From T.I. To Nas: Who Hasn’t Iggy Azalea Let Smash It?


Iggy Azalea Passed Around

“Iggy f*cked Pharrell, Kanye and ASAP Rocky.”

Hip Hop Hoe!

HSK Exclusive – Bu Thaim may be feelin’ a bit of that Aussie fever — but what he may not know is that thing from down under could be seeing him as nothing more than a rest haven for a hoe! Don’t believe me.. Just ask T.I.

Sources say Iggy Azalea is only on to Bu Thaim in hopes he’ll make happen what T.I. didn’t — secure her a record deal. We’re told though T.I. did cover the cost of her booty shots and some clothes, he couldn’t get her signed.

Now, Amethyst ‘Iggy Azalea’ Kelly is said to be banking on Bu Thaim getting her a home with Def Jam Records.

Here’s the drop:

“T.I. shoulda known better! Dude even played as the bitch’s hype man — and even put some of his Grand Hustle groups on hold for her!!!

Iggy fucked Pharrell, Kanye and she used Teyana Taylor to get with ASAP Rocky. She’s now fucking with Nas, just because she wants dude to write lyrics for her.”


    • Nas has BEEN a sellout. You must have forgotten about half of ‘It Was Written,’ The Firm album, Ghostwriting Will Smiths’ ‘Getting Jiggy Wit It,’ being a spokesperson for Esco Jeans and some generic Rims, ‘You Owe Me’ with Ginuwine, co-signing Perennial Hip-Hop Coon Lil’ Wayne? Collaborating with the likes of Puffy, Mariah Carey, Lil’ Jon, Ja Rule & Ashanti (To the point that he was considering signing to Murder Inc. records during the six months they were hot), Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga, just to name a few of MANY examples? Oh, and also coming to Gwyneth Paltrow’s rescue when she was receiving backlash for saying ‘Nigga,’ which is especially ironic when you remember that Nas made a song called ‘Coon Picnic/These Are Our Heroes’ where he admonishes people like Cuba Gooding Jr. and Kobe for being coons/sellouts.

      Truth be told, Nas is a DOPE-ass rapper, a living legend, and undoubtedly one of the best that ever did it, but hell, a better question is when was he NOT a sellout?

        • lol Yeah. The thing about Nas is that, while he is a sellout, he isn’t AS MUCH of a sellout, greedy/money-obsessed, narcissistic media/attention whore as many of his contemporaries (Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Puffy, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Pharrell, etc.), which is mainly due to his introverted nature (And media-hyped portrayal as the [Industry-backed] ‘antithesis’ to more materialistic and [seemingly] shallow lyrically rappers like [You guessed it] Jay-Z). This results in Nas’ sellout moments seeming like he’s doing it on the low, when in actuality, they’re in plain view for the whole world to see. Interestingly enough, other rappers have called Nas out on this: Jay-Z on the song ‘Blueprint 2:

          ‘…These dudes is all politics, depositing checks
          They put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lot of lip
          And y’all buy the shit, caught up in the hype
          Cause the nigga wear a Kufi, it don’t mean that he bright
          ‘Cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice
          It just means you don’t understand all the bullshit that he write
          Is it “Oochie Wally Wally” or is it “One Mic”?
          Is it “Black Girl Lost” or shorty owe you for ice?
          I’ve been real all my life, they confuse it with conceit
          Since I will not lose, they try to help him cheat’

          (Continued) And underground rapper NYOil, who said that Nas’ more conscious/revolutionary bent is nothing more than a creation/ploy by his label Def Jam to hopefully rope (Back) in conscious Hip-Hop fans who long ago turned from Def Jam after Public Enemy left and the label became more commercial (i.e. part of the problem with mainstream Hip-Hop to this day. Also, keep in mind that Def Jam did the same thing with Kanye when he first came out–Christen him as a ‘conscious’ rap artist, in order for him to stand out/be ‘different’ from other mainstream artists in the eyes of fans, only for Kanye, two albums later, to turn out to be just as materialistic, depraved, shallow, narcissistic, and overall bad [The latter depends on your perspective] as the rest of them as time went on), which is especially funny/ironic/obvious when you remember the ‘mafioso-obsessed’ Nas from the ‘It Was Written/The Firm’ days. So yeah, Nas, for all his intelligence and enduring talent, follows orders in the Industry just like all the rest of ’em.

