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Father of Underage Girl Spanks the Bare-Ass of Her Overage Lover

June 20th, 2012

A man arrives at the home of his underage daughter’s adult boyfriend upon learning that the two had slept together, and offers him two choices: A “severe ass kicking” coupled with jail time for statutory rape, or a “brutal spanking” to be administered immediately with no further repercussions.

After some cajoling, the boyfriend picks the latter, and, well, that’s when things get pretty awkward.

What would you have done?

via gawker

11 Responses to “Father of Underage Girl Spanks the Bare-Ass of Her Overage Lover”

  1. DICE |

    Dads a flaming queer.


    andKrumpets Reply:

    Yep! I didn’t even have to watch the video to know that.


  2. Tee |

    Why would that be even an option? That is soooo Gay!


  3. Her Imperial Majesty, Chloe IV |

    This couldn’t be real… No Southern man in his right mind would let another man spank him.


  4. manchild |

    sorry,Id just kicked his ass then called the police. The overage lover needs jail time …..Id be like that dude in Texas.My daughters lover would be gone…..end of story. No spanking,thats for kids…this a grown ass man who has raped his daughter.


    uhhh... Reply:

    Co-sign all day. Touch my kid and nobody will ever find you.


  5. luVn_liFe |

    Thats nuts and certainly Awkward.What about the daughter did he put his Foot in her ass As Well?


    Prettyboygonzo Reply:

    Yeah in the video he tells him that’s what he did to her too


  6. mrs mont |

    the dad is gay as hell and that hoe of a daughter he got need to be put to sleep ol whore!!!!


  7. P |

    dad was too calm lol i think he wanted to get a feel of the boys ass lol he obviously killed two birds with one stone lol he got his revenge and a sexual thrill …….


  8. Kisses |

    mrs mont – Lmao at “ol whore”! Lol!! Too funny!


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