French Montana Is MC Flop!


French Montana's Record Bombs

French Montana’s highly anticipated album is a flop. The Bad Boy’s ‘Excuse My French’ sold just 49,775 copies in its first week.

You may remember late last year, Montana challenged 50 Cent to release his album the same day — boasting that he’s outsell Fiddy in record sales. Now, dude isn’t only eating his words — he’s making excuses for failing to move his product.

Here’s what French Montana had to say:

“Um, honestly, I really believe it’s not what you sell, but where you end up at. I feel like it doesn’t matter how much I sell; I know what kind of product I have. It’s going to be legendary. I know it’s going to last forever. I know once people hear it, people will be like, ‘Damn. This is really it.’

Look at Akon. He sold 17,000 first week; he ended up selling five million copies. Look at Shaggy. He sold 10,000 and ended up at 10 million.”

Here’s the bum French Montana telling SOHH that he’d die for music:

“I been shot in the process, I had a lot of altercations, I just been acting like I’m so high that I’m going to die. You ever get so high you start praying? I just feel like if you don’t sacrifice nothing for something you love, if you don’t have nothing to lose for somebody you love, then you don’t really, some people go through altercations with it and they just be like, ‘Man, I can’t do this shit, I’m scared.’

Then you got some people that are like, ‘I don’t care. I’m willing to die for this shit.’ That’s how I am.”

Does French Montana have 18-tracks on his ‘Excuse My French’ album, yet never recorded one song by himself? Of course! Know why? Because French Montana is not a qualified emcee, and should be selling me cigarettes at a nearby liquor store. Don’t believe me.. Ask Tony Yayo.


  1. Somebody is delusional…Sounds like Karma for leaving your baby mama too soon the minute he got put on…#Ain’t nobody checking for no French Montana..

    • FRENCH IS WACK AS SHIZ I AGREE FOR SURE, everything i herd with him is always same same monotone! Music is my hobby, meaning as a fan for last 22 years! Also music to me can be a GREAT escape from life’s problems now and then but not when ol frenchie spits, I get more sad, feeling bad for him thinking maybe he thinks that talking is the new way to rap? If I was him I’d be like f it yall I got down syndrome I was just trying my best to hide it! Then he would be SICK LOLOLOLOLOOL

  2. LOL I know 50 Cent is somewhere laughing his ass off. ‘Frenchie’ spent the last year and a half being used by Puffy as a proxy for their (Puff’s and 50’s) beef, talking shit about 50 Cent every chance he got in the media, while kissing every current rapper’s ass he came across in the hopes that they’d collaborate with him and extend his 15 minutes of fame, and look what it got him–A FLOP compilation (Way too many people on that shit to call it an album) and little else. Had he not dissed 50, he might have let ‘Frenchie’ work for him again at, but that, too, is over and done. Life sucks that way sometimes LOL

    • HE did. Too bad no one told him that the only successful ‘artist’ on way-past-its-prime Bad Boy records is Puff himself.

  3. French will be legendary for licking puffys asshole,go back to morocco and pray to the east,you fake ass mc! Trina is washed up too,now the both of you dirty crabs in a bucket can suck d!ck for a living. Tell Trina to make sure you buy her some red spray paint for the bottom of her fake loubies that she was rocking on Tinys talk show!!!

  4. even had wayne, baby, drake, and nicki minaj on there and it still flopped.

    if young money can’t help sell your cd you really suck.

  5. Hey French I think you should take Jacky’s advice and stick to selling cigarette’s at you dad’s or uncle’s store. African Americans don’t want to hear a Arab saying niggas on their album. Black folks don’t buy that shit if you don’t believe me ask Eminem he has never said nigga once on his album. Heed the message from the brotha’s

    • DJ Khaled somehow gets away with it all the time though for reasons unknown… I advise people to start using their own discerning ear and stop letting these radio station execs tell you what’s hot. Then and ONLY then will we be able to get real shit in constant rotation.

