Eminem To Step Into The Boxing Ring…


Eminem Fuqua Southpaw

Fighting Flick?

Eminem is reported to be gearing up to step into the boxing ring. That’s the latest news about the Motor City native, who’s said to be back working closely with Antoine Fuqua on the flick “Southpaw” — with Eminem leading as a boxer.

Here’s what Antoine Fuqua had to say about the up and coming film:

“Southpaw’ was with DreamWorks, that’s when I got the job. Then Em had to go do his music, so we paused it for awhile.

I have a great passion for that project, and I met with Steven Spielberg about it, and he loved it. The timing of that didn’t work up. And I spoke with Harvey Weinstein and he loved it from the beginning. So I said, let’s do it. So he went over and talked to them, and Harvey has it now.

We’re looking at different casts and I’m looking to be doing that at the end of the summer.”

Is “Southpaw” an almost complete copy of Mark Wahlberg’s 2010 movie “The Fighter”? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Christian Bale.