          • ^Not NYOil’s exact words, with much of what I typed being my own words/take on the subject, but the overall point of his quote is clear.

          • Raheim You are way more knowledgeable about the “inside” details and machinations of the socially conscious rappers vs the pop-driven commercial ones than I am. But here is the overarching question: I think you would agree that the labels are in the business to sell music and make money. So, when a particular artist with great skills and lyricism becomes a “crossover/mainstream” hit almost accidentally, who is responsible for pulling the trigger as to promoting said rapper’s future direction and shaping their work for the marketplace? The artist or the label? It seems like a damned if you do, damned if you don’t kind of thing to me.

            This is just me, but my favorite hip hop of the early 90’s when there was still some really good stuff happening came from the off beat De La Soul with producer Prince Paul. They had a taste of commercial success, and they never strayed much from their original style. But then again, they never came even close to selling like some of the more mainstream acts back then. I think they eventually drifted apart.
            Were they standing firm on only releasing material that truly repped their true selves, or were they just not anointed by their label as worthy of a full blown PUSH in promotion?

            • @P–Thanks!

              @Christa–So we meet again lol j/p But yeah, to answer your question, I would say that, just from observation & research, the Music Industry, just like many other businesses, gives people more freedom/trusts them with more responsibility after they’ve ‘proven themselves (Which, in the case of the Industry, means after the artist has been successful [And, in some cases, has done ‘certain things {No pun intended}’ to ensure the label & The Powers That Be {TPTB} that they {The artist} can be trusted]),’ but the label is still the final word in the artists’ career. This is evident in that we’ve all heard stories of artists fighting with their label boss(es) about control in some form of their careers (i.e. Michael Jackson, DMX, LL Cool J, 50 Cent, Lauryn Hill, Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim, and many, many more–These are just the artists that immediately came to mind).

              As for De La Soul, from what I can tell, while they were successful, they weren’t nearly as successful as other artists (i.e. those listed above), especially with their later albums, and were probably told by their label(s) at one point or another to make more commercial music, but refused because they wanted to keep their integrity (An example of which is their single ‘Baby Phat,’ which celebrates brown-skinned black women in an Industry that has almost always denigrated them in favor of light(er)-skinned black and/or mixed women).

              So yeah, maintaining your integrity while still being a successful/profitable artist has and always will be equivalent to walking a tightrope, though the decay of the traditional record label & retail and the rise of the Internet and Independent labels/deals has started to chip away at this, as well, with a number of successful artists forgoing traditional record labels in favor of being Independent and staying the truest to themselves and their art. Hope that answered your questions.

            • Hey Christa!

              I was listening to the 3 feet High and Rising album on YouTube the other day for the first time in about 5-7 years.

              Back then there were some “neosoul” and alternative acts to balance out my tastes so I didn’t have the feeling I got the other day.

              While I listened, I was wishing that somebody, male or female, high yella or blurple…with their God-given face, mind you, would just blow these tired ass musical acts I hear about now.

              When bloggers are talking about reality show hoes (male and female) going into the studio or releasing a track, then you know that music in general in damn near dead.

              I know there is some musical revolution I’m missing out on now but no one has told me about it yet.

            • Miss Fitts! To use a 90’s phrase, “that’s my jam!”

              I can’t tell you how many good memories I have of cruising round ATL with my top down singing
              “THREE IT’S THE MAGIC NUMBER…” and my favorite “POTHOLES IN MY LAWN”. Dang those were the days. Just great beats/samples with smart lyrics and no gangsta flossin or B word throwin, just fun tunes you could groove to.

