Erica Mena Joins The ‘I Can’t Handle The Truth’ Club!


Erica Mena Street Fight

…Can Someone Say, Anger Management?

She may try, but Erica Mena can’t seem to walk a mile in any bonafide singer’s shoes. That’s the gist of what one New York City DJ had to say about the Love & Hip Hop cast member’s recent entertainment venture…as a recording artist.

Now, Erica may want to consider either finding herself some thick skin — or get out the game!

A recent truth-telling Tweet by DJ Angela Yee revealed the Breakfast Club radio personality thinks Erica’s voice is no different than that of a teacup chihuahua. That’s before the urban model lashed out, threatening DJ Angela — on record!

Here’s what Erica Mena took to Twitter to say to DJ Angela Yee:

“You need to really be asking what people are going to think when I slap the blood out your face.”

Can Erica Mena be charged for threatening to commit assault on Angela Yee on twitter? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Erica’s baby daddy, Raul Conde.


  1. That lil bish is a firecracker. She does need to sit her ass down somewhere though. She has no talent, and all her shit starting antics will kill any chance of a career she has.

  2. she’s a dumb azz. not only do you not threaten a radio personality who you hope will continuously play your horrendous music; you damn sho don’t threaten said personality over the internet…WTF is wrong w/her.

  3. Gotta give it to Mo a Scott, she mad LHH all Latina, now no one can complain that blacks are being made to look bad.

  4. iCant stand when ppl complain abt all black cast claimin they puttin blacks/whites/spanish ppl in bad light! like wtf?? who made these ppl reps for entire ethnic backgrounds /races?? wow smh lol

    • When we are no represented enough as a race and the people that get the most exposure are, ignorant, loud muthaf*ckas like the folks on VH1, they end up representing their race. Rather you like it or not. So that is why it is so important that these shows are either not aired or that there is more representation of minorities. Whites don’t have to deal with that type of backlash because they are the showed the most diversity on TV.

      • Thank you!

        These shows are cast and programmed I. A particular way to prove a point to the public. They are here to enforce o too g stereotypes about all races and ethnic groups.

        Real housewives is a perfect example: regardless of the ethnic group it shows that women are scheming, vendictive, malicious bitches. No loyalty to anyone but themselves. This is a broad range of stereotypes amongst women. Moreover since most of those women were/are through wives and married into money the Real Housewives shows also depict what happens to gold diggers over time.

        In Miami: those women would marry anyone for money, even a convicted drug dealer.

        In Atlanta: those women will marry anime for money, even a convicted car thief. Even sadder, an attorney will marry a car thief! Proving the point that black women have to scrape the bottom of the toilet to find a husband.

        In Orange County: those women will put up with emotional abuse as long as their lifestyles are maintained.

        In New Jersey: those women are the epitome of the Italian stereotype, low class apes willing to fight at the drop of a dime, and that’s just the women!

        In Beverly Hills: the money is real long and so are their forked tongues. Those women are so damn vain and shallow, they will pay a third party to carry their babies!

        In New York: drunk catty bitches party and travel extensively. They are not above marrying a man 3 times their age for money and status!

        There is some truth to every stereotype, however, that doesn’t mean we need those stereotypes rammed down our throats.

        The public is being programmed and desensitized to certain behaviors. Wake up and pay attention to what is happening around you.

      • its not about liking its about whats real and whats real is these ppl on reality tv do not rep any certain race! its entertainment!!

  5. They may be Latinos but white ppl see them as black so which means we black folks look still loom bad.

    • So we all live our lives as slaves to the perception of white people as our frame of reference ?

      No one else’s thoughts , perceptions and truths has no validity other than white people?

      A people who only comprise 9% of this planets population.

      • Wrong! The issue is the stupid blacks and Hispanics who watch this mess and use it as their gauge of reality.

        This stuff is all fake and scripted and these impressionable people young and old think this shit is ok to do. It reenforces countless bad stereotypes.

  6. ERICA MENA CANT SING!!!! Shes half way cute, but thats about it… Shes ghetto as hell and ignant….lol… And I dont blame Olivia for not wanting to do a track with this WANNA BE. Jus cause you screwing Rich does not mean you are entitled to horrify our ears with that dog whistle you call a voice

  7. Erica Is a Bird. That broad is Ratchet to the Highest power…Her 15 minutes of fame is almost up…….

  8. She can’t sing, and it cracks me up when Reality show chicks try to become relevant by pretending that they have a talent that they DON’T… Everyone might have some talent, but singing is NOT yours.. new gig!… or back to fighting all the time and acting ratchet!

  9. I’m waiting for the day that a chick gives Erica Mena a good, old fashioned, Chicago South Side beatdown… I mean the middle of the street, no shoes on, shirt gets ripped, titty pops out, tracks and real hair snatched out by the root, high kick POW/brakes beaten off that ass type beatdown; all caught on tape, of course!! This bitch here is BEGGING for it!!

    Now that would be some good T.V., baby!