  6. Isnt this mofo an Arab?
    If he is don’t support him. White Arabs are racist bastards..
    Trust, you don’t want to support those people under any circumstances. They’re even worse racists than European whites.

    • Well, he is most certainly not white, but he seems very reluctant to identify as black, so he tricks the ignorant blacks by calling himself an African – only because he is from Africa. I guess he does not want to call himself an arab because of the negativity that comes with that, and having some think that it does not make him black. He won’t call himself a Berber because most don’t know what that is. Bottom line, if he can’t call himself a black man, then don’t call us niggas!

      • charleze theron is technically an African too because she was born as a citizen of an African country.

        this Montana guy is a white A-rab…invaders of north Africa, inclusive of Tunisia, Algeria, morocco, Egypt as well as Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Iraq and yes, Persia too…
        we got pushed down into central and western Africa…these folks are straight from the CAUCAS MOUNTAINS.(WESTER ASIA)= Caucasian

    • That’s French Wyoming’s cousin. This dude is lame & feeling himself way too much. Good for him he sold a few more than Bow Wow…what a freakin’ accomplishment. So… much does he now owe his label? Y’all gone learn bout’ signin’ these record deals that pretty much own you….sign the dotted line… we own you. Lame negroes don’t even have a lawyer present before they sign.

  7. I’ve listened to French and the songs he’s on he’s featured hes a better feature rapper just like diddy is that’s why his album is like a compilation like old no limit albums they must’ve knew he was a weak artist to not have him record a single record solo….smh at him for signing with “fag boy” records diddy mightve served him one of those professionals that uk dude was talkin bout yo frenchie look at fag boy’s track record BIGGIE = rip we all know that biz i believe he part of it. Craig Mack platinum album =pumping gas while album out. shyne= did time for shooting in the air 112 = Idk what’s up with them but I bet puff gets those resid’s. I’ll end this one on this note….lil Wayne be careful boy if u flop baby might carry that plan out and have yo ass killed turn to ass into a classic…..cause like ICE CUBE said “cause interscope will spend ya money they don’t give a fuck about a dead rapper nigga they’ll chop it up”

  8. Y’all all right. I respect all the comments real talk. Bottom line is labels are not needed in 2013. No need for them. Long as you have access to Internet social media and the will to make it. Couple of friends you can do it without a label. Real talk. Bottom line. If you have talent your good. Only ppl without talent has to depend on others. Bentley Rolls royce porsche ect sell their selfs Bec their cars are fast and look good. Bottom line. Others have to make deals and sales. When the last time you seen a Bentley commercial on TV? I’ve never seen 1. Get my drift. Nuff said

  9. Heard his album, and idk how the hell the album was a flop even with all the other artist on it. Homeboys Arab idk why hes saying nigga. Eminem never used that world in any of his album, plus he actually has talent. 50 def laughing his ass of as well as Kanye. He thought he can sign with Kanye but was like Kanye dont have a phone he told me to email him. But i dont know how to send emails lol. Kanye fooled this idiot, cause when i seen kanye on TMZ he was on his phone lol. Prob knew Frenchy was ass and used it as an excuse not to sign him. diddy will sign any washed up artist. and the only reason why ross helped out cause that nigga khalid told him too, since they both arabs.

  10. I hate his song whatever the name of it is. I don’t really listen to these new ‘rappers’, but when I didn hear his song I was like “This is the dude everyone is talm bout?” Not impressed. I hope they all fade away. This one, Future (with his Bubba Gump lookin self), Ace Hood, etc.. All GARBAGE. Really Son? “You woke up in dat new Bugatti!!!!” If I’m at a club and any of this bullshit comes on, I immediately sit my ass down and look at the DJ stupid. Straight up. lol The only ones with actual talent making today’s music are J Cole, Wale, Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Drake (though he has his moments =D), and a few other Nu Skool ppl.
    The jiggaboo Soulja boy/TPain type shit is and I’m so over it.

  11. one word answer to this wack rap bullshiT. JETLIFE…also a movie was already made about french montana’s life and music career…i believe it’s called “Ali G indahouse the movie”.