Foxy Brown Blasts Jay Z…


Foxy Brown Calls out Jay Z

Was Jay Laying the Woody to an Underage Fox Boogie?

Remember Foxy Brown? Well she’s made some shocking allegations about Jay Z that will blow your mind! Now, many music insiders are calling the 90’s female rapper crazy…but we’re leaving it to you to decide.

Buss this…

Foxy Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has revealed that her ticket to rap success came at a price — and that it all happened while she was underage. She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old — adding Hova (who she says has a ‘horse dick’) funded her shopping trips and pampering at hair and nail salons while she was still in high school…all to get into her panties!

But that’s not all!!! Foxy claims Jay Z is an undercover tranny chaser. She says she learned that after a tranny began calling and harassing her, not long after Jay Z gave her gonorrhea. WTF?!?! Foxy says one of her sex sessions with Jay Z was all caught on tape. That’s when Foxy says she and Jay weren’t alone. Their company was the real “Wanda” from In Living Color…Mr. Jamie Foxx. According to Foxy, Jay Z signed her to “multiple gag orders for where she, Jamie and Jay engaged in a threesome” and that not long after the incident the tape was ironically robbed from her home. Foxy insists Jay Z had everything to do with that robbery.

Wait…there’s more!!!

Besides alleging that Jay Z chases tranny’s, Foxy says there was one constant man in Hova’s life. According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘fuck buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NBA baller who once repped Rocawear.

During her no holds barred account of her experience with Jay Z, Foxy was reported to clearly display a strong disliking for Jay’s wife, Beyonce.

Here’s what Foxy had to say about Mrs. Hova:

“Now he is with Beyonce…Fuck that halitosis-infected heffa.”

If true, this is beyond sad. Know why? Because we’re talking about a victim here…not just a victim of an STD, but a then teen who fell victim to statutory rape. If you recall Jay Z blacklisted R Kelly after the singer was accused of child molestation. If Foxy’s allegations are true, how is Hova any different?

What are your thoughts about this?



  1. Jay is a hot nasty mess. I give him and Kanye’s “relationship” the side-eye. Kanye is a Queen Diva and Jay seems happier with him than when he’s with Beyonce.

    • Yeah im talkin Ye yeah im talkin Ri yeah im talking B and then im talkin me…aint fu##in with my clique… Sooo Kenye is definately mentioned first…hmmmm

  2. When Bill Gates was on the come-up he often acknowledged that he would steal anything he thought was a good idea and warned his competitors to be on-guard!

    All is fair in love and war (business).

  3. I knew it all along their body language in the I’ll Be Good video was crazy…they look like they were fucking in that video. She was 15 when she started rapping…she and Jigga fucked that was so obvious..that’s why I gave Jay Z the side-eye when Jay Z came out and spoke out so publicly and harshly against R. Kelly (mind you they were suppose to be cool) during the Best of Both World Tour when the underage girl sex allegations came out.

    Also if you look at all the acts Jay had discovered/managed…Rihanna (about 15/16)and Tierra Marie (16)..I don’t know if he fucked Tierra but we all know he had a taste of Rihanna.

    • Those who are the guiltiest scream the loudest and Jay Z harshly criticized R. Kelly when the sex allegations surfaced because his ass was guilty for messing around with an underaged Foxxy…he didn’t want to be associated with R. Kelly or with being a pedophile so he bashed him publicly so the media and others would not suspect him of being the same way and go snooping through his past/dirty laundry.

  4. all these comments make me laugh….we can all speculate,but NONE of us know the damn truth.people put out bs like this all of the time.for all we know foxy could be saying these things to be relevant again.foxy,if you want to be relevant again,put out an album.this slandering other ppl for fame has got to stop…..

  5. I was fucking at 15. I was also listening to JayZ. Any promiscuous 15 year old would love to fuck a celeb and them buy her the world. Was she too young? Yeah. Was she a victim? Helllll no. She knew then & she know now. In the words of Lil Kim “ima throw shade if i cant get paid!

    • What do u expect when u sell your Soul to the Devil? Everyone knows that JayZ & his wife sold thiers!!

      • But what “everyone” does not know is that you cannot sell a fucking soul dude. You are your soul. It is the indestructible, intangible force that animates the are your soul It cannot burn In any eternal flame and it is itself eternal. Fuckin religious brainwashing got you mfers all confused.

