Frank Ocean To Press Assault Charges Against Chris Brown?


Frank Ocean Chris Brown Slap Fighters

No Cool Breezes Over This Ocean!

Frank Ocean is expected to move forward with pressing assault charges against Chris Brown — after the recent brawl between the pair broke out at Westlake Recording Studios, Sunday. While Breezy continues to maintain a story of being ambushed, Frank Ocean says Chris threw the first punch.

Now, LAPD is reported to be looking to question Breezy over the incident.

Sources say the tension may have all been sparked over…get this, a parking spot! After the incident, Frank Ocean – who, unlike Chris – remained on scene to speak with responding cops – took to Twitter to talk about the fight.

Here’s what Frank Ocean had to say, wishing his Bernese Mountain Dog “Everest” were there to protect him:

“got jumped by chris and a couple guys. lol. i only wish everest was there.”

Here’s what’s being reported:

“Last night, tensions between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown mounted after the two engaged in a skirmish at a studio in Los Angeles, California.

According to NY Post, the Odd Future crooner is looking to press charges against Brown for “punching him and starting an all-out brawl” outside of Westlake Studios.

Police claim that Ocean is “desirous of prosecution” and that they’re looking to question Brown, who is on probation until August 2014, stemming from his beating Rihanna in 2009.

Was Frank Ocean advised by higher-ups in the entertainment industry to press charges? Of course. Don’t believe me.. Ask Jay Z.

Frank Ocean Guard Dog


  1. If Chris is charge.. So too should Frank because its going to boils down to he said “she” said. unless they have footage on video how they gonna know who is at fault. And I bet Frank is gonna hide behind his feminine side.

  2. Man this he needs to take his l like a man….especially if this nigga just knocked him out on his own on the strength of he was being disrespectful…..
    Are they going to try to say its a hate crime too cause this niggas “bisexual”…lol…suing niggas over a light sparring session is shit caucasians do …i dont respect this nigga @ all for this…
    What 50 say on patiently waiting “if you gotta glass jaw you should watch your mouth”….

    • Indeed. It’s a Caucasian strategy though because a lot of times if they start something the officers responding will be Caucasian and most likely biased in their (white person) favor. In this case though it’s two Black men so Chris should’ve stuck around. Then again just seeing who he was the cops would’ve most likely had a “hard on” to arrest him without hearing his side. Don’t feel sorry for either of them though.. they’re both ass clowns for fighting over a damn parking space.

  3. Chris was not going to stick around because he’s still on probabtion and would have likely been locked up on the scene. Frank did what most messy bitches do, talk slick and get their asses beat and then they want to run around like they got “jumped” because they couldn’t take what they dished out..I don’t believe Chris started it but he’s an easy target and Frank knows fuck with someone’s livlihood just because you know you can says alot about you..someone should see his ass just on GP

  4. Hi –

    Ref:…”Frank Ocean Plans to Press Charges…”


    My response:

    Ocean’s “commotion” could put him in a trick bag…


    GOD saw and heard EVERYTHING THAT happened… And GOD fights and judges with COMPLETE justice… And F O and C B will come to recognize that when GOD does the “jumping…”

    It’s in both of their best interests to tell the REAL DEAL TRUTH or beware of provoking GOD to more anger… It could be hammer time from heaven and you ain’t jumping the Lord! Choose truth or woe…

  5. I see cris brown is still kicking bitches asses,franks lovers name is papi everest,what’s frankie baby gonna do when his Latin lover kick his ass and slide off with a Caucasian……… Nuttin!

  6. this is stupid really frank’s gay what concern of his anyone if cb beats any female.

    ri isn’t related to frank or sleeping with him why does it matter.

    ri chose to go back to chris so if she gets beat again its her fault.

    frank must really want some publicity.

    and chris so hot headed and thinks he’s the shit he’s being targeted by gay dl haters first drake, then frank and that other white girl who said she hates chris brown for what he did.

    the white community already slammed chris hard just for a dispute.

    while charlie sheen is still running amok shooting women and holding escorts hostage.

