Erica Mena & Cyn Santana Are Spinning Sh*t!



“Rumor is they are in the works of getting married and VH1 will be giving them a spin off called ‘Erica & Cyn.'”

HSK Exclusive – A VH1 insider has checked in with HSK, revealing details that dispute the duo’s claim that they’re about to get married. This, just weeks after Erica and Cyn took to NYC radio airwaves announcing, ‘We’re not lesbians.’ Don’t believe me.. Ask HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg.

According to our tipster … the LHHNY ladies are ‘leaking lies to the press’ AND they’re said to be ‘pissing off Mona Scott Young’ in the process.

Here’s the drop:

“Cyn Santana isn’t even signed to Love and Hip Hop New York. If Erica Mena, who is signed to the brand, does a reality show that’s not under VH1’s umbrella the network will sue.”



  1. As hot as they both are, think everyone already knew their storyline is fake. Each LHH season just tries to upstage the love triangle in the previous season. But I don’t blame them for hopping on the gay money train. Worked for Macklemore.

    • Still dont think NY has anything on ATL Stevie J and JOSE-Line Ratchitdity
      although peter “tried” to come close with the love triangle
      his (peter) storyline was just pathetic
      Stevie was also about that (stevie voice) Bw-eeeD ( splinter from ninja trutle face) LMAO!!!

  2. My boyfriend & I are in love with this couple after watching this season, they re so cute together!! I’ve never really watched shows like this but I’m hook right now and I’ve only watched one season. Much love & wish these 2 two the best! Much can be learned from them when you take away the crazy editing and see how they rise up to there mistakes, New fan of Erica Mena “Respect the Breadwinner” lol

  3. Gimmick!Gimmick,Gimmick…Erica just trying to outshine everybody else storyline and in the process promoting lesbianism to all the teenaged girls who watch that show…boy that Mona Scott is a crafty one

  4. Anon4 your rite about that,I don’t think they are really lovers,I think this is just two thirsty industry hoes who concocted a storyline to get paid..
    but as long as they dong let Erica to that Dog yodling she call singing,I’m good

  5. They don’t act like lesbians, and true lesbians do not wear finger nails 😉 their story is fake and they are pushing satans agenda of homosexuality. Wake yall game up!

  6. I think they are faking it too. They don’t tongue kiss, and as freaky as they are, they would definitely tongue kiss. 🙂


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