Erica Jean Sets Off Sexy W/ Heather Hunter!


    erica-mena-heather-hunter Screen-shot-2014-01-15-at-8.04

    HSK Exclusive – Erica Jean is not wasting one second of her 15-minutes, she is said to already be plotting plans for life after ‘Love & Hip Hop NY.’ We’re told that’s why Erica’s trying to ‘turn up her sexy’ — and who better than Heather Hunter to guide her?

    The OG XXX-video vixen-turned-photographer may be heading Erica Jean’s ‘Set Off Sexy’ campaign — but we’re told not only is Erica NOT diving into porn, she’s in the midst of launching a kids clothing line. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Derrick Hughes.


    Let’s go!


    1. Erica’s body is hit and her face is double hit. Saigon is the only one checking for her. She needs to buy her son a “My Baby Can Read” DVD, put her clothes back on and call it a day so he can have a chance at being something in life since his parents are off.

      • I think Erica’s cute, but I agree it’s time for her to put some clothes on & find another way to earn some $$$.

    2. Porn seems to have become a major employer the last few years. Hope this ain’t true though…if so it’s pretty sad.
      When a rapper doesn’t hit big the impact can send ripple waves throughout a community. hahaha

    3. heather Hunter was the shit back in the day. I remember when she had that lol’ streak of blonde in her hair. And her body was amazing with beautiful natural breast.

      Ol’ girl could eat a coochie too.

    4. me wonders whaaatt Ron Hightower is doing these days… hmmmmm.. talked 2 him on the phone allllonnnnnggg tyme ago

    5. Erica can get it…I'll burn her up from the back…holla shawty I'll treat you like a real woman if that brain's good too…lol


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