  7. Frank Ocean is a bitch. He started that mess with Chris, he wants to be able to throw stones at people then hides his hand like he didn’t do anything. People believe the worst of Chris because of his past and that’s not cool, he did one thing and yeah it was bad but how is it that he is labeled a “woman beater”, “wife beater”, “abuser”, for a single incident and there are people who do worse and have done worse on a consistent basis and noone utters one word about them. People need to learn to move on, everyone deserves a second chance, why doesn’t he? People love to hate that man. Think back to a time in your life when you made a mistake or did something bad or stupid and noone let you live it down or kept bringing that shit up and pthrowing it in your face everyday, all day….now imagine that multiplied millions of people, knowing your business, knowing your shame, and talking about, joking about it, blogging about, gossiping about it, passing judgment, condemning you for it, imagine how that feels, how would you deal? And I don’t wanna hear how you wouldnt care or it wouldn’t bother you cus that’s a lie, no one wants to be reminded if their past transgressions. I think that maybe this was a setup, its close to the Grammys, he’s on the last leg of his probation and him and Rihanna are too close. This man has been trying to live his life and he is constantly being bullied and bashed. Let him be. And as far as Frank Ocean, how can you take a d**k but not a punch? All on twitter crying about a cut on your finger, negro please, pull your skirt down, your panties is showing…and thats not a crack on him being gay either, it’s a crack on him going on Twitter crying about getting jumped by Chris and his friends and it clearly stated that they each has a “posse”, there are 2 things wrong with that: First, if you had people with you, what were they doing while you got “jumped”.

    • Watching? If so, you need some new friends, and secondly since when is a group of 3 considered a posse? I’m just saying. They talking about posses and brawls like its 20 people instead of only 6.

    • I felt every single word you said. This whole situation is ridiculous… I am so tired of all of these people coming at Chris like he is some animal because he is tired of the scrutiny over the beating that he keeps receiving. Wouldn’t anyone? I know I would be…. like seriously if I kept on talking about that, wouldn’t you be upset? I know I would smh. This is coonery at its finest to say the least.

      • Thank you, I can appreciate that, people nowadays lack empathy. I was always taught to put myself in others people’s position and look at things from another perspective before judging someone and drawing my own conclusions about something or someone. At the end of the day, Chris is HUMAN, and he just happens to be a celebrity, but he still has feelings and emotions. Honestly if it was ME, I’da been cussing people out all over Twitter and Instagram lol I read some of the comments and they are harsh and soo disrespectful I don’t know how he deals. People would REALLY have a reason to hate me and think I was crazy and violent cus I would be sick and tired of everyone coming at me foul and not being able to defend myself. And so would anyone else if they chose to be honest and look outside of their glass houses. I think it just shows how much he IS trying and growing that he has only had a few outbursts.

        • Oh yes I am and I don’t even know him… it is 2009’s news and there are people who abused someone last night, this morning, or even as I type who are also in the limelight and they don’t get half as much flack as Chris does. I just this it is the dichotomy of being young and black in Hollywood, damned if you mess up, damned if you don’t because they will dig to see where your faults are smh

          • You ain’t telling nothing but the truth, white people have done that and more and its been swept under the rug and is the best kept secret. But let a “Lil black boy” step out of line or do something as a CHILD… he was only 19…..and he is the devil incarnate…..and its his own kind leading the pack. I’m the last one to ever throw race into anything being of mixed race myself, but its pretty hard to ignore the hypocrisy in it all. Let homie down the block put his hands on his girl…regularly and they turn the other way and don’t say nothing or better yet, its they friend or a family member. But Chris is forever labeled and vilified as an abuser. I don’t know him either but my heady goes pit to anyone who is

            • Again, it all comes down to being young, black, and male in the public eye. Look at L’il Twist and how he went from being a YMCMB nobody to being the guy who messed up Justin Bieber’s already flailing career when he was bound to be a fad that is fading. And now that CB is rising for sure again, they are going to do whatever is necessary to mess up the vibe that he’s creating. I might not be fond of the Ri incident but that doesn’t mean the smearing needs to continue. It doesn’t and people need to be honest. Now Frank thinks he is better than everybody because he is an openly gay for pay dude. That letter was a publicity stunt and he realizes people see past his boyfriend no matter how nasty it may seem between them that they are both attention whores to the nth degree.

