EXPOSED: Kanye & Co. Use ‘Canadian Model’ To Pull Gay Cover-Up!


Kanye's Gay Coverup PR Play

Coleman-Rayner Behind Door #1?

HSK Exclusive – The KKK camp [Kim, Kris & Kanye] may have learned their obvious gay cover-up recruit was far from being the best choice for the job, after it was too late. That’s because, while speaking to media outlets, the Canadian woman claiming to have had an affair with a recently outed Kanye West didn’t exactly have her story straight. Know why? Because not only does evidence prove Leyla Ghobadi is a NOT a model — there’s also no evidence to back her exposed lies!

“Ghobadi revealed that West left her notes and even sent flowers after their second meet-up but there are no photos supporting those claims.” ~NY Daily News

That’s exactly why Kim-The-Beard and Kanye’s camp are denying the Montreal woman’s story. But even with their obvious damage control attempt, Kris Jenner’s fingerprints remain all over the planned play. Know why? Because how else would a Montreal ‘Diamond Spa’ employee be posing for Hollywood’s ‘Coleman-Rayner’ agency? That would be the same agency credited for shooting the shot of Kanye and Ghobadi together.

Leyla Ghobadi Coleman Rayner Connection

Colmena Rayner Kardashian Kanye Coverup

After HSK contacted several Canadian modeling agencies, we learned Leyla Ghobadi’s name and image is unknown to them. Add that to Leyla Ghobadi’s “waiting for approval” Model Mayhem [profile #569421], it’s not surprising Ghobadi opened a public figure ‘model’ page just 24-hours ago.

Leyla Ghobadi Model Mayhem ProfileKardashian Coleman Rayner Kanye Connection


  1. I blame the media for all this Kim Kardashian Real Housewives of Hip Hop Basketball, Bad Girls Real World Crap.
    If you just fucking ignore this stuff, these people would simply go away.
    But the Beast pays you guys to make these random, untalentless, unknowns relevant and the bottom feeders by osmosis feels as if they have to keep up with this bs so they can seem up to date with the latest plasma HD lobotomies.

  2. wait a minute.
    untalentless is a double negative.. That actually means they are talented.
    I just don’t see why all these fake Reality stars just don’t make porn.
    At least that’s something people tolerate and respect as a service to the community.

  3. I’m sorry but…
    Does anyone here give a real damn about this?

    Don’t get mad…I’m just asking! 🙂

    • No..
      Nobody cares about this bull shit.

      “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? “-Gladiator
      That’s all these ppl are brought to you to do. O..and make their millions as they do so.

      HSK blogs these past two weeks has been mainly about Kanye.
      I think they getting paid to prompt “YEZZUS” IN STORES AND ONLINE JUNE 18, 2013!!!!!! the best way know how.
      N what gets people attention more than anything these days? Sexuality..

  4. The only way it will go away is if people stop giving them hits, no comments nada! Otherwise they will continue to thrive…

  5. I can’t muster enough energy to care about this photoshop 101 “model” and her shenanigans. I am more concerned about Kanye claiming to be a god and his other ego driven statements *shrugs*

    • If God don’t like him claiming to be God, God has enough might to do something about it. You don’t need to worry about Gods rep.

      God can take care of God very well, thank you very much. God don’t need no hitman to take care of his business. That’s why Al Qaeda is so fucked up.

      These religious fanatics don’t really believe in God/Allah/etc.

      If they did, they would know that God/Allah can handle his own light work.

  6. kanye thinks he’s more than a entertainer. The price of fame is a bitch .KIM create a non healthy enviroment to bring her unborn child into .She makes poor choices one after the next just for spotlight and money .kanye you will pay for this in the end . Kris planning that kim kardashian spinoff..Kim being a single mom struggling a career and a new baby .

  7. I knew Kanye was gay many years ago, but I found out quite by accident.

    He was featured on Ashton Kutchers show called Punked.

    To cut to the chase it was as simple as the way he ran away with his master tapes when the fake security guards were trying to confiscate it.

    He was at a moment of stress and his guard was down and he ran off like a bitch.
    I really didn’t know who he was but me and my wife said right then, that niggas gay.

      You should go shoot your wife, then shoot yourself..
      Plunked whole set up is fake first off. So he wasn’t off Gaurd. But still, THE WAY HE RAN, MADE YOU THINK HE WAS GAY….

      N u had the nerve to say you and your WIFE came to that conclusion. She should really take a closer look at you then. That’s not a way to determine a gay male .

    • Anonymous 6:23 I remember that episode very well, and I know exactly what you mean by “the way he ran off like a bitch”. It was very odd. And I don’t believe for a second that the scenario was faked, because if it were, he would have exhibited much more cool.

  8. *Off topic
    Shout out to you Jacky!
    Just read a book called
    Soul d Out by G.E. Butler
    In story they gave a shout out to HSK.
    You the man Jacky! Lol
    It was an imteresting read although fictional
    If you like conspiracy theories that are fiction, you will dig this read

  9. This is exactly what I thought that this Canadian said she had an affair with him to shut them gay rumors about him…. Kanye and Kim are too calm… But leave Kim alone no she not our favorite person but she’s having a baby stop making this girl stressed….that can do harm on a baby

  10. Tonight this story took up 10 minutes of time on Entertainment Tonight. This is Kardashian Damage Kontrol in full effect.

  11. I actually think this story is to boost hype for Kanye’s stupid album. Nothing more, nothing less. Could care less if he’s bumping dicks with whoever that French designer’s name is.

  12. Kandu West ignores the cries of his ppl in Fl. He has abandon dem… For Marlon Manson living the Illuminati lyfestyle wit Jay Z den Ke$ha n’ Big Kim & Lil Kim and their dawgs named KIM! Not 2 mention KANYE’S GURL FRIENDZ NAMED KIM KARDASHIAN!

  13. Women can usually discern a gay spirit in a man.. So I don’t think he wife was wrong ..Kanye, has always appeared gay to me