Rich Dollaz & Erica Mena Sex Tape To Surface?


Erica Mena & Rich Dollaz Sex Tape

Keepin’ It Ratchet?

HSK Exclusive – We’ve exclusively obtained an image of a very up close and personal Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena.

Sources tell us the leaking of the image could be all a part of Mena’s plan to follow the likes of former sex tape queen, Kim Kardashian. Know why? Because Mena’s looking to bank on her own brand in anyway she can. Don’t believe me.. Ask Olivia.


  1. Shes a mess. Didnt kimbella say she was a stripper escort b4 she went on kardashians? I believe she would do anything or anyone to get camera time.

  2. OMGoodness there is something about her voice that I can’t STAND!!
    It ALWAYS sounds like she has a chronic sinus infection & is on the verge of clearing her throat.
    She needs to get that checked out.

  3. I used to like Rich Dollaz; BUT seeing how he is now…I’m just like, I don’t know why I even thought he was cool. SMH

  4. These HoodRats crack me up trying to leak sex tapes and expect to cash in like that whore Kim K, Not going to happen in a million years, they seem to fail and realize that Kim K is a different kind of Hoe that is held to a Higher standard,by the white media (just saying)

  5. But does anyone realize she got her ass done? I might be bugging but last season she looked like a white blowup doll and this season it seems like she got the matching booty idk i dont like the trick no way she to extra and swear she sumbody she needa focus on taking care of her child ne who sumbody get back at me on the ass situation.

  6. Well, if she is following in Kim K’s footsteps with a sex tape, then that is a clear impression of the obvious; The bitch cannot fuck…and it is usually them that has a sex tape they want to leak for one reason or another. I fail to mention, Rich looks like a dull lay. Therefore, if anyone wants something to substitute for a sleep aid, this may be it as I predict will be thing short of snooze fest.

  7. Funny but are they trying to be the Joseline and Steebie J of NY, Gimme A Break and Gag Me With A Fucking Spoon!!!

  8. Is this ALL mf’s know how to do these days to get famous?? Make sex tapes AND/OR fk their way to recognition or to the top??? That’s such a fk’ing disgrace – but a ni99ga dont care. As long as he’s up in some p–ssy it’s all GOOD.