  6. Jus crazee all this and why now your a teenage girl who knows,from right to wrong and don’t care how much money in the world I would’ve said something. Along time ago that’s my body and who gives. A dam about someone career he took advantage and justice. Should’ve been done its so sad now because people will judge the fact about you but keeping a secret. For so long and it eat away at you its hard were not in foxys shoes so who are we to say anything all we can do is pray for her

    • I c u like lil kids to cuz weather she knew better or not she was a kid an he was grown that along is wrong

  7. I am thinking why after all this time is she coming out with this? I know she has a song coming out with Lil Kim so maybe she trying to pump up her comeback. It plain to see that she does not like B but why… is it the you want to be her Foxy? Find your career hun and try to comeback but don’t hate trying to come back up….because you are trying to get your fans back and get new ones.. you know how fans do they will not give you any love.. after all it was all good when Jay was giving you all the things you want(don’t get me wrong) rape, under age sex is not cool at all and if he done that he has to be accountable for that… make your music get back out here.

  8. all u mofo niggas taking up for this man cuz u like lil girls to u wouldn’t f shit wrong with it if u like lil kids that just sad

  9. isn’t Bey 10 years younger than Jigga?? ijs.. on a lighter side….i’m 36 and let LeBron walk thru the door i’ll fak him for .99 and wouldnt tell no one except my fb friends lmaoo ijs i LOVE me some King James.. lmaooo now back to Jigga…

  10. This has to be the dumbest thing I have ever read. Broke attention seeking Foxy trying to make herself relevant. Don’t know what’s worse. This story or you buffoons that believing it!

  11. This is crazy but I think its some truth to it but the gay part is really thrown in to make him look like a fool. I don’t believe Jay is fkn gay, period! A hoe, yes! A molester, yes! No dought in my mind all of them fkd younger girls, and no dought in my minds the lil hotin the axx hoes liked it! When I was 15 I was held accountable for my actions!!!!! Certain countries 15 iseeven considered an adult!! Smh, I still love jay z foxy brown and bey so oh fkn well, and i love kanye west! I do think jay has more fun with kanye than bey tho lmfaoooooo

  12. “Fox got you hot ’cause you kept your face in her puss.” – Nas

    I think there’s SOME truth to this.

  13. Plus wasn’t he messing around with Aaliyah when she was still underage allegedly? And remember Jay-Z did admit he crushed on a 16-year-old Beyonce back in ’98. If he can do it, I don’t think there’s any denying he turned Foxy out. I think BIG was messing with her and Lil Kim at the same time and she was still 17.

  14. Tru or false who cares he’s music is crazy….
    And what’s her motive just another disgruntled bird not happy about her life choices… Oh she mad he didnt wife her and who didn’t fuck her I’m from BK I know I did…..
    And a few niggg I know beet also and I’m not a rapper

  15. For everything there is a price! This goes on in the hood on a daily basis! Young females sell there souls for $,shoes, cell phones, hair do’s, fame etc, then end up pergoo w/ a std! The dude be like 10 years older than the female! She was young and wanted fame and she sold her soul for it! Simple as that!Sad but true! She could have kept that to herself!

  16. I believe there are 3 sides to every story. If there is any truth to what she is saying, we don’t know what’s her reason for speaking about it now candidly. As for the whole gay thing, if that’s what floats his boat, good for him, I am just sorry for his wife who will have to be playing happily married and in love knowing that she isn’t but is willing to pay the price for the lifestyle she seeks and enjoys.

  17. What’s funny is how if this is true why isn’t Foxy taking her responsibility in being a dirty little whore at the age of 15 to grown ass men not 1 but numerous grown men? She knew better!!! She wanted all they could give her plus the sex PERIOD! Hell she couldn’t rap so she had to get it by other means, Otherwise why would she be hating on Beyonce now? There would be no reason to talk shit on his wife now. When Jay-Z and Foxys’ issues happened yearrrrs ago Which is WHY I would holla bullshit. She sounds like a jealous ex trying to break apart the good that they have in the present. I’m sure foul stuff went down but to what extent none of us know. There is always 3 sides to every story his side, her side, and the TRUTH!

