Eric B Tells Nicki Minaj To Go F**k Herself


HSK Exclusive – This Nicki Minaj chic is currently the the most popular female rapper in the game – Why? I have no idea. But, it’s gone straight to her head. And, she’s pissing off a lot of people with her disrespectful antics, and the streets are talking mane!

HSK has exclusively learned from legendary rap mogul Eric B that the “Microphone Fiend” producer set out to meet Nicki Minaj, after his daughter let her dad know that she was a fan of Nicki’s mixtapes. So, E.I. hooked up the meeting for Eric B – He tells me that he figured it was the right thing to do for his daughter, so she could get her desired picture of her dad with Nicki. But, the meeting didn’t exactly go as Eric B thought it would have. He says when Nicki met him, she treated him like he jumped over barricades and snuck by security to meet her. Who the fuck is this bitch? Nicki actually treated an OG of the rap game like a peasant. WTF? She needs to recognize that she’s a new jack (and a shitty one at that) and bow down to those who started this rap game! But, she didn’t. And that’s exactly why Eric B told Nicki to go fuck her herself…I would too, wouldn’t you?

Check out what the streets think of fake ass Nicki:


  1. She def went off.. its the spotlight, minaj is told to promote and sing certain thngs but it was her choice 2 b where she is.
    Keys def neeeeeds 2 b out there you got talent lady, n u know it too ths wassup!
    Keep doin yo thng mamas!!!

  2. Nicki was born in Trinidad, and in Trinidad there are extremely beautiful women with big ass butts. So if you think Nicki is fake then you should see her relatives in Trinidad, they all look alike, without any plastic surgery. How do i Know? Because i’m from Trinidad.

  3. Nicki effing up this generation faster than crack in the 80s, instead of crackheads we got stupid hoes, stupid, stupid hoes…. With multiple personalities, rainbow colored hair and fake body parts

  4. I really do love 0nika,buh shz 2 fake and kind ov dope..aßove aLL 0nika(nicki)be original cuz i detest fake bitches and wunt like 2 8 u:-)love yo ßarbie:-*teamMINAJ

  5. Oh yes…Please come out and change the game…rght now it is in need of serious reality rap…I mean being a barbie…R u serious? Like life is real no one has time to be trying to live like a plastic fake ass cartoon person…specialy people of any color ..even more so the young mothers and wives and siters friend lovers of the future…Women of any color…I can’t believe the shit people settle for ..this dude suppose to be a major drug dealer?…Nigga you were a correction officer my dude…..I mean come on people Really? Port of Miami..doing what my dude?….Let’s stop the bullshit I mean when you look at some one like Rakim and then look at whats being put out now…It is really a sad state of affairs for substance…even with the brothers so called drug situation…his content is whats most important..u my people stay well Peace.