Evelyn Lozado’s Lethal Liaisons Exposed…


Evelyn Cheated w/ Tami & Jennifer's Husbands

Lozado Linked To Kenny Anderson & Eric Williams!

HSK Exclusive – We are getting some sizzling hot tea surrounding Evelyn Lozado, which may have long-ago burned Tami Roman and Jennifer Williams!

A source exclusively tells HSK, long before Lozado landed her foot in the Basketball Wives brand, the reality starlet was a known groupie looking to land a pro-basketball player – despite their marital status. Not surprising, right?

Well, buss this –

According to our insider, during his marriage to Tami Roman, Kenny Anderson and Evelyn Lozado were involved in a secret smash affair. But that’s not the only basketball husband who Lozado is said to have smashed!

We’re told the husband of Lozado’s former best friend is also no stranger to smash sessions with Ochocinco’s ex-wife. We’re talking about Eric Williams – that’s right, Jennifer Williams’ ex-husband! OUCH!

Here’s the drop:

“Evelyn is a doormat, I don’t think she ever saw a NBA player that she didn’t like. I used the see her back in the day with Kenny Anderson, I thought she was married to Kenny. That’s why Tami Roman hates her guts.

Evelyn is the type of chic to take her married friend from her husband to another guys house to get smashed. Jacky, if you don’t believe me? Ask Eric Williams.”

That would land Lozado a premiere spot on the fame of shameless whores and home wreckers list. Don’t you agree?

Eric Williams Smashed Evelyn Lozada


  1. Her sleeping with Kenny wasnt a Secret that’s why Tami slapped the hell oUtts her on tv…But DAYUM this filthy Bissh slept with Eric TOO.

    • Her sleeping with Eric wasn’t a secret either. Wasn’t it said that she passed Eric over to Jen? It most def was about the money. Eric is painfully unattractive and his personality does nothing to make up for it.

  2. Eric did tell Jen that She didn’t know Eve like he do. Jen didn’t believe Eric. How many of us remember when Eve kept pushing the issue of Jen divorcing Eric. Even telling Jen that she should Cheat on Eric and she will hook it up.

    This is belieavable!

    • I was just about to say the same. I wonder what he mean by that because it sound more like he knew more about her than he let on

    • Yess! I remember Eric telling Jen about Evelyn. But what about the HUSBANDS behavior. Why get married if your going to run around with other women.

      • The husband and Evelyn are to blame.. He should have been faithful to his wife, and she should have been loyal to her so called friend! Better yet she should steer clear of other women’s husbands. You reap what you sow.and she was expecting her husband to be faithful to her?lmao KARMA!

    • Yeah,I remember Eric telling Jennifer about Evelyn at the time I thought he was just trying to keep Evelyn from telling Jennifer about HIS dirty work. Now we know the real deal.

    • I remember that. He was adament about Evelyn not being Jennifers friend. Jennifers head was stuck on hating Eric and she wasn’t listening to him. His exact words, “YOU don’t know Evelyn. I know Evelyn.” Told her she didn’t know who she was fuckin with.

      I bet this is one of the reasons Jennifer doesn’t talk to her now.

  3. That’s disgusting. I could never be with someone my friend or family member were… or IS with. And believe me there were plenty of offers.

    just eww

  4. damn evelyn is the definition of a hoodrat.. and these are just the ones we know about…best believe that theres many more people evelyn has smashed.. whether its her friends husbands or the family doctor or even her daughters boyfriends probably…

    • Remember when Evelyn was flirting with a boy her daughter’s age the first time we were introduced to her daughter? It almost seemed like she was hoping she could make her daughter jealous. If she’s in competition with her daughter like that then I do believe she’d sleep with her daughter’s boyfriend.

  5. Wow…I’m surprised that Jacky is just putting this out after it already aired on a previous BBW episode. I always sensed that Jen’s husband and Ev had a previous relationship. I could tell by the way he would say things like he knows her from way back. It was as if he had some tea on her he could spill if he wanted to. I’m not surprised.

  6. Sounds believable remember on one episode of BBW Eric did say to Jennifer ‘U don’t know Evelyn like I know Evelyn’

  7. Evelyn was dating Antoine when he played for The Celtics, same time they were all on the team together Eric and Kenny. That is NO friend and NO class!

  8. “Evelyn is the type of chic to take her married friend from her husband to another guys house to get smashed.”

    This does not read to me that Eric slept with Evelyn. Instead it sounds like Evelyn helped Jennifer cheat on Eric. Scandalous nonethless.

    • ciarra linda pardo doesn,t think miss goodie -to-shoe toronto singer no friend because while filming her first vidoe which ciarra pardo produced she went behind her back and fuck ada rodriquez of which him&ciarra pardo were in a relationship for 5yrs.(just saying don,t judge the book by its cover until you read the entire book)melanie fiona is not so innocent as she calms to be.very ratchet indeed.sayitlikeyoumeanit.

