Erica Mena Busted It Open For Rihanna!!!


Erica Mena Sells Rihanna Sex Story

Groupie Queen?

HSK Exclusive – Erica Mena admits to have busted it open for more than 100-celebrities, but there’s one sexcapade in particular which the ‘Love & Hip Hop‘ cast member seems to be most proud of. We’re talking about the time Erica says Rihanna finger-banged her.

Erica says her girl-on-girl sex session with RiRi happened in the back of an SUV (classy), a few years back. That’s after the reality star says she was “so high” before finding herself in the vehicle with RiRi, two other girls, and two of the pop singer’s fingers up inside of her.

Here’s what Ercia Mena exclusively told HSK:

“It happened so long ago. I’m not one to throw people under the bus after I’ve messed around with them.
Ha ha!! But it did happen.”


  1. Dang! Erica is just a straight up whore. And Rich Dollaz put his tongue all up in that. Now that’s just NASTY.. Her cooch will be so stank that no amount of soap or douche will be able to clean that funk out.

    • …..u are so right that we ALL have issues (and those who do not believe they do…well you already know : )…and with emotional maturity coupled with age I am now meeting many of my own issues in efforts to die my best person (therapy is ya friend…if anyone has ever asked themselves why do I keep doing this…find out). As I look around…you have to thank God for your chips, cracks, dents or maybe even holes…but for some people…they were broken completely before they were of age..and by those who were suppose to equip them for the fight that is are right, you have to feel for her..and many others…who never had a REAL chance because they never learned any better than just to survive. But the beauty of the “Matrix” is, she can wake up too. Respect

    • Erica Mena behaves like someone who has been violated sexually in some way.The amazing part is that she actually found someone who would date her. Erica is sleeping with men and women. SUPERFREAK ACTION! I BET HER NEXT MAJOR ROLE WILL BE HOOKAS AT THE POINT=DOCUMENTARY!!!!!!!!

  2. I would never fuck dat hoe not even with a sick dick !! These hoes are sad i got more respect for the bitch that smashed the father & son these hoes are smutts

  3. Erica has had some of everybody’s dick, DAMN. Its seems like she down for anything when she’s coked up. If she’s not careful she may lose her child for real. I wish that upon no one however, she’s needs to get her shit together. Erica is no different than a whore-mom abandoning her kids for money, a dick, or drugs. Her mother should just be a grandmother, not a damn babysitter while Erica goes do what she does.

  4. some people are nymphomanics and can’t control it I am but I got help it’s under control I don’t do anybody I don’t do the same sex but I will f just about anywhere

  5. There isn’t anything sad or sorry about her life. She’s grown, why not just make grown grow woman decisions. Selfishness is an ugly disease! Think about your child, lady!!!

  6. I,m sure when she worked for the kardashians,khloe prolly had a good time with Erica too,in Miami in the dash store!

  7. Khloe had a good time with Erica? Don’t you mean Kourtney the pure blooded lez? If you don’t believe me ask Courtney Semel, Tila Tequila, Brittney Gastineau and Casey Johnson. Oops, my bad…Casey died.

    You don’t think she keeps to her own bedroom and bed because that little punk Disick snores do you?

    • Woo sis thank you! Idk why everyone is always trying to paint khloe as a lezzie when it is clear as glass khourtney is the dyke of the family. Anyone with a brain can see that “relationship”with scott is purely for appearances. I think khloe really does love lamar but unfortunately he is a whoremonger who cheats on her relentlessly. That is why she has started drinking again. I know the general view of the kardashians is they are garbage but i like khloe cuz she is the only one who acts like a normal person.

  8. I don’t know if this is gossip worthy….
    I hope Jacky didn’t really pay Erika for this tidbit.
    We ALREADY KNOW Rihanna is a bisexual drug using chick.
    We ALREADY KNOW Erika is a bisexual drug using chick who is portrayed as a horrible mother.
    What else is there to say?

  9. Ms. Reg you typed the words coming out of my brain. Rihanna prolly doesn’t even remember that night b/c she was either blunted or skied up! Erica will bust it open for ANYBODY! I don’t feel sorry for her, she’s allowing the bad from the past to make her future grim. Bitch get a therapist & a Massengil & start ya life over as a Good MOTHER!

  10. Everything about Thing about this broad is FILTHYAnd very UGLY. when her 15 is up she’s going to have a hard time living this down. whats making her laugh now will make her cry later.

  11. What do you know, you know nothing about her soul??? Goodness everyone on here is JUDGING LIKE AINT NO ONE DONE DIRT,DIRT IS DIRT,FUCKIN PERIOD. AINT NO ONE UP IN HEA A SAINT!! PFFFFFFFFFT

    • Speak for yrself, lmmfao! Nobody’s claiming sainthood, but *I* have NEVER let another female put her hands on me, much less in me! The whole story is a bit TMI, but notice you didn’t hear it coming from Rihanna. Erica had the nerve to SELL her dirt to Jacky even tho’ it was old tea. So not only will she smash anyone for $$, she’ll put her own business in the street for a buck.

