Eddie Murphy’s Model-Beard Revealed!


Eddie Murphy's New Beard Paige Butcher

Turning Paige’s?

Eddie Murphy’s latest lady may be one of Australia’s leading models – but the bombshell from Down Under may be more than a fashion model. That’s because Hollywood insiders say Paige Butcher is one of Tinseltown’s model-beards, lending her model “girlfriend” image to Afro-American celebrities. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tyson Beckford.

Here’s the drop:

“Paige is a beard to these Hollywood Nicca’s. Who’s Eddie and them fooling? Arsenio Hall can’t hide is sexuality no more. Even Eddie Murphy’s son acts and dresses like he’s ready to be a judge on America’s Next Top Model.

Let me be clear, Eddie Murphy and his boyz are all sell-outs.”

Here’s what’s being reported about Eddie Murphy’s fake relationship with Paige Butcher:

“He pursued her, he totally loves her look. He shows her off to his friends – she’s one of those girls that make all your guy friends jealous. She loves sports, too, and likes to go to basketball games.”



    • Eddie can’t even hide it anymore. He LOOKS gay. That nigga face is GAY as hell. Like seriously, LOOK at him in the pic above *lol* same dumb ass smurk on his GAY FACE evey time you see his fag ass…..*smh*

  2. We all know eddie likes the men especially johnny”swallow it whole”gill. He can parade around with paige,toni braxton and any other beard he wants but we know the truth. That’s why in his standup movies he always did routines about gays cuz he knew. But you stay on in that closet eddie but know this-the door is open and we see you!*skips away singing it’s raining men*

    • Wow that’s the biggest put down I’ve ever heard I nearly chocked on my coffee..
      I always give johnny gill props as a vocalist but I had to LOL on this one I quote lol
      Johnny “swallow it whole” Gill..
      I can’t stop laughing, poor ole johnny must be lying in eddies arms right now in the foetus position wowwww that was a put down

  3. I dont normally pay white women any mind in the looks department but Paige is a nice looking Caucaus Mt lady….
    But lets see her in 15 years when those wrinkles, liver spots and that back hair starts developing…In fact I give it 8 years if shes about 24 now…Especially dealing with that Southern Exposure Sunshine in Australia.

  4. this is all part of a bigger picture.

    Notice how in the 1990s, DL men like Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall and others would give sistahs shade and if they had a beard she was usually half-white?

    Now 20 years later, they are all with white women. So sistahs, next time you see an Alfonso Ribiero or a Tyson Beckford sportin’ a Becky, know that they are gay. Probably many Hollyweird men we see with white women are DL, because when there is no race barrier, you can see other shit more clearly.

    • I agree with you 90%…Dont forget Dr. Dre , Will.I.AM , Don Cornelius , Reggie Miller, Quincy Jones etc. etc. etc. etc.

      • exactly, all DL bitches, which is why I respect that HIV/AIDS is deadly, but why are all these white women not gettin’ it from these DL bitches they fuck wit?

        • White women are immune to HIV and AIDS, so they are never prescribed the regular HIV/AIDS Pharmecuetical Cocktail from Mylans Matrix that your first black President and his wife Hillary gave the Gov’t contract to when he was President. that shuts down your liver and kidneys in 8 months after beginning ingesting it.

          • Are you saying black women have been preselected for the disease and the medication is what actually kills you? Surely all white women are not alkaline.

            • Im saying HIV/AIDS is a hoax…The goal is to stop black people from having that Messiah seed that will shift the balance of power they know is going to happen anyway.

              They did the same thing during Herods time when his astrologers saw the signs that a new children would be born to shift the balance of power and herald a shift in power.

              Herod was a lot more obvious…He just had the police go door to door and stick a sword through newborn babies…

              Now they are a little more subtle…They convince you to pay them to murder your own babies and call it abortion. They push homosexuality on you to ensure that that divine sperm seed not reach the divine egg in the darkness of heaven. They tell you to put toxic rubber on your dick hole so you wont catch canines diseases and call it “protection”..
              Then they tell you that you have a disease and then convince you to take toxic poisons that kill you in less than a year.


