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French Montana Flex’ed In Maybach @ BB King’s W/ NO Dang License!

February 3rd, 2014

French Montana vs. NYPD

NYPD’s Super Bowl Shakedown Sweeps Up Rappers!

HSK Exclusive - We’ve gathered exclusive details behind the Saturday night arrests of French Montana, Chinx and Jada Kiss. According to our insider … the rappers were all nabbed as part of the NYPD’s Super Bowl weekend sweep. Know why? Read on to find out…

French Montana’s flossin’ is said be what caught cops’ attention. Sources say the Bad Boy lyricist was pushin’ a white Maybach when he pulled up in front of BB Kings — the spot where Funkmaster Flex’s Tunnel Reunion Party went down. That’s just before French was busted for driving with a suspended drivers license.

“Two officers walked over to the rapper saying, ‘Nice car. Can we see your registration and drivers license?”

As for Jada Kiss and Chinx … we’re told the pair were arrested and booked on outstanding warrants “for missing court dates.” Was Buckshot Shorty arrested at BB Kings too? Of course!

Check it:

french-montana-nypd-arrest french-montana-superbowl-arrest french-montana-arrest

2 Responses to “French Montana Flex’ed In Maybach @ BB King’s W/ NO Dang License!”

  1. BX2DaDeath |

    Fools, take care of your problems.


  2. Spill the Tea |

    No comment on this, but I would like to say, I enjoy the reporting quality of this site (mostly) and the commenters on here much more than MediaFakeOut. The grammatical skills are on point, the posters are intelligent in their debates (for the most part), and the reporters don’t “dumb down the stories” with shoddiness to pander to the readers, like MTO does.


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