SEX TAPE LEAKED: Terrence Howard ID’d in Sadist Smash Session W/ May Seng Yang


HSK Exclusive – Empire star, Terrence Howard, has been identified in an apparent sadist sex tape, exclusively obtained by HSK.

The eight-minute long audio footage — just one of four pieces — footage that features the actor performing sexual fetishes, alleged to involve “chocking and degradation” of ex-girlfriend May Seng Yang.

According to our source… the recorded incident went down on December 11, 2012, during the time Howard was “legally married to Michelle [Ghent].

“We got to know each other and she’s like hes not like what you thought…”

Our tipster tells us, “May sent me the tape as a joke because she wanted me to laugh at it… and I was like ‘What the hell was that?'” But that’s not all we’re told. The source says up to “200 woman” could have Terrence Howard to thank for secretly leaving them with a gift that keeps on giving, including May!

Dig the drop:

“He has a really bad case of herpes… like he has to take medication for it everyday so he won’t get a breakout.

She got it from him. The only reason he told her is because she saw all the medical bottles. So supposedly… he made an agreement with her to pay $75K but he only gave her $5K. She has kept all the medical bottles.

He got it from his first wife and when he first saw it he tried to burn it off with a cigarette.

He doesn’t tell none of these girls that he has it… he’s probably infected about 200. There are girls out there who started coming out of the woodwork when he was getting his divorce.”

Terrence Howard Sex Tae Leak: May Seng

Republish from May 2014


  1. This dude has some real issues he’s the real dirty dick in hollywood if he’s passing around STDs like that.

    • His manhood is very small which has given him a complex so he acts out sexually to feel more powerful and in control. Poor thang.

      • What the Hell does that have to do with anything. Maybe your Pussy stinks, which is causing you to slander people!

  2. I have my doubts. Terrence Howard snuff? Every character he plays looks as if they are about to cry.

    • Exactly! It does take two. Unless he is secretly removing it during the sexual act then they have no one to blame but themselves.

      • First condom or not u don’t put your ding in someone without disclosing your burning issues. Confines aren’t 100%. Condoms break, fall off esp if its a small one. He bares the responsibility of that disease. Yes protect yourself!!!!! But don’t stick your death weapon without making your “issues” clear.

  3. Dude is a psycho.

    Probably gay, but afraid to be with a man, so he smashes a lot of women and beats them up.

  4. Why that nigga kept asking her when’s the last time she had a train ran on her? Sounds like he trying to fill her out to see if she okay with him and another naked nigga.GAY GAY GAY

  5. His ass is going to jail! He knows he got the disease, if he don’t mention names, they going to lock his dumbass up! Point blank and simple!!

  6. The last thing I need my precious ears to hear is a Terrence Howard sex tape. No thanks. He looks FILTHY and oily all the time. They say he’s not working with shit so I can see him having a domination fetish thing going on. Trash infecting trash. Sad state of affairs. Anybody laying up raw with ANYBODY that they are not in a seriously committed relationship with is seriously asking for trouble and sadly even the people in committed relationships are at risk.

    • To the ^3rd power. This is disturbing. He gets off on hearing a out other dudes and inflicting pain. What type of female would subject herself to that. Well he did stalk his first wife.

  7. It’s all about his conversation. It all revolved around dudes and booty holes. This guy has some serious issues.

  8. Terrence Howard is a closeted homosexual who hates women. Also, 70% of hollywood is infected with some of type of STD.

  9. Punk nasty tail! He was asking about the men too long. And did I hear him say, “roll the window down”? Cheap nicca was in a car?!!! Why was she even with him? She was doing it to be with a celeb! Ho!

    • because aisian women are the biggest and best gold diggers of all the races they will marry an old troll if he has enough money

  10. If it is a man out there that can have sex 200 times before he is 50, please speak now! Terrance should go to a herpes website so they can infect each other and it won’t hurt them.

  11. A lot of Asian women will sleep with anyone. I live in Las Vegas and a lot of brothas date them here talking about these women “do everything better”. (Side eye) Yeah they put up with anything. I’d rather have standards than put up with anything because you see what not having standards got some of them here….a nice unwrapped gift of lesions and sores.

    • Asian women are submissive, and most have a gang of money. The one I know loves it because it is long, think and heavy. She pays all my bills even though I am successful. She is a freak in the sheets and it grips you. This is why men date them, they know when to not argue and that thang grips onto you.

    • yep i lived on a military base for years and saw all the ugly wrinkled old white men had asian wives that couldnt even speak english, i also know a well off black man who married an asian girl who couldnt speak english

  12. After peeping that seven part docu-series on E! about the weird and darkside of Hollywood, I’m never shocked or even surprised by these celebs. I put any or all under the category of NORMAL for them.

  13. only a matter of time before some moron called him gay for fucking a woman in her ass . There are women that crave that type of sex , some wont admit it just steer the man in that direction and dont think its only certain races that like this shit . all women have the capacity to be stone freaks

    • yes you have plenty of women who like getting phukked in the ass and you have women who like to phukk both men and women with strap ons.

  14. seems like hes not hurting anybody and he sits and discusses with these women what he likes to do and he pays them well seems like everybody agrees on his fetishes as long as they’re paid.

    only problem is that hes spreading herpes guess that turns him on too.

  15. When does he ask about men at what time in the video because I’m not listening that in its entirety.

  16. IF THESE SLUTS WAnmt to let terrance choke them while hes paying them good for them.

    everybody wanna tell they’re sex lives now.

  17. it’s like He’s on Empire, acting it doesn’t seem real

    Asian Women are conning and crafty just like White Women, They only taken up with Black Men if Their rich They ain’t down for you nicca.

    the only Asian People I like are the Chinse/Indian Jamacians They don’t coon for White People

  18. Sometimes people start vicious rumors about celebrities because of jealousy or they just want to see somebody fail. This could be anybody. Let’s see some actual faces, etc., before we say definitively that this is Terrence. Need more proof than this.

  19. Remember we discussed this before ad nauseum: Herpes is NOT prevented by condom use. It’s the one STD that condoms cannot prevent. So we don’t know that he’s raw dogging these women.

    And lots of people have herpes, it’s not a Hollywood thing. If you don’t have it, congrats and I hope you never do. But please don’t shame people who were unfortunate enough to get it. It in no way means you are a slut or trashy. I got it from my husband who didn’t know he had it because it can lay dormant for years.

  20. I hope the beautiful Epatha is aware of his rep. She had a couple of quick kisses with him in a movie, and it would scare me _____less.

  21. Its funny.. People will buy his sex tape doing some of the freakiest shit. I say this is a marketing ploy for the freaks, this is free promotion, and if not making money now with supposed leaks, approved by some brokered deal. He is not suing any media either.. Mr Lyons wants to be a PORN STAR period.