  18. I believe her story. Jay Z did a lot of people dirty to get the next level. You reap what sow….I pray for his little girl…and wish her nothing but happiness and good health….Foxy Brown is somebody daughter that trusted you with their child…And you violated her in the worst way…gave her a few dollars and promised to all her dreams come true…What goes around comes around…Karma is #itch…I hope he can handle it when it payback time…

  19. Man she worse than Ray J. Just say you fucked him and now you want everybody to know it. Bitch done feel off the map now she want to be seen again. But the whole Tranny thing could hav ebeen left out. If she didnt care she wouldnt have said shit about Beyonce. Why you care about the next bitch. Your beef is suppose to be with Jay Z. Fuck that lying ass hoe bag.

    • Jay is a flaming fag him mr.CEE half of these
      N Y artist that started seeing bread on some other shit
      All that roc shit people throwing up and singing
      Songs that they don’t know the signs of the beast
      Soon Kome Allah see all open ya third eye

  20. It’s true!!!!!!!! Very true worked with her from the day they def jam on varick st signed her

  21. We often has trannies with big cocks join us at home, i love to watch Jay sucking their dicks and the trannies love to ride me. I also know he loves little girls, i once caught Jay humping a life size baby doll.

  22. Yaaaall get over it…its what us Pyramid power people believe…Sometimes we drink the virgin menstrual blood and rub it on our bodies while we have sex. There was once a time we had Obama over, Jay sucked him dry and Obama loved it.

  23. True or false, that’s not the way you handle this situation. She’s a young women now. Talk to the right people not to media! And, let me add that I clearly remember: They asked Sean Carter why he stopped collaborating with Foxy. He said: “Well she was not Rocafella” That wa when she signed with the firm and he worked with Amil. Like I said wether truth or false, you don’t handle something like that through media. We have found 3 girls that were kidnapped for 10 years. Not that you handle with media!

  24. foxy screwing jigga old news.

    foxy been fell off and not doubting what she says isn’t true.

    we knew jay and r fewll out remember kells and jigga was both had aaliyah that might have been the reason or some other girl they might haVE SHARED REMEMBER AALIYAH, FOXY, AND BEYONCE WERE ALL YOUNG WHEN THEY STARTED OUT AND THERE’S A CHANCE KELY RAN THROUGH BEYONCE BACK THEN IN HER DC DAYS TO.

  25. Well if u think about it he did want beyonce at a young age but her parents told him he had to wait. So why can’t or rather couldn’t he HV done it because he’s rich and famous that’s the problem now and days people put the once w money on a high pedestal like they are better but yet at the same time those be the main ones just like as far as the smart people quote on quote as they are label be the main one blowing shit up shoot up schools etc you can’t put nothing pass nobody it’s crazy how people point fingers at a victims instead of the one being accused and if u look at the video of foxy brown and jayz back then she was 15 why was he all over her as he was come on now and yes take a look at the other young girls he has sign again u Have to look at fm all angles but one thing bout it the truth shall sat u free and what’s done in dark always come to the light

  26. so… maybe someone can help me…. where exactly is this interview?? who conducted it? and when is it gonna air??

  27. Yep it was Larry Johnson the football player who went to Penn State wit coach Sandusky!!!!!! Pls Dont confuse him wit the basketball player two totally different people so get ur facts straight…I guess what u do in the dark does cum to lite…Nasty Nates!!!! Oh sooo believable!!!!!!so sad!!!!

  28. PEOPLE!Take it easy, this may be true or a lie, but really, don’t we have better to focus on? All we should require from entertainers is entertainment- nothing more.

    • well entertainers drop sexual hints.

      and drop gay-pedophile references.

      when they quit telling on themselves.

  29. I believe her. As I think back to when I was a teenager and all those 20-something guys that tried to holler, it makes me sick. And Nas’ ex-girlfriend said Beyonce had foul breath too. Lol These damn celebrities. SMH

  30. i don think that is true. if it was beyonce would have and STD and she doesnt. i hink this crazy lady is just trying to get some money!

  31. I can verify as fact and will swear on the bible that beyonce never ever had a STD.
    That would be crazy

    • ANON: Show some receipts if you’re willing to take an oath about the medical history of Camel’s hump! You crazy stans are too funny!

      ANYONE CAN GET AN STD, FOOL! No matter how rich or famous they are. Camel gave Foxy a dose — B cd easily have caught something from him since then.

