Freeway Rick Ross: “Rappers Are The New Drug Dealers”



“I was selling drugs for the CIA and I didn’t know it. The same thing might be happening with today’s rappers.” ~Freeway Rick

HSK Exclusive – Freeway Rick Ross is calling on Jay Z [and company] to “do something positive for these lost teenagers.” Know why? Because the reformed drug kingpin — who’s now using his story as an example to scare teens straight — explains that rappers, like Jay Z, are responsible for dealing ignorance through their music.

“Jay is getting paid by the man to spread negative messages.”

When I asked Freeway Rick about Jay Z’s deal with Barneys New York, here’s what he had to say:

“Jay Z is the one sending kids to the store to spend big bucks on material things. What Jay Z raps about these kids can’t afford to buy. If you went to college, you’ll be lucky to make 80-100K a year. That’s if you even get a job. These kids are going to sell drugs, steal or sell their bodies for the material stuff Jay and other rappers are talking about.

These kids don’t read. They believe everything these rappers and the media tells them. I has one kid ask me why I call myself Rick Ross.

I don’t hate Jay Z, but I wish he’ll do something positive for these lost teenagers. Jay is making a lot of money so he could bring positive workshops to the ghetto. Bring the lawyers and doctors to the ghetto to speak to these kids. I’m truly sorry for what I have done to my people and society and if Jay was a drug dealer in his past he should feel the same. Jay told everybody to stop drinking Cristal and everybody listened to him. Why doesn’t he use that power to tell our teenagers to stop living so dark? He can’t. Know why? Because Jay is getting paid by the man to spread negative messages.”



  1. coming from a man who helped start gangster rap whether he intended to or not.

    drug use and drug selling are highly popular and glamorized in music.

    what about all the white and black artists who promoted cocaine in the 70’s anmd saying it was okay cocaine was’nt addictive.

    cab calloway, charlie parker, louis jordan, loiue ar,mstrong, all talked aboput drugs or did drugs in their lifetimes.

    can’t blame hip hop for everything.

    a shame nobody gets on these white artists for making songs about drugs every white group in the past 50 years promoted drug use but its okay whites can do it they can sing and rap about drugs all day they’re the chosen people.

    • I concur and what about the white artist who’s names associate with drugs or violence like My Chemical Romance, Asleep At The Wheel,3 Doors Down,The Killers, and gods Mack.Who’s ever complained?

    • Thank you and conservative white groups do go after these white rock groups for satanic, drug, sex shit. Ask Marilyn Manson

    • Blah blah, stop trying to divert attention from the point at hand. Ross is 100% correct and we need to hold our own accountable as much as anyone else.

    • I think people get on hip ho because it’s such a terrible form of music for the most part that requires nearly no skill.Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane have mad hundreds of thousands of dollars from rapping and they are terrible at it despite it being a childish for of music.

  2. Rick, I agree with everything you said, except…If you went to college, you’ll be lucky to make 80-100K a year…don’t believe me, ask your lawyer.


  4. We cannot continue to compare ourselves and our actions to that of white people. Since gangster-rap has become the dominant force in our communities and the world, blacks as a people have suffered tremendously.

  5. Jay doesn’t want our youth to see successful Blacks. He just wants to fill their heads with more ignorance. He wants ballers and rappers to be their role models.

  6. These sorry ass rappers want black youth to think that money, drugs, guns, and white women equate to power. Education is the real power. But then an educated Black man will look at these rappers for the knuckle dragging, ignorant, modern-day house niggers that they have allowed themselves to become.

  7. Please watch “The African Americans” on PBS with Henry Louis Gates. When we know the truth we will not listen to or follow garbage.

  8. Rap music must contain the following key elements or the music execs (slave masters, KKK, Republicans, etc.) won’t let you in the door:
    SELF-HATRED (lyrics must include “nigga” at least 75 times)
    VIOLENCE (must also include violence toward “nigga” at least 10 times)
    GLUTTONY/GREED (lyrics must include bragging about money/material possessions that you most likely don’t have)
    SLAVE LABOR (must include free advertisement for high-end white-owned businesses, knowing that these businesses WILL NEVER pay you for any endorsements, and will lock the doors if you think about bringing your Black ass into their establishment.
    LUST (must include sexually degrading lyrics when referring to Black women)
    ENVY (you can only envy whites, as whites must ALWAYS be placed in a positive light)
    IDOL WORSHIP (white women -including the nastiest, ugliest, stinkin’ hos on the planet- must be idolized. YES. Put her dirty ass on a pedestal)

    Yup, that’s a rap!

  9. Please check out these documentaries also
    1. “Hidden Colors” parts 1&2 by Dr. Booker T. Coleman and Dr. Phil Valentine
    2. “John Henrik Clarke-A Great and Mighty Walk” by St. Claire Boone


    • @tonehurt: Thanks, will look for them on youtube and watch.

      @BayouBabe: You ain’t neva lied, I like these observations.

  10. @Anonymous Yes man and I thank you! Its our duty to share knowledge. Those documentaries will lead you to a whole lot more.

  11. Mr. Ross is right and I accept his apology. These rappers worship money and other dark things. The only thing that can change is the support we give them.

  12. Where do truth and substance exist?
    Not in the hip hop culture…these stars are the worst possible role models you could look up to. It’s a vacant, shallow way of life.
    I truly wish we could first begin with removing the N word from our vocabulary. How is such a hateful, derogatory word used so casually and loosely by the very people who suffered by it?
    Spread positivity.

  13. I think he over estimates Jay-Z’s influence I know a lot of people that don’t give a fuck about Jay-Z and rappers in general.I never drank Cristal.I would try it for free if someone bought me a glass but I would never buy that shit.I’ve never bought a pair of Jordan’s despite the fact that I have no kids a well paying job and can afford them without going broke.

    • agreed. And the only people I know who listen to jayz are white suburban kids. I wager the kids in the hood have far better taster.