            • Really digging your comments and glad you went there. On abortion it is just so common place it seems like women have them just to have it. Soon afterward they regret their decision and start wishing for children, then turn around, get pregnant again just to have another abortion, wth.

              I was looking into doing some volunteer work this past summer. After speaking to the head of a hiv/ aids org, it was enlightening to know how managing the meds worked. If you get on the meds early and stay on you only have to take 1 or 2 pills a day. The more you fall off you become immune to the previous prescription. The meds become more expensive and you have to take more per day. The hoax is a helluva money maker, know that.

          • OMG, I just looked up Mylan, and it is a big pharma compan specializing in produing generic medicine, especially HIV generic medication. Very scary!

    • I have been saying this for EVER!!!! At first I was like, do these white women know that these black men are gay? But now I know that they DO know these men are gay. On another note, black women are caring less about seeing black men with white women. I’m so glad.

      • @ Anon 11:50: You know what, I’ve been doing some research and I believe that the African Americans as well as the blacks in the Caribbean and other parts of the world are not African at all. My research leads me to believe that we are in fact Israelite. (I don’t follow the Hebrew Israelite religion) Does that sound silly to anyone? I’m not trying to be but I just believe it. I believe that we are in fact the original and true inhabitants of Israel.

        • YOU ARE 100000000000% CORRECT ! We are not Africans, they helped and also enslaved our people. We are the the people.of the bible, the true children of Israel. FYI being an Israelite has nothing to do with religion just like the bible. Its our nationlity , not black, afro american, african american , west indian and etc.

          • Then the Most High mus be pretty mad with us cuz many of us sure act like philistines, not to mentio sodomites and ghomorrans.

      • As it should be, anon. Why should you care about these men’s dating habits when they do not care about you?? It must take so much energy to have so much anger about that issue too. So the fact that it may be simmering down and BW can put their minds on other more important issues, can only be a good thing.

        • It is not anger, just observations. We need to know the cues. If these DL dudes are with white women and the white women not getting HIV, tat needs to be spoken on.

          Now, if there is no sex, then why can’t a sistah get that kind of exposure.

    • SMH Do you sleep better at night thinking like this? Let’s face it a lot of black men likes white women. Next time you see a black man with a white woman it’s because he’s attracted to her. SMH at this fool thinking black men date white women cause they are gay. Sounds like one of those insecure black women who lives in a delusional world where black men only likes blavk women. You need to get out more.

      • Naw, they ain’t gay,

        they just hate themselves and wish they were white, so they take what the white boys done all ran through and think they got a prize.

  5. Paige’s dark roots are showing. Regular run of the mill chick. A 6 at best. Maybe a 5.

  6. Eddie was holding on to her at that tribute like she was gonna fly away! Like we didn’t know they were there together! WTF!?


    eddie played donkey in shrek or shall we say he played the ass.

    he was also in that disney gay movie mulan which was about crossdressing.

    his old school jam in the butt is stupid and confusing or was he throwing hints about what he really liked plus he was hanging with rick james.

    rick looked like a whore on the street songs cover.

    martin hung around murphy and martin been said you know what’s like smoking weed with your boys and he wanna suck your dick well martin was talking about those hollywood dudes he hang with.

    damon wayans played a fag on beverly hills cop 2

    miguel nunez act like he’s gay in real life and bernie mac played his man in life.

    stacy lattisaw dumped johnny gill because he was bisexual well let’s not forget she dated sheila e.

    • Yes mr jawanna mann plays those homo roles exceptionally well. Just like prof olgelby seemed like he genuinely hated monique and had no chemistry with his dates. The professor didn’t want a woman. LOL

      • Most of these hollywood queers hate women and give their costars a hard time, i.e. Will Smith and “Aunt Viv”.