      FYI, if you bothered to atually read the bible, you’d know that God warns us NOT to take oaths:

      “But above all things, my brethren, SWEAR NOT, neither by heaven, neither by the earth, neither by any other oath: but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation.”
      – James 5:12

    • You said that you could verify as fact Beyonce has never had an STD , and the lie detector test determined; that was a lie. Beyonce has had several STD’s and in fact Beyonce is a whore

  32. On the real I have a exotic looking (who kind of look like Bey) tranny friend who casually mentioned to me that she/he used to mess with Jay back in the late 90s.
    My tranny friend told me this in 2001

  33. Lies lies lies she’s a washed up she’s dne foxy brown its ova ur never cumN bckk she still fighting ppl hittin ppl wit her fone knock it off B FOH WHERE THE PAPER WORK oh jus take her word!! never. Done

  34. yall some damn fools if yall believe that, Jay and Bey have a baby and if that were true Gonorrhea does not go away, and i know they did not put Blue in harms way let alone Beyonce, come on now really./.. and Foxxy Brown ass aint that young, with her deaf ass….sit down, girl booo

    • I googled and it can be treated with antibiotics. Please, try again. You do not know, you think. Sit down with yo dumb ass.

  35. What’s done in the dark, comes to the light. NO ONE but them will ever know the truth. Leave it alone.

  36. Foxy is a broke ass who’s luking for some damn attention…get a life Bitch !!!!!!! Tryna put a stain on Jay? Try somefin betta…

  37. I believe her. Men in the Industry are very manipulative, posessive, scandalous and controlling to try to preserve their wants, wishes and way of life. The Entertainment Industry has been what we hear a “boys game or boys playing field” where things are done from the male, patriarchal perspective just as in politics. She signed a gag order then she would not been able to say anything. She would have been sued and it would have affected her career. Many of these “celebrities” have PR Image Consultants for many reasons. Many of them needed to be polished from the background from which they came. Many of them are more complexed and messy than what they are presented to being for idolizing.The recession along with these reality shows are bringing out the truth of whats been affecting/influencing our lives for years. I don’t blame her, in a way for saying something now because the industry directly reflects the socio-economic issues in the world, where women have it hard because they are viewed and treated from a limited perspective. So she probably struggled to keep her career going because of Jay-Z and others following this popular versus non popular mindset. Where they would believe a male commercial artist over a female artists.

  38. In addition back in the mid 90’s where Foxy and Jay-Z were on many song together and likewise videos, he showed his affection for her by wearing the same matching outfits, wrote lyrics about her, how he looked at her, and he said many times, how he treated women and people badly in his songs. Many were too busy being hypnotized by the beats and not listening to the lyrics and how they had affect on the social culture in how we treated one another. That same subliminal messages or just messages in songs period are methodically implemented to this day to affect the listeners. Almost every women he dated in the industry they dressed like each other and he talked about in his records. Y’all better wake the hell up.

    • we all know about foxy and jigga.

      all those 20 year 30 year old dudes if not older love to holler at young girls and these girls date these guys for a chance at fame and other financial benefits.

      learned that if you got paper you caN GET AWAY WITH STUFF LIKE STATUTORT RAPE.

      ALL FOXY CAN DO IS COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING DISSED BY JIGGA THE BEST OR WORSE SHE COULD DO IS WRITE A TELL All she had very bad stuiff happen to her in her career.

      she beefed with kim for years phukking biggie at the same timecompeteing over the junior mafia first lady spot.




  39. Wat an absolute joke all the shit u just spoke!!!!! No old white man made jay z like that!!!! Sounds like u have a grudge against white people!!! If so… Moral of the story don’t be a sheep!!! Don’t follow what others do like ur stating jay z has done!!!!

  40. I believe her. You can’t make that shit up. Besides its funny how so many are so quick to dismiss the shit like jay and bitchonce are paying your fucking bills for you. Not

  41. that black rapper need,s to burn in hell think about what him and b are doing to there lil one all of them make me sick all of the hip hop pis are fucking batty man thay all need to die fuckig man and children lovers all the black pis need to wake the fuck up

  42. Be for real, first of all the mans not beat to burn long enough to pass it. Nor do I think any of his lovers would kiss and tell inless not compensated according to there personal liking’s. Now Mr Carter is very handsome has it ever occurred to anyone that perhaps he is happy alone