Floyd Mayweather Smashed Meagan Good


Mayweather Smashed Meagan Good
HSK Exclusive – Publicly, Meagan Good says she is in a relationship with GOD, and she won’t have sex with “any man” until she meets her husband. But people in the industry know better than that…

Last year Floyd Mayweather was out in Las Vegas and he wanted some female company so guess what? Floyd flew in Meagan Good, her sister Lamaya and Timberland’s latest protege Lyrica Anderson.

Here’s what an insider had to say:

“Floyd had Meagan Good and her entourage staying at the Caesars Palace. Floyd gave Meagan 20K and he f*cked her in the shower & he f*cked the other girls too.

Jacky if you don’t believe me? Ask P-Reala.

There’s so many reasons why Floyd didn’t pick Meagan Good as his main girl. She smokes too much, drinks heavily, pops pills and begs for cash all the time. Word is Meagan Good has a stink P*ssy.”

Is Floyd Mayweather tricking off money on Chantal Jackson? I don’t know, but I do know Floyd Mayweather is one of the biggest tricks in the entertainment industry. Don’t believe me? Ask Chilli, Lisa Raye, Keyshia Cole or Nicki Minaj.


  1. I’m surprised to hear about Meagan Good. I used to have a lil thing for her but after reading this, she looks different now. I remember the first time I saw her when I was 14 in the movie Friday. She was banging in that Biker Boyz movie and she still looks good in Californication, but after reading about her now, I don’t know anymore.

  2. This girl Meagan Good has been passed around like a box of cheetos. Stank that is. I feel sorry for her husband.

  3. What a fucking reputation to have a stank fish tank cooch. Damn. Bitch needs to walk down CVS isle and pick up 10 items to wash out that nasty pussy of hers. Nasty hoe.

  4. Damn, I hope none of this is true. I fell in love with her back when she was on “My Wife and Kids” and have been watching her ever since. I’m a white guy who is attracted to women of all races and I think she is the prettiest, sexiest, hottest, MOST beautiful woman ever to be seen. If only the fantasies I’ve had about her could come true I’d be ONE happy dude!

  5. As long as she washes that pussy on a regular (hopefully) she does who really gives a fuck .. Men, will still pay to trick off wit her & bitches will still eat that hot box so lol lol lol… Can anyone tell me if that pic wit the white dude real or not???

  6. When it comes to Meagan Good, what I witness is beauty and sophistication. How she conducts her sex life is not any of my business. Be mindful that we all have a past that we may not be too proud of. The difference between Meagan and ourselves is that no one cares about our events. Hmmm, Meagan and Floyd, definitely not a match made in heaven..she can do so much better. But, if were talking about sex, they were both single and made available, which equals FAIR GAME. It sounds more of an issue with her promise to God regarding celibacy, but once again, its between she and Christ.