Flava Flav’s Mother Anna Drayton Has Passed Away


Flavor Flav Moms DiedFlava Flav Dead Mother

HSK Exclusive – Our condolences go out to Flav as the homey begins 20-14 mourning the death of his mother, Anna Drayton.

“She used to play in the church and I used to watch her. I used to come home and try to mimic her.”

Anna, a devote Christian [and one of the few people Flav allowed to call him ‘Rico’], passed away moments before the east coast rang in the New Year.

“She knew I was Flav, but one day she said, ‘boy don’t you come in my house with that Flava Flav stuff!”

In a recent tweet, Flav said his mom “lived a good life.” And it’s also obvious she lived a great year, before her passing. Know why? Because Anna lived to see her son — who’s childhood character she compared to the like of ‘Dennis The Mennis’ — inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

Here’s what Flav had to say about his moms:

“One thing that she always said was, ‘do your dos … When you go out, you know your dos and you know your don’ts. So do your dos and leave the don’ts alone, and you’ll be alright.”



  1. Flav, I don’t know you personally but I have admired you over the years and this is why:
    *You loved and respected your mother
    *You are a father to your children
    *You seem to have a great personality
    *Despite/In spite of all the public jokes about you, you continued to keep your head up and laugh all the way to the bank.
    and I am sorry for your loss and I hope you continue to keep you head up, stay strong and shine.
    May Miss Anna rest in ever loving peace and continue to be an angel in your life.

  2. I remember the episode of Flavor of Love where Flav had his hoes make dinner for her and Hottie (the crazy one with the eyes)put a full uncooked chicken in the microwave (lmfao!)

  3. Flav your one funny character and have entertained us through the years. You are one of the members of the greatest groups of all time Public Enemy!! Im sorry to hear the loss of your dear mother. She was an amazing woman to have raised you. May she rest in eternal peace.

  4. May God continue to bless, protect and watch over u in the absence of ur mother
    Please try to continue to keep ur head up Flav


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