Ask Jacky… Who Is The Father Of Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter?


evelyn lozada daughter

Who is Evelyn’s daughters father because really they never talked about him, they never showed him on the show (they actually never did). Except for in the begining when her and some chick were arguing over evelyn’s x who ever he was (xboyfiend,x husband, baby father or who ever he is) they never showed his face and I don’t remember hearing his name, Was he an athlete? Just a regular guy? who knows.

I am curious because they never showed who he is. I am assuming that much because how did she get on the show??? Or was she just dating an athlete like Royce? I just want to know who that girls father is.

I don’t have the answer to your question. Know why? Because the only thing I know about Evelyn Lozada is that she was a whore mane. Don’t believe me.. Ask Kenny Anderson.

Evelyn will do anything for her daughter Shaniece and guess what? As a single mother Evelyn did a good job. But is Evelyn Lozada a role model for teenage girls to look up to? I don’t think so.

Evelyn is like a drug dealer, she’ll protect her child but she’ll sell our kids junk. The only thing that I know about the Basketball Wives is that they’re all whores.

Hope I answered your question!

Yours truly,

Jacky J.


  1. Go on Shaniece’s (however you spell it)twitter. And view her photos. There is a picture of her and her father along with Evelyn.

  2. So I am in the middle of reading eve’s book…why is she saying she’s not ready to be a mother if she “doesn’t have a kid” why is she lying about it in the book??

  3. So I am in the middle of reading eve’s book…why is she saying she’s not ready to be a mother if she “doesn’t have a kid” why is she lying about it in the book??

  4. Why is that whenver a person starts to do good things for themselves people always have something negative to say. “God Bless a child who has their own”. So what’s it matter if she was this that and the other in her past she’s blessed now and tha’s all that matter. People always actin like they don’t have skeletons in their closet. Everybody gotta go through something to get something. So f……. what if she ponded her ring to get her store at least she had a ring to pond to get it. And so what if she stayed with him for 10 years and he didn’t marry her maybe God has something bigger in store for her. And so what if she didn’t have anything

  5. Evelyn got it goin on in my book even if she did run in to a few stumbles they just steppin stones for bigger things. Pray for her to get through this rather than trow stones at her. Be Blessed.

  6. It’s true he is a regular dude from the hood, my college ex mentioned this to me a while ago we are still in touch I’ll get details. My x was from Brooklyn and I believe that’s where he baby daddy is from as well..will comment back and confirm..with name if possible! Aside, the daughter is beautiful and seems surprisingly well adjusted and so sweet. I wish her the best.

  7. He wasnt on any of the episodes .He is a regular woman beating drunk from bklyn and he’s not a Latino . He’s a light skinned self loathing black guy who only gets with Latina women . His last victim just divorced him she has two kids with him and his new victim has one and is about to drop the next one.. Smh and Evelyn is 42 if she hasn’t had a birthday yet … She hasn’t see 30 anything for a while !

  8. So funny, why would I put his name on this blog? Funny how people comment so strong and are dead wrong. Lets put on put thinking caps. Evelyn’s last name is lozada Antoine’s last name is walker. Shaneice’s last name is???? Neither of those .

  9. when did anyone walk in her shoes to call her a whore or anything of the sort.?? so what how she got her money….did she take it from you? did it come out of your pocket? her daughter looks healthy and she is beautiful…so she she is obviously doing something right. Dont hate on her cause she is getting hers by any means necessary….she is a go getter…so what that she has dated men with money…whats it your business? she is not stealing it from you…it aint your man…so why u mad? that makes her a whore? got some hating ass tricks on this site. and last but not least, if she did get Dulce by selling her ring…good for her that she did something good for herself and her daughter with the money…you dumb asses would have probably not invested it in anything worth shopping for shit you dont need….nuff said ..haters!

  10. Her father is ex MLB star Jerry Hairston Jr. (Black & Mexican) she looks exactly like her father’s side of the family. 1000000% like her father’s mother who is of Mexican Decent.

  11. Regular light skinned black man named Jamal. Evelyn was once a regular woman so I don't see what's the big deal. They don't wana talk about him oh well get over it.