        The black queers seem to hate on the sistahs the most though.

        • True. Sista’s are the epitome of femininity. Who does most gay men, (blk, wht, hspnc, asn, ect.) try to emulate? It’s Black women, just watch their mannerisms. I posed this question to a white man, he knew the answer. His wife was friends with a gay wht guy who wanted to now be addressed as shiquesha.

          BW are bearing a lot of negative energy, they are not hated but definitely being hated on.




  8. I ALWAYS had a feeling that Eddie Murphy was gay. When I saw his “Delirious” stand up comedy concert and he was cracking on gays for quite a bit of the show, I knew something was up. He was just talking about them a little too much. He just gives off the vibes.

  9. I heard that Johnny Gil lived in Eddie and Nicole guest house…He kept Nicole pregnant to hide his affair with Johnny. He lived in the guest house for years. He was the main reason of their divorce..
    Eddie Produced Hollywood Exes and guess who made a surprise visit Johnny Gil!!!

  10. When there was a another scandalous rumor about his gayness…That spice chick got pregnant, she didnt want him and he didnt want her…She gets a child support check with publicity and proven DNA..He gets media off his back because..
    DL Men play that game well, getting women pregnant to decieve. Some how they believe it would hide the gayness..its better to be deadbeat father than a black gay man in hollyhell.

    • mel b is bisexual herself she dated her bandmate ginger and the spice girls were freaks anyway and they’re from the uk where being lgbt is way more accepted anyway so no surprise browse and you’ll see mel b kissing on girls plus she used to hang arounbd missy.

    • so he must have paid tracie to marry him and we never got the full story on their split one minute they’re soulmastes then they’re through after one argument must of been a hell of a argument maybe eddie was’nt paying her enough.

      why would tracie rush into a marriage anyway right after she divorced babyface.

  11. I saw the movie Tower Heist with Eddie in it, the other night. Even though he was acting, he was too sissy. He can’t even hide it anymore. Who in their right mind can’t see that Eddie’s gay?

    • Ole girl is looking straight at the camera, just-a-posing! Lol. Such a real and sincere relationship, no?

  12. But you stay on in that closet eddie but know this-the door is open and we see you!*skips away singing it’s raining men* —–That’s to hilarious! Made my ribs hurt laughing so hard

  13. Nicole had to have the another man or instead of mistress, is it mister that made the guest appearance on her reality show…her ex-husband think help produced.
    thats insane….Nicole was just smiling and calling him friend..
    I bet she signed a disclosure when she and Eddie split up, because the tell all book would a best seller

    • @sugarplum-and can you imagine the first time eddie saw nicole? I can hear eddie now-“Oooooo look at him!” Smdh

  14. nicole got what she wanted she married a homo and continued to stay married to him and birth his children so she could get paid which she did in the end.

    why else would any woman marry a rich homo?

  15. Give him a break. Eddie likes beautiful women. She’s very beatiful so let him enjoy her. She’s the best looking woman I’ve seen him with so far and Eddie been with some really hot chicks.

  16. How could she be a beard to Tyson Beckford when they haven’t even been in public together? I don’t believe he’s gay. Tyson got a pretty damn cute kid and his girlfriend is stunning.

  17. Women who think cus a man got a kid and a gf aint gay are the the ones who catch the bug first. Jus sayin

  18. Just because dude has kids doesn’t mean he’s not gay. True story..

    I live in the Netherlands, Europe and one time I met this gorgeous guy. Really handsome, he was half black/half indian and had a really nice body.
    So we meet for drinks and right away he starts telling this story that his mum is angry with him because of rumours she heard of him living together with a man. So he felt like explaining to me that he used to stay at his ‘best friends’ house for legal reasons. He had problem with his visa since he was from the Caribbean. But now he’s living with the mother of his baby daughter but that they are not dating. He was very sure about that, they were only friends! First red flag came up.

