Producers For Stealing Her Show!

December 4th, 2013

Eddie Murphy Baby Momma Sues Hollywood Exes

Eddie Murphy’s third baby mama is banking on a $1 million dollar payday. Tamara Hood — who gave birth to Eddie’s second son, back in 1990 — is reportedly suing the pair of producers behind “Hollywood Exes.”

According to Tamara, she’s the brainchild behind “Hollywood Exes” … and the one who pitched “The Hollywood ExClub” to producers Vernon Lynch [Eddie's brother] and Jeff Dyson, back in 2008!

Wait … There’s More!!!

Court docs, recently filed by Tamara, reveal her on-camera spot was replaced with Nicole Murphy!

Check it:

“The Hollywood ExClub’ about a group of celebrity baby mamas [was] inspired by her [Tamara Hood's] own relationship with Eddie Murphy. In 2011, Tamara says she got wind VH1 was making a show called ‘Hollywood Exes’ produced by Lynch-Dyson — which she claims was a complete rip-off of her idea.”

Did Tamara previously get at Lynch-Dyson, demanding her rightfully due credit and payment for her role in creating the show — only to be straight dissed? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Charlie Murphy.


7 Responses to “Eddie Murphy’s Baby Momma Sues ‘Hollywood Exes’ Producers For Stealing Her Show!”

  1. anonymous |

    sue these thieves and write a tell all book


  2. Anonymous |

    Unfortunately I think she might be wasting her time . Even if she had the idea first its not like she could copyrite it. I doubt they are going to give her any credit or money now.


  3. Loser |

    Sounds like she’s trying to get money for nothing! If it was really her idea then why didn’t she sell the show herself?


  4. dimeone |

    Get paid now


  5. RC |

    She DID try to sell the show! That’s what that pitch meeting with Lynch & Dyson in 2008 was about. But but instead of giving Tamara her props & making the show with her, they took her idea, changed the title & kicked her to the curb.

    You can’t copyright an idea, but the fact that she had pitched these same 2 dudes the very same idea before might give her a legal leg to stand on. She’s gonna need a damn good lawyer, but there is precedent for it, from a case involving an old Eddie Murphy movie:

    “Buchwald v. Paramount (1990) was a breach of contract lawsuit filed and decided in California in which humorist and writer Art Buchwald alleged that Paramount Pictures stole his script idea and turned it into the 1988 movie Coming to America. Buchwald won the lawsuit and was awarded damages, and then accepted a settlement from Paramount before any appeal took place.”



    I CAN'T Reply:

    I remember that.


  6. Epicures |

    Yeah, but if you change a couple of things in the format your scott free!


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