            • Whoops I hit enter before I was ready to post/
              This is still to Miss Fitts. Do you remember that brief era when there was a little Black Hippie music moment? Besides De La there was PM Dawn “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”? I know that chick music, but it sure got me in the mood. I did not remember that DeLa, Pharcyde, TRibe Called Quest, Biz Markie and Queen were all in a loosely formed coalition for a minute of artists with the same tastes in music. And Prince Paul who produced lots but not all from those acts is a genius…but way off center and not to everyones taste. I saw him recently in the airport and had to restrain myself from tackling him with a bunch of questions.
              He was the founder of Stetsasonic, and je had what critics praised as the apex of hip hop in 1999 when he released A Prince Among Thieves.
              But he kept his shit funny as well as deep, as shown in “It Takes a Nation of Suckers to Let Us In, which was sort of a shot at PE’s Nation of Millions. I’m sorry if I sound like a PR rep trying to sign the dude, but it’s been so long since I found someone who remembers them, I can’t shut up!

          • Great insight. Nice Kanye reference. I had never thought of him as a ‘conscious’ rapper but he was supposedly left field and meant to be be different than the current crop. Even during ‘All Falls Down’ and ‘Touch The Sky’ times he referred to himself once as ‘Christian who loves just loves pussy’. I guess in a boastful quest to appear subversive. The signs were always there that he was a vacuous,spineless heathen but I didn’t wanna see them.

        • The moment I saw for myself that Nas and Jay were BFF, I left Nas alone. Anyone that rolls with Jay Z gets the side eye from me.

      • Nas has always been a bitch ass hypocrite. Its pathetic that he adopted a mafia gimmick at one point knowing those are really racist people.

    • Umm so sick of brothas falling for these HOOKA ass white chicks.. Dayum can u help the sistas come up? I mean really! The sad part is that none of these white hookas would even speak to yo ass(NAS,TI,DRE.LIL WAYNE,Lamar,Kanyell,Russell Simmons) if you hadn’t achieved success in the industry! BLACK PEOPLE WE ARE IN TROUBLE! BROTHAS USE THE black COMMUNITY TO COME UP AND THEN RECRUITS AND MARRY THE WHITE ONE! #Sickofselfhatinnegros!

        • I think “Kanyell” is pretty apt to tell you the truth. I was calling him Kanyetta, but Kanyell is good too.

            • Okay, that’s it…
              New puppy name, Kanyell! 🙂
              And…not one person will ever believe where I go it from!!!

              Thank you Mz Black!

            • Woof Woof Ms Reg! If I can have a tuxedo kitty named Nas, you can surely have a puppy named Kanyell. 🙂

      • shit the sistas doing the same ish too. nobody know how to love no more, there’s no trust, and its all about tearing each other down. we fcked up right now fa sho!

  1. come the fuck on if you believe this shit you as gullible as a fuckin donkey She already has a record deal and not everyone has to sleep around for a deal. She went to the uk to get the deal and she’ s already with def jam and she’s still rockin with tip

    • I did hear that she signed to a British label. It was in the paper a while back. Maybe she just likes to screw.

    • Cmon now you should know better. Evertone who comes to this site beleive every word Jacky says. Nobody takes anything with a grain of salt. This story about her fucking around could be completely false.

    • I almost feel bad because Gwyneth was the one who fukked up, yet Kanye, Camel and Nas ended up looking like jerk offs for standing up for the bytch. I wonder if she has any idea of how much favor they lost because of her?

      • Come on you think she cares? Gwyneth is concerned with one thing and one thing only-gwyneth!!! If anything she probably got a good laugh with her white friends about the niggers defending her. Hell they probably all fukked her! Amazing to me how white women can let black men have their way with them and still call them niggers! You actually have black folks defending Paula Deen!! Our folks will never learn. But hey it is what is.

