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Is Former NBA Player Steve Francis Addicted To Cocaine?

February 1st, 2012

Former NBA Player Steve Francis Cocaine Addiction
Update: Steve Francis is in Detox at the Right Step Rehabilitation Center in Houston, TX. Drugs are no joke if you become an addict.

We wish him a healthy recovery.


An Insider is making shocking allegations that former NBA player Steve Francis was recently in rehab for sniffing blow and smoking crack cocaine.

Here’s what a dancer from the Stadium nightclub had to say:

“Steve used to come in the club and do cocaine off the table. It’s no big secret everybody in DC knows Steve Francis loves cocaine.

Steve used to trick on one of my girlfriends, but she knew about him tricking on another girl in Houston, Texas too.

She told me that Steve was losing his mind, he couldn’t remember their conversations. His wife Shelby holds all his money. Last month Steve checked into to rehab.

Shelby has Steve on lock down. If you call Steve, she’ll answer his phone.”

Does Steve Francis grope women while he’s high on cocaine? Of course he does. Don’t believe me? Ask Shauna Simien.

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63 Comments on "Is Former NBA Player Steve Francis Addicted To Cocaine?"

March 4, 2015

Poor Steve Francis suffering from kidney problems do to his long term use of crack and meth. To make matters worst broke bums want to take advantage of sickness and snatch his chain. Ugh


July 13, 2014

Dear Steve,

Praying for you my man ….. I’m much older than you.
You got alot of living ahead of you. Hang in there
and take one day at a time. God Bless You and Your
Wife Shelby. I have my issues and ever time I pray when I am at home, I pray on my knees for God’s healing.

When people tell you they are praying for you – believe them. One day I’ll see you in Heaven with you entire family … God Is with you every moment,
thru the good and bad moments.


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July 3, 2014

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Former NBA Player Steve Francis Rehabbing For Cocaine Addiction

March 26, 2014

Damn he look like a old woman in the last picture with the chinaman


February 11, 2014

Steve Francis is a beautiful soul. He is loved by his family and friends. Please don’t support the ridiculous accusations. Send him your love and support. Stay blessed and be a blessing.





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