              (btw I am no Team Breezy member at all or moreso the EXTREME Team Breezy. I do support him.)

              Now, he needs to be extremely careful. He needs to get rid of that hoodrat mentality because it is bound to get him blackballed for good and as I just said he is back for certain on the rise and if he doesn’t quit while he is ahead, he is about to get himself into more trouble than he can see.

  8. Instead of trying to be macho with all their tatoos and acting a fool in public, why don’t they carry themselves like gentlemen? Is that too much to ask? It takes a real gentlemen to avoid a physical confrontation. A don’t know who threw the first punch, but if it was Mr. Brown, it is well to be advised that just because someone is gay doesn’t mean they can’t box. I know some rough gay dudes who will mop the floor with your ass, and they don’t need muscles, washboard abs, or tatoos to give the impression that they are tough. Mess with the wrong gay person and see what happens. You’ll get one good old school ass whooping.

    • You obviously ARE GAY. Because you went right in defending the nasty ass gays. GIRL STFU! This was a fight between 2 groups of guys and one of them just HAPPENED to be a known gay, who btw started the shit. Now the faggot wanna scream like in bitches voice “Hate crime! Hate crime!” GTFOH!

  9. Where is the PROOF that Frank started anything?? When you people are done capping for Breezy you should know that the report of Frank starting shit did not come from a legitimate witness but from someone within Breezy’s entourage. Get it?? Breezy’s team just got in there and played the media game faster than Frank’s. That is all.

    Perez Hilton already called Breezy out about his team trying to sway Perez to write about this incident in favor of Chris.

    • To be honest, even though as I just mentioned I am tired of everything seeming as if it is always SOLELY Chris BUT my question is why in the world CAN’T it be him? I mean, regardless of who it was, the fight itself was unnecessary. And even if Chris did start it, we will never have an unsolicited view of what actually happened so… we can’t blame one person in particular. It is both of their faults if you ask me though.

        • Because they like him to be at fault for everything, he is the perfect scapegoat for everything that goes wrong or to the left if he is involved. He is the villain, boogeyman, fall guy. I don’t Stan for him but somebody has to be a voice/the voice for those that can’t speak for themselves. I’m not jumping on the everyone hates Chris bandwagon.

    • Fuck you, Frank, Chris, and that nasty ass annoying faggot Perez. Who by the way is absolutely the the worst! He’s mad at any & everyone that doesn’t agree with gay marriage. That’s their RIGHT! He wants people to be tolerant of the gays but aren’t tolerant of anyone outside of that lifestyle

  10. Yo, this dude is straight up booty bender, that’s a bitch move! He knows he don’t like girls, I have gay friends that would of straight wild out on Chris, smh this femme guy

  11. I love Chris Brown! However,Chris really should take a chill pill and chill out. HE stands to loose alot more than wack ass frankie! At this point Chris should not put himself in those types of positions. He is still in the process of trying to recover from the Rhianns drama. WHere are his PR people have they just taken a back set and allowed Chris to spin out of control?

  12. You ain’t telling nothing but the truth, white people have done that and more and its been swept under the rug and is the best kept secret. But let a “Lil black boy” step out of line or do something as a CHILD… he was only 19…..and he is the devil incarnate…..and its his own kind leading the pack. I’m the last one to ever throw race into anything being of mixed race myself, but its pretty hard to ignore the hypocrisy in it all. Let homie down the block put his hands on his girl…regularly and they turn the other way and don’t say nothing or better yet, its they friend or a family member. But Chris is forever labeled and vilified as an abuser. I don’t know him either but my heart goes out to anyone who is constantly belittled or bullied and I feel it is only right to speak up.

  13. Wow, not one person thinks Chris Brown is responsible. Blame the victim. Says alot about the ghetto as world we live in now. Hate Beyonce, Hate Oprah, but Chris Brown is great. so sad.