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Erica Jean Sets Off Sexy W/ Heather Hunter!

January 16th, 2014

erica-mena-heather-hunter Screen-shot-2014-01-15-at-8.04

HSK Exclusive - Erica Jean is not wasting one second of her 15-minutes, she is said to already be plotting plans for life after ‘Love & Hip Hop NY.’ We’re told that’s why Erica’s trying to ‘turn up her sexy’ — and who better than Heather Hunter to guide her?

The OG XXX-video vixen-turned-photographer may be heading Erica Jean’s ‘Set Off Sexy’ campaign — but we’re told not only is Erica NOT diving into porn, she’s in the midst of launching a kids clothing line. Don’t believe me.. Just ask Derrick Hughes.


Let’s go!

9 Responses to “Erica Jean Sets Off Sexy W/ Heather Hunter!”

  1. Bella |

    Erica’s body is hit and her face is double hit. Saigon is the only one checking for her. She needs to buy her son a “My Baby Can Read” DVD, put her clothes back on and call it a day so he can have a chance at being something in life since his parents are off.


    Ms. Gemini Reply:

    I think Erica’s cute, but I agree it’s time for her to put some clothes on & find another way to earn some $$$.


  2. Vandellish |

    Porn seems to have become a major employer the last few years. Hope this ain’t true though…if so it’s pretty sad.
    When a rapper doesn’t hit big the impact can send ripple waves throughout a community. hahaha


  3. Anon |

    heather Hunter was the shit back in the day. I remember when she had that lol’ streak of blonde in her hair. And her body was amazing with beautiful natural breast.

    Ol’ girl could eat a coochie too.


  4. anonomiss |

    me wonders whaaatt Ron Hightower is doing these days… hmmmmm.. talked 2 him on the phone allllonnnnnggg tyme ago


  5. Anonymous |

    Erica Jean should start by fixing that raggedy ass mouth of her’s


  6. Tyrone |

    @Jacky Jasper

    Is Erica Jean’s butt real? Heather Hunter says she likes real cakes, Really?


  7. mas118 |

    Rapper on TV with they baby mamas using thembvh1 checks to pay they child support.hustling baby


  8. Anonymous |

    Those boots are made for walkin’!


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