Erica Mena Exposed As Deadbeat Mom!


Erica Mena Exposed

A King Who Gets No Love?

HSK Exclusive – Dirty details surrounding Erica Mena’s personal life are surfacing — revealing the ratchet reality star doesn’t only share a licker license with a porn star, but her reported wayward life choices may have also forced her young son to pay a high price as she follows a no holds barred hunt for fame and fortune.

An insider exclusively tells HSK, Erica Mena shared a four-year long lesbian smash affair – complete with sharing each other, and pulling tricks – with well known Hollywood escort and X-rated porn actress Suelyn Medeiros.

We’re told while Erica’s away from her San Fernando Valley, LA home – either in New York City filming ‘Love & Hip Hop’, or on shared soliciting missions with Suelyn – she leaves her five-year-old son, King, in the care of her gay next door neighbors. Don’t believe me.. Ask King’s father, Raul Conde.

Here’s the drop:

“Erica lies by telling people her mother is looking after her son, King, when she’s in New York filming ‘Love and Hip Hop’.

Angela Yee was going to expose Erica’s son really stays at her gay neighbor’s house in L.A. while she’s prostituting — or filming ‘Love and Hip Hop’.


  1. Not addressing it today either I see. Missing post deleted. Fraud post deleted. “Word” on this post. Still not buying it. The real Jacky keeps it all the way real. Stop playing imposters! Where is Jacky at for real?

  2. what gets me with these reality show hoes is they try to act all classy but they fucked and sucked to get on these shows.. they have a history of stripping or selling ass but think they are classy. the men are trash too for marrying these hoes.. the husbands are the type who’d bring a disease home and not tell you.. ladies and i mean real women if your man has had a history of fucking hoes let him go.. he ain’t shit..

  3. No way in hell this is Jacky writing these stories. This is totally fabricated BS. What was up with posting that penal code yesterday without an even rational explanation for doing so.

    Totally not Jacky’s style. Hopefully we will all find out the truth one day.

  4. Jacky, if that is really you, welcome back brotha!!
    Erica is the epitome of pretty face, ugly everythang else. But my beef with that whole statement is if you have a problem with where yo child is, go get his ass!! I hate niggaz like that. You call her a deadbeat mama, but if you let the shit go on, what that make you? And by no means am I defending this triflin ass trollop, but c’mon son. And this nigga Rich dollarz has the destinction of being the biggest simp on TV. I was watchin that shit last night like “is this nigga serious?!”

  5. Where do I begin….

    Jacky is not writing this blog anymore. The change in writing style and choice of words makes that clear.

    I don’t know Jacky personally, but from what I’ve read over the years on this site…. Macy would have offered up an explanation for his “absence” and sudden “return”.

    No explanations is not a pimp move. But a punk move.

    The transition would have been smother had the new writer picked up where Jacky left off, without the bogus “where is Jacky” post.

    Chances are a staff member or the person that the site was sold to is posting the new rather dry info.

    Hey,Rhymes with Snith was sold to a white company
    Ditto to Bossip
    drunk and Disorderly
    Nicole Itchie sold out a long time ago
    I think so did The Young Black and Fab

    Make that money ya’ll but keep the tea hot!

  6. If you believe he’s still writing you’re a moron. Jacky responding “word” lol yea right. I’m done.

  7. At least my posts stay up for a few minutes before you delete them. It is your weblog; do what thou wilt.

  8. @ Shanda..I absolutely agree. To, Raul Conde, or any man who wears such disgrace, you’re not entitled to voice your opinions or concerns unless you’ve done it in court, firstly. You need to be in the process of removing your son from any, potentially, harmful situation. Okay, Erica Mena, is not celebrating Mother’s Day for the next 3 years but the men have equal responsibility. This is the woman you chose to share your prized possessions with, don’t complain now. Nothing about Mena would convince me that she’d be a great mother. What happened with your discernment?

  9. she never talks about her son or anything its like she dosent care nd on love and hip hop you would never no she had a child the way she act nd how she gos on about her life she sad how u start a new life nd your famous and wont even shar it with your child that just shows us how much she really cares about him what about how your son feels erica with out his mom instead you got your friend taken care of him and the dads nobetter because he no where his son his and ant did shit to get him

  10. This is bull erica lives in ny and when she was gone his dad had him and his sister i met her before and she loves her son this is bull