Former Terrence Howard Girlfriend Speaks Out Against Actor


Terrence Howard Exposed on Twitter

HSK Exclusive – The woman who Terrence Howard claims attacked him – during the May incident that officially ended their rocky relationship – is speaking out against the actor for the first time, and she’s speaking exclusively to yours truly.

As May Seng Yang prepares to sit before a judge for the alleged May 6th attack against the actor, she says she did no such thing. According to Yang, it was Howard who attacked her – adding the actor clearly has issues with woman, is into dark sex, and when need be pays for his fantasies.

You may remember May Seng Yang was arrested and charged for the alleged attack after Howard called cops to his Pennsylvania home. That’s where Howard claims Yang trespassed on his property before physically attacking him in front of his rebound girlfriend, Erica Taylor.

Now, yang faces charges of assault, trespassing, harassment and disorderly conduct. She’s set to face a judge later this month.

Here’s what May Seng Yang exclusively tells HSK…

May Seng Yang tells us it was Terry “Baby Wipes” Howard who attacked her on May 6th:

Terrence Howard Exposed on Twitter

May Seng Yang tells us why Terry “Baby Wipes” Howard was upset with her on May 6th:

Terrence Howard Exposed on Twitter

May Seng Yang tells us Terry “Baby Wipes” Howard has issues with women:

Terrence Howard Exposed on Twitter

May Seng Yang tells us Terry “Baby Wipes” Howard is into dark sex:

Terrence Howard Exposed on Twitter


  1. I always knew that Terrence had major issues with women. If you have more than one woman saying the same things about you, then there’s some truth to their stories. He’s always been abusive towards them. Mostly verbal. For all we know, the brother can be on the DL. He acts like it to me. He has too much aggression towards women not to be.

    • (In Terrence Howard’s voice)

      Black women are antiquated.White women represent progress.My non black ex-wife called me ni@@er and wants nothing to do with my children because they’re black or at least half black and this Asian chick hit me.

      Can’t you see that I am the victim here.

      (sarcasm off)

    • If you have more than one woman saying the same things about you, then there’s some truth to their stories.

      This rule applies to females as well(ex.Halle)

  2. I mean, after his naked pictures leaked online I personally think this dude has bigger..well SMALLER problems.

    Perhaps if he worked with a doctor to fix his manhood issues it would help his mental state.Or maybe he just needs to get a psychiatrist and be happy with the small package God blessed him with.
    But I definitely think his issues with women has a lot to do with his own insecurities.

    • I agree. His small penis has affected his self esteem. Plus women who have had sex with him laugh and talk about his small endowment. This has hurt his feelings and increased his anger issues toward women. Sadly, he really just hates himself.

  3. This nigga been using too many baby wipes,he has wiped all the blackness of his ass,now he’s officially a white man with homosexual tendacies!!! Good going terrance the yellow homo!!!!

  4. I don’t know what it is about your Philly-based stories, Jacky, but they all seem to be about people I know. Well, I don’t KNOW May Seng, but I’ve met her. Cool people. She has a sister that’s pretty nice too. Although Terrence lives in a Philly suburb, I never met saw him until I moved to LA. Will had a party for him at CAA when he was nominated for his Oscar. Didn’t really draw an opinion about him one way or the other. But, in this case, I definitely believe her.

  5. Again… He is not on the DL. However, he is very controlling within all aspects of his relationships. It’s a role he MUST play. The reason why his business is in the street, is because he lacks the power and cunning it takes to remain in control.

    I ain’t one to gossip, so you didn’t hear that from me. *wink*

    • Men with small penis’ are like men who are short in stature. They all have a complex. Being controlling allows them to feel more “manly.”

  6. Terrence Howard doean’t appear to be bright nor have a great personality. Hustle and Flow was is one brilliant moment and that was a long time ago. I don’t even think he’s a factor in Hollywood anymore..this one lady coming out to put him on blast is the least of his worries. But I believe every word of it.

  7. He likes ‘ dark sex’ just not with dark women. Lol. He is no great loss to sistas. Just another angry and abusive asshole.

  8. Terrance Howard is pissed off at the world & women because despite all the girls he dates/marries/sleeps with he just cannot get that taste of SPERM out of his mouth from his early days on the casting couch as an upcoming actor and being nicknamed “knee pad charlie by the gay mafia that runs hollywood…

  9. Dark sex? Hmmm and you put up with it all that time so why speak out now? You partook in the “dark” activities, so why cry about it now?

  10. Re: being on the downlow- well he did say he’d hit a woman before he’d ever hit a man. What? What sort of comment is that? Are you saying you’d hit a woman because you’d win the fight or are you saying you like men so you wouldn’t hit them?

  11. honestly who even cares. why go prying into other peoples lives just cause theyre famous its so easy for commoners to judge. dark sex wow im sure everybody fantasises about it and yet everybodys too dropnuts to do it. issues with women wow 75% of males have this problem and a small dick im sure theres alot of you males out there. give terrence a break hes trying to make it out there what are YOU doing??

  12. I agree about him giving me the creeps to! When he played in “Dead Presidents” something about him gave me the creeps!