      If that ain’t the hallmark of a MONEY-GRUBBING SKANK, what is?

      How does she think she’s gonna get anybody to pay her bills now that the world knows she’s can’t keep her dirt to herself?

  12. JUDGMENTAL, LIKE AINT NO ONE DID SHIT IN THEIR LIVES, YOU PPL ON HERE LOVE JUDGING AND CALLING SOMEONE A SLORE OR A WHORE. AINT NO ONE BETTER ON THIS DAMN BOARD.CAST THE FIRST STONE IF U HAVEN’T DONE A DAMN THANG. AND AS FAR AS HER BEING A MOTHER, UHM, JUST BECAUSE YOU BECOME A MOTHER DOES NOT MEAN YOU STOP BEING A WOMAN FIRST. ITS OBVIOUS THAT THIS GIRL IS PIMPIN TO TAKE CARE OF HER KID,HOWEVER SHE DOES IT IS FOR NO ONE TO POINT THE FINGER. Shit if her hustle gotta be fuckn and screwing at the moment, then shit, what the fuck can anyone say? Shit, everyone is accountable for themselves. You thihk cus you all aint doin shit, its ok to talk shit about some one else. Shame on you ppl, a fool would judge and forget the shit that s/he’s done cus it aint worst than what the fuck they doin at the moment. Thank GOD that he is the only JUDGE!!!

  13. No wonder there is so much stds and herpes etc. Which clean person allows someone’s dirty finger up their chochie all Willi Nilli? Sigh

  14. Go take a nap, Erica!!!!! You’re getting on our nerves. This is a gossip site and this is what we do. If you don’t like it then go over to or some shit.

  15. Finger- fawked by Rhi rhi eh?

    got dayum… this is kinky… wish this was video taped
    *real talk*

  16. PREACH!!! @Say It Aint So,Lmmfao
    At 1st upon reading some of Ericas antics I thought to myself that she is WAY over the top
    However at this point Im starting to feel bad for her with empathy
    Apparently its more than slutting with her and it seems as though there is some type of of mental disorder, past childhood sexual abuse or some type of cry out for help
    Of course shes goimg about it the wrong way and it seems a though she does not have any mature experienced advisors of life in her corner
    If it was just herself, I would just say phuck her and she will get it together if or whenever she chooses (like the majority of the commenters judged)
    However she has an impressionable son, (who loves his mother unconditionally no matter how promiscuous she is) who did not ask to be born under these circumstances
    Hes the 1 im concerned about being hurt by this carelessness
    I pray that she get it together and can 1 day stand strong for her son
    Ive never actually seen or heard her speak on tv. But she still someones Mum and I hope she gets it together
    The only reason y Kim Kardashian survived her hoedom is because she had a skilled Mum and klan behind her 4 support

  17. who cares? at the end of the day these are two birds who couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag!

  18. Classy….bragging about everyone you’ve slept with, very womanly of her. Does she not care what her child will think of her on day?

  19. I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know about Erica. But I do recall some latina video vixen threatening to write a Superhead-ish tell-all about her sexapades with celebrities, one being an A list female singer (Rihannorrhea). Was it Erica, or someone else?

  20. IMO there is nothing wrong with Erica having sexy with whoever and wherever. IMO her problem is her explosive temper. She loses control easily, but she didn’t try Ms. Dollazz??

  21. It doesnt matter if it’s Erica cause its true. Why get frazzled about us gossiping and judging on a gossip site? I guess we should just listen to the gossip and just be silent. Yeahh…you complain about ppl judging ppl but you have probably judged another ones character yourself. Pot calling the kettle.

  22. damnright, you can see Jacky’s email to that hoe right at the top of the page. Do you think he’d make up a story, fabricate an email, post it on his site & risk getting sued by Rihanna? Erica may be backpedaling now, but she said that shit.

    Only a fool denies the truth when it’s right in front of their face.

  23. I truly believe that Erica is talented and has that flavor and something that one day will be EPIC. She reminds me of a young J Lo but where J Lo was extremely a workaholic, Erica is relying solely on her looks. At the time, J Lo looked great but didn’t have the ‘Jenny From The Block’ swag that she has now. Erica’s voice isn’t bad and everyone knows that girlfriend looks amazing but she has to step up her game and attempt not to get her name splashed up in the media as ‘TROUBLE’. However, she will be the first to admit she has anger-issues but still she goes to extremes and needs to chill a bit. The story with her and Ri Ri, you never know but who really cares because two pretty girls getting it in might sound bad but to most, it sounds hot.

  24. Erica posted a pic of her kissing Rihanna on the cheek the other day. I believe Jacky and Erica got shook and retracted her statement to avoid trouble from Rih’s people.