    After that we went on a second date but things never got any further. I always wondered what went wrong, so I thought he was lying and that he had a relationship with the mother of his child.

    So I moved on. A few months later I get a message that he’s in town with his daughter and that we should meet so I can meet his little girl.
    He told me he was staying at his ‘friends’ house for a few days and I went over there.
    When I got there he was only wearing a jeans. No boxers! His pants were hanging really low and I could almost see his crack. He was looking damn fine I must admit 🙂
    First I thought he was trying to seduce me with the half-naked look, but after 30 minutes the ‘friend’ came in.
    Dude was gayer than Miss J Alexander and all of a sudden everything made sense. He introduced the guy as his best friend since childhood..uhu..rrright.
    Dude was playing with the baby like he was his stepmom. And he already spent 2 nights there! Shit was too comfortable.

    Everything made sense, dude was gay on the DL!
    His ‘friend’ gave me the dontmesswithmyman-look and left. So I asked him straight out if he was gay. Off course he denied, but we both knew it was so.
    I sent him a message a few days later saying that I’m his friend no matter what. We still chat as friends and I found myself a nice black man to show me all his straight moves 🙂

    Why are the goodlooking ones always gay?

    • @missknownunknown-uhhh did I miss something? cause you said at the beginning all men wth kids aren’t gay then you told a story about a gay man. Huh? That one went over my head.

      • Oooh my fault I misread the top but yeah many gay men do have kids. Hell eddie got what-five or six?

    • That DL dude needs to be shot. As a poster said on here a few months ago, he is infecting the pussy population!

      Those are one’s who became nasty old queens when their looks go because they were never smart enough to hook up with the wealthy really closeted DL man.

  19. Well when he retires and feels more comfortable like the law changes with gay marriage in the state of Caliofnria, him and Johnny will finally get to be together.

    • of course eddie’s not gay he’s a man who likes to have sex with other men that’s not gay at all.

      he picks up trannies and give them rides to their homes he also gives them money because eddie feels like he needs to give back to the community he’s really a kind hearted soul.

  20. SMH. He has dated all types of women. Black, white, latino, asian, etc etc. If he also liked men as well, let him be. Why is it such a big deal?

    • cause he denies it even though there’s evidence.

      these celebs like to put up fronts they make these gay statements liker flirting with the same gender when the camera is’nt rolling and then deny they did these things.

      • What do you want him to admit? So that incident 15 years ago and now you know for a fact Eddie prefers men and don’t like women?

        Unless you know Eddie personally you have no idea what he prefers. Maybe he goes both ways I don’t know. He does seem to have a type. The women he dates are always slim athleteic and pretty. They all look the same. Usually mixed race. Now this woman is white though but it’s still his type of woman that he goes for, so I’m not surprised to see him with her.

        • I hang with Eddie Murphy all the time. Always had a girl, fiancé, wife by him. And what if he liked men too? So what. Does that mean he has to parade his personal life to your likings? Does that affect your life? He’s an amazing comedian, a kind family man, that’s how he should be viewed as. PERIOD.

  21. I know for a FACT Tyson Beckford is gay. His White female neighbor made sure to tell me about his late night escapades. Said men are always in and out at late nights at his place in North Jersey. Had me laughing so hard with her stories.

  22. If Eddie is, in fact, a gay dude, then he should be absolutely ashamed that he won’t come out of the closet. Maybe he could’ve helped change the climate and tamp down the hatred for gay folks. If he cant’ be true to who he is, then fuck him. Oh wait–I’m a woman.

  23. One reason some of the weird black men you all have mentioned prefer white women is because white women will let you be yourself especially if you are rich… Lets just say these men are gay, more white women will accept their man get his arse busted but a black woman would talk about his arse everyday if she found out her man was doing something like that behind her back. I date asian women they just love money they don’t care what else you do…