        • Yes we do! Stop hatin! It took me a min to understand that ish but I get it! Melanie Fiona is a maneater! Lool hey we Toronto Chics are hot but I don’t respect Chics that take a man who ain’t single! Btw Evelyn is soo nasty with no class! I was feelin sorry 4 her after the Iyanla interview but damn….she too fool mane!

          • Handful of Toronto women are Hot..hot does not apply to make shift hood rats, & simpleminded bimbos..a lot of dumb BET watching..let me do exactly as I See on TV type women in Toronto…lol

      • HUH?!? come again.. Uhh, just a little advice for Bertha, Try Proof-reading before you submit your post.. mmkay.

    • Cause the bitch knew she was smashing Eric so the way she might was thinking….taking Jenn elsewhere to get smashed prolly was her way of apologizing (indirectly) for fuckin Eric feel me? My best friend used to fuck round on his wife damn near every night even had a couple kids(out of wedlock) from it but she is still with him but shit if she wanted to fuck around on him I’d have been her muthafuckin driver cause I KNOW! what he does so he can’t get mad if she wanna fuck something also….he says he wouldn’t be mad if she fucked something but knowing him like i do….he would….wouldn’t be a man if he didn’t be fucked up bout it

  9. This is old tea. Evelyn and Jen also used to be bed buddies. Evelyn is an old hoe with no shame In her what so ever.

    This female is One severly damaged parAsite!

  10. I remembered when Chrissy from LAHH ny and Evelyn did a recent photo shoot and short interview together
    Chrissy informed the interviewer that her and Evelyn were good friends waaaaaaay! before the fame of reality tv
    Thats when i realized Evelyn was a veteran (not saying thats a good look)

  11. Come on. This is the same chick that said she eats ass and has threesome. Apparently nothing is sacred to her and there’s nothing she won’t do to get a penis with some money attached to it. She’s just triflin.

  12. This is a nasty hore with no boundaries it won’t be long before she’s doing animals for a piece of change! She should a been dog walked along time ago.But I guess them wives was scared of that man vein in her forehead.

  13. The extra thirsty way she hopped on Chad’s d*ck when she went to visit him should have certified to everyone that woman is a straight up ho! Dude was a gentleman and had reserved her a hotel room and everything but she still insisted on being a slut for the cameras.

    • Yeah I remember that. Its like she couldnt wait for him to answer the door. Then she had the nerve to come back and tell jen about her “date” and that jen needed to get her head out of her ass for being so uptight about her sleeping with chad on the first date. It was so disgusting. Isnt her daughter only like 14 years younger than her/

  14. I could tell between eric and evelyn interaction that something went down. that is a low down dirty tramp to do to your own friend. then have the nerve to not want chad to cheat.

  15. Evelyn is/ was a jump off ……no one should be surprised. She is always talking about groupies when she herself is/ was one…..think about it….she fk’d for a handbag…..a grown woman…no surprises here. Hoes will be hoes.

    • Funny thing is when BBW came out with her, she tried to act like she was this respectful woman that just got out of a bad relationship and how she can’t stand groupies and woman like Royce when she was the groupie all alone. I think she secretly envied Royce because although her head wasn’t in the right place when it came to men, she had a business and career unlike most of them. I never heard of Royce fucking dude for handbags and red bottoms cuz she could get her own if she wanted. Come to think of it maybe that’s why Ev and the other girls didn’t like Meeka or Royce. Not only were they dark skin but THEY HAD THEY OWN SHIT.

      • There was a video of Royce dancing and dropping it HARD for some basketball tickets at some kind of pool party that Ludacris was hosting.

        • Royce isn’t the best example like Meeka but you can’t deny the hate they have on the dark skin chicks on that show unless you were kissing they ass. See how quick they stayed dogging out Jen

          • Kesha and Kenya got hated on and they aren’t dark skin. Royce, Keysha and Jennifer have been booted off. Kenya won’t be coming back, so i just read. the only new person they have so far is Stephon Marbury wife.

            • I could see them labeling Kenya dark skinned and honestly I think Kesha was better looking than anyone in that circle so of course they had it out for her. Anyone that saw that show can see that they only let women they can control in their “circle”. Sad they talk about circle like they’re in high school SMDH

  16. Everyone should know by now what type of women she is..dare I call her a women..any event, she slept with Chad on the first day. Not a surprise. She is reaping what she has sown and she will continue to do so. Nasty, Just plain Nasty!

  17. And I think this all proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Chad Johnson is a screaming pillow biter and he was using Evelyn as a beard. What straight man with money would marry a known prostitute , like Shim and Chris Bosh?

    • Lol at that shit Chris Bosh to me looks fruitier than fruit salad I j s and his uncle Vicious in Dallas looks like he’s fruity also so I believe hes a broke wrist I j s

      • LOL broke wrist..in this day of being politically Correct..that’s good one..my personal one..is “Flim Flamming”..as in the motion of the hands when u are “broke wrist”…