        • The word is that the Camel and Chris Martin are very fond of watching Bewolf and Gwyneth do the do. Hi Vermi…long time no see. 🙂

    • yep if he was gonna cheat him being a rapper had plenty of better options.

      could if got a better looking snowbunny if he was gonna go white.

    • I liked ‘Work’ but her other song ‘Bounce’ was crap – to me. I can see why she might need to sleep around based on her current repertoire but as others have said, who really knows?

  2. Off topic : Kanye’s new album SUCKS major ass. He’s so wack since he’s been with his bust it wide open cum guzzling baby mother Kim. *bye*

    • LOL I’ve heard nothing even remotely positive about that album (Especially compared to all his other albums [Even that Autotune disaster ‘808s & Heartbreaks’], which were all praised), and won’t bring myself to listen to it. It’s clear that that Armenian prostitute pussy has got that clown trippin’ even more than usual.

  3. Iggy is sexy. If Nas is fucking her good for him. Ya crazy calling Nas a sellout cause he’s sleeping with a white woman. Yall some racist. Let him fuck any race he wants.

    • We understand some of you black men like these nasty white trashy women! Then have the nerve to complain about black women who are trashy!

  4. I don’t think that she is all that appealing. I have seen much prettier whiter girls that don’t have fake asses. But each to their own.

    • Agreed but my question is what is iggy doing so different than what kim, foxy, nicki and trina all did to get on? So she’s greasing the wheels with some ass what popular female rapper today hasnt? Hell some of these dudes are grabbing ankles and giving dome shots to get on. Not saying i agree with either one but if you got the lack of moral strength to do it why shouldnt you get on? Like raheim said real artists will find a way its the fakes that gotta go the hoe route. And if they go that route know this-their time is limited! Look at nicki minaj-she posting naked shots on twitter cuz she cant come up with a pink friday followup. Cream rises to the top and dirt may kick up in the air for a minute but eventually it goes back on the ground.

  5. “Hip hop is no longer a black art form.
    It has long ago been co-opted.”

    pretty much.

    niggaz just keep it going because we ain’t really got shit better to do but keep telling the same ‘hood’ stories OVER and OVER and OVER again

    • +1 all day….

      If I may add, what’s gonna happen the day everyone finds out “Iggy Azalea” is really posing for someone of another ethnicity…come on, has anyone ever heard this chick sound so ‘hood in any of her interviews…she sounds like Steve Irwin’s long lost cousin…. if y’all really think it is her rapping that’s you…but to each his own.

      Iggy is a gimmick just like Riff Raff, Trinidad James, and Chief Keef…. the gullibility of people these days smh

      • @E.Jones, I dont believe this bitch is a white gurl either, I mean, idc it,her features scream of someone who is ethnic, not white at all,I think she is asian and something else,maybe Aborigines and half white, its something, cus that aint white girl by the way she looks. Too ethnic to me…I know white when I see it,and it aint her

        • After I read your comment I stared at her picture for a minute and I think I have it. If you block out her platinum hair, and picture her with black hair, I think you will see she’s part Asian. That’s not a big stretch considering where Australia is. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from SE Asia. She could be 1/4 or 1/3 Thai or even Japanese. I think it’s the eyes and the long face.

          • How does any of this change the original comment E.Jones made? I don’t care what her body looks like (plastic surgery can transform anyone and not everyone goes crazy with hip and butt implants like Nicki), she does NOT sound genuine, plain and simple! There is no way she writes those lyrics. That’s how many African Americans sound and she is NOT one, unless you want to claim she has albinism!

  6. If Nas were really a sellout, he would be far more mainstream than what he is now. I don’t nut buy any of this ish you people are saying. Nas still cannot win a fucking grammy, not even a BET award, so go head with that ish! I think Jay just realized he can’t beat him.

