Erica Mena’s Past Lesbian Affair W/ Kourtney Kardashian Exposed!!!


Kourtney K & Erica Mena One-time Lesbian Lovers

Licker License Benefits?

HSK Exclusive – Wanna know exactly how Erica Mena got her first taste of the limelight on the Kardashian’s reality show? Sleeping her way – with Kourtney Kardashian – into the spot!

It’s a gig Erica wasn’t able to hold on to for long. Know why? Because after Kourtney threw Erica a rope, insiders say Erica’s ratchet antics led to her eventually being cut from the cast. Don’t believe me? Ask Khloe.

Here’s the drop:

“Kourtney and Erica were lovers and it’s about time people know.

Kourtney pretends to be so innocent, but she’s a freak. Erica loves to eat pussy, it’s no secret. Kourtney loved Erica’s tongue work so much, she got her a job at the Dash store.”


  1. If y’all didn’t know every chick in the kardashian family is nothing more than rich no talent nymphos then y’all late!!! This shit don’t surprise me

    • No, “everybody isnt gay.” Jacky got this one right though. The Erica Mena-Kardashian connection is coming full circle. These are some disgusting, talentless mofos.

      • The Erica Mena/ Kardashian comes from Raul (Erica’s baby father) and Scott being friends idiot! Stop believing all these bullshit blogs. Lol. Don’t believe me ask Jacky. Hahaha

    • People who are thrown out of the circle tell the truth sweetie!!! Don’t get it twisted. I wasn’t thrown out of the circle, I retired three yrs. ago. However, I believe in telling it like it is! Kourtney Kardashian got it honestly…she got it from her mama who was hunching up on Nicole Simpson (OJ’s deceased wife) & her sister Denise, Faye Resick and the circle of friends they had. Hell OJ was hittin’ every last one of Nicole’s friends. This is y it came out that OJ Simpson is Khloe’s father!!!! She has his head shape too. She’s got OJ’s height. A lot of this info. was kept out of the trail. It would of ruined Denise and Nicole’s reputation of goody goody two shoes.

    • Why aren’t I surprised. Both, Kourtney and Erica haven’t been shy about having televised relations with women. I can respect those that are gay, but bi-sexuality declares that a person is willing to take sex any way they can get it. That’s where I draw the line regarding my level of respect, because the act then turns to perversion…NASTY!

  2. Someone prolly found this pic and created a story to go along wit it. Kourtney is the badder Kardashian of all tho. Can’t wait for her sex tape.

  3. Ewwwww….not suprised who hasn’t these two RATCHET slores (slut+whore=slore) haven’t been with gross makes me want to throw up to think about the mileage on those type of wall those types of bitches need to get their pootangs serviced by a mechanic.

  4. What a piece of nasty filthy work these people are. I have been hearing these rumors about Kourtney for quite some time.

    This is only a snippet of what some people will do in order to get put on in Hollywood. For Real!

  5. Im sayin damn Erica gettin it in wit everybody… she like the thing to do now a days??? Ewwww gross

  6. there’s an episode of kourtney kissing a girl in khloe and kourtney take miami then there’s a later episode where kourtney dumps the girl.

    kourtney’s bisexual truth.

  7. I knew I wasn’t tripping…I remember seeing her at the store in Miami on the show (my Momz is a fan, please don’t judge her). When I saw her on LHH I tried 2 place her…its no secret that Kourtney is bi, if u watch her (now) u’ll see she’s a lil mannish

  8. Damn who’s cooch hasn’t Erica’s tongue been in? This girl probably has syphillis, ghonnorhea and herpes of the mouth.

  9. If it’s last name is Kardashian it really does come by all whoreish, lowlife, retched & vile ways honest.
    The father was no saint but he was very quiet & private with all his personal dealings.
    The mother was, is, continues to be & will forever be a the biggest whore of epic proportions.

    Film at 11pm!

  10. Kourtney being bi, leaning towards the lez side of bi is as big an open secret as you will find in Hollywood, and it has nothing to do with Erica Mena.

    She had a rather long relationship with the queen of high powered young Hollywood lezzies Courtney Semel. Courtney’s father is Terry Semel, a producer and one time CEO of Yahoo. If you live in the upper echelon of LA’s sex scene, you are a good looking female, the odds are you have been with Courtney Semel even if you consider yourself straight.

  11. This pic looks photoshopped. Look @ Erica’s head. Nah not believing this pic, can’t say anything about the story because I wasn’t there but as far as this pic, nah Not believable to me…..

  12. Kourtney’s own sisters told the world she likes girls and she wasn’t all that elated when she got pregnant with her son. That pic may not be real, but Kourtney sleeping with Erica is right.

  13. This story is REAL! Everyone knows that both Kourtney & Erika are BIG TIME LEZZY’S!! I also remember the old Kardashian store showing Erika working in the Dash store shorty was folding shirts & cleaning dressing rooms & we all know how the Kardashians get down if your around them you’re either famous fucking sucking or paying PERIOD!

  14. wow …. i cant believe THIS
    these girls look so innocent & like they’re clean, uncapable of sht like lezbo & bi-sexual affairs, doin’ each otha & licking another woman’s crack that sht iz CRAZY i cant believe it