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From T.I. To Nas: Who Hasn’t Iggy Azalea Let Smash It?

June 28th, 2013

Iggy Azalea Passed Around

“Iggy f*cked Pharrell, Kanye and ASAP Rocky.”

Hip Hop Hoe!

HSK Exclusive – Bu Thaim may be feelin’ a bit of that Aussie fever — but what he may not know is that thing from down under could be seeing him as nothing more than a rest haven for a hoe! Don’t believe me.. Just ask T.I.

Sources say Iggy Azalea is only on to Bu Thaim in hopes he’ll make happen what T.I. didn’t — secure her a record deal. We’re told though T.I. did cover the cost of her booty shots and some clothes, he couldn’t get her signed.

Now, Amethyst ‘Iggy Azalea’ Kelly is said to be banking on Bu Thaim getting her a home with Def Jam Records.

Here’s the drop:

“T.I. shoulda known better! Dude even played as the bitch’s hype man — and even put some of his Grand Hustle groups on hold for her!!!

Iggy fucked Pharrell, Kanye and she used Teyana Taylor to get with ASAP Rocky. She’s now fucking with Nas, just because she wants dude to write lyrics for her.”

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76 Comments on "From T.I. To Nas: Who Hasn’t Iggy Azalea Let Smash It?"

September 17, 2013

I believe the word “sellout” has become more destructive than the N word. It is now used as a synonym for successful, mainstream, crossover, rich, well spoken, articulate, etc. This is unfortunate because who enters a field or industry not seeking to be successful? And furthermore, who gets to judge just how successful someone else should aspire to be? We still have a long way to go with our phucked up thinking. The word has become the battlecry of the poor to keep others poor and their goals low. Not sure if we’ve lost our way or if we ever had it. Going forward i am really going to try and curtail my use of this word because im not sure what it means anymore.


Louie V
September 8, 2013

Man let me get next


August 18, 2013

Nas has always been the truth and will remail so! Sup my nigga Jamaine? If TI, Pharell, and Kanye got to hit, why shouldn’t Nas hit? So because Nas hits a white girl he is now a sellout? Common peeps!!! You should use your brains better than that! Because of this same event, peep with irrelevant hate for Nas feel this is the best medium for them to voice it out. Sad, that’s just sad!!!


August 3, 2013

As usual..white girl gets a pass!! No one seems bothered everyone is now targeting Nas n J for being sellouts but not Iggy’s comments.


yall too much
July 1, 2013

given the opp to phuck NAS, TIP, PHARRELL (not Bu or ASAP:-) what young rapper single artist-chick wouldnt?! You can analyze all this white, black shyt if you wanna but when it comes to boning..name me 1 bish who wouldnt wanna roll with NAS? 1, name one!! sexy mf’rs!Shit, you only have a short window of time to “live your 20’s life” you better have some fun. Y’all so old and corny..go back to work or feed your families, old timers..hahahaha!





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