    • He’s in the Industry and has ‘sold out’ plenty of times, as I and others have stated. Along with Nas’ intelligent, introspective, and ‘conscious’ records, he’s done his share of Industry-mandated ‘Girl/Sex,’ ‘Street,’ ‘Money/Cars/Materialistic’ and ‘Party’ songs that every other rapper in the Industry has done, so do yourself a favor and open your eyes, step away from your fandom, and face the facts. Also, since when were Grammies or any other awards the be-all, end-all of ‘selling out?’ C’mon now.

      • No matter what I’ll always have a place in my heart for the dude, I named my kitty Nas 12 years ago!

        • lol Hey, I’m not saying don’t support the guy (He’s still one of my favorite/top Hip-Hop artists regardless), I was just saying that he’s flawed like any other artist, maybe even moreso if you think about it–According to some, Nas will forever be haunted for the bar he set (And, to let some people say it, hasn’t and will never pass, let alone reach) with ‘Illmatic,’ but his skill and body of work clearly speak for themselves regardless.

  7. So Shes boned a few hood boogers and ostensibly closeted gay men to get ahead? No different from avg female sponsored by your local dope boy during undergrad or “living the lie” with the degreed, hardworking, cute, God fearing man with no baggage who ironically shares the same penchant for Lifetime movies and having nipples licked. Its 2013 and coming up on worthless Negros should be EEOC. Its hard out here everyone needs to eat. Besides men will fock anything including other men. I hope this is note true for Nas but he seems slow and makes poor choice in women to procreate with so I can only imagine what walking STDs he diddles with. Even in school when people were praising him as a ghetto prodigy during Illmatic, I never saw it, he talked like the kids in ESL classes. My mouth is still open from the Gwen is my nigga thing. I understand some of us have to play the game but I thought he had clout 20 years in the game instead of playing Mr. StepnFetchit’

    I do like Iggys govt first name.

  8. I’ve seen so many fake asses in the last 36 months, I don’t even think I like ass no more. And I use to be an ass man.
    The last straw is these white girls suddenly popping up with asses that’s not anatomically appropriate for their hips. Plus all these hookers, trannies and strippers getting butt shots…Its just not fun no more…Its gotten weird.

  9. She is sooooooo ugly most white women who do black men never is beautiful or clean looking. They are always ugly.

  10. sooooo iggy is a industry hoe shocking i couldnt tell! no really she this albino angel of hip hop is sucking for tracks and record deal lol!well evidently her sicking up most really sucks her career is not only in the toilet shyted on and ready to be flush before it even started!

  11. given the opp to phuck NAS, TIP, PHARRELL (not Bu or ASAP:-) what young rapper single artist-chick wouldnt?! You can analyze all this white, black shyt if you wanna but when it comes to me 1 bish who wouldnt wanna roll with NAS? 1, name one!! sexy mf’rs!Shit, you only have a short window of time to “live your 20’s life” you better have some fun. Y’all so old and corny..go back to work or feed your families, old timers..hahahaha!

  12. As usual..white girl gets a pass!! No one seems bothered everyone is now targeting Nas n J for being sellouts but not Iggy’s comments.

  13. Nas has always been the truth and will remail so! Sup my nigga Jamaine? If TI, Pharell, and Kanye got to hit, why shouldn’t Nas hit? So because Nas hits a white girl he is now a sellout? Common peeps!!! You should use your brains better than that! Because of this same event, peep with irrelevant hate for Nas feel this is the best medium for them to voice it out. Sad, that’s just sad!!!

  14. I believe the word “sellout” has become more destructive than the N word. It is now used as a synonym for successful, mainstream, crossover, rich, well spoken, articulate, etc. This is unfortunate because who enters a field or industry not seeking to be successful? And furthermore, who gets to judge just how successful someone else should aspire to be? We still have a long way to go with our phucked up thinking. The word has become the battlecry of the poor to keep others poor and their goals low. Not sure if we’ve lost our way or if we ever had it. Going forward i am really going to try and curtail my use of